How would you tell the guy you like him? I read your passage, and I truly believe i like him,...

for the right reasons, and we have been friends for six years, best friends for more than two. and lately we have hung out alot more, text alot more, and i have spent the night over there. also, we already say i love you, but in like best friends way. And we went to a dance together, as friends, but the whole night he told me i looked beautiful. But i am pretty sure i like him, especially because everytime i see him, i get butterflies. however, im scared. half the time we dont even realize (at least i dont) that we are flirting until someone tells us! HELP! does he like me? am i just dumb??

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Miche Wro (michememe) says

4 years ago
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lapetitegyptienne says

5 years ago
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