happy anniv love

by Katiya Rhode-Singh
by Katiya Rhode-Singh

Partnering - the many moments in a year

a year could be nothing, or a year could be everything.

over the last year that I have loved and lived, I have found bliss and gratitude.

she is the most amazing of all creations of god and I can only look at wonder how she walked into my life.

to be able to share all of god's creations with her makes it all the more amazing for me.

we went shopping, camping, deserting, fooding, eating, laughing, swimming, diving, flying, cooking, cleaning, living, loving, talking, sharing, drawing, furnituring, painting, moving, babying, sexing, making loving love, and loads more.

watching sunrise, sunset, the moon, the stars, the rivers, the seas, the glass, the windows, the marvels all around.

the green in her eyes, the pink in the window, the blue in the air, the turquiose in her beads, the white of her dress the black of the loneliness before.

a year and yet not a moment too soon, or a moment too much.

a year and a life to live and look forward to.

happy anniversary my love.

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