Teen Angst:Hang Outs And Hook Ups

10 Cool Hang Outs!

  1. Visit A Pet Store that has puppies
  2. Teach Her/Him to skateboard
  3. Search For Treasures on a beach or steam
  4. Build A Snowman, Castle, or Mud Mansion
  5. Have A Picnic on your front lawn
  6. Search State Weird Books (weirdnj.com) and visit the weird sites
  7. Volunteer To Walk Dogs Together at a local animal shelter
  8. Cook A Meal Together
  9. Go Sledding/ No Snow? Use cardboard on grassy hills
  10. Baby Sit Together, and use the money earned to go to the movies

Hang On...The right one is out there

Dating is a tired expression because it has lost its original meaning. Really, who goes out for soda pop at the local drugstore anymore?

And Hook Ups are so broad they can range anywhere from holding hands in the hallway, to a one night sexual fling at a party.

So how does someone find happy ground among the terms?

Try asking someone you like to... Hang Out.

Example of why this works: I love horses.

It has always been natural to bring guys who wanted to get to know me to hang out at the stable and go horseback riding. If they were being jerks around the horses, or complained about the stink, then I knew that these guys wouldn't work out....and they kinda knew too.

What Are The Advantages Of Hang Outs?

Hang Outs are free

Hanging out doesn't really require money because you would be doing things you normally do. The cost is your time and undivided attention.

But... divide your attention and you will pay the cost.

If you bring your "date" fishing and just hand them some bait and a pole, then walk off with your buddies to the other side of the lake...you'll be leaving empty handed and I don't mean without fish.

Group Hangs Take The Pressure Off...

but choose the crowd wisely. If your date is a vegetarian she would want to follow the crowd to Mc Donalds
but choose the crowd wisely. If your date is a vegetarian she would want to follow the crowd to Mc Donalds

There are no strings

As long as you don't lead someone on with promises like, "Next week I'm going to the movies. Do you want to come?"

Or...physical gestures, like hand holding and kissing... in the end, no one should feel hurt if you don't bid for first base or don't call them again.

The Simple Rules For Hanging Out:

Be honest:

When you ask someone to hang out with you, it's okay to say something like...

"I thought you were cute, and I wanted to find out what you're all about. So, I thought we could hang out and get to know each other before things get more official. You wanna go dirt-biking with me this weekend?

Be open-minded:

If you enjoyed your first outing and did something you like...it's time to hand over the reins to your date. Hang Out and do something they normally do.

People are always more open to try new things when they're with someone they like, and sometimes find they like things they never would have tried otherwise.

Remember: Keep it simple, hands free, honest, and open.

You just might find a match made in heaven.
You just might find a match made in heaven.

Hey, you never know, you might find out that you like rollerblading or volunteering at an animal shelter better than you like your date, and end up with a new friend with a similar hobby.

Remember: Keep it simple, hands-free, honest, and open.

When you hang out with lots of different people, you will also learn about yourself. You'll discover what you like and don't like in a partner, and it will eventually lead to you that special person.

Get hangin' for a change because it will change your perspective on relationships.

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