Best kept dating conversation secrets

Before we get into the dating conversation tips, let's consider the purpose of the dating conversation. In my opinion it is two fold: to impress your date with your intellect/sense of humor and to gather information about your compatibility.

Your compatibility
With compatibility I don't mean you love exactly the same things. I mean you compliment each other well. For instance, she likes to talk and he is a good listener or maybe one of you likes to try new things, while the other needs encouragement.

Compatibility also manifests itself as physical chemistry. You can't do much about this, either it's there or it's not.

First date conversation tips

On a first date you want to impress enough to go on a second date without trying to hard. The focus there for is on showing your date just how good you are, rather than gathering information.

Stick to safe topics: family, work, friends, talk about their and your good times, try to be fun, smile.

Stay away from: their history (especially the exes), religion, politics, anything too emotional or contentious, no sex or offbeat jokes.

Dating it's a numbers game

Fundamentally dating is a numbers game. There is someone that's just right, out there for everyone.

Are you getting out there enough, if not maybe you should give online dating a try withYahoo! Personals

Dating conversation tips

  • Start and end it, with a complement. Maybe start it with: "that top really brings out the color of your eyes" and end it with "I really enjoyed our date, I would like to see you again". You don't want to go overboard with compliments, but it is nice to be appreciated.
  • Be attentive learn from your conversation. If she says she likes chocolates and animals, show up on the next date with animal shaped chocolates. The extra effort makes a great deal of difference.
  • Talk about that which you know. If you are able to talk about them, world events are always good. Chatting about world events can make you look both passionate and intelligent. But be careful to stay away from topics, which bore your date. You can tell those by the glazed over eyes and the slight drool.
  • Don't ask questions which could lead to uncomfortable silences. You need to have a follow up questions and you need to guide the conversation, to where you want it to go. For instance, you could start by talking about your mutual friends and then guide it into your families. There should be a lot to say here and you can tell a lot about a person from how they perceive their family.
  • Use humour A good sense of humor is a very important dating factor. You might even consider taking your date to a comedy club, on one of your early dates.

I hope you enjoyed reading best kept dating conversation secrets. Do you have any dating conversation tips or stories to share? Please leave us a comment.

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HornyDevilDating 7 years ago

Try to be yourself, and ask about the person you are with rather than being obsessive about yourself.

ladyvenus 7 years ago

Nice hub. So folks lets start dating now. I haven't received any invitation. Wink*

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 7 years ago

Amazing tips :)

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