First Date Tips for Men and for Women

First Date Tips for Men and for Women

The first meeting is a crucial time for seduction. As the first impression is that it tends to stay, you should have a positive impact on the person you want to seduce, because the future of the relationship can depend on you.

Do not end the night with an embarrassed "bye" to who you want to seduce, and going away with the feeling that your ex-future-boyfriend/girlfriend will erase your phone number around the corner. Make good and try to go home together, or give the suggestion to go to a special place.

It must be a memorable night, so make your best to be as pleasant as you can be to your date.

Check out the five tips so you will not be forgotten after the first meeting.

1 - In person is better

Do not waste time on the phone. Arrange a meeting with the person you desire and go straight to the point. Invite to chat with in a nice restaurant and taste a good wine. Do not select to go to the cinema or noisy bars where you can not talk. Let these programs for later. What matters now is that you show you are an interesting person with something to say.

2 - Choose the place and make a surprise

Arrange the meeting in a place where you feel comfortable, and if possible you know well. But do not forget to let the object of your conquest to give her/his opinion. And of course, be sure to "match" the place with the person. If the person likes to rock, do not take in a place where it plays swing, whether it is vegetarian, move away from steakhouses. Probe before to please in full.

If you want to gamble a little and spice the situation, say you want to make a surprise and pick the place. Say only the subway station, or get your partner at home. Continue until you reach the mysterious place. This strategy is risky, but if you hit the place you can earn many points right away.

3 - Provide a "first time"

Do you remember your first time? Your first day at school, or your first boyfriend? Humans almost never forget the "firsts". Use this feature of memory in your favor and create a first time for the suitor.

Take your partner to an experience he or she will never forget. Even being a simple place that he/she does not know, a delicious ice cream, you will always be a good memory. Your partner will remember the experience and also you.

4 - Start in the art of conversation: Learn to listen

This is the time to test your memory. Talk about issues that you have talked by phone, or simple details, like some joke, or information that the partner had given you before. These elements will be very important to create a basis for conversation.
Do not enter negative issues, nor speak bad of people, even if they are unknown to the person you are trying to conquer. Nobody likes to hear people speaking bad of others. Even if it's your boss.

If your natural tendency is to talk a lot, control yourself! Prefer to listen to a person and give as much attention as possible. Look in the eye during conversation can pass safety. Another positive aspect is not talking much about you. When we talked with someone in those circumstances, we are tempted to commit some slips, such as so-called "white lies", facts that "increase" you look better in front of people. Just try not to raise several points in your favor, because later it will backfire.

5 - Get into the game and have fun

No use to get tense, but as you're "testing" your future partner, he/she will be doing the same, so let go into the delicious game of seduction. Abuse of body language and be sure to give evidence that you really have interest in he/she.
If you are female, this is the time to show your femininity. Stir in the hair, smile a lot, show your most beautiful angles and speak clearly and sensual. If you are a man, show your chivalry asking what the girl want to order before the waiter arrive. You make the request to the waiter. Take the lead and always be polite. Open and close the doors. Believe me, with these tips, after this meeting will come many others.

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