Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You ? 5 Signals To Tell

Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You ? 5 Signals To Tell

Does your ex still have feelings for you? It would be neat if your ex partner had a 'Love-O-Meter' on them then you could watch it run off the scale whenever they were next to you...

Sadly we know life is not so easy, so here's 5 tips you should use if you're questioning does your ex still have feelings for you:

1. If you are still in contact with some friends of your ex then an obvious opportunity to ask does your ex still have feelings for you lies with them. They should be glad to help specially if your ex does still love you as your ex will probably have told them this. There is also an opportunity here for you to let them know your feelings so they might hand this onto your ex.So communication thru your common acquaintances or your ex's acquaintances is a great method to tell does your ex still have feelings for you.

2. A second excellent strategy is to just head out and have fun! Get out and about with your friends, it'll help you feel better for a start and you will soon be in a position to tell whether your ex still has feelings for you by how they respond to the happy laid-back you. You might observe your ex attempting to find out what is going on and why you aren't devastated and hiding away waiting for their call.

3. If you're searching for signs while you attempt to figure out does your ex still have feelings for you then a positive starting point is with those precious gifts and momentos they might have kept. If they still have some of the items you gave or shared then this has to be a positive sign, if you can again try to determine thru friends whether that picture of you both in Spain the year before is still up on your ex's wall then you can gain some positive indication, added to other signals to determine does your ex still have feelings for you.

4. Should you find yourself receiving enquiries from friends of your ex then you can certainly bet that they are curious still. Does your ex still have feelings for you? You can bet if they are enquiring about your life then it is safe to assume they do. Many people miss this totally believing that they simply wish to remain friends as might have been settled already.

5. Remaining on the topic of 'Just friends' if you are still receiving occasional telephone calls from your ex then itselfis a positive signal. It would be smart to observe the circumstances and time of the phone call, lots of clues to be gathered here. Does your ex still have feelings for you? Well if they are telephoning late at night from a party or similar then it's a clearer signal than just the friendly afternoon call for sure.So these are simply some simple suggestions to help you in trying to gauge does your ex still have feelings for you. There are lots of other signs , also several proven plans you can read about on the internet that will give you an excellent chance of regaining a lost love.

What do you do now? Does your ex still have feelings for you plus other questions, as well as the best solutions (believe me you won't have found these before) can be found along with our review of the top 3 relationship repair guides at

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nevena 5 years ago

Wow, nice tips.

alesana 5 years ago

thi9s is soo f****n true

Cinnamonbuns 4 years ago

This really helped me a whole lot thanks

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Melissa 2 years ago

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