Who Needs Enemies When You Have Friends?

If you recognize the title it's probably because I used it in my first hub entry. However, it was the following story that made me come up with that line to use in the first entry.

This is just something silly that happened mid December between a former housemate and I. It made me wonder if perhaps I'm some kind of magnet for crazy people. They seem to gravitate towards me like I'm some sort of black hole!

Anywho, I apologize to anyone in advance if my lame joke (in the story) offends anyone.

Before I moved on December 1st I had two housemates. One was a really nice, logical older woman. The other... A very dramatic mid-twenties girl (Amber for this story). While the older woman and I talked frequently about our man-drama and became friends, I can't say that I really considered Amber a friend. Actually, she annoyed me quite frequently... However, Amber is the kind of person who considers everyone her friend, lives in a bubble and is completely ignorant to how people see her and how her actions reflect on her.

We all know one!

After I moved Amber started randomly texting me, which she never did before. It was usually the general, "Hi, how are you?" and "What are you doing?" kind of texts that people send when they're bored out of their minds.

Naturally, I would be nice and text her back. My mistake was asking her if she wanted to go to the gym with me! I was being nice one day and thought she seemed a little down so I asked her if she wanted to go to the gym with me that day. Somehow we became workout buddies. I must have blacked out when this agreement was being negotiated because I have no clue how it came about!!!

I suppose I assumed that we would go to the gym, I would do my workout while she went and did hers and after we both finished our workouts we would leave... Nice and simple, right?

After going to the gym together a few times I was starting to get even more annoyed with her. She was bossy and trying to force me to do her workout. I'm the kind of woman who likes to do her own thing. I know what works for me and I like to stick with what I know! Don't you?

December 16th, 2009: We had been to the gym together every day for a week by this day and today was my day to drive us to the gym. By now she had learned to leave me to do my workout and occasionally would ask me to help her with some part of her workout. Which I obliged.

After this day's workout we saw a class going on that looked interesting. I was too tired to participate but told her she could check it out when she asked if it was okay. I figured she would check it out for 10 minutes or so and we would leave. 20 minutes later she saw me standing there (I made it a point to look bored out of my mind), yet she didn't come out!

30 minutes and I'm still standing there at the door waiting for her! Now, by this time I'm actually considering leaving her behind at the gym. Mean, I know but don't worry. I'm not mean enough to actually do that sort of thing to someone. I'm way too nice for my own good!

45 minutes after she went in, the class finally ended and she came out thanking me. Waiting around gave me a lot of time to think about how I now wanted to start meeting up at the gym instead of driving there together!

I didn't really let this bother me.

December 17th, 2009: I learned all that I would ever need to know about her! She picked me up at my house (no, no meeting up at the gym) and we were making small talk. She seemed kind of tired or bored, like she usually is. I ask her what's new with her. Nothing. She asks me what's new with me. Nothing. So I say that we can make something up. She agrees to this idea and I tell her to go first.

While I was waiting for her to think of something I was thinking in my head that she should say she ran away and eloped with her boyfriend. Now, she's not very bright so she can't think of anything to make up. How can someone not think of something to make up? Just pick something and roll with it for crying out loud! Haha... Anywho, I digress...

She says she can't think of anything and tells me to take my turn. So I said that I stole her boyfriend and married him. Obviously there's no way this could ever possibly happen.

  1. I've never met the guy, never even talked to him.
  2. He lives in another state far, far away...
  3. He's definitely not my type. I like men. If I dated him I would look like a lesbian, that's how femmy he looks!

A stupid joke, I know. A joke nonetheless! Amber gets quiet. A little too quiet. Only a minute passes by but it sure seemed longer and the silence was getting awkward. I asked her if she was tired and she just said "Noooo" as if she were. So I didn't say anything and then she turns to me and starts ripping my head off!

"Why would you say that?"
"It was a joke."
"Of everything you could say, why that?"
"Everyone jokes like that."
"No one I know jokes like that, blah, blah, blah..."

So I tell her that it was just a silly, stupid joke. She doesn't listen of course. Instead she asks me if it's okay if she just takes me home instead because she doesn't feel like going to the gym now. I say it's no problem. I get out of the car tell her that I'm sorry she was offended and that it was just a silly joke, close the car door and go into the house.

While she's driving she texts me and the following conversation ensues:

I’m sorry you have a jacked up sense of humor

You must be insecure in your relationship and think that will
happen with someone else if you take offense to that. Lighten up.

No I don’t think that would happen I trust jason (name changed).
Obviously you would do that to someone if you thought of it.

I know what it means to be a real friend. I would never do that to someone. Guess you’ll have no friends cause I guarantee others of yours have said it at least once. And you shouldn’t judge someone based on a joke. Grow up Amber. It was a joke and nothing more. Not a big deal.

Actually I have had only one friend say something that crazy out of everyone I know. And you’re the second. And if you joke like that then you don’t know what it means to be a friend

Whatever be an adult. Grow up.

No you obviously don’t if the friendship is only on your terms.

You’re such a mind game player. I saw you do the same thing to john.

Yeah right. Wow what a real friend you are. Take care and good luck with everything.

Stop texting me!

Yeah I know I’m right.

Stop texting me.

She stopped texting me after that. But you notice that she tried to use my ex, John, against me. The very same one I wrote about in my first hub! She doesn't know the whole story with him and all the drama but she does knows that he hurt me.

The whole time I was going through the drama with him she was saying, "I'm sorry he hurt you." but in reality she's actually a two-faced little bimbo...

It's really a good thing that I never really considered her a friend or else she would have stabbed me in the back when she tried to use him against me. A real friend who knows you were hurt by your ex would never try to use that person against you! Friends just don't do that to each other!

After this happened I have to admit I was a little bit relieved! This meant that I didn't have to go to the gym with her anymore! Although, it kind of makes me wonder if I brought this argument on subconsciously just to get out of going to the gym with her... Hmmm....

My sister mentioned the psycho conversation to a mutual friend who knows Amber relatively well and the friend just shook her head and confirmed that Amber behaves like this regularly.

And if you thought the drama stops here, oh no. There's a little bit more. Just a little, I promise!

December 23rd, 2009: She texts me at 6:53 AM! Apparently she doesn't listen when people talk to her or else she would have remembered the conversation (from the day before the fight) where I told her that I've been having a really bad bout of insomnia.

This is what she texted me:

"I have been wanting to apologize to you for sometime now i just didn't know how to approach it or if i should just let it be! And in the moments in times like those i don't know how to express myself in the right way!"

She texted me at 6:53 AM with a text that isn't even actually apologizing and is actually making excuses for why she is a backstabber and handles situations like a 4 year old!

There is no excuse for texting someone that early unless you know they wake up earlier than that! Just because you wake up that early doesn't mean everyone else does!!!

We’re not friends. She’s not dying (that’s what 911 is for) and she texted me to make excuses, claiming that she acts that way because she doesn’t know how to express herself. She’s 25, if she hasn’t learned to say the words, “What you said really offended me.” then she’s obviously not very bright. Although someone did once tell me that this particular person “isn’t very bright.” Their actual words, so there you go!

I put my phone on silent after that. She obviously doesn’t listen to people when they try to make her understand things and I think it will be impossible to make her understand that how she acts isn’t acceptable. She can’t just expect people to take her petty vindictiveness and spite just because she “can’t express herself” and makes excuses for her behavior… That would be enabling, lol.

She reminds me of a baby. Babies and young children cry and throw tantrums because they don’t know how to use their words to express themselves.

Insomnia is bad enough without someone waking you up once you fall asleep. The night before that happened I didn’t fall asleep until after 5 am!

Anyway, this text just made me grumpy and want to punch her in the head. What did we learn from this lesson? Don’t stab me in the back and don’t text me at 6:53 am unless it’s an emergency!

The day after this she texts me again with one of those stupid forwarded texts: "If you wake up in a red room with no doors or windows, don't panic you're just in my heart!"

I was thinking, "Why the hell is she texting me this?" Especially after insulting me and being vindictive!

Ahhh, crazy people... Can't live with them, nothing to talk about without them!  Haha, j/k!

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tim-tim profile image

tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

Funny story! I like that. As you know, everyone knows an "Amber". Thanks for sharing:)

Anita Goodman profile image

Anita Goodman 6 years ago from New York, NY Author

Thanks for commenting, glad you liked it! =)

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