can you be in love with 2 people at the same time?

by tinou bao
by tinou bao


I think it happens.
its very difficult to get or find all the qualities that you like in one person and hence when different people personify the qualities you seek, you tend to get attracted to them.
ofcourse you will need to ask yourself if its really love.
you maybe going thru a rough patch in your relationship and suddenly the new person seems like someone who understands and appreciates you and your partner does not.
it could be the little bit special he makes you feel.

the fact that he notices your hair or your new shoes or simply finds it within him to listen to you and nod back in acceptance of what you are saying could be enough.  but what if you are in love with two people not because you are going through a rough patch but because you actually do like them both.

ask yourself why? what is it that attracts you to both and what will you do if you could only save one from drowning.  Love is not territorial.  as humans you have an infinite capacity to love, it is the love that makes us mate that seems to possess us so deeply that we being to feel guilty about it.  can you allow your lover the luxury of loving another person as much as you?  if not, then why should they?

most people who tend to fall for two people at the same time, seem to be in an undecided state and sooner or later figure it out that it is difficult if not impossible to keep it up.  the many pulls including time, emotion, physical presence and need will being to hamper an equitable division of your love and you will being to gravitate towards one or the other.  you may even break ties with one for the other and the reason you may choose one of them could be as bizarre as hair or as practical as a stable future life.

whether or not you choose one over the other, the answer to the question, can you be in love with 2 people at the same time? is a resounding yes.

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