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How do I get my boyfriend back after 3 months?

Essy, My ex boyfriend got along so well, we never fought until about the 7 month mark when his very jealous ex girlfriend started making rumours about us, neither of us believed them but it always caused tension between us. We always go over the fights. Another rumour came out that I cheated on him, it's not true at all, he believed it and ended up breaking up with me because of it. It's been three months, in the first few weeks i begged him to take me back. We've hungout once since we broke up, it went really well. We don't talk that much now, but I miss him like crazy. How do I get him back?

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tryone says

6 years ago
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Luis E Gonzalez (LuisEGonzalez) says

5 years ago
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frankluv says

2 years ago
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