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A Man's Top Five Needs

Many of us tend to assume that as long as we treat our partners the way we would like to be treated, then they’ll be completely happy and satisfied, just as we would be. And even though this is a good rule of thumb to follow, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Don’t forget that we all have our likes and dislikes. Just like how it would be rude of your boyfriend to automatically assume what you like based solely on his experiences with his past girlfriends, it’s just as wrong for you to assume that you know exactly what he needs in order to feel fulfilled in a relationship, without first doing a little bit of detective work.

And here’s another thing to keep in mind: It’s important to make a distinction between your man’s “wants” and his “needs.”

While most people would love to live on a beautiful island in the Caribbean with millions of dollars in the bank, it’s safe to say they don’t really need this fantasy to come true in order to be happy.

In the same way, there are plenty of things that a man may want from his lover that he could easily do without. But if you neglect giving him what he truly needs, then don’t be surprised if you catch him trying to get these needs met someplace (or with someone) else.

Now I know what you’re thinking. I’m sure you go out of your way to give your man everything he may need by being supportive, having plenty of great sex, etc. and this is all wonderful. But please realize that he may need something else - in addition to all the wonderful things you’re already doing - in order to feel completely satisfied.

Here’s an example: Maybe he’s the kind of guy who needs a lot of space and hates to be smothered. So if you frequently try to persuade him to spend more time with you when he’s desperately in need of some alone-time, it may annoy him to the point where he can no longer remember all the amazing things you always do for him; all he will see is this one quirk that drives him absolutely crazy.

And here’s the bad news…

Sometimes, a minor issue like this can stop a man from seeing his girlfriend as a potential life partner.

But again, there’s a simple solution.

Since explaining how to go about uncovering your man’s needs can take quite a bit of time, I’m going to show you instead five things that the average man universally needs from his lover.

Now before we go over these in detail, please pay close attention to the following sentence because it is some of the best relationship advice you will ever hear:

Part of what makes a woman a great girlfriend/wife, is her ability to really take pleasure from the act of making her partner feel good.

If you look at the most successful relationships, you’ll find that both partners go out of their way to give each other good feelings as often as possible while both receiving a great amount of pleasure from doing so. And, of course, as their partner reciprocates, they feel even more pleasure.

Now I’m sure that you’re already familiar with this concept. But here’s why I’m bringing it up…

If for some reason you don’t naturally feel this way, then I’d like to suggest that maybe you’re just not with the right person. And if you’ve never felt this way with any of your past boyfriends, then you may need to reevaluate some things before you go any further, since this issue will make it very difficult for you to have a truly satisfying relationship that will blossom into a successful marriage.

But if you’re committed to being the best girlfriend you can be, the following list will give you the guidance you need to become the queen of any man’s world.

In no particular order, here are a man’s top five most important needs:

1. Support

Every man on the planet requires support from his woman. And while the word “support” means something different to everyone, I think that all men can agree that we want to know that our partner will take our side when we’re fighting battles, encourage us when the chips are down and push us to be the best men/spouses/fathers that we can be.

2. Loyalty

Again, this means something different to everyone, but most men want to know that our women can keep our secrets safe, aren’t out scoping for the bigger, better deal and won’t walk out the door the second something threatens our ability to be good providers (unemployment, illness, etc.).

3. Sex

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how important good (and frequent) sex is to a man. Everything we do in our lives revolves around finding a mate to have sex with - it really is the driving force behind all our goals and motivations.

Because of this, it’s your duty as a good girlfriend to make sure your man is sexually satisfied. But realize that this type of satisfaction has less to do with sexual acrobatics that it does with keeping a few simple rules in mind:

  • Always make sure your man is getting enough sex
  • Always make sure you are enjoying sex (men take most of their pleasure from satisfying their women)
  • Never criticize (but always praise) your man’s sexual abilities
  • Never purposely withhold sex or try to use it as a weapon

Never forget that all men have a deep-seated need to feel loved/adored/worshipped by their women and there’s no better way to make a man feel like a Greek God than by praising his bedroom prowess (note: again, if you have decided to abstain until marriage, please don’t let anyone convince you to compromise your beliefs, including me).

4. Appreciation

We talked earlier about how the act of frequently showing appreciation is a vitally important part of keeping your man happy. It’s easy to understand how putting some conscious effort into making a man feel special is going to encourage him to try harder and go out of his way to do more of the things that please you.

5. Happiness

This is a big one. Your relationship will seem to change overnight once you can consistently act in a happy, relaxed and drama free manner (this is also another subtle way of showing your man appreciation for everything he does). Men love seeing their girlfriends happy and the more cheerful you are, the better your man will feel about himself.

The ability to remain in a consistently positive mood is not something you’re born with, but something that can be acquired over time. Mastering this feat is not exactly an easy task, but once you do, you will experience more joy in every area of your life and have a much more satisfied man, to boot.

That's all I have for you today. If you'd like some more expert relationship advice, please check out my additional articles below as well as the youtube video I posted. Donna Barnes has some great tips on how to keep a man happy and satisfied.

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