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Invitation Templates

Special occasions, like birthdays and weddings, have an awful lot of work and planning to do. One of it is planning and giving out invitations. These invitations of course are part of the core of the event, and so this shouldn't be left out pretty much unplanned. Luckily, there are a lot of templates available, but many wedding planners in general prefer to go for a customized one.

What's Better, a Template Made or a Full Custom?

While the answer to this question is pretty much a matter of preference, there are a lot of disadvantages and advantages both on the side of a template made and the full custom. I've laid out a bit of them below:

  • Using a template for invitation saves you the cost of a designer. If you've got the skills for a bit of graphic design, then it's cool. But if not, or you don't have anyone in your circle of family and friends who knows, then going for a template is the better idea. There are a lot of free invitation templates and samples out there. Also take note that a project design can cost from a few bucks to a few hundred depending on the complexity. However, you can pretty much outsource them to freelance designers on the net, then can provide you with way way cheaper price as compared to a company/agency made design.
  • A custom design would implicate a more 'personalized' feel. Of course, you would want to make your guests feel special, and that's what a custom design would do. If you've got the budget having to personalize each invitation would be much cooler, as you can even store it as a memorabilia for the future. This is recommended only for a pool of about 10 or more guests, as it would be really tiresome and costly.
  • Templates are easier and cheaper to publish. Templates used for invitations are built to be cheap when it comes to publishing. They have a lot of white spaces, and only contains a few words enough to convey what they want to (Like greeting cards).
  • A custom one allows you to go for a unique occasion theme. Particularly good if you and your friends have a lot of interests in common, like movies genres, books, or video games. It would take another awful lot of planning and organizing effort though, as everything would need to be custom made.

So Where Can You Get Ideas For Custom Ones?

To start, it would always be better to consult with your event planner, whether he/she's a professional or not. I'm sure he/she has ideas for you. If you're friends with him/her then it would be much better. If not, then still consult with him/her, and tell all about what you'll want the event to be. If you still have no idea or pretty much confused with what to go for, then searching for the net, like browsing forums or reading blogs would help you. Just do your homework, research a little bit, and you'll get it.

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