ON LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP: How to deal with break-ups


Breaking up with someone is one of the most challenging decisions that one will ever have to do. The aftermath is painful and is too hard to deal with. Acceptance is the last thing you have in mind for you can't believe that after everything you went through, after all the years you have been together, it still came to an end...

You look for answers and try to think as sensible as you can be. You pretend that it's not so bad after all, but wonderful memories are haunting you back, making you more depressed and more alone that you can't help but let those tears start from falling again...

It is definitely hard to move on, but you have no choice but to get over a relationship that did not work out and go on with your life.  You have to let go and to move on....


A person who has been trying to mend a broken heart would do everything to forget and to let go. So how to deal with break-ups?

  • CRY - Crying won't make you less of a person. Crying is normal. It's perfectly fine to cry over a lost love. It's the first stage of dealing with break-up. We cry when we're severely hurt. Cry and cry until you can't cry no more. Just don't go around doing it everywhere for others might say you're a lunatic or something.
  • BE SELFISH - When I say be selfish, that means think of YOURSELF first. LOVE yourself. If the relationship has been too good to be true then all of a sudden, it didn't work out right and you have to part ways with your partner, DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. It's not your fault. You'll get more depressed if you start blaming yourself. If for some reasons that things are getting complicated and you and your partner has no choice but to end the relationship, then it's not just you who decided on it. As the cliché goes: "It takes two to tango".
  • ENJOY - While you're healing your broken heart, it's also time to do busy yourself with something you'll enjoy.  Go out with friends, go to the gym, hit the beach, shop until you drop, look for a second job, make a hub, paint, join a dance class...there are many ways for you to keep busy and to enjoy life without thinking of the affair that did not click.

  • PAMPER YOURSELF - More often than not, break-up increases one's inferiority complex. You feel ugly, you feel no one will like you again, you feel that no one would want to date you ever again. Good hair-cut and hair color will do the trick. Sit down and relax and have your nails polished. Uplift you self esteem by pampering yourself. Hit the spa and relax!
  • LEARN TO ACCEPT - Once you have boosted your self esteem and once you are already enjoying life again without your "EX", then it's about time to ACCEPT and let go, that even you bump into your former partner, you will not feel awkward when he/she says hi. You have to learn to accept that there are lots of good things in store for you, far better with what you've gone through in the past.
  • START DATING AGAIN - When you feel that it's time to test the waters again, then go ahead! make sure that when you start dating again, make sure that there are no regrets, no ill memories that are still flickering in your mind.  And when you feel that you can give love another chance, then go on and start dating again...It's about time to MOVE ON and to let go...It's the alpha of being brave to fall in love once again and being ready to get hurt along the way....

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Allison W. profile image

Allison W. 6 years ago

Thank you - this is so helpful. The hardest part is probably learning to accept.

mhei profile image

mhei 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Allison! Acceptance is really hard during this stage. Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)

Dr. Amilia profile image

Dr. Amilia 5 years ago

Very well written. It can be a very hard time for most.

Voted Up!

Jpanaro982 profile image

Jpanaro982 4 years ago from Eastchester

I couldn't agree more. This is excellent.

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