hot love letter

by 1Happysnapper
by 1Happysnapper

Hot Love Letter

The days of the hot love letter are long gone. I understand very rarely does anyone write anymore especially on paper, but if you do, here are my suggestions.

Let me begin with the benefits of writing on paper. it is so rare, that the person you send it to will be thrilled to receive it. something about the fact that you went through a load of trouble to find paper, find pen and then find the address.

You then put it all together in an envelope and posted it. that effort alone will win you loads of points, but what will also go down well are the following:

1. The Paper - the texture, the colour, the pattern, the cut and even the size.

2. The Ink- I am personally in favor of writing in a single ink, but then again if your special someone likes all those glittering little hearts then the by all means use it.

3. The Writing Instrument - use a pen that doesn't blot. but if you can use a quill, awesome!

4. Hand-write It - try to make it neat, and if you can cursive it, that would just be brilliant. it is important your special someone knows that it came from you, from your own hand.

5. The Smell - its a little kitsch, but add your personal smell to your letter. you one sprinkle the perfume she/he likes so much.

All of the above should go into ensure the letter spells your love, your class, your choice and your taste in life.

happy writing!

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