Is real beauty more important on the outside or the inside ?

Internal beauty

People often said , beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What you might see is beauty but to others is not as beautiful.You could be looking into the beauty of the person internally as they carry an aura of beauty in them that comes off naturally as beautiful. Their kindness , their peaceful nature and confident attitude etc brings out their inner beauty that surpasses a person who only have the external beauty but deep inside they are not as beautiful , they could be very selfish , arrogant , proud and full of themselves and think they are the most desirable person on earth. This kind of superficial beauty will not last as people will age and grow old.

Eventually wrinkles starts to set in , their looks change, they too will become ugly and worst still if they still did not work on improving themselves to become a better person inside then they be lacking beauty in both and truly turn into an ugly person.

Time will change a person looks physically as well as internally , good looks doesn't stay forever. Inner beauty of a person will last forever. I would go for inner beauty since the person does have a heart of gold. Superficial exterior do not impress me and most good looking people are somehow a little fake and shallow because they only pursue things that improve their looks and they will go to extreme to get the perfect face and body. With so much botox going on and plastic surgery , it can make them much more gorgeous and appealing temporary but then again when they smile , you can sense is fake because they will not be able to smile or laugh naturally due to so much jobs done to achieve that perfect look.

Most people would pick a gorgeous person then a person who lack of looks because we are all attracted to things that are beautiful to look at and want to associate our self with it. Then again after discovering that the person is not what you expect , just from their looks will not be able to sustain for long when you probe deeper and discovered the person beauty is just an empty shell. You will realize how important to have the beauty inside and if you could have both is the best but is very rare to find someone that possess both beauty in and out.

When a person possesses inner beauty it comes off naturally and unpretentious. They might not have the most gorgeous look but the beauty they held inside it came off when you see them smile , speak and how they treat others with kindness and unspeakable gentleness , you realize how beautiful they are and the beauty inside has made up for the lack of external beauty. A person with a beautiful soul inside will outshines a beautiful person who only have the beauty but doesn't have a beautiful soul. Thus beauty inside is much more important then superficial beauty outside as it will be able to sustain forever.

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Emma 7 years ago

I am agree with you


patski profile image

patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks Emma for dropping by -)

becca 6 years ago

this is absolutely awesome!!!!!!! very true and influential!!!! keep up the writing dude:)

i agree with u!:D

patski profile image

patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks Becca for dropping by :)

Just stating the facts & reality of human weakness for all things beautiful.

Xtina 5 years ago

To true

John 3 years ago

That's so true the inside look is more important than the outside its like be your self and go out thanks a lot

Johnd965 2 years ago

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