why is my ex ignoring me and sending weird "prank" texts? (i broke up with him but i still like him)

he can't even look at me, it's been months since we broke up. we broke up as i though 13 was too young for a serious relationship. i got a text saying "i still like you text back" and didn't even get a chance to reply before i got another text saying sorry that was my friend pranking you. i'm hurt and confused. i didn't break up with him properly or talk to him properly about things. he was heart broken, we've been good friends for years and i do really like him but being in a long term relationship so young scared me.... does he hate me or like me? why is he behaving like this? i miss him :(

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Nickie E Shanks says

6 years ago
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JewelzPinkPony says

5 years ago
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