Hello Ladies! What You Should Know About Men Who Marry Mail Order Brides

The Men Who Do This

Typically, men seeking wives from developing/Third World countries have a lot of issues which prevent them from finding a partner in their own backyard. As these folks have very little insight into their own behaviour, they will usually blame their continual lack of success with the ladies on anything and everything under the Sun except their own inadequacies. Unaware of their (often numerous) shortcomings, they imagine the problem lies with the ladies, and so see finding an internet bride as a logical next step, the perfect solution to their romantic woes rather than trying to figure out why they have failed to attract a romantic partner on equal terms.

None of these men will admit to themselves, or to anyone else for that matter, that what they are really doing is taking advantage of young and desperate foreign women from poor countries whose lot in life seems to be to provide for their ageing parents. These men will delude themselves into thinking that a beautiful young woman, of the kind that would never give them the time of day back home, will be genuinely truly-deeply-madly in love with them within minutes of meeting them if not at first sight. Seriously, folks, what are the chances of that? If you’re thinking zero, you’re on the right track. No matter how poor, pressured or disadvantaged, no young woman in her right mind dreams of a passionate romance with an old bald fat pensioner whose language, culture and personal habits she not only does not understand but will find increasingly hard to tolerate should she be desperate enough to go through with it.

To put it simply, there is nothing in this that will lead to long-term happiness for anyone. Read on to find out why.


Ladies, This Is What You’ll Be Getting

Your foreign husband will be:

  • old
  • out of shape, and
  • generally unattractive in very many ways

In addition to a multitude of undesirable physical characteristics, the old dude will have:

  • an unpleasant slash explosive temperament
  • an authoritarian approach to marriage: the dude’s in charge and that’s that
  • no idea how to treat a woman hence the mail order thing in the first place
  • very little ability to provide psychological/emotional support to his foreign bride whom he transported into his own country without a thought for her well-being as this is and always will be totally about him and his needs
  • mental issues about which he’s likely to keep quiet until you’re married and,
  • some of which will require medication slash hospitalization and,
  • all of which will be scary and/or unpleasant to deal with.

In most cases, the old dude will have told lies about his financial situation and you will find that he:

  • does not own his house/flat or any other real estate whatever
  • most likely lives in a small council flat somewhere hideous
  • never sets foot out of the suburb because he doesn’t have a car or a license to drive one
  • has debts
  • has a very fixed income such as old age/slash disability pension which isn’t enough for two therefore he counts every penny, and
  • is none too generous with them.

Socially, you’re very likely to be isolated as your husband:

  • is retired/chronically ill and as such has no collective of colleagues or a work place where you could socialize
  • has little inclination to take you out anywhere so you’ll always be home together
  • has no friends, or
  • alternately has friends but you will find them objectionable or too old to have anything in common with and,
  • has family who live in the area but — for reasons you will, despite your lack of knowledge of the language/culture, inevitably grasp as time goes on — prefer to steer clear, leaving you alone with the crackpot most of the time.

Is There An Upside?

Sure there is. It’s not all doom and gloom. There are places you are likely to visit with your husband, on the odd occasion or quite frequently, depending on your husband’s ‘true colours’ that are bound to emerge once your marriage has settled into its groove.

Outings you will most definitely undertake are to:

  • the local pub where he’ll show you off to a bunch of losers during the weekly darts competition
  • the local chemist where he gets his prescriptions and most of his footwear
  • the local beer brewing shop where he gets his kit and his dose of intellectual stimulation
  • the local supermarket where you’ll push the trolley and he’ll be in charge of what goes into it
  • the local shopping centre every now and again where you’ll get some clothes which you may or may not like but he will because it’s the end of the season and they’re on special, and
  • the local pub, once again, for your anniversary dinner which will coincide with the weekly darts competition.

So this is it, ladies. Your foreign husband in a nutshell. Feel free to add to this in any way you see fit, in the comments.

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sandrawelch 16 months ago

I think I may have found a gentle reminder of why I am single, and why I plan to stay single.

peter565 16 months ago

PS: For some reason most men don't understand (including Asian men), is that most western girls who lived in East Asia (mostly, talking about 1st world Asian countries) think Asian men treat women better then western men. Nobody knows why, even Asian men say "This is very weird and surprising thing to hear." the idea that Asian men don't treat women worse then western men, is something anybody who been to Asia would see, but to say Asian men treat women better then the west, even Asian are say "WTF?"

dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 16 months ago

I would imagine this is true in most instances.

Generally guys that are reduced to going the mail order bride route are losers in their own country that could not attract beautiful women.

By going to some disadvantage country and dangling a few hundred dollars in the air women run to them like moths to a flame.

However we should not pretend that all the "mail order brides" are in it for "love" either. They look at these short fat balding men as (their ticket) out of hell. Most don't plan on staying with that man forever. They'll do whatever is needed to become a legal citizen and then find a new man.

In some instances it's been reported where some of the women had been prostitutes in their home country or eventually got all of their family moved into their "husband's house". There are nightmare stories on both sides of the issue. The mail order bride business is a very risky gamble.

Essentially it's a mutual trade between two consenting adults.

The men are looking for a beautiful sexy docile servant and the women are looking for an escape from their impoverished country.

We can't pretend these women go with these men because they're physically attracted to them. Even in the U.S. we have "gold diggers".

At age 86 Hugh Hefner the founder of Playboy Magazine married a 26 year old former centerfold. No one can convince me that if he were not a multi-millionaire famous person this 26 year old woman would have married him!

sandrawelch 16 months ago

Living in South Carolina, I met a lot of military families. Some of the men were married to women, from Vietnam. One woman had married her husband through an arranged marriage business. She brought her sister into the group. Sipping coffee on my back porch I learned things about them. They had been raised on a government supplied piece of land. Their father farmed the plot, and their mother was a wash woman. There were 9 siblings in all. Of the nine, only two were girls. From delivery, the girls were seen as a burden. Fed after the family and the animals, if any thing was left. The men were the back bone of the family, working hard, honest labor. The women worked twice as hard, often helping with the crops or animals, and still maintaining the home. The first sister, while walking to the market was stopped by a marriage broker. She agreed to the terms, and a week later a man came to her home, escorted by the broker. Doy told me about the first time she saw him. He was so much taller than the men in her village. He had muscles. Well fed, well groomed and very white teeth. Doy could not look him in the eye, she kept her head bowed. Her father wanted nothing to do with it. He had promised her to another family, not as a bride, but a servant. This American, visited six times over a year. Never left alone with Doy, and she rarely spoke to him. He would later learn the reason that the mother and daughters did not sit at the table with the men to eat. Doy had given up her meal, so that her suitor could eat. He arranged a visitor visa for her and her sister, to come to America. Her father insisted that a brother accompany them. They refused to return with their brother. Both ended up marrying military men. Sound men. Good men. There were plenty of changes though. The woman ate at the table. They were included in decisions. They were spoken with rather than to. I once asked, Doy if she missed home. She smiled, "No. There was nothing there to miss. This is home. I am loved, and I love. I did not get that at there."

Today, both ladies are Grandmothers. Still beautiful, very independent and happy to be American citizens. Not every mail order bride's story is happy. But, this story turned out beautiful.

robin dorgan 10 months ago

The disillusion illusion

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