I love you say

The best 10 ways to express your love are its a secret but still my telling them try it to find out the result :P

1) immediately utter it! I love you!
2) Write down a letter: "I love you."
3) Make a paper heart and hide it somewhere it can be found. 4) Cut 100 paper hearts of all sizes and colors. All over the room put them up with tape

5) love songs are of a great help give her/him a cd of them

6) On bathroom mirror Write "I Love You" od draw a heart with lipstick.
7) Buy lots of heart shape balloons in pack your car with them
8) Send lots of red rose
9) Make or buy a mushy card which have hearts on it

10)take her/him for a walk at the beach and on the sand draw heart or write I love you :)

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qanita 5 years ago

hahha looks like u like hearts it is the cheapest way of saying i love you!!!

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