The Legalization of Divorce in the Philippines

Divorce, what good could it bring?


The term Divorce is understandably termed same as separation, slip-up, and break-up after having conflict on things between couples. The two main persons involved here are the husband and the wife who took the vows of marriage, the end-product to take more of the consequences are the offsprings.

            In the Philippines, Divorce is not legalized. Knowing that our very own president Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo is a devout Catholic – there will be no hope that Divorce will be legalized in our country. What’s the relation of her religion to the topic? There is really a big connection. How? Divorce is against the will of God “ A man and a woman who became one cannot be separated”, especially in a loosely-willed manner which is Divorce; yet in a way, our country allows the process of Annulment by which a couple will have to pay much for their separation. Whatever it takes, Annulment and Divorce are just the same – it targets separation.

            Why can’t Divorce be legalized in our country? Though I mentioned its connection to the president’s religion, I’ll now give my stance to push it through. Divorce must be legalized.

            Life is a matter of good and bad instances – sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Life is just like a game, same as to marriage. It’s just like a game. If we know how to play fair and just, then whatever it takes, we will accept the consequences by all means. No matter how Filipinos consider marriage a sacred one, still some lose and give up that end up in separation. Knowing then that many couples end this way and cannot afford to pay much in annulment fees, there’s really a need to legalize Divorce which is really a great urge by many. It’s only the government that claims that Filipino family relations are strong, but why is it many families are broken? I discovered it simply from ordinary students. I myself have parents who have separated already but haven’t been to the process of annulment, because it cost much that they couldn’t afford. My case is just one of the thousand cases in our country. Then why can’t Divorce be legalized? Oh I forgot my Dad has his second family now.

            The more government unites Filipino families, the more the situation becomes worse that urges for the need,

            With these, I stand that Divorce must be legalized in our country. Yet the consequence must be faced up strongly by both the man and the woman.


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topgunjager profile image

topgunjager 7 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

It can't be legalized because of your stupid religion that's running the country=)

rc 6 years ago

non sense,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sheena 6 years ago

divorce should be legalize here in the philippines..................

ronilo arroyo 6 years ago

say yes to divorce in the philippines..stop pretending tha we are a religious nation and we follow every single thing the church believes in we need to be practical not all couples who come to marriage end up having a happily ever after.let divorce give freedom and chance to those who are in bondage of failed marriages........

ronilo arroyo 6 years ago

say yes to divorce in the philippines..stop pretending tha we are a religious nation and we follow every single thing the church believes in we need to be practical not all couples who come to marriage end up having a happily ever after.let divorce give freedom and chance to those who are in bondage of failed marriages........

april 6 years ago

yes we should legalized the divorced, especially here in the phillipines.. so that when time comes that you will realize that your partner is not really meant for you.. you can decide to settle down in terms of divorce..

jayson 6 years ago

Go for divorce legalization...

wahahhahhhaa:)) 6 years ago

if so, ,then why should you rush on your marriage!

close 6 years ago

Divorce must be legalized regardless of our religious orientation because not all marriages are made out of voluntary will, some are done because they were forced to by their parents.

close 6 years ago

Divorce must be legalized regardless of our religious orientation because not all marriages are made out of voluntary will, some are done because they were forced to by their parents.

pia 6 years ago

i agree....only stupidity prohibits divorce.

Lady Lee 6 years ago

I also believe that divorce should be legalized here in the Philippines. Legalizing divorce does not mean all religious people has to do that.. if two married people are happy they don't need divorce. But please also consider the marriages that don't goes well and still bind by the ties of marriage makes only the couple suffers as well as their children and because divorce is not legal couple tend to do much emotional damage to each other and even do more sins like cohibiting and even results to having illegitimate children. Yes. annulment is legal but only for those who are rich, maybe some works hard and save money for annulment thought not sure about the result isn't much wiser to used the money to their children or other future plans instead. We all know life here in the Philippines is hard, this thing only makes the Filipino life harder and more prone to illegality. Even the most religious person needs new start and hope for a better future and life with someone who better deserves them.

mak22 6 years ago

how about the promise you swear to GOD???

absgail 6 years ago

whatever promises you made, if you don't love the person anymore and he has been hurting you physically and emotionally, you would really go for divorce right!!! Tang ina yang mga pangakong yan!!

kimmy grace 5 years ago

marriage is very sacred thing.this is against the will of God.The man and the woman who become one cannot be separated that is the statement of God in the holy scripture,, so that's it why they will enter with that relationship if they are not sure, they must be responsible about this thing, Marriage is not a tjhing that if you want you can get and if you don't you can throw away. Marriage is nbot kike that so that's it

nins 5 years ago

then don't boyfriend/girlfriend forever because divorce only happens when two people decided to live through thick and thins and that death is the only way to separate them. Give time to know each other,hindi yung kung kelan magasawa dun lumalabas ang tunay na kulay. The essence of being in a relationship is to be who you are and to work out your differences.

Von Klement A. Espejon 5 years ago

if it would be legal, try to look in the situation of your children, specially those who need guidance and love from the parents.. they will get affected if that would happen.. even it can make our country rich, it is also can make our heart poor...just think of your children's future...

leah tan 5 years ago

it should be legalized.............

jhOan 5 years ago

i also think that it must be legalized..

anne 5 years ago

divorce should be ligalized imthe phil..for me ive been waiting for it

Liah 5 years ago

Yes to divorse! it doesn't mean that if divorse will be legallized evry married couple will ask for it.let's face it! not all marriages are made from heaven.If the couple themselves are happy with each other theres no reason to file for divorse.How about the significant others? the arranged marriages that did not succeed,those who got married bcoz the girl got pregnant but cant stand each other, teenage marriages,unfaithfullness within the marriage, etc! annulment are for the real!

rICO 5 years ago


lisamarie 5 years ago

yes to legalization of divorce

queennie 5 years ago

NO TO DIVORCE!!! there is no failed marriage but disappointments with your partner!! Im legally seperated with my husband and I have a boyfriend. Marriage for me is perfect only couples are not!! It will only be perfected if both parties agree to work out their differences.Kaya nga for better and for worst eh!! Panu kung nagdivorce kau at nagpakasal ka ulet at di pa rin nagwork out eh ididivorce mu na naman at magpapakasal ka ulet??? niloloko mu nlng ang sarili mo at sinisira mu pa ang ang sanctity ng marriage!! DON'T GET MARRIED IF YOU CANT KEEP YOUR PROMISE!!

clarence 5 years ago

Divorce can possibly be legalized once our president gives the go signal for a hearing; but it is highly recommended to put a limitation which means it can only be used once or twice; thus it cannot be applied the third time that a partner or the couple would wish for it. Anyway, let's just wait for the right time that it will be tackled by the senate; because what we understand as of the moment about divorce is limited; we are only basing on others' failed marriages that urge for the need. For sure, relevant facts and surveys will then come out that will strengthen our ground in promoting it. We all know that keeping the sanctity of marriage is our moral obligation; but we should also bear in mind that our moral obligation on all aspects (not just in marriage)is sometimes being challenged by some inevitable impediments; thus, laws of man would interfere that can be used by humanity without doubt on legality. Remember, we can be moral on a lot of things; and at the same time we tend to be immoral on some other things. But what God wants from us is to keep the faith in HIM eventhough we are sinners; we follow His commandments yes; but we should not feel guilty if we are pro-Divorce; what about the mistakes/sins that we keep on doing?

CARLO 5 years ago


Phil 5 years ago

divorce is a sin.. what's the point in marriage vows. if you don't like it don't get married.. the problem lies with too many people getting married without thinking what vows mean.

5 years ago

husss! sabi nio lng yan kc d nio nraransan ang nraransan ng iba!! kaya pslmat kau???/ icpin nio nmn ang iba noh

mats 5 years ago

why would you still commit to your vows when you can't take it anymore??? move on....legalization will help you step your feet..for starters its difficult but finding yourself butchered means you have to do something... for me martyrdom is a psychological disorder...

jour 5 years ago

divorce should be legalized.....what if you have separated 10 or 20 years and can not move on to a happier life because you can not get divorce? let us be real

meljhon 5 years ago

let's face the reality..we are human beings..we're not perfect..for some reasons we commit sin..why not having divorce if you're committing greater sin because of staying on that relationship..w/c is w/c?commit single sin for having divorced or committing sin every day because of enduring the pain for continuing your relationship? if you cannot do your duty to your God because of the relationship your into..God is great..if He cannot understand your situation then He is not God.(kingdom Of heaven). it's just we need to have more limitations and brainstorming to be made for this law..

icer 5 years ago

hope it can be legalized....several relationship are note really working out and end up hurting one another...

ej 5 years ago

yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssttttttoooooooooooo divorce

child 5 years ago

yes to divorce! walang kwenta naman na magkasama kayo if it doesn't work anymore.

Darren 5 years ago

divorce should be legalized

JEAN GREY 5 years ago


korina 5 years ago

i don't know becoz i haven't been enter in a relationship eversince i was born.

edelyn orillo 5 years ago

For me,should not enforce the divorce bill, because it shows no respect for each other and of course a gross disrespect to God.Standing fornication....super huge sin and disobedience it.

as a student I can not really see the beautiful outcome of the situation or cause of it..

marivin 5 years ago

no to divorce!!!

izza 5 years ago

you can commit sin pagsinasakal ka na ng partner mo. or you are battered wife, can u still love the person??? catholic church doesn't know about your life because they are not allowed to get married...but i know a lot of priest whose having extra curricullar activities to other women.and thats a mortal sin...sana sila ang magdudusa at hindi ang mga taong kailangan mag move on sa buhay nila. annulment cases is also nonsense in other words, pera ang katapat.tapos mag o opossed pa ang OSG na walang binatbat kubdi mag collect lang nga pera sa tao.let people deside their life to moved on indi kayo OSG..balang araw darating din ang araw nyo na kayo ang magkakarma o anak nyo.

riza 5 years ago

yes,no bcoz if yes pano na ang pangako nilang magmahalan hbang buhay kng mag didivorce cla....kng walan cla ng gna didivorce na lng cla palagi anu yun prang laro.....tpoz paanu na yung mga anak nla!ma wawalan na lng ng amat ina..................

riza 5 years ago

yes,no bcoz if yes pano na ang pangako nilang magmahalan hbang buhay kng mag didivorce cla....kng walan cla ng gna didivorce na lng cla palagi anu yun prang laro.....tpoz paanu na yung mga anak nla!ma wawalan na lng ng amat ina..................

jollyann profile image

jollyann 5 years ago from philippines

yes to divorce!

2nd year h.s. student 5 years ago

i totally agree that divorce should be legalized in the Phils. due to the preceding reasons. thank you so much for this actually helped in our class debate in school.

arcejosh18 5 years ago

all i can say is divorce is happen wen you are not happy with your partner and the love doesn't work anymore between the if that was happen in your life so divorce is needed in order to move on and find another perfect relation in your life....

loves 5 years ago

ang dami nyong sina sabi eh wala namang tama ang lahat na poblima ai may sulusyon. at bawat publima may hanggangan kung saan masa ang tao yun ang tama

jhon 5 years ago

gods will

LoveLove 5 years ago

Ang kikitid kasi nang mga utak nyo. Legalizing Divorce in the Philippines?? Stupidity! Wag kaung magpapakasal kung di niyo kayang panindigan ang prinsipyo nyo! Oo kayo ng oo sa divorce tapos magsisi kau na hiniwalyan nyo yung partner sa huli.Kung hindi kau sigurado eh wag nyong pasukin ang buhay may asawa. Tapos magiging proud pa kayo na iba na ang kinakasama nyo?Paano na yung mga anak ninyo na umaasa nang isang masayang pamilya habang ang kanilang ama't ina ay hindi maganda ang pagsasama? Tingan natin sa huli kung sino ang magsisi.

lang 5 years ago

Yes, divorce must be legalize here in the Philippines. Let's give freedom to those who are bound to the wrong one. We should be practical...

By the way, thank you so much for this article.. it really helped me much in our practical exam which is debate..

missy_chu 5 years ago

i hope that divorce will not be legal..kawawa ang mga anak ng mga pamilyadong tao..kaya nga nagkakaroon ng BROKEN FAMILY dahil dyan..

rozel arao 4 years ago


momo 4 years ago

yes to divorce. there should always be an option for couples who can't make the marriage work anymore. for those whose only reason for not allowing divorce is their religious belief, then if their faith is really strong, it will not matter if there is a divorce law. but for the others out there who simply can't stand being married to their partners anymore, it should be an available for everyone else.

chiiikai sunn shiine 4 years ago

.. it should not be legalized, because what is the purpose of sacred married if divorce is legalized ???

San 4 years ago

Yes to DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!! Stop the hypocrisy!! Children needs a healthy environment. A lot of filipino families are living together just because we don't have divorce. Children are smart. They know when something is not right with their parents. Eventually it gets hurtful, violent and abusive. You think this is healthy for children? Sa pinoy, okay lang magsigawan, sa mga puti if here is no more respect they part ways for the sake of the children. Children needs an environment full of love, nurturing and caring. How can you give this kind of environment to your kids when you and your husband don't love each other anymore. Kids deserve a second chance. Part of it why it is working out well here in the US is because Americans love their spouse children as their own. Filipinos still do not fully embrace that well. Filipinos are prejudice and not open to loving a step child as their own. Most of us even do not like the idea of adopting. There are a lot of people here with an abusive father and eventually grew up with a stepfather even love their stepdad more than their biological father. There is just so much hypocrisy and prejudice in the country.

Tara 4 years ago

Absolutely!!! move to legalize DIVORCE!!! What's happening now are the couples who are financially able to pay for annulment fees are priviledged and the miserable poor couples who are unhappy are deprived a second chance. Annulment? C'mon! Brides who prepared almost a year for the gradious wedding had 5 children and married for 12 years all of a sudden gets an annulment. How does that marriage come null and void in the first place? Money talks! It is whom you know and how much your bank account can afford to pay for attorney's fees and Psych Prof fees. This is not fair for the less fortunate ordinary citizens. Divorce should be legalized. I am sure the one opposing are the unhappy with their marriage and just clinging to the so called paper. It is more of ego battle for some women. They'd rather remain legal wives and think they still win the battle at the end of the day. Perfect example? Aleli Arroyo!

jessie de guzman 4 years ago

hindi dapat pwding ipatupad ang divorce . . .kasi isipin nio na lang magiging kawawa ang mga anak kung waLa siLang ama't ina . hindi dapat pwding ipatupad ang divorce biLL . .tang ina niyo . . .

nora 4 years ago

divorce must be legalize here in Philippines because marriage is just a matter of choice if we well live happily marriage or not and besides divorce is not just so simple it need to follow to due process to be granted..

joehoney barrera 4 years ago

tnksss4 thae ans

yugiii 4 years ago

yes to divorce, because not all husband/wife are do their responsibility as a partner..they always lying in several things

forest 4 years ago

yes to divorce to give way to womanizer, such a shame if they can't get as many women as they can ya? go for it guy!

supergirl -- 4 years ago


wat will happen if that thing will be legalized

for sure many family will get ruins for that stupid

thing ! children will be much more affected .

melming92 4 years ago

Yes to divorce!!!.... apparently we already know what divorce is, but in the case of beating a wife???? that's really ridiculous. Yes, church is involved but do you see the crying of some women who suffered from their husband???? foolish.God knows best and when it enough is enough. Divorce should be legalized in the Philippines.

mark 4 years ago

what should i do if my girlfriend ask me to marry her if i already married in the philippines.. need advice... please help....

Andrei 4 years ago

We are living in a REALITY, not an IDEAL world/life like what we read in a fairy tale that ENDS with a HAPPY ENDING...

I bet those who are against divorce haven't experienced being beat up by their husband, or suffer with their spouse from despair, abandonment, pain, violence etc.

I bet those who are against divorce haven't experienced or see your husband cheating on you...

Put yourself on the shoe of this mother... And think a million times what she is going through...

I have witnessed many sigle mom who are abandoned by their husband not even providing financial support for his child .

Would you be happy knowing that YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH YOUR abusive home wrecker SPOUSE for the sake of your marriage, child and dignity?

Can YOUR RELIGION PROVIDE THE NEEDS (Home, Food, Clothing, Love, etc.) of every abandoned wife and her child?

Can YOUR RELIGION MAKE YOU HAPPY when you are in this situation? It seems to me that it is what stops you from finding your happiness when you are in this mess.

By the way, I am a Catholic and I believe our religion should not stop us on what we want or desire, this is our life and we have the right to decide on what we should do with it.

We are just human, we commit sin, we make mistakes... God is forgiving... and will always will...

LEGALIZING DIVORCE DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE WILL JUST DIVORCE their spouse, this is for those who are with unhappy and failed marriages that are irreconcilable...


emma 4 years ago

Divorce should be legalised but remember selfish and greedy people should not get married in the first place because they will only think of themselves in a marriage.

Look at yourself first can you go handle life through thick and think?

Can you handle life when you are in financial hardship - when the hour is the darkest and trials is their greatest

can you handle that with wife and children and still stay together?

marriage is not a smooth ride it's if you and your spouse can conquer it

change your attitude and become unselfish in a marriage.

Money,social status and materialistic should not be taken over your spouse and children.

lucinda 4 years ago

Legalise Divorce

Men stop having mistresses think of your wife and children who are suffering!

Look after good innocent women and children who have been abused and beaten by their unfaithful,drunken and selfish father

Phillipines is a beautiful country and most of the people are highly educated and hard worker and it is admired by many people throughout the world.

Many years ago Phillipines was the land of prosperity, innocence,educated and treasure family values

Please keep it that way!

samuel 4 years ago

Yes, DIVORCE should be legalised

I was abandoned by my father my mum and my siblings were broke, homeless destitute when he left us for a younger woman after 15 years together. My father choose a young woman over his family.

We were treated like nothing as if we don't exist

There are millions of abandoned children and women

one of these children belongs to someone who does not care they live on the streets looking for food morning to night

looking for shelters just anything to keep a roof over their heads

I hope to do my best when I married a woman I love. That I will not abandon my wife and children and left my wife without a partner and my children without a father

I hope to god that I will be a good example to the new generations and teach them that FAMILY comes first

that your wife and children are more valuable than anything else

Gm 4 years ago

Yes to divorce !!!!!!!!!

alexandra 4 years ago

DIVORCE - will give a woman and a man a chance to move on not legally trappped in an abusive and beaten marriage.

MARRIAGE - should be sacred but now in modern days marriage is just a piece of paper with couples not committed,more men have affairs and mistresses, becoming greedy, sick of their wife after 10 years looking for fresh young girls half their age thinking the young girls will after them which they won't. Young girls only care about the money,status and their looks and waiting for their senior husband to died.

zeezee 4 years ago

I agree, we should legalize divorce, to help the victims of pretend marriages and women from abuse. Seem the churches our doing more damage to the country then most around the world. Also like most things in life they can be paid off, not a good thing. Its hard for the poor families to move on.

Mark227 4 years ago

Divorce should be legalized! People change as years pass and so does their marrrage. If a husband becomes abusive to his wife, beats her, at makes the marriage right? No! People should have the choise on how they should live their lives, not the president or the church. Raising a family in an abusive relationship only puts thoughts in your childrens minds that it is acceptable to do this. When a woman is treated badly she should have a second chance to start a new and loving relationship for herself and her children

Joel 4 years ago

Yes to divorce.

rst 4 years ago

LEGALIZING DIVORCE DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE WILL JUST DIVORCE their spouse, this is for those who are with unhappy and failed marriages that are irreconcilable...


Asshurim 4 years ago

this is non-sense, Why implementing divorce?

In the first place why engage in marriage if not committed?

in Marriage its normal to have conflict but there is no problem that has no solution but divorce is not the solution.

anthony 4 years ago


Angie 4 years ago

pls make it real that divorce be legalize here in then Phils. , for future sake .....

nene judy 4 years ago

for me,i agree with the divorce..what is the sense of allowing annulment here in the Philippines since annulment and divorce are just the same(separation) annulment is just for rich people only how about those who cant afford to pay for their lawyer..unfair for us poor..

I really wish that divorce will be legalized soon..a lot of battered and emotionally abused women will be happy..


janica 4 years ago

YES TO DIVORCE....kung ayaw ng government ntin ng divore why they allow annulment.I don't really understand..annulment and divorce are just the same....mag isip isip n nga tau..tayo lng ang bnsa s buong mundo n alang divorce..pinahihirapan lng ang mga mhihirap dto..ang mga myayaman lng ang nkikinabang sa annulment n yan...

SO YES to DIVORCE pra fair sa lahat

lhadylee 4 years ago

hay naku ! kau tlga mga mag sawa hilig niyo mgpakasal divorce ending ! :)

bqt pa kc nauso yan ?

help nio nmn kmi s ass. nmin ,, EDITORIAL ABOUT DIVORCE ! bata p kc kmi e ..

Christian Jay M. Padilla 4 years ago

No.because many filipino's has poor,and the others are no permanent work....

Hunan6 4 years ago

No to Divorce laws. They do destroy families because divorce laws are always written to favor women. Women keep the children to use as weapons against the fathers. Child custody is never 50/50. Men have to pay child support and spousal support. If the father loses his job and cannot pay then he loses his car, his passport, his home, his pension and eventually is sent to jail.

This is what has happened in Canada, the USA and UK. I am sure there are other countries too. Feminists have always used "domestic violence" to introduce divorce laws and destroy the family. Canada has a national fertility rate of 1.5 because of the biased divorce laws.

Canadian, American and British men are slowly waking up that divorce laws are meant to transfer wealth to women to spend and force men into life long debt.

murphy 4 years ago

go legalize divorce...

claluenue 3 years ago

My spouse and i utilized to acquire on top of existence however as of late I've truly established a new opposition.

Futamarka 3 years ago

Во-вторых, как неотъемлемая часть вентиляционной системы эпиляции, эти шиньоны участвуют в предотвращении накопления в завивочном шиньоне влаги, облегчая выход наружу ее паров. Все знают, что поцелуи - это самая интимная вещь в мире, особенно если речь идет об оральных ласках половых органов.

secret 3 years ago

Sabi ng Lord " I hate divorce" ..... pero di nya sinabi na wala ng salavation ang mga nagdidivorce. during the time of Moises, nangyari na ito. ang kailangan natin ay realization. YES TO DIVORCE.

richmond padayhag 3 years ago


ei_charlie profile image

ei_charlie 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Very well said... i just hope anyone who may happen to read your comment (if not to support divorce), at least understand the existing problems that most marriages are encountering nowadays.

secret # 3 years ago


mnvfhgdgh 3 years ago

No to DIVORCE , wa mana'y ayo !! ..

ace 3 years ago

thank you so much for all your comments..

it really helps me guizz !! :-*

god bless u all :)

Raymond Darunday 2 years ago

Annoyingly! I am fully contrast with you, as we know that marriage is the most precious treasure among couples. "As a couple should show the gratitude for there were a lot of relationship was fail to enter the Divinity of marriage" divorce is the one kind of irresponsibility for they done it to scape their burdens and responsibility to their family. Through this possible implementation cases of fornication go more.

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