My Big Fat Eek!!! Wedding...helpful advise for the bride to be.

London "sweetheart table" Reception
London "sweetheart table" Reception | Source

My Big Fat Eek!!! Wedding… By Bibi Coe Crawford

Weddings tend to frighten many women and men by the sheer volume of tidbits, snippets, and minute details that accumulate and make even the most modest of weddings go KABLOOM. When the simple affair avalanches into something that got out of hand as quickly as the factitious “word of mouth invitations” delivered by the gossip mill, and acceptance by the “oh I heard you’re getting married, can I come?” interloper. Yes, even one of the last straining to hold onto formal and most etiquette occasions have resulted to this. Blurr, blurr, blurrrr…, tap, tap, tap, tap…. I can just hear the bugle horn and syncopation of the snare in the background. Not too far off in our distant future…, uhm, all right, so it is here and now, weddings will be commonly accepted as unique. No set “ground rules” apply for the “must have” at your wedding, except the standard bride, groom, and someone licensed to officiate, oh well, not even that is a “rule” any longer with same sex marriages on the scene. What should be the rule is the sincerity of the vows exchanged between two loving individuals who fully intend to spend the balance of their days together.

When planning a small intimate wedding there is only one thing to keep in mind, this is that it is your wedding. Okay so you got me, it is also what you keep in mind when planning an elaborate wedding. You will be surprised at the number of couples who allow their family, friends, and acquaintances, to bully them into having the wedding they never wanted. “You simply must invite so and so, you two practically grew up together” yet you have not seen them since your high school graduation, fifteen years ago. “You can’t get married there, it’s a barn, with horses”, but you chose it for its sentimental value, it is where you first met and the place that he first said I love you. Always keep in mind that you “own” your wedding and let no one take your ownership or vision away from you. Be respectful but firm and hold true to the integrity of your dream wedding.

Improvise do not compromise. When you hit a progress wall… not every planning detour leads to fiasco, some unexpected problems yield utopia for the wedding plans. If your preferred venue is unattainable not all is lost, put your ingenious thinking cap on and find a comparable solution. If the Country Club is out of your price range, take advantage of the local Shriners Club or Masonic Lodges, which often have an upscale feel. Hire both a full service caterer and decorator, and tada, crisis averted, and you are still on budget. Some couples decide to open their ceremony and reception to all of the people who are necessary and vaguely important to making their day special, they take on the more the merrier attitude. Other couples prefer to have just close family, friends, and required vendors. Whatever your wedding day plans consist of, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or sub-contractor, research and preparation are key. Do not start implementing until your plans are concrete, know your weaknesses, do not be afraid to ask for and, or accept help and do not forget to breathe.



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