7 Ways to Let a Guy Down Easy

7 Ways to Let a Guy Down Easy

He likes you*.  Really, really likes you.  You can't ignore it any longer.

Lucky you.

He's such a nice guy, he is.  He's just not, um, attractive.

And this isn't a case of all nice guys being unattractive (that's so another post). No. It's him.  He's unattractive.  And oh, so, unsexy.

At first you thought you could just ignore it.  Just keep it, "as friends" and ignore his little romantic overtures.  But that's so not going to work.  Nope.  He just keeps coming at you with bigger and goofier attempts to win your heart.

What's a girl supposed to do?

  1. You could lie, tell him you're seeing someone else. Of course, that has a tendency to backfire when you have mutual friends.  Somehow the truth always comes out.
  2. You could tell him you're done with men.  All men.  That you're switching teams.  Again, this can backfire if you have mutual friends.
  3. You could change the way you act towards him, be cold and bitchy in the hopes that it will drive him away.  But depending on how deep his crush is, he might not even notice (plus, you'd feel guilty about the way you treated him).
  4. You could cut off all contact for a short while, in the hopes that when you resume contact his feelings will have changed.
  5. You could tell him you're still getting over your last, devastating, breakup and that you're not ready to date again. This works well, until you start dating someone else.
  6. You can set him up with a friend, someone you think he might hit it off with.  If you successfully find him some other woman to date, he'll stop obsessing about you.
  7. You can tell him how much you like him and value his friendship, but that you don't feel "that way" about him.  You know - BE HONEST.  This is, by far, the most effective method, however, it's frequently overlooked because it's awkward and occasionally painful.

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Jazmine 4 years ago

Wot if he's a cryer

fran 4 years ago

Give him a tissue, break up with him, then run away really really fast so he doesn't cry on u, girl that wouldn't b good

aly 4 years ago

I went a dance and my date. left me. then I saw a cute guy And then we dance but I didn't like him And we both. walked away the best day I saw him And said sorry And he got me. icecreamicecream wht do I do

anonomous 4 years ago

what you just said (aly), makes no sense whatsoever. just saying.

Helpless 4 years ago

A boy on my street really likes me but I really don't want to date him I mean he's nice and all but he can be a real snitch some times and he's not very um well attractive he just lives down the street I see him every day he won't leave me alone he keeps asking me on dates with out actually letting me agree or disagree what do I do?

Destiny. 4 years ago

Theres this guy in my school at really likes me. And im not really intressted in him. . . He isn't tgat nice. But my friend said its because he was hidding thatvhe liked me. Hes liked me since the 4th grade. Were in 8th now. . .

Kate 4 years ago

Okay, so I've known this guy since before kindergarten. He's my best friend, and we tell each other everything. We talk all the time at school, and he texts me sometimes and we talk about Spongebob C: It's cute and fun, but overall, it's just too friendly! I don't know if he likes me in a "more than friends" way, or if that's just how he is! I need some serious help. If he does like me, what do i do? I don't want to screw up our friendship but i don't want to lead him on forever thinking that he doesn't like me! Help. Pleeeeeaaassseee!

Molly 4 years ago

I said I like this guy and he took it the wrong way and now wants to ask me out help

Maya 3 years ago

i have a guy that likes me... He is such a flirt and today he asked me out... He is kind of umm how do I put this in a nice way not attractive! :( he gets teased a lot and if I say no he's gonna cry and make me feel like crap I need either some girl talk or help...

PrinceNaveen 3 years ago

These are HORRIBLE tips.

Ashley 3 years ago

done tried bout all of these and none of them work

Amber 2 years ago

You have to be honest and tell him how you feel or just hint. Like go up to him and be like " I'm so glad we're friends." Or " your such a great FRIEND."

A Random Girl 21 months ago

The top six I think, these are stupid and the other person deserves more respect then, being lied to and being pushed out. I say tell him the truth, eventually it will all work out and be sincere about it.

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