Finding Your Soulmate

Your Soul mate is your perfect half! However, one major problem is that most people don’t get to see or meet them in their lifetime. Your Soul mate is your destined partner, is that special person who is supposed to give you all the joy and happiness you desire, and your soul mate should complete you.

“Most” women in this generation have missed it! Most have missed their soul mates. I can statistically tell you that today; we have more divorces than we had years back. This is because most people marry the wrong persons. Most couples today were never meant to be, they just jumped into the relation for various reasons and in the process marry someone else’s soul mate.

Your soul mate should complement you, and complete you. People these days get married for reasons best known to them but “not” reasons good enough to keep them married for long. Getting married to a person because he is rich or handsome, or well educated or because he is fantastic in bed and so on will not last long. It will wear off sooner than expected and you will be single again in a couple of months/years.

Marriage is a very delicate institution, which from thorough studies and research should not be gambled into. This is why; only those who go into marriage for the right reasons enjoy it. You can find your soul mate anywhere and at any time, but ensuring they are “the one” is key to lifelong happiness.

Finding your soul mate depends on the type of man or woman you envision or want in your life. As a woman or man, you have to “realistically” write down on a sheet of paper the qualities you expect in your woman, both physically, mentally, spiritually and other wise. For more information on finding your soul mate, leave a comment and I will gladly reply you.

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ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

You re schooled in the art of relationship counselling. Thank you for this great piece. Bless you

Sima-NEPAL 5 years ago

Yes i realy think that all these tips r so beautiful as flower.thank u so much

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