How to Score whilst Shopping

The Basics of pulling whilst shopping

OK, it’s not really that much of a secret; everyone knows that whilst you’re out shopping there are some great opportunities to meet new people as well as pick up a bargain! I bet if you ask some of the married people you know several of them will have met in some kind of retail environment. But, how did they meet? What moves, if any, did it take to seal the deal, get the digits or even head straight for the first date? Well I’ve got a few tried and tested tips on how you can accomplish the same.

I’m not a grade A lothario, but what I do know is that all it takes to score whilst out shopping is the balls to break the ice and make that initial contact. That is the only hard bit in the entire pulling whilst shopping process. Once you’ve cracked that, the world is your oyster my friend! It quite simply hinges on the fragility of one’s soul. If you aren’t mentally cool with yourself then you aren’t going to be able to ease into conversation with a complete stranger whilst out shopping.

So here are a few tips on what to do next time you find yourself clocking some hot young thing over a clothes rack.

Remember these next time you're out shopping

1. The simplest way, be clumsy!

One of the simplest ways to set-up a meeting with a little pre-cursor interaction is the clumsy door trick! It works well with any tight fit situation. You basically create a diversion or blockage (trolleys/carts are the easiest way) which forces some eye contact, a brief exchange of apologies and a smile! Make sure you make eye contact and for more than a second. Being a bit clumsy is also an excellent way to figure out if someone’s a crank and if you can do it without looking like a pebble it’ll be highly endearing!

2. What are your similar purchases?

What department of the store are you in? The most obvious connection that you have with that attractive person is the shop your in. What are they buying? What are you buying? Anything the same? If you spot some similar purchases how about asking for some feedback on one of your purchases? Stuff like “excuse me, that wine, I was thinking of getting it but it’s not something I’d usually go for, is it any good?” This can work with so many different approaches, how about “excuse me, I was thinking of buying this for my sister/brother, do you reckon this would suit a [insert hair colour]?” and asking for advice is always a great to pay someone a compliment – which, by the way, is an essential part of chatting anyone up!

3. The Supermarket

Scoring in the supermarket requires it’s own entry. It is the place! Mainly because there’s more people there than a pilgrimage to Mecca! But once you're in there how can you find some leverage for passion? Once you’ve spotted the object of your desire you need to stalk, not freaky stalk, cool stalk! Maybe set up a number one and take the opportunity to scan the shopping, does it look like a single persons shopping? Plenty of meals for one in the trolley? Nappies, but it’s a guy? You know what I mean! Once you’ve figured it out set-up a number two!

4. Mr/Miss Helpful!

A slight expansion on number two, rather than asking for advice or help why not give it? “That’s a great film by the way”, or something similar, will produce one of two reactions; polite thanks and a walk away or a question back. But that’s all you need to get a conversation going! It’s worth pointing out that the four suggestions above may result in complete ignorance, frustration or rejection from the person concerned. But if that’s the case just put it down to bad taste on their part and carry on shopping!

5. Making a conversation flirty

Once you’ve got said person into a conversation it’s down to tactics of body language, tone and personality. There’s no easy explanation of the ideal way to chat someone up but it comes down to being confident but not cocky, relaxed but not stoned, flirty but not creepy and keen but not weird. The biggest advice I can give is to make eye contact and sustain it, but don’t be possessed! Break off every now and again but not for long. Making eye contact is one of the best ways to portray confidence, which is in itself one of the most attractive qualities known to man. The temptation might be to fiddle with your shopping or pretend to hunt for a bargain whilst talking but you should listen with undivided attention. If it gets lengthy offer to walk and talk!

6. Body Contact

This is one of the hardest things to do in my opinion but it is widely known that people sub consciously become more relaxed when talking to a stranger after they have made physical contact, whether this be a touch on the arm or a shake of the hand.

7. If all else fails

If all else fails then don’t bother going out sit in the front room with your meal in a box and do all your shopping online! At the end of the day that’s where you get the best discount shopping and you don’t have to put yourself through any of it!

Here's a link to some voucher codes that should cheer you up!

In conclussion...

With those tips and a little banter you’ll be chatting away for ages, right through to the checkout! Make sure you get the digits and give them yours! Don’t leave it in one person’s hands. Text first and leave the ringing till you’re drunk!

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