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is it love or What? Didn't Seen a person but can die for her?

I am involved with a girl by sending of her mistaken text, that she were doing to some one else and it by mistake of write wrong number, comes to my cell....and we have start talking on text, then it comes to MSN messenger, then she regularly call me..and for last 2 years we are on touch and talking.......but yet didn't see each other, she want me to see only when i will be ready for marry, she is ready to marry me without seeing me, as she said she has believe, trust and love, so no matter how i looks in physical, this doesn't matter for her, BUT for me it does...i want to first look her?

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fundguru says

5 years ago
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Liberate says

6 years ago
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krishubpages123 says

6 years ago
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