Letting Go: The Most Painful Art I've Ever Known

Just Let Go


Some say it’s hard to forget the person you have loved with all your heart, life and soul, without knowing the real meaning of the art of letting go… “Art of letting go…” what is it really about? Is it how you easily utter the word “GOODBYE”? Or does it connote the moment of shedding tears in the middle of the night? Or is it making one’s life miserable out of burning the will filled with regrets? Or does it simply imply the power of one’s heart to remain strong despite the typhoon that once has come?

            Once in our lives, or even many times as we wish, we fall in love in the way that we don’t expect…and if we expect something special we only fall as a victim of pretension. Our eyes often search for something unique or unusual that often also would only head us into an ordinary thing that we can never learn to appreciate, just like how we judge the physical appearance of an old book. This is the truth that goes ironically to the fact that pertains to the magic of love at first sight… that knows no limit… that goes to the horizon of unreachable breadth; first love that is commonly connoted by almost everyone who has gone through the fight of what has been mentioned ‘art of letting go’ which is attached more strongly to the person who first caught us deeply through the bottom of the heart. Is there really such a painful thing that is art of itself? Can anybody tell the essence of bearing pain? Is there really an essence out of it? How can it be perceived as an art?

            If only we could examine one’s internal organ which is the center of our body function… if only we could run through the veins of the person suffering pain of losing…if only we could penetrate through the mind that has been tortured by the bitterness of forgetting…then what!?!.. Can these “if’s” help us prove that there is really an art of letting go? What if technology opens its way to carry us naked to go into the being of another people, can we realize and learn to accept the multi truths behind individualities? Are we ready to discover things beyond our comprehension? Well, whatever it is that only gives us confusion, our mind is just hanging around the valley of true-to-life and make-believe stories surrounding us. Yet, our heart oftentimes turns into the other way where surprises await us that could block our mind out. This can be one reason why we fall in love that can both bring us in cloud nine or can be unfortunate at the end after the discovery stage. Even if some say that they are using their mind, they become liar at the end after they are said to be a big FOOL in love. But, can we tell a person he’s such a fool while suffering pain in the midst of fighting the agony of separation? Maybe the answer is, we can’t judge right away because we are not in his situation, we don’t experience such crisis in love. Some are trying to jump into conclusion that yes it is not love that is blind, but the lovers. Is it really the lovers? Or the observers!?


 Well, love is more or less a mysterious thing that welcomes both the young and the old into the basket of sweet pastries in the beginning and might end, very common to all, into the fistful mud. Mud that lets the blinded ones, even those who just know how to take advantage of, slip out facing the ground, which is for them whether to take a stand and walk through the light, or stand and choose the path into mere darkness.






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