Get the Man You Desire - How to Hypnotize a Man

Get the Man You Desire - How to Hypnotize a Man

Girls would love to have a man do things they want: follow every word you say and do everything you tell him to. But magic isn't the key on learning how to hypnotize a man. Words and simple gestures can be your key to have him under a powerful charm.

Realize the power of words.

You can try using the words "now" and "don't" when practicing this technique. Think back when you were young. Our parents used a lot of these words and it seemed that going against these words meant punishment. As a result, we continue to follow any instructions containing these words without questions. Also when you speak show authority do not show weakness.

The Powerful Yes

Practicing your lesson on how to hypnotize a man can be best tested during conversations. Ask him questions answerable only by "yes". You can try asking him about his interest, about his family or anything under the sun that you are sure he'll agree on. Then ask him something that would make him answer "yes". For example, after asking him all the "yes" questions, ask him "you hate this place, don't you?", if you are successful chances are he'll say yes and probably ask you to transfer to a nicer place.

Mirror Him

Discreetly mimic his gestures . Mirroring technique also creates a sense of familiarity between you and your hypnosis subject. Experiment first; copy his action for a minute or two with eye longer eye contact. Once you've done this, see if he follows after what you do. If he does do the same you unconsciously then you have just succeeded.

I've just shared with you effective tips on how to hypnotize a man, practice and test them properly to get the man of your dreams and be happy once and for all.

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Comments 2 comments 3 years ago

i want to hipnotise a man with onlu eyes

BLU 3 years ago

Well if that what you wanted to hypnotize a man with just your eyes...The only solution for that is YOU MUST HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE EYES as simple as that..=)

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