How to find your prince charming


Everyone wants to be in a happy relationship and to be treated right. Do you believe that there is a perfect prince out there for you? No one is perfect and even a prince can not be charming all the time; but what I can tell you is that you can have a great boyfriend and a happy relationship if you just look at dating a little differently.

Don’t try too hard

There are so many men out there and many may not be right for you, don’t be afraid to get to know people but don’t act desperate. There is no need to get attached to someone you don’t feel right with, it is better to be alone then to waste your time and heart down the road. Be natural and be yourself why would you want to be someone your not? You may feel like you need to impress but you will not attract your prince charming this way. A real prince charming likes a real princess but he can never find you if you put on a front.

Look for likeable qualities

This may seem pretty obvious but you can’t just date someone because of their handsome eyes (even thought that is a plus) They need to have the personality of a gentlemen. What is important to you? Find men who’s values are the same. What did you not like about your past dates/relationships? Avoid men with these traits. Qualities of a prince charming: He is a good listener; he looks you in the eyes and tries to understand how you are feeling. He does little things for you; rubs your feet brings you mint chocolate ice cream, leaves you a love note on your car, whatever it is that puts a smile on your face and makes your heart skip a beat. He is respectful; he respects his family, you and your family. A good way to tell how a guy will treat you down the road is to take a look at how he treats his mom. He is responsible; He takes care of himself and can take care of you. He has similar values; I can’t stress this enough if something is very important to you it needs to be important to him. Don’t date someone with opposite values believe me this will only lead to sadness on both ends. You can’t change a toad into a handsome prince with a kiss or with anything for that matter (contrary to popular story tale belief.)


It’s not you it’s me

Okay so don’t just date anyone set your standards but also take a good look at yourself. How do you feel about who you are? Are you happy with yourself? Are you not? Take time to examine your life what you want; set goals and see how you feel. You need to be happy with yourself, you can not fill an empty hole with a relationship. Do you feel like no one is good enough? Maybe you don’t give enough men a chance? Don’t let go of your most important values but don’t think that prince charming is perfect in all aspects. Give a guy a chance you never know what might happen? Let go of the little things; do you only date guys who are buff and work out at the gym? You will not care about this years down the road when your old and grey with him so why care so much about this now? Looks will fade what is inside counts. You need to be mentally healthy and have a sense of self before you will find your match.


Don’t worry be Happy

Be a happy princess people are attracted to smiles and laughs, find yourself and have fun. Go to the places you enjoy do the things you want to do. Why? Because that is where you will find prince charming, because he will be doing the same as you. Just let things go and things will work out naturally. Be open and take a chance but be grounded about your values and don’t pursue someone you know it will never work out with. Lastly always remember to follow your heart.

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rorshak sobchak 5 years ago

Great write up MantaPanda. I agree with you on your Hub. It is important to follow your heart because the heart know what it wants.

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