‘Curing the Wedding Jitter “bug”; giving the frantic bride a calming balm’

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Curing the Wedding Jitter “bug”; giving the frantic bride a balm of calm’

By Bibi Coe Crawford

When planning a wedding’s décor or concept it is a good idea to get the basics out of the way first.  Most brides are sure of the colors or main color, so start there.  I personally like to work with two or three colors, a neutral; and, or metallic.  Get a swatch of the color(s) for your decorator to use as a color match; there are many variations of one color from vendor to vendor even though their products share the same name.  Even if you are a do-it-yourselfer this is a good tip, when you are around about gathering supply’s it will keep your eyes fresh and eliminate the frustrations of needless analyzing and the inconvenience of returning items that are off color.

Not everything needs to bear your main color(s) exactly, the flowers for the wedding party and special or honorary guest are of chief importance, so do not compromise with those.  All of the other floral arrangements can be of the same color hue or value. For example, do not settle for deep hot pink roses for your fuchsia gowned bridesmaids; but you could get away with a deep hot pink in the other decorated areas.  Be willing to adopt a similar color for the sake of availability and convenience. Case in point, lime green can serve just as effortlessly as apple green, as they have the same hue value. Depending on your timeline is may become difficult to find the exact color for decorations and flowers. However not all is lost, there are innovative techniques available that allow the florist to provide many flowers pigmented to the color of your choice.  There are also many aftermarket sprays and dyes that are effective when applied to silk flowers if you have a particularly unique color story in mind.

Next choose a theme, feature items, or specific elements that you want to appear, or integrate into the ceremony or reception. Themes can be conceptual, literal, or inspired. For instance, if you are a cancer survivor and you want to incorporate that into your wedding, you have a conceptual theme. If you like, butterflies and desire to have them embossed or conveyed into the décor, than you have a literal theme. If you have a culture heritage (African or Asian), era related (1920’s or 1970’s), or province influenced (French, English or American Country designs) wedding in mind, then you have an inspired theme. 

Decide whether you are going to have a casual, semi-formal or formal affair. Feature items such as columns, arches, candelabras, and unity stations are popular ceremony props. Photo(s) of the bride or couple displayed, ice sculptures, tents, balloon art, and ceiling drapes are popular for the reception sites.  There is a plethora of specific elements you could include into your event such as special dances, memory tributes, poetic readings, and some couple’s chooses to include a ceremony within the ceremony when there are children involved in which the bride and, or groom, in a sense “marries” the child. There are alternatives to bouquets for the bridesmaids such as candles, parasols, Asian influenced fans, and kissing balls to mull over; do not discount the groomsmen they too have entered into the mix by carrying canes, top hats, and swords.

Last but definitely not least, make your researched vendors selections; coordinator, cake supplier, venue provider(s), decorator, officiate, musician, attire provider(s), caterer, bartender, videographer, and photographer, just to name a few.  Even the do-it-yourself bride will need to initiate the aid of a few helpers; number one reason is to alleviate stress, the other reason is to take care of the items that coincide with the time allotted to getting yourself prim and prepped to look your best as you walk down the aisle. Most importantly enjoy your day.


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