Coping with an Affair

end of an affair

Coping with an affair

Coping with an affair

Love! It is one of my most favorite and used words in the world. However, when two people from different family background, values, ethnics and religion come together to start an affair there is bound to be challenges. An affair with your spouse, even if it is everything you ever wanted, will still require a lot of hard work, patient, understanding, trust and love to make it work. Relationship building is not a day’s job but it is worthwhile.

A relationship is the coming together of two or more people with mutual interest and understanding. Relationships sometimes are sweet and sometimes sour, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, sometimes painful and sometimes sweeter. Whatever the case maybe, women should learn to endure, and tolerate. Life is a coin, it changes always, and no situation is ever permanent. When faced with an unbearable situation, try as much as possible to perceiver or cope with the situation although it is not going to be easy. Make the best of any situation that you encounter, always try as much as possible to have an upper hand in any situation. For example:-

1.       Two lovers or intending couples who were fond of each other, one day had a ghastly car accident. Both survived but the man lost his two hands in the cause of the accident. This makes it impossible for the man to provide all that the woman needs as he normally does. In situations like this, the woman should try as much as possible to show more love to the man knowing that he is now helpless.

Having an affair with a sex maniac can be very challenging as I have. if you like give them the whole world or cut your head, your hand, your leg, even plug out your eyes for them, they will never be satisfy because most of them are pigs and  pigs will always be pigs.

A smooth, sweet going relationship can suddenly go sour. This happens most times when a spouse starts cheating. The eventuality of this act is sometimes managed well by both couples or sometimes irreconcilable and they both part ways.

In essence, before your relationship goes sour, call your man to order. Try having an indebt heart to heart discussion with him. If he really loves you, he will try hard not to cheat or do anything that “he knows” will cause you pain.


In the case where the cheating, lies and late nights continues, then a break up  is your only option because the guy/girl in question does not love you, does not respect you and does not love your (both) life’s. This is because his/her act could cause you a health disaster. If you visit the hospitals today, you will find cases of a cheating spouse infecting the other spouse with all sorts/ types of STD's. Therefore, for safety, long life and for future happiness, it is best to end an unfulfilling, unfruitful, and unrewarding relationship. Thanks.

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AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Great article , one typo correct the STI's to STD's Sexually Transmitted Diseases. :) You are giving correct information and directly to the point. oops and correct pains to pain, I believe it is the 3rd paragraph so for curtailing and correcting. :) ((((Big Hugs)))

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Thanks Aevans, i am feeling so cool with your comments.I have changed it to std's. Thanks

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 6 years ago from East Texas

Nice hub!

lawretta profile image

lawretta 6 years ago from England Author


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