Sexting: The Art of Flirty Text Messaging


How to Attract Women Using Text Messages

Unless you've lived in a cave for the last few years, you should be familiar with text messaging. Texts are short, email-like messages you send to people with your cell phone. Text messaging is slowly replacing phone conversations: It is widely used because it's super useful for asking a fast question or sending a short message.

I use texting constantly to flirt and create sexual tension with women. But texting is like a test: Do it right, she'll melt like butter—do it wrong, and she'll drop you like a hot potato. Most men don't know how to write a text message that will capture a woman's interest.

Read on to learn what to (and what not to) write.

Women Love a Good Text

The cool thing is that women absolutely love texting! Just watch any girl in a social setting and see how many text messages she sends.

The secret is when you text message a chick the right way, you can quickly build up enough attraction that you won't have to work so hard when you see her to get her attracted to you.

There's just one big problem with this....

A woman loves a good text... but how can you make sure yours is good?
A woman loves a good text... but how can you make sure yours is good? | Source

Most Men Don't Know How to Text Well

Most men completely screw up what they write in their text messages. They text the way guys usually have conversations. When men talk to each other, they like to cut to the chase and make concrete plans as fast as possible. Our texts are usually straight to the point.

Girls, on the other hand, see text messaging as a way to get to know someone. Women use it to vent their frustrations and problems and also to stay in touch with friends. You gotta remember this when texting!

Building Sexual Tension via Texts

The totally killer way to use text messaging is to amplify and build sexual tension. Before you send a text, make sure to think carefully about how it will advance the flirting and sexual tension between you and this particular girl.

You can tease her, send "comfort" messages, or make plans, but make sure your messages are specifically designed to create a strong emotion in the girl who gets them! Doing this will improve your "game" with girls a hundred percent.


The Art of Sexy Texting

It's your lucky day! Let's take a look at the basics of texting or sexting. Over the last year, I've gotten tons of emails from dudes interested in improving their "text game," and I always get these two questions:

1) What is the real purpose of text messaging?

2) Can you give real life examples of texts you've sent to girls?

So here we go:

First, the real purpose for texting is simple: Texting is totally about creating, maintaining, and amplifying sexual tension! If you have her number, she's probably already interested in you. This potential attraction is usually lost in the time between getting her number and calling her for the first time. If you text quickly, you can bridge the time gap and maintain the attraction or even make it super hella hot.

Keep this in mind though, text messaging should never totally replace a phone call. She'll think you're weird if all you do is text. But sending a few funny, teasing, playful texts is an excellent way to get a girl to think about you all day long.

So when you do actually call her, she'll immediately remember the good feelings and emotions that you've already given her through texting. This makes it hella easy to get her to answer the phone and set up a date or meeting or whatever.

Make sure your text messages stand out from those from all the other dudes that are probably flirting with this girl.

How to Make Your Texts Stand out from the Others

This is how you ensure your texts are not like the others:

1. Tease the girl in a familiar manner to give her the sense that you
already "know" her.

2. Refer to an event and or conversation that happened when you first met the girl. Go back to a specific thing that happened when you first met. This establishes familiarity.

As an example, a couple months ago I met a super hot girl from the Czech Republic. Right when she opened her mouth, I could tell she sounded exactly like that crazy dude from the Borat movies. When she admitted she'd seen the movie and "got the joke," I teased her mercilessly about sounding like the crazy Borat guy. So my first text message to her started with a me teasing her about being related to Borat. Nice!

Ideally, your text will have you thinking of you for hours.
Ideally, your text will have you thinking of you for hours. | Source

Examples of Flirty Texts

Twelve Texts I've Personally Used

Use these after you first meet a chick, two hours to one day later, to re-establish contact:

  • "I sooo know ur thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!"
  • "Stop talking about me to ur friends ;)"
  • "OMG.. I think I just saw ur twin. R u stalking me?"
  • "That's it! I want a divorce. What r we going to do with the effing cats?"

Use these to keep contact ever other day and show her that you are a hella fun, super cool, and interesting dude:

  • "Cupcake... my dog just did the craziest thing..."
  • "I just passed an army of Oompa Loompas. I think short people are breeding way too quickly."
  • "80 degrees out, sunshine. Time 4 me to grab a towel and head to the beach. Too bad u have to work all day :)"

Use these bad boys after you've talked to her on the phone and set up a second date or meet or whatever:

  • "Miss me yet?"
  • "Tomorrow is gonna be super awesome. Please try not to embarrass me in front of my friends."
  • "Can't wait to see you. Ur like the bratty little sister I've always wanted."

After the second meeting/first date (reinforces the good time she had with you):

  • "Totally Had an AWESOME time with u. I owe u an Eskimo kiss!"
  • "U were hella fun! I guess it's safe to introduce you to my friends!"
  • "I really had a great time! Even if u r a little dorky ;)"

Remember, fellas: Sexual tension can be quickly gained but it also can be quickly lost. You absolutely gotta keep up the flirtation at all points in the relationship. Never allow the lines of communication to go slack or get boring. If you do, she'll forget about you as soon as you can say "hella cool."

You can also easily use these text messages to pick girls up on Facebook or Instagram or any other social network. Any message you send on a website is basically like a text message and sexting online works extremely well.

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Sarah 8 months ago

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sammy 17 months ago

Meeting someone in text or flirting on it is not bad unless if your text mate had something bad in his or her mind that's dangerous, you can't trust anyone that you text but you didn't know who he or she is.

tommy 2 years ago

You’re about to learn three simple text messages that transform your phone into a magnet.

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slepenedsic 3 years ago

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Samantha 4 years ago

You seriously think that calling a girl the bratty little sister you always wanted is a way of building sexual'll get a one way ticket to the friend zone right away!

A guy 4 years ago

This is some funny stuff if you guys really want to score grow some balls and say this in person

jason 4 years ago

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John 4 years ago

These "strategic" text messages are dumb and sleazy. A girl will immediately see through it. Otherwise they'll think you're gay man who hasn't realized you're gay yet. You must be hitting on some low self-esteem girls if these "strategic" text messages are working for you.

Kris 4 years ago

My boy wants to have sex should we but he is19 I am18)&

aness butt 4 years ago

asslam oh r u dear :X

alaikum hiiiiiiiii

sex 4 years ago

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CottonTabatha 4 years ago

Nice messages! I use this technique as well, and it always works! It makes a girl feel you are confident and have a good sense of humor! ;)

By the way, try this flv to mp4 converter It's definitely a good stuff...

lizzie 4 years ago

So, these are cool but we cannot be judged what i like another may not

Candi 4 years ago

I love getting these texts from my boyfriend :) the ones I don't really respond to are the lame ass original " hello, remember me "guys...blah blah blah...boring!!! And uhhh no, I don't remember you anymore... :)

linda 4 years ago

I started adult sexting and its so cool I think its the best way to become a sexy flirt

hahHAH 5 years ago

you sir, are a gigantic fuckwit.

a hella fuckwit

Pheona 5 years ago

The Art Of Flirty Text Messaging? Sexting is NOT an art. Texting is not an art. Who ever made that title up needs to re-think the word art. That is embarrassing...

Anonymous 22 year old female 5 years ago

My first reaction was to type something rude, but that's pointless, I would rather just try to state how the text examples made me feel and give some constructive criticism and advice.

Obviously, you and I would not be into each other (not being mean, I'm sure I wouldn't be attractive to you either), but honestly, a lot of these texts would be at best, weird to receive, and at worst, completely offensive.

Saying things about not embarrassing you in front of your friends will either make the girl feel bad about herself or make her think that you're arrogant and full of yourself, depending on her level of self esteem.

Instead of trying to tout your own greatness with bullying tactics that would only put the girl down, just be yourself! Send something sweet and simple. "I'm really interested in getting to know you better. We should get together soon" or personalize it with something you talked about "I like what you said about ___, what do you think about ____?". Make it flirty by debating, without insulting her opinions "what you said about ____ was interesting, but I think ____. Want to get together and try to convert me to your side?".

Good luck everybody. Just remember that putting a girl down isn't the beat way to make her attracted to you.. and if arrogance and insults do attract her.. she's probably not a girl you want for more than a quick fuck anyway (but if that's what you're going for this may work!) 5 years ago


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Nelly 5 years ago

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Val 5 years ago

Hun, if you actually want to get girls, ask a lesbian that has a girlfriend.. They'll know a hell of a lot more about girls than some guy claiming to know it all.. Most girls don't actually like what's been suggested but go along with it for their partners sake. Seriously, what to get to know what girls like? Ask a girl.

marty 5 years ago


Tiki 5 years ago

First of all Me and Romeo aint never been friends Lol I'm sure this "s**t always works some times." and the people don't attack the write he just trying to help it aint a rule book for texting. Its like a Texting girls for dummies book cause everone aint a dream guy.

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Thugnificant 5 years ago

I truly do not understand why a low life jackass in dire need of help would go on the internet get the help and then 'dis' it, wtf, if you ask me whoever has read this has struck gold,platinum and diamond altogether.

Solo 5 years ago

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Dixie Dan 5 years ago

Whoever wrote is trollin real hard and to anyone who actually tried what this joker said,you got majorly trolled!! Hahaaaa,have fun never gettin txted back by a least one over the age of twelve HA

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Great article which really stated the easiest way to a woman's heart.

Exmoor 5 years ago

-finger points in mouth- Bleh! If a guy used one of those lines, I'd probably barf. I want to know that the guy is truly original and funny, not just a faking copycat.

Sexting is illegal if you use pictures. Sometimes words are just as powerful. You're going to get yourself in a heap of trouble one of these days, dude.

I agree with the people who say that these are pathetic. They might work for you with some girls, but the nice girls with clean acts are going to dump you if you're trying to build 'sexual tension.'

new comma 5 years ago

if you sext your just getting your self in trouble

Jenna 5 years ago

Im sorry to say that these are pathetic :L FAIL!

snooker 5 years ago

I have dated more than 100 girls before reading this article. afetr reading this I doubt i would have a 2nd chance!

Guest 5 years ago

Um ok none of those "sexts" turn me on at all... I'm sorry dude but they r just a bunch of silly jokes and do not build any sexual tension

John connor 5 years ago

I guess that works for women on their teens, try sending that crap to a woman that is not completely retarded... for me it worked better just to call or be honest, "hey, it was nice meeting you and I'd love to see you again"

Mammas boy.. 5 years ago

i understand..tht u r stil in d kindergarden..grow up buddy its high time,dnt doubt im d principal of ur school.. if u wanna learn ask ur teacher

gud day

god bls u..

Sexysammy 5 years ago

I love when my bf texts all sexy like... It turns me on!!

HaleyNicole 5 years ago

I admit i do like to occasional sext with my boyfriend, but you have completely missed the point of sexting.

Sexting is phone sex But with words, and your tips will make the girl feel stupid and probably less confident..

What really made me laugh was the "bratty sister" one.. You make yourself sound like an inbred freak.

I do enjoy sexting but man, you got it alllllll wrong.. Start doing some research before you write about a topic you know nothing about.

emma 5 years ago

The whole part about borat? NOT good! Will NOT work. Its rude and I wouldn't try that again!

Craigkenny4ever 5 years ago

This whole thing is a total joke, sorry but i mean what kinda girl would like getting txts like, when i read this article i thought it was written by a monkey with a keyboard lol, I am not trying to be mean here but i mean seriously.. I am a girl and i love it when my boyfriend is uber sweet to me, i guess there are a few girls out there that like this but... not most bcuz it just looks so desperate and if i were one of the girls you would be texting that garbage to i would honestly ignore every text. sorry but this article is NO help what so ever.. and you totally missed the point on sexting soooo this is a total joke.

guy 1 5 years ago

If girls don't like messages like these then you have no sense of humor and that's probably why guys don't hit on you and vise versa. its called flirting people! the cheesy stuff is what keeps attraction and usually opens up for some good real conversations that you will have in person. when i'm texting a girl i'm attracted to, I def do not want to have an intellectual conversation through texting, that's what phone calls are for.

p.s. It's not that girls "fall" for this stuff, i'm pretty sure they understand the sarcasm and flirting they're just playing along to build attraction. some of you women posting comments on here really need to stop being so judgmental and find a sense of humor asap.

SextSessions 5 years ago

Sexting at its core has been around for ever. It is essentially the act of sending romantic texts. I find it abhorrent that the media/parents have turned the word to solely connote correspondence of inappropriate photo/video messages to minors.

We just launched our site, Inspiration for Sexters, at So go check it out!

weston 5 years ago

0851561552..looking for a woman to text with

Missy 5 years ago

That will make girls avoid you, smart one. Get a life and stop sending text messages to yourself.

bithc in the club 6 years ago


Ldyluck 6 years ago

Off topic and just FYI. He says " hella hot"

Instead of "hot as hell" because he's from


dv8r 6 years ago

any form of non-violent expression or communication makes the world a better place

"I caught my breath on a cold window...saw your face...let's melt it together"

horny 6 years ago


saima 6 years ago


6 years ago

Nice Picture

Mr LOL 6 years ago

lol at this

slammmo 6 years ago

Ha what a dick. Probably some 45 year old surfer. Hella bullshit duuuude.

You're a pathetic excuse 6 years ago

This is the reason I think guys are pig. Ladies, be smart. A man is only good for his money. Marry him, divorce him, get paid. If a man. Has no money then he isn't worth the time of day. And to all the guys and girls (especially the girl) who think this shit is cute, you are obviously losers with low self esteem and no sense of selfworth. Any self respecting female would NEVER let a guy get at them so foul. Men are pigs. Just use them and move on to the next one.

hornyhoe 6 years ago

i would have fuckedd any guy that sayedd that stuff to me

pa5rv3e33g3jkjk3bv333333333 6 years ago

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IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

Very interesting subject matter.

this guys clearly retarded 6 years ago

dude I can't believe you were patting yourself on the back for making the borat comment like "hey, see what I did there? I used call back humor" like your some sort of humor coach. What girl wants to hear that she sounds like borat you fucking moron? I was reading this and started wondering if it was a spoof or joke or something its so bad. You're the kinda guy guys like me just laugh at cuz you think you got mad game with your "hey sexy" texts. My girl loves when I send that but just because were an actual couple. Talk to girls like humans not 4 year olds and you'll get real results. Get to know her and chat casually over txt for a while like a few days before you start anything serious over txt. Slip in the occassional wink after a flirty text but you overdid it. You come off too strong and it probably freaks girls out. Just relax. Tell her you think she's pretty or you liked what she was wearin or you think the fact that she likes sports is sexy or something but these are ridiculous. I think this article was written by a 12 year old homeschooled kid who took a break from playing WoW. They're the type to find the borat and sister comments "totally usable" when they're actually huge turn-offs.

Rosemary 6 years ago

Wow...this guy is retarded. Do girls seriously fall for these?I don't think so. Unless, they too, are retarded. You don't even seem like you know what you're talking about! This should be called "How NOT to text a girl if you ever want to talk to her again"

It's so pathetic...

Md. Sharif Al Mahmood 6 years ago

I liked this one "I sooo know ur thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!" ~ Sharif from Bangladesh

Rock 6 years ago

Anyone wana tex me girls only

girl 6 years ago

why would u ever text a girl u like "Ur like the bratty little sister I've always wanted."

being considered a sister is a total turn off...

some of those text examples are terrible. maybe someone should reteach u the art of text messaging a girl

dad_god 6 years ago

o yet

To those who think they got game while dissing the author of this article 6 years ago

To those who dissed the author and said they got more game and know how to get girls specially to DON'T TRIP...if y'all thought y'all too good of players and know how to get girls then why wud you waste your time on the internet looking for tips on google search bar and get to this website and give ur opinion????

That's all I gotta say,,, thank you

And guys don't lose ur confidence by reading others negative comments...

Now get out there and tear those vaginas up lol

Doesnotwork 6 years ago

It does not work

SextQueen  6 years ago

This is the worst tips on sexting ever. If a guy sent this to me I would laugh at his ass and delete his number from my phone. I’ve never heard someone say "hella" in real life, I’ve only heard it on South Park and if someone comes at me with Cartman Pick-up-lines I would be pissed. Sexting is not wrong for those who know how to do it and are successful at turning their partner on. This is just a straight up cock block for all the men who use this.

Straight Forward 6 years ago

the one girl said her man sends her these texts and she loves it... ok good for you then she says and guys love it to... honey im sorry but no we dont we may pretend to so you dont feel like a moron but in the end its just all a way to keep you in check.

a girl 6 years ago

i didnt read anything but from what i know sexting is wrong

Clark 6 years ago


Just wow...

dovi@ gamll 6 years ago



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Izzy Green 6 years ago

Omg yea girls love this kinda stuff

Some Guy 6 years ago

THANKS! =D .. it worked perfectly with your mom =D

lmfao. 6 years ago

wow. speechless.

GothicKitty888 6 years ago

Ok seriously everyone who posted a stupid comment like *this is what white people do"ect probley are having relationship problems with their own hand xD but aside from that I really enjoy flirty text and even tho some of ur lines were cheesy they made me laugh. Alot of girls like funny guys who do lame things to make them smile. It was a good article even though u did say Hella alot (why?!?) but yeah I still like a funny in person conversation:D perhaps you should write an article on how to make your girl laugh xD

07708745956 6 years ago

or call this no it is all crap

07816849092 6 years ago

call me

To the author and obviously unmature no sex gettin teens 6 years ago

I'm pretty sure none of these mulfuckas kno what SARCASM is damn. Nobody in their right mind would compare a girl they just met with their bratty little sister without it bein one of those "lol jk" moments. The article was informative but just like any other online article, a lot of it aint true. And lastly, stop hatin. Half the comments made girls are prolly insecure ass boys with no better game. Oh yeah you hot the sextin part wrong but the lines you said were "hella" funny. Anyway I'm 15 and text plenty girls all day everyday. I sext a good bit of em but don't get my dick wrong cause it stay covered with female tongue and lips (and lips haha) get at me

ardijana 6 years ago

tung si je aje mir si po ja kalon

WOW!!  6 years ago

this is sad,

i have a boyfriend and if he said this to me, i would dump him!

hearing that i'm "like a bratty little sister",or "try not to embaress me infront of my friends" would not make hory ...

i would rather hear something like,"while i stick my dick deep inside you i would rub your cilt", or "your body is so sexy, i'm cumming for you"

somethng sexy not something kidish.

Please 6 years ago

This article was actually upsetting. Sure, I get that girls like to get flirty text messages. But all of your examples only proved you to be illiterate, cocky, and overexcited (the repeated letters, emoticons, and explanation points... seriously?)

There's no doubt that most of us girls fall for flirty text messages; that we giggle when we get them, and retaliate the flirtations... But couldn't you bother to use proper language? There was a guy who texted me things like this recently. Very like yours, actually. And I might have been willing respond had he given evidence of education.

Also, every day, especially with texts identical to yours, would be fucking overwhelming. How many times can you say "Bet u miss me ;) !!) before she responds, "I'm sorry, I actually fucking don't. stop texting me." I don't believe that these all got you tang. Don't. Believe. It.

Sexting? Did it all last night... this isn't it. And the examples people left you make me feel attacked. There can be romance, even via sext. "I wish I could touch you right now, I want you against me..." idk.

KennyStyles 6 years ago

Wow these are really good text messages. I'm saving these. I wish my phone had a template feature or soemthing that would be cool like an app that just randomly sends your girls one of these text messages.

Troll 6 years ago

This guy has just trolled you all. Thank you for wasting an hour of your time here, you can now move on with your life.

Selene Musiic [: 6 years ago

This is actually soooooo true! Okay, for the people who are spazzing at saying this is stupid and only meant for "desperate whores" you guys have NO sense of humour,and the girls who say this is stupid are just boring bitches which is EXTREMELY unattractive, and yeah, basically repulsive, you guys might as well just jump of a bridge. THAT is the reason why you guys are still single; you're psychos! I mean i would ADORE a guy with a sense of humour like this guy! Its random and funny! He teases and doesn't just try to treat you like a $500 bill with a vagina. THIS IS GOLD! I suggest if any of you assholes want to get a girlfriend, you smarten up, change your tampons, and listen to this guy, he knows his stuff.

marissa 24 hours ago 6 years ago

sex;the artof 6 years ago

i love it

marissa 6 years ago

If any girl falls for this they are super desperate!

abthilakan 6 years ago


paris 6 years ago

some of the messages were good

uuwhweiuw 6 years ago


nunu 6 years ago


goy 6 years ago


Meow 6 years ago

The article was a fun and lighthearted read as best, But it seems as though the main point here was missed. The act of "Sexting" is generally as the name would imply - A mixture of sex and texting, Usually resulting in the exchange of sexual text messages.

These on the other hand, Seem more like playful and friendly pickup type lines rather than raunchy expletive messages filled with fiery passion.

Some of these could be adapted with the users own style however to create some fun ways to get a girl you recently met (And who's number you gained) to keep you on her mind until the real sexting begins...

Blargh 6 years ago


6 years ago

sup ikkkk o yea

Jack 6 years ago

hahahaha, all the chicks are like "this stuff dosent work!". that's because women always tell you the opposite of what is true when it comes to game. they're like ohhh crap their on to us, time to retaliate by tossing wrong advice and thoughts into the air

Kat 6 years ago

Ok these txt r...ok but I don't like hearing them all the time from my previous boyfriends. Girls actually like a call every once in a while. And y would u sext if u could actually have sex! It's way better than sexting I mean come on really?

lover 6 years ago

hey sexting awsome

sigh... 6 years ago

ok so yall females out there that think this shit is lame your completely lying. you know at some point in your life this shit worked for you. you prly had a one night stand, got all mad cuz he wasn't in to you like you'd hoped and then swore you'd never date a guy in your life. its not about them being theirselves its about them having a sense of humor making you laugh or smile. if you seriously thing hi (your name) i had a really nice time tonight is goin to work. you know your full of shit cuz you'd think that guy was creepy or something. and the person who keeps callin this guy a "retared" learn how to spell the fuckin word if your gonna use it!!

DONT TRIP 6 years ago


Sarah 6 years ago

your retared if you believe these. This is so fake...#9? Such a turn-off!!!!

fuckin bullshit!! 6 years ago


do yew actually believe dis article to b true?? :O :L

buahahaha!! XD

grow up!!gurlz aint gonna get attracted 2 dese kinda texts..let alone sexually attracted!!!

buh yea..desperados[gurlz] will luv it!! (:

Lynn 6 years ago

I don't understand why people are being so rude. I thought this article was great!(: I love all of the text examples stated above in the article, however, I didn't like the "bratty little sister" one. It was a little strange. Haha! But, honestly, I would definitely love if a guy sent me one of these texts. Yes they may be a bit dorky, but that's what makes it so cute.(:

These were my favorite:

"I sooo know ur thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!"

"Stop talking about me to ur friends ;)"

"OMG.....I think I just saw ur twin. R u stalking me?"

"Miss me yet?"

& Yes, this article may not portray the right type of "sexting" but it's still good advice for any guy.(:

Andrew Taylor 6 years ago

sext me at 520-249-6653. i am lonely and horny

WA Christopher J. profile image

WA Christopher J. 6 years ago from First American Ruins, MI

"Simple.....Texting is totally about creating and maintaining and amplifying sexual tension!"

I thought this statement summed up you whole article. Great commentary.

epicfail 6 years ago

wow . this article was complete GARBAGE , coming from a 15 year old girl . any guy who uses ANY of these texts will be labeled as a fag , or a creep . accept the 'i soo know you're thinking about me , so i thought id say hi' , i thought that was pretty cute, but not coming from a guy i just met. plus , you completely FAILED at this. sexting is sooo NOT what this is. word.

red 6 years ago

that's so stupid. i would immediately rule out anyone who texted me half of that shit.

Jayleen 6 years ago

Not bad at all.

VolleyballGirl 6 years ago


holy crap dude that fourteen year old is right mannn. I swear I would have so much money if I had a dollar per "sext". everytime its like "baby, you have an amazing body. I wish I could fuck you. your boobs are awesome.." ect. hahaha. teenage guys are funny dude. Not that I dont love them, if your fourteen and you see this you cant denie you love boys. but sexting can be weird when they say funky shit.

dude your funny. this is kinda fucked though. excuse the languageee.

check out my hub. the real deal.

rah 6 years ago

to kk-

You don't need to have sex just too keep this guy. You're only fourteen, and guys your age only want one thing. If you guys really love each other, I'm sure he can wait. It is your own decision, and for sexting dont do it. If he sais he wont show anyone thats cool, but think if you guys get into a fight, all he needs is to press one button, and that will be so embarrassing if everyone sees you naked. It can also get back to your parents. Just think about your actions, and make the rite decision.


nicole 6 years ago

my email is

Some Aussie girl 6 years ago

i think its so cute a 14 year old wrote in saying guys are dogs because of sexting...hehe poor young girl has no idea...well not for another 4 or so years..the article was about txting and not about sexting... the following is sexting... I cant wait to wrap my wet mouth around your hard throbbing d*$k... i want to suck you dry..i want to take you deeper and deeper into my mouth...

so on and so forth... that's sexting... it is designed to get the heart pumping and the excitement going... thanks :)

sheriece 6 years ago

True he does sound like an old fart

Sheriece 6 years ago

This mite actualy work 4 some bt remember not all girls r the same.I personnaly like kinda shy guys

Jess 6 years ago

^ i totally agree with you im the same age...sad innit ?

leelee 6 years ago i just have to say..ur PATHETIC!!!!! that's so not wat sexting is!!!!! plus sexting has changed since ur time old arnt gonna say that trust me ok im a 14 year old girl and i have found this article one of the lamest things ive ever read just as an example a sext usually looks something like " shove my dick in ur pussy" or "i lov ur boobs they looked amazing today cant wait to hold them" thoose r just the minor ones ok get the point know. most ppl reading this are teens between 13 and 15 ok they r not old creeps like u so stop trying to b cool.

Mr bill 6 years ago

This stuff works

Rawq 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips...

Rawq 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips...

Pattis 6 years ago

This article is all crap. You really have no ligit life with girls do you??? Because that's what I'm getting from it. I may not be that old but I could describe sexting better than you can. And I really don't know what kind of girl would text you because your methods are comete crap. And explaining texting is unnecessary. Mainly because anyone who looks up something like this already knows how and what texting is.

a concerned female 6 years ago

I dont want to totally trash the article, I'm just going to try to give advice. For me, I would be weirded out by someone calling me their bratty little sister, etc. Sister= someone you definitely dont want to have sex with. If a guy told me I seemed like a sister to him I would think he friendzoned me. Also I find a guy who uses lots of emoticons and capital letters are smily faces to be either desperate or gay. No man would ever communicate in such a manner. Here's an example of a text that I got after meeting a guy that made me swoon: "it was great meeting you, and I didnt get a chance to say how amazing you look in that dress". Most of these would of course make me laugh, but AT the guy. I probably wouldn't text back. Be a confident version of yourself, and everything will fall into place. Also, dress decently. No girl WANTS to a guy who dresses from the 80's with horrible clothing. It makes a huge differnce. Flattering clothing in guys is such a turn on.

dave 6 years ago

Im live in England & i can guarantee if i said the words "hella" "super" or "awsome" in any text message i would be laughed at and never hear from the girl again.

Erin 6 years ago

Wow. Dude seriously learn how to spell in "ur" texts. At your age no girl wants to talk to a 13 year old.

badgurl 6 years ago

What the hell.U r fcking stupid!I mean who would date you,well maybe a stupid bitch/slut would.

it ok 6 years ago

i have to admit girls like it but cllin 1 drky is just not cool dude

Amy 6 years ago

What was that? YOu think you know everything, but alas, you do not. Girls may like texting, but they also like to build up a relationship through seeing the guy. Not just sending him flirty texts.

Kk 6 years ago

Im in need of some help. See i dont mind wen this boy sexts me,i actually kinda love it cuz i like the attenion a lot. and i know the precautions and wat I shud and shudnt do. But see were doing this sexting thing but now he wants me to send him pictures of me like for example in the shower and we r fourteen and I really like him i think he likes me too(im pretty sure).i dont want to send him the pictures and I agreed to the sexting eachother but I didnt think pictures were the whole point of this correct ?wat shud i do , but by still keep the same close relationship ?

Ps *he told me this exactly wen i said id have sex now only if it was only with someone i really loved and asked why he asked if id hav sex. >"Haha well maybe just maybe i might have wanted to have sex with you" and i was like "seriously..?" and then he said "Yeah sorry if that sounds a little creepy


lee 6 years ago

add me on msn :P aha

seexxxting 6 years ago

Sexting is great- Its a bit like a prelude to sex, but these tips are horrible! These would definitely not work for me, they really don't have much class. I find that sexting is best when you start with a subtle hint and then let the conversation carry on. I'm never graphic or crude in sexting, I find that subtle hints are much more seductive.

but back to the point (... of the article ;) ) I would not be seduced by these texts, they are a bit too cheap. Some of them are sweet, but its not sexting. It's conversation.

maxipad 6 years ago

A gimp offering advice on how to attract a ditsy hose monster is a nice friendly gesture, but unfortunately, such nonsense also brings to light how donkey punching a degenerate can be so rewarding

alexa 6 years ago


Who are you? some kind of non dating nerd?

who will attract with these messages?

most probably your mom

by the way;

*Please try not to embarrass me in front of my friends"

*"U were hella fun! I guess it's safe to introduce you to my friends!"

* "I really had a great time! Even if u r a little dorky ;)"

How is this related to sexting?

YOu most likely will make the girl feel stupid and miserable telling her "i guess its safe to introduce you to my friends."

Your a total 40 year old virgin dude, get a life, seriously.


Samantha 6 years ago

i think there is no point is sexting. especially when most women do it with men they dont know. im just saying there is no point when you can actually have sex. with people you do know. like a boyfriend. sexting is stupid and that's that. im only 14 and i know how bad it is. for you women that do it shame on you. and for you men you discust me. your dogs. control yourselves. sex isn't important. and neither is sexting.

Overcome Approach Anxiety 6 years ago

I thought this was a great article on sexting. I even use some of these techniques in my destroy approach anxiety system. You can find it at

yourarere 6 years ago

this is the stupidest article on sexting i have ever read!!!! Evidentally u dont know how to sext...these r texts and stupid ones at that!!! if my bf sent me these i would be like wtf u corny mo fo!!! try rightin bout somethin u know about next time cuz evidentally u know nuthin about sextin girls

it's alright 6 years ago

look, i'm a girl. i think that some of the things the articlee said was pretty cute. girls do like that. although some were weird. but they would probably make me smile if my boyfriend sent them to me. but if i had just met the guy it might be a lil too much. and being reffered to as a bratty sister isn't flirty and if i had just met a person who called me that, i would not feel like as if he wanted a date or an actual relationship. i wouldn't like being called embarassing either. especially if i barely know the person. so this article is flaud but not horrible.

bas 6 years ago

These messages are rude and lame. Even if I liked the guy who sent me these messages, I wouldn't respond because they would make him look like an idiot. These aren't even "sext" messages.

Approach Anxiety 6 years ago

Good stuff! I don't understand why people take the time to write such negative things. Do they not have anything productive to do with their lives?

brosh 6 years ago

wooow.. some of these people are so rude! i'm a girl and i would love receiving any of these texts. they're fun and flirty. except the little sister one is a little weird.

Kirsty 6 years ago


Ive just read this and most of ur comments that you all have written actually.

Some of these are nice i personally like the one that says "I know ur thinking bout me, so I thought i'd say hi" that's sweet.

Most girls like guys to be sweet and caring. My guy is the most important thing in my life he is the sweetest bloke ive ever met and he sends me txts like this througout the day.


(comment to analbread)

By reading your comment I just wanted to say to you yeah this person has missed the point of sexting but at the end of the day there is no need to sit here and slag him or her off bout wht is written here. each girl likes different things.

2: mr hella desperate- 6 years ago

As I was reading this, I couldn't help but think that this article was a joke. That was for a variety of reasons, one being that you said the word 'hella' numerous times... I definitely thought "wow, this guy is a major D-bag" yet I kept reading ;/ Anyway, some of your 'actual' text messages were hilarious- things that I probably find amusing---IF I had already established some type of relationship w/u & hung-out several times. If I had just met you, I would probably get the feeling that you were desperate... = buh-bye.

But, if you have been so 'successful' with women, then I would bet it was because of your confidence. For me, and probably lots of others, CONFIDENCE is what makes someone attractive.


YOUR A DICK HEAD 6 years ago


you know nothing about girls. if any of that actually worked on a girl it would probably be because they were mega deperate!


dumbest article ever 6 years ago

my girlfriend just forwarded me this article, suggesting that if i had sent her texts like this i'd still be single.

beyond that, here are my problems with your article:

1) you are a bad writer. flat out terrible. please tell me you didn't get paid to write this.

2) technically, you're ENTIRE article is flawed from the beginning, because you have missed the actual meaning of "Sexting." Sexts are dirty texts... like phone sex only with texts. End of story, no examples necessary.

3) Sometimes you read something online that just makes you so angry you have no choice but to anonymously put the author in their place. Other times, you wish you could meet them on the street and slap them across the facial region with a sock filled with oranges. And then... there's this load of crap. This wasn't really a specific problem with your article, just more of a comment that had to be made.

4) You explained text messaging. Seriously? Even after you noted that unless people are living in a cave, they don't need texting explained to them, you spent a paragraph telling people what text messages are. I am literally speechless.

5) You offer a course in how to get girls? OH. MY. GOD. I'd rather take swimming lessons from a corpse.


This guy 6 years ago

I think, does things you say depending on the kind of nature, your sendee is....For me, I would say YOU SUCK

Maddie 6 years ago


I wouldn't reply to a text that you listed above.

Makes you sound annoying and full of yourself.

Keep it laid back, keep us guessing for more.

Who wants to be referred to as a 'bratty little sister'?

Analbead 6 years ago

The dynamics of what is going on when texting back and forth is much more important than the actual lines. The examples above are obviously unoriginal and flamboyant, but it's up each individual to decide how to word the texts themselves. That way it demonstrates who you are, not who you're trying to be. If you're a wuss but you use texts that make you sound like a badass, your still a wuss.

p.s. To all Debbie Downers (You know who you are): Why comment at all if your just gonna talk shit? You lose all credibility and respect when you do.

6 years ago

I think this is sooo true. I love getting funny txts. Its an ice-breaker and shows confidence.

"I sooo know ur thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!" AMAZING. The different replies would be soo cool to see.

Any Girl with a sense of hummer(Sp) would love these txts.

Happy txting x.x :P

lonely girl 6 years ago

there is this guy who keeps on texting me these kind of messages. but after a while, i got tired of it. all we do is just's so weird. so i still prefer guys to personally talk to girls. so then we can see if the guy is really interested on us or not

(myemail) 6 years ago

I feel Srry for u, every1 iz being disrespectful and u seem pretty cool...also because most of ur responces r from girls not guyz and this was for guys. LOL I sound so freakin dumm anyway byez ands do not ask why my name is my email, i alwayz do dat

Jeff 6 years ago

Lol yes nichole

nichole 6 years ago

i cant believe that would ever work

its clear that the only thing your getting laid by is your hand

Meli 6 years ago

These are cute. And those of you who are so sinacal. Get some romance, it's needed. I've been with the same guy for over a year and I love getting my sexts, it keeps thongs interesting.

Touch 6 years ago

there are some good lines here, some humor always works. I have picked up even the most stuck up girl at a club using it. Depending on our conversation i either text something silly or something deep to keep her thinking about me. the trick is for her to wonder all day about you. I do not agree at all about the not making her wait part, you dont want to seem like she is the only person you talk to; use it very carefully. send me a msg if you want any details, i woke up with a blond an a brunette on new years day and it wasn't a coincidence. why is it that people who are so critical of his methods dont leave their contact information?.... yeah exactly.

Pat 6 years ago

Ya, you used the word hella way too many times to take this seriously.

majeweethis 6 years ago

I'm amazed by the part where you're a fucking moron.

I wonder if you have ever seen a vagina?

WhatWorks 7 years ago

Ok, here's what works the perfect message. "Hi (Use her actual name) It was nice meeting you, I had a lot of fun. I can't wait to see you again." You people try way too hard to be something you're not. It's kind of like the guy that drives a BMW but lives in a studio apartment. We call that a BAMFO (Broke A$$ Mo Fo), one step away from asking his girlfriend for cash.

Dr. Taker 7 years ago

I use these all the time! The oompa loompa one has helped me score on more than one occasion!!

nkstars 7 years ago

Hella? really? Why hella? Just say hell like a normal person.

sdalj 7 years ago


i like the divorce one. i would totally keep talking to you if u asked about the effing cats. lol

Angie 7 years ago

"I sooo know ur thinking about me So I thought I would say hi!"

Kinda cute actually, at least for me.

Angie 7 years ago

"I sooo know ur thinking about me So I thought I would say hi!"

Kinda cute actually, at least for me.

Hoodrat 7 years ago

yeah man this is gonna get me hella laid.

jes 7 years ago

u r sooooo stupid what kind of girl would date u????

SethM 7 years ago

LOL! just talk to them like a normal person and occasionally tease them and be chummy with them. take it slow and dont text them too much too often because it's really easy for flirting to be misconstrued as creepy or "stalkerish" as my friends say:D

pm 7 years ago

your retared if you believe these

DatingDragons profile image

DatingDragons 7 years ago

you have some very nice insights and love the list of sms examples

girrllyyy 7 years ago

OMG this isss sooo true i love when my boyfriend sends these kinda messages to me!! And guys love it when you send them to them to! =]

prettyy p 7 years ago

just make sure you keep texting the girl! dont leave her hanging and wondering if you are still gonna text her back. just keep talking and you'll be in a relationship for sure but once you make her wait, she will start getting annoyed/ and might go for someone else. continue to text her daily if this is what you all do.

The Mistress 7 years ago

OMG what are you like... you boy have alot to learn about sexting...

and btw most people sexting are just getting their cheap thrills because they haven't got the confidence to actually say that sought of rubbish for real

Sorry FYI I could be a millionaire if I had a penny for every text that starts off with 'Hi Sexy'

Be original for sure - but keep the cheese in the fridge hey!

sandy 7 years ago

I know these will work on the lamest most annoying chicks go for it

Lifes Joke profile image

Lifes Joke 7 years ago

lmao...yes we girls love these type of txt

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