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Dating Older Men

As they say, in relationships, age doesn't matter. Well does it? Since the dating world is very, very unpredictable, you may never know that you're actually hitting on older guys. To be prepared, here are a few tips to help you get along well with them:

  • Get to know him, really, really well. Not only should you know him by his interests or what he hates, you really should know him for what he is. You can never stay away from the fact that older men generally go for younger women (well, that's psychology to say for the least), and so before getting emotionally invested in your relationship, be sure that he's not just looking for some friends with benefits.
  • Age doesn't matter. Even if he's 5 or more years older than you, always remember that the age gap don't matter. Focusing too much on the age difference between the two of you can cause an issue that you really wouldn't want to raise.The thing here is, learn from each other. Doing so would really boost your relationship.
  • Consider the fact that he may be already set. Remember that older men already have the experience, and may have already find what suits him or what matters to him most. Don't force your ideals or what you want him to be, as these would really cause problems.
  • Listen to his advices. Older men tend to have many different advices that they want to share with you, and so for your part, it's a must to listen to him. Of course, you should also give him advices when he needs it.
  • Be mature. That's probably what he'll want you to behave. Though being younger, and showing that you are would do good for your relationship, always maintain a mature attitude over things, especially the simple ones.
  • Avoid saying things that will make him aware he's getting old. Stay away from mentioning signs of aging, as it'll probably make things awkward for the both of you and end up hurting his feelings a little bit. On the bright side, if you want to tell him things like this, then go for a joke or something that will cheer him up.

  • Find mutual interests. Sports, hobbies, crafts, or anything that the two of you would enjoy. This is pretty easy for couples with only a small age gap (something about less than ten years), as you're pretty much in the same generation, having to grow up with almost the same things. For those that the age differences are pretty large, then go for something general, like touring, beaches, and stuff like that.
  • Most importantly, be yourself. It doesn't matter how old he is, because most likely he loved you not for your age but your personality, so whatever happens, stay who you are. This is pretty common among women new to dating older men, as they somehow want to change themselves to be the ideal woman for their man, and end up screwing it.

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MissSugar profile image

MissSugar 2 years ago

Older guys that are clearly older guys - stay away from. If they moan and groan and act old - they will make you get old :)

If you want real life practice at talking to older guys without it being to embarrising -

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