How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Still Likes Me

How Can I Tell If My Ex Boyfriend Still Likes Me?

How can I tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me?

There's a few tell tale indicators that can tell you if your ex boyfriend does still like you and care, or have feelings for you, and could possibly be reconciled with.

  • Contact - Your ex boyfriend may try to keep in touch simply out of being nice and genuinely wishing to just remain friends. But there is a reason he is keeping in touch. This is usually because even if he says he wants to just remain friends... ask yourself why the effort to stay in touch? This means he does in fact still like you.
  • Effort - Does he make the effort to keep in touch? Or is it you that calls him first? Be sure to not confuse this with his willingness to stay in touch. If he's the one making phone calls, texting, and maybe even those "accidental" meetings where you bump into each other in public places? ...he's making the effort. Effort = he likes you still.
  • Looks In Your Eyes - Does he pay attention when you talk? This is a very great sign that he has feelings for you. If you really want to answer that burning question of yours, "How can I tell if my ex boyfriend still likes me" ...this is it. Men that are not into you or really don't care, but are just being "nice" and courteous of your feelings, will not look you in the eye. The eyes will tell it all! Does he look around as if his mind is elsewhere? Seem impatient with you and look all over the room gazing around at everything but you directly? Or does he gaze directly into your eyes looking back and seem interested in what you have to say? Eye contact = emotions. He is looking at you because he still likes you.
  • Just A Friend - Does he keep proclaiming how he wants to just be friends but never makes the contact, the effort, or look you in the eye? This is the sign he is over you, but just trying to keep your feelings in interest as well because he's being "nice" about the breakup. While there's nothing wrong with this... keep in mind that a legit "friend" doesn't ignore you. A true "friend" also = likes you. So if he is saying one thing but acting another, this is a sign that he does NOT like you still and there is little chance to rekindle the love you once had before.

The unfortunate thing is when you put all this together, it can still only mean that he is merely wanting friendship and does not fee any romantic feelings for you other then a genuine friend. All of these signs could still mean you have a chance to get him back. You can use a system of proven methods that really work to getting a loved one back after a break up or even stopping a divorce.

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These methods are powerful and really work. Use the strategies inside if you're really interested in finding out, "how can I tell my ex boyfriend still likes me?"

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