How to Make a Lesbian Fall in Love With You

Top Ten Ways to Win Over that Special Lesbian

Women are not as mysterious as many people believe. There are certain key qualities that all women want in a partner or mate. Once you know what those traits are, and are capable of convincing her that you possess them, you are certain to have the best possible chance of winning her over.

  1. Find out what she is interested in and ask her questions about it,
  2. Help her do something she is dreading and finds challenging.
  3. Show her you listen when she talks by remembering what she says and honoring it whenever possible.
  4. Buy her thoughtful gifts that show her you really understand her and know her.
  5. Be romantic,
  6. Make her life easier.
  7. Make her laugh.
  8. Hold her hand.
  9. Rub her feet when you're on the sofa together.
  10. Compliment her.



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max 7 years ago

im bi-curious and i have this friend who has a lesbian mother and she has nothing against lesbians, im gonna tell her im curious cuz i know she'll understand. im also curious if she likes me...

Anonymous 6 years ago

Tried 9/10 of the ways you suggested before encountering this page. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Perhaps I should complete the last step I missed out, which is to rub her feet...

hayley 6 years ago

im a lesbian and i think im in love with this girl but shes stright is there anyway i could change her mind?

Dimples 6 years ago

Well im bi and i have a friend who is a lesbian i really like her and recently she told me that she had caught feelings for me well we were doing great up until two days ago wen she just all of a sudden changed her mind and said she wants to be friends idk wut to do but it really hurt me cuz before she had told me that she cud see herself falling for me

anonymous 2 5 years ago

im bi curious and ive fallen in lovewit a lesbian but she has no idea and shes in love with her girlfriend. wat do i do?

anonymous99999 5 years ago

So these are the ten ways, nice advice.

Angelface 5 years ago

I found out that I'm bi nd I have a huge crush on a lesbian who every girl says shes pretty and beautiful.She behave jts like a boy but I know I'm not gonna have a chance with her coz she's got a beautiful GF nd I'm nothin not evn gud wit guys...what am I suppose 2 do????I can't stop thinking bout her nd all day I dream bout her...

Passerby 5 years ago

Work out, feel good about yourself, and give it a shot. You might fail, but at least you'd have tried.

K south 5 years ago

Every time i try 2 talk 2 her she jst shuts me out what should i do

anonymous 5 years ago

so odd ! she doesn't like me being romantic at all.. she actually HATES it.. she likes me when i don't pay attention on her. she acts like a man mostly.. when im soft she's like OH STOP! but when im rude she's like AWWW....... :S how the hell can i make her fall in love with me?

Bomkazi 5 years ago

Im a straight girl and im really in love with a lesbian but she doesn't knw tht must i tell her

Niqueee 5 years ago

Seriously you need to have a little bit of swag as well...

Jess 5 years ago

My best friends bi, & lately we've been spending so much time toghether. The other day, I realized I'm falling with her. We were in her room & I leaned in to kiss her. She kissed me back & thigs were staring to get intense- I was just about to lick her dry when she said "Stop. I'm sorry we shouldn't be doing this." WHAT DO I DO NOW? I'm in love with her!!

lauren 5 years ago

I have only recently found out that i'm bi and i'm in love with my science teacher she is a butch lesbian and she is so hot, but i want her to like me so badley what should i do?

claire 5 years ago

i don't know if it was a good idea to fall inlove with a lesbian but mind me, i did, i do. i know im straight girl, a kikay type. but i do like lez.

fhdnjdskl5 5 years ago

im in love with a straight girl she loves me bust spendsalot of time with abitch

jeanine 5 years ago

I have a girlfriend,that is my best friend,she's hot, and so iam I, when we make love, it's so intense, I told her I wanted a commitment, and she told me, she's not at that point in her life,iam confused, if she just wants to be friends, and not lover's, than why is it that everytime, we are around each other, we make wonderful love. How is it then that there's not commitment? I want to ignore her I don't want to be her friend, if we can't be lovers, its hard for me! What would u do?

Okinawa 5 years ago

@ Angelface --- i have the same experience before. What I did was I just acted the way I am "be yourself". Find out what she likes and doesn't like. We ended up together because the more time we spent the more our feelings got intense. Now were very happy and inlove :)

littlejerryf1 5 years ago

I don't get it when women say they are straight but fall in love with a lesbian. If you are straight you don't really fall in love with the same sex person. Either those women are confused with their sexuality, or they are denying the fact that they could be bi-sex...or lesbians or else that have not realised it yet.

Swancy 5 years ago

Am straight but ever since d day I met dis gurl on 2go i av come to love her so so much....but am afraid to commit....

.... 5 years ago

my girlfriend broke up with me.. because of Religion and about God... do i have any chance to have her back? she told me she love me that is why she ended our relationship.. :'(

nicholine 5 years ago

hey guys im trying to get this girl to love me but its hard cose she is in a relationship and a long distance one. wen we spoke the first time she got to me asked me out and i agreed but now she playing hide and seek and i dnt understand why is she doing this to me. i love her so much help !!!!!! plz help me get her

profile image

magon 4 years ago

i am going out with this girl and we went to school together 4 like 2,3 yrs are something and i wunt her to love me but shes a player and i don't know what to do and 3-1-12 she was not takling so i walked her to her bus and i said wait wait wait wait i wunt a hug so i gave her a hug and she huged back and yup and i think i am falling for her and i don't know what to do and shes like going out with 4 girls i don't know what the fck to do i am scared i might get my heart broken.........what do i do???????????

Liyah 4 years ago

Well I am a lesbian and me and this girl has been talkin over 2 weeks now and I want to show her things that she never got into before what should I do?

mr.sad 4 years ago

its a sad world we live in

lizabeth 4 years ago

I'm in love wit this girl, although she's a tom boy n has a beautiful gf, any tyme I try talkin to her she jt shuts me out., I'm crazy about her, pls hw do I gt her to fall for me, feel the way I'm feellin. 4 her, plsss..

rainbows13 4 years ago

ugghh i just recently started liking girls but i want a nice pretty and funny girl and they are hard to find no one knows that im bi..... but i think im growing feelings for one of my friends....(confused)

Noellol 4 years ago

I'm a lesbian, and I just wanted to say that I find that most other lesbians want someone that is more confident than them. Not cocky, just someone that can make them feel a little vulnerable, keep them on their toes, things like that. Don't play games with them (no one likes that) just know what you're doing, or at least pretend like you do lol.

OneHeart 4 years ago

Don't mind my judgement if you will, but reading all the ladies' comments and trying (painfully hard) not to ignore the grammatical errors, I get the impression of desperation. I think there's so much time in the world, every second feels like a trillion-bum years because there aren't girls who feel the same way as you feel for them (the ones you have attempted on many times). If a girl who loves you is what you desire so strongly (hopefully not the same way when guys have their "urges"), then you shouldn't be whining because honestly, if you want this girl who you feel isn't able to be with you, then put yourself in her shoes. It's so ironic how girl don't know what to do when they fall in love with the same sex! In my personal experiences, I have loved (I don't mean to brag) many women who usually have real difficult times in their lives- and I don't go for the pity btw. It's either back off and play it cool or support her regardless (that includes jealousy of her mate, confused feelings, etc.) If you "love" her, be ladymen

OneHeart 4 years ago

Stupid keyboard. "-be a ladyman (gentleman)."

broken18angel 4 years ago

I fell in love with this girl 4½years ago.we've been together for almost 3 years. She left me because she needs to go to dubai due to financial problems. She wants to help her family and have nothing against it cause i understand. She left me w/ promise she'll come back to me and she'll never change. yet only 6 months have passed she told me she fell inlove with a guy.. I was deeply hurt. Now 2 years after our break up i still can't move on.. I love her with all my heart until now. How can i move on?

broken18angel 4 years ago

I fell in love with this girl 4½years ago.we've been together for almost 3 years. She left me because she needs to go to dubai due to financial problems. She wants to help her family and have nothing against it cause i understand. She left me w/ promise she'll come back to me and she'll never change. yet only 6 months have passed she told me she fell inlove with a guy.. I was deeply hurt. Now 2 years after our break up i still can't move on.. I love her with all my heart until now. How can i move on?

casie 4 years ago

me and my girlfriend are on break because she is not emotionaly ready to be in a relationship. So she suggested that we be friends with benefits. I need to make her fall in love with me ive done everything on your list but nothing. I love her but ahhh iam just soo frustrated plzz help!! any other advice?

socio4me 4 years ago

you girls should all shut up...! i have a broken heart here and need to be left alone for sometime...

giggles 4 years ago

Look, me and my girl been going out for 1 and 1/2. She makes me happy i make her happy. She a butch and im a girly girl. She likes punks and rockers, and im a PAISA (super mexican). But the thing is, i don't care if shes not my type or if im hers. All it matters that we LOVE eachother(: ohhh and to make her FALL in love with you, is to MAKE HER FEEL SHE IS WORTH SOMETHING. I give her cute letters and she keeps it. I compliment her of how she looks like and she denies. BE GENTLE. Bring her candy. I hug her from the back and she likes it. I give her pecks, its cute. I would LOVE for a girl to hug me from the back and tell her she loves me. OH AND FOR ALL THE GIRLS WHO GOT TROUBLE, just tell them how you feel. DON'T JUST GO LIKE OH I LIKE YOU. ERRRRRRRRR wrong!! take it slow, hug her from the back, give her a LOVE CARD every week. Hold her hand. ohhh and don't forget. BE FUNNNY!!!! A girl don't like BORING GIRLS. They like them funny, something that they could be entertained with. YOU GUYS WILL THANK ME LATER.(:

Richie 4 years ago

There a girl I like but she's a lisbian and I really want to date her.. So how can I win her heart...

chuletz 4 years ago

Just be yourself...and don't be afraid to show your feelings...we are only human and we deserve to be matter what...

help 4 years ago

So I like a girl when I 1 St told her she liked me too but after a few weeks she said just friends...she's bipolar and has alotta issues but I don't think I've ever loved anyone more and it breaks my heart we happen to have had some encounters in the past and I know how I can get her to want me physically but I don't want to take advantage of her and I want something more emotional so thebphysical stuff means something ya know idk what to do she was the 1 St girl I admitted likening because she was so open about being bi and she's very Flirty too.... help?

sexy mama 831 4 years ago

my partner and i have been together on and off for certain reasons,which believe me i regret,and will till im 6 feet under lol...I love her so much i would never cheat,lie or even think of hurting her again like i did in the past...she can't seem to ever stop saying comments to me about my past,,what should i do,her son trys to break us up all the time.I wish just once I would feel the way i used too with her..our kids love her and always want her home...she leaves alot when things are not going her way.she has a lock on her phone,laptop,you name it she hass a password and its all a secret from me...just now i received a message ...what you want for dinner?she get shit for money all the time.we argue about money sometimes too we have food but her own biological child tells her what to do..he is in our bedroom more than i am lmao...what can i do internet world..

AkosiHotmama 4 years ago

Hi guys.. It's my first time here and i couldn't help it that's y ive sign up here bcoz of this topic.. Im 25 years old and im a straight girl but this last month i fell inlove to this lesbian friend of mine.. And now were officially dating and she's my boyfriend now.. Im so inlove with her.. Is this mean im a BI now? Thanks for the reply...

Catherine 4 years ago

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Kerry 3 years ago

Ive been alking to this girl for a while, but the weird thing is that its online amnd we havnt yet met but we both are in love with each other. She is gay and i am bicurious but I knoiw that when we meet I won't be with anybody else but her and I actually want a relationship with her. I don't just want a sexual encounter. I have feelings for her and she told me she is in love with me but didn't want to tell me at first because she didn't know that I felt the same. I have never felt this way about a woman before so I was feeling a little confused at first but I believe that I am bisexual but want to save my first time with her! I pay men no mind and try to stay away from other girls because I want my jay and nobody else. It really hurts because she lives in USA and I live in UK but i am going down to see her and she is coming down to stay for some months and I cant wait! I really do love her! I am just in love with her and it feels so beautiful and natural. I find other women attractive but i am not interested in sexual encounters so I'd rather save myself and wait for my Jay! I love that girl!

Sarah 3 years ago

im 17 and i don't have feelings for girls my age i love adults and have the feeling of being closer tomy friends mom and or my teachers ...would i ever have a chance with an older women

krys 3 years ago

im confused about my sexuality..recently i fell in love with a friend of mine i thought i was straight but now i think im wrong my friend is an open first i was skeptical about the whole being a lesbian thing but now my friend isn't into me anymore she just moved on after we have kissed and all i fee lso used but i want her young and confused i need help!

amber 3 years ago

well i am bi and looking for a girl someone to love i am a bit younger han most of you hereb but i am free

pretyface 3 years ago

i am a lesbian and my girlfriend is cheating on me. what is the cause and how do i make her stop? i really love her. I need a help.

Winter Wolf 3 years ago

i think im bi... at least i've liked guys before and i just started liking this girl at school. last year i irritated her a lot but this year we are actual good friends now and after a party one night i started getting these strange feelings now i have all these insane fantasies and she is just as shy about her feelings as me. idk how to start anything, to even see if she likes me

The Truth 3 years ago

Boy it really sucks for us Straight Guys looking for a Decent Normal Woman Today.

yaya13 3 years ago

@ The Truth- lol that's what the world is coming to

Qwerty 2 years ago

I'm a lesbian and I was hanging out with my best friend (who is a guy)we walked over to see my and my crush are best she put her arm on my shoulder(as we always do) so did it back. THEN she moved her hand to my HIP!!! Someone tell me what I should do

sarina 20 months ago

I like a girl in my school but dont know how to ask her out.

GABRIELA 20 months ago

I'm bi& this lesbian that I met a little over a week ago, her& her gf just broke up like a month ago & she told me she still has feelings for her, but that they would never get back together but her ex is a really big bitch& she still hangs out with her ex & takes her to work, & she brings her up a lot..I don't know what to do..

Michael 19 months ago

Im in love with my best friend who not only spends every day of her life with me but is gay. She has dated guys in the past but decided later on in her life she loved girls not guys and once she got her first girlfriend she later realized that she was never actually attracted to guys only girls. My problem is that for the past year ive been the best friend i could be to her and i have done more for her then anyone else ever in my life but no matter what i do she still isnt attracted to me. I have accepted the fact of only being friends but even tho she says shes gay she still sees the need to not only try an have sex with me but she has had sex with 3 other guys over this paat year and the one thing that bothers me the most is that doing those things with those guys would make her bi not gay right? Like idk what to do about the situation other then support her choices because i do truly love this woman.

raibel 17 months ago

I am with a lesbian,I dont know what to do anymore.she still doesn't feel that I love her that much.She still compares me with her ex.It hurts but I still love her the same.what will I do?

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    Light brown eyes 5 years ago

    Im bi,and i jus found out im in love with my best friend but she has no idea and i wanna tell her so baaadd but im afraid... what should i do????

    Shaz 4 years ago

    Hey y'all,am bi but more into chiqs,i had a gf but we broke last mnth am now looking 4 a gf to love..i just dnt knw wea to start

    Tara 4 years ago

    Okay so I have a big problem.

    I'm in love with one of my best friends. I was infatuated with her before we were friends, and before I knew she was a lesbian. After we became friends, we got really close and I realized that she wasn't just another pretty face, but she was beautiful inside and out.

    A few weeks ago, I finally got up the nerve to ask her out. But I was too late, because she's already talking to someone else. I'm still in a lot of pain and when I tried getting over her it not only made the pain that much worse, but it made me fall for her that much harder. We're still good friends, we still text and everything, but I wanna be more with her. HELP!!!~

    ryan 4 years ago

    So, the only woman I have ever had more feeling for than what's in my pants, turned lesbian. I'm afraid that'll never get the chance of being with her.. I don't even want sex, but just that affection. Is it too late?

    fallenbroken 4 years ago

    i have been experiencing such a heartfelt bestfriend and I have been having this relationship for 1 yr. but then she got married, but we still have communucation and love making thing when we have the chance. i know that she chose him over me. but y on earth are we doing this.. i cant understand her but i know for sure that i still do love her..

    Audra 4 years ago

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    Kinla 4 years ago

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    Maggie 3 years ago

    So I've only recently discovered feelings for this one girl in my gym period. She's the only girl I've ever been attracted to and I'm pretty sure it'll only ever be her. I like guys mostly and I have a boyfriend for a year now.... I love him so much but I like this girl with a crazy passion and I don't know what to do.

    jenny 3 years ago

    Is ur between 30-35 only text me 2035261941 send me a photo naked only women not Men im in interest in women

    cora 3 years ago

    Wow i used to experience the same thing...At first, i thought i was straight, but then i met this lesbian, she's a butch. She did the same thing just like what you wrote in that article, up there! Now, i found myself as a bi. It's really weird of how butch lesbians can win over a girl's heart than other men. lol maybe...we're both girls and we can understand each other more than guys do.

    profile image

    cakana 3 years ago

    I have been in love with my close friend for a 2 years.I'm can't tell her because i'm afraid that she will hate me after i tell her.I always watch her body language and sometimes i think she is giving me the signals to do something(because she maybe likes me to),but it always ends up with this:she is acting like a friend ,not doing anything,basically she is acting like she doesn't notice anything although constantly THIS is what happens (if you can follow up with me because my English is bad).All the time she acting normal but sometimes ,when i'm looking her deeply in the eyes she is not moving or she is saying something like 'me and you can have a lot of fun sometimes' or when i'm laying down next to her she is producing some voices like when she is sleepy she is saying 'mmmm' or something like that.That makes me so hot but she doesn't know that.Anybody understood what i've just said?can anybody help me?

    Seriously 3 years ago

    Boy it really Sucks for many of us Straight Guys looking for a Decent Normal Woman these days.

    Kitty 2 years ago

    I'm bi and I'm falling for my friend but she doesn't seem as interested as I am.

    pink pop 2 years ago

    Am fem les,I just don't understand straight gals saying they ar faling for gals get it straight gals u bi n that's hat

    Wendy Chad 24 months ago

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    lost 23 months ago

    its been one year since were friends, we met at school, words cant describe how much i care for her, lately i realised that im a lesbian, when i saw her for the first time, my heart kept beating, its like she became my wholeworld in a short notice, everytime i try to make a move someone shows up or that im scared that she thinks of me as a freak so its complictaed .... what should i do? :(

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