How To Read Body Language

Body language refers to the silent or non-verbal communication technique that all people consciously or unconsciously execute in all aspects of our dealings with other people around us. It is something very similar to a mirror that lets us know what others think and experience in response to or as a consequence of what we say or do. Body language encompasses a person’s mannerisms, gestures, and other physical movements, whether consciously or unconsciously done by the individual.

 You may not be aware but in a real life situation, most of the messages we communicate to others are conveyed by means of body language and that only 7% is actually transmitted through words (verbal channels) of communication? The remainder consists of our body language (55 percent) and our tone of voice (38 percent). Although depending on how the conversation transpired such as via telephone, e-mails or text messages the figures convey a very important fact that in face to face interaction body language remains a vital component of communication.

Our capacity to employ body language in constructive ways and to know what people think by observing and being aware of their body language sets us apart from the uninitiated. Having a working knowledge of how to understand and interpret body language can be a compelling factor in our overall personality enhancement. Think how you can benefit from this at your workplace or office or in your personal and professional relationships by being familiar with this remarkable but influential communication technique. It is the silent mode to be able to win arguments knowing when to back down, how to go around and use people’s own body language to our advantage.

 Learning how to interpret and employ body language – considered as the world’s greatly utilized but equally greatly mysterious language – can be a great asset personally and professionally.

Reasons to Understand Body Language

 If you have a basic understanding of the meanings of body language, it can contribute to you having more appeal to others including the opposite sex. Why? Simply because you would know how to carry yourself correctly while at the same time maintaining restraint and concentrated body language, making you appear self confident and very appealing. This works not only in a sensual way but also when talking with new acquaintances, job interviews or in business meetings.

 Armed with the knowledge how to read and understand body language can make you a more effective communicator since you can equally use words and actions to emphasize your point and bond with others. You will ultimately have a higher and sharper degree of communication capabilities that is more focused without being offensive.

 Emotions are one of the banes of people, the can not hide their feelings but there are times when you have to because of circumstances. Knowing this, you can compel yourself to smile, which in turn will undoubtedly make you feel better even if you are sad, depressed or exhausted.

 Knowing how to improve your own body language will make people have a better mental image of you as a composed, controlled and therefore trustworthy individual that they can rely on at all times.

 This basic introduction to the nuances body language would be of great help to anybody regardless of the situation.

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