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When two persons in love once and still is and yet one of them not doing anything to bring the relationship forward because of fear or a million reasons created just to give excuse not to be with the person she loved. Yet deep in her heart she does love and miss and think of her true love all the time. Is frustrating to encounter this kind of love , you do not know you are going or coming and you didn't understand why this person love you in her heart and yet wont do anything about it. What she is feeling you feel it too and when she misses you , you miss her too.

The telepathic & soul connection is so strong , you could feel the person evens they are not in the room and you wonder whether you are going crazy and is driving you to despair , you try to tell yourself to forget this love and move on but each time you almost success to do that , she crept back in your dreams unexpectedly and you had visions & hear songs that remind you of the times you both spend together. All these make it impossible to build on a new love or new relationship and you wonder why is this person haunting you day and night. You start to question maybe it was just you who are obsess with this love , then again your instinct telling you that is not the case because you did try your very best to start a new relationship and there are times you never even think of her. She crept back suddenly and at the most intimate times in the night to remind you of her. Is like you are actually sharing one soul , she can feel whatever you think and feel and is like a part of you.  

Some psychic would tell you because of a past life together and the cord is not cut , meaning she still emotionally , spiritually tied to you so you feel her around even when she is not there , you keep wondering and pondering over this even you dint really believe in past life. Then again how people connect together is amazing , you can be seeing someone everyday and there is not any connection at all. You met someone and is like a lighting strike you so hard , you feel you found your other half and connection. What good is this strong love if there is no future unless a miracle happens and finally bring them back together. 

When you get frustrated with your strong feelings you will shout into the air and tell her not to think of you anymore or miss you so that your soul can move on and not be in pain. You wonder if one of them truly found another strong love this connection might eventually break away. You cant control how your heart feels for another and you cant tell your heart to try to love someone. Is a natural feelings and is pure from the honest heart. The mind can play tricks and give you a million reasons to stop what you are feeling but deep down you know what is the truth in your heart . You will not able to stop this strong love unless you go for a heart transplant and has someone else heart planted on you then perhaps things might be different because you have a change of heart and no longer feel the same , by then you believe the soul connection might somehow be broken. There are reports about how heart transplant patient feel differently after getting a new heart . Chances are our souls are connected to our organs and the most important organ is the heart , when our heart stops , everything dies except the soul. 

Changing a new heart would be too drastic just to forget a strong love , so how do you explain this crazy insane soul and heart connection with someone ?

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Qwijebo 8 years ago

There's nothing to explain. When you feel that unmistakable connection, it's there for a very good reason - in that you two were meant to be. Kismet, karma or soul mates, to try to get rid of that feeling is inherently wrong and goes against the nature of the universal connection, that bond you both share.

Well, that's at least my interpretation.

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patski 8 years ago from Singapore Author

hi Qwijebo ,

When you said " you two were meant to be " does it mean no matter what the universal will bring both of them back together ?

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Qwijebo 8 years ago

Everything happens for a reason. And this is most paramount when two souls are together. If you are attracted (drawn, feel this surge) for another, then it was obvious that they too, felt it. The universe will always find a way of bringing you back to one another.

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patski 8 years ago from Singapore Author

Thanks for clarifying , i appreciate that -)

Zee 8 years ago

This is interesting. I thought i would never find anyone feeling this way because I do. I am also feeling this unexplainable feeling and it is not force by but comes naturally at times even when we are busy with other things. The other person somehow has gone away but i keep getting sick of missing him. I hate this feeling and tried wonders to put off. I do spiritual meditation and all, to heal this but it keep coming. I am an active person, i don't like to get emotional but this disturbance has been in me about that person for years. Can someone help or share this.

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patski 8 years ago from Singapore Author

hi thanks for dropping by , it is simply an unexplainable magic and connection. No matter how much you try to put your thoughts away from that person and keep yourself busy not to think of them. These connections don't go away even long after the person is gone , the connection remains as strong as it was when you first met. Whether you believe it or not you both probably share one soul. Spiritually and emotionally tied to you and you feel them around even when they are not there.

I believe we get these connections so we can grow. Sometimes i wish i can go back to the time that i have not met this person then my life would be much more carefree but then again if i didn't experience such intense connection which doesn't happen all the time and don't happen to everyone. Life probably will feel empty and always feel like something is missing and you have to find it.

Soulmate connections force us to go deep within ourselves and grow. So take this as part of your spiritual journey. Hope this help -)

nena simone  7 years ago


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patski 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Nena is called synchronizity where things just synchronize in strange ways. Everyone comes into our life for a reason , some stay longer and some just briefly. Those that stay is destined to be with us no matter what happen.

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dialben 7 years ago

I, too, have found a person, or I should say, he found me, that I "feel" even when we are not together. I just sense him and how he is feeling. When he is down, I am down. When he is sick, I feel sick. Even at a great distance, I can feel his physical presence, and he says the same thing. No matter how crazy it all is, and how much I try to walk away from him, I can't. That would be like cutting my arm off or ripping my heart out. None of it makes any rational sense, but one thing that I do know, is that no amount of persuation can make this end. This is something neither of us knew existed. We have never experienced it and yet, I think a part of me has always been searching for him. Do you all believe that if a relationship is truly meant to happen, that nothing will stand in the way of it coming together?

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patski 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hey Dialben , thanks for dropping by -)

i do believe that and sense that somehow it will all come together. We all are subconsciously searching for our other half and when we found it....that feeling cant be describe is like you feel like crying each time that person is not with you.

All we need is faith and keep believing that all will eventually come together and make us happy again to be with our soulmate.

just_me 7 years ago

I know exactly what one is saying....It is an awesome experience yet so painful, when you cannot be with your soul connection. Lately things weird things have been happening, such that I have been running into his significant other, I have never met or seen her before, yet when I ran into her I knew it was her. Such a strange feeling, and for some reason I feel that she knew me as well, however, she knows nothing about me. No, I am not having an affair, that is not me, but the emotional and spiritual bond is definitely there. We established a friendship, but with such strong attraction, and finally I had to back out, I have no regrets, because the emotional turmoil I could not continue to put myself through that. Sad day indeed, but he needs to work out his own karma. It's not easy, and I miss him like no other, but I don't wish to be the other woman, I believe in karma, and never want to go there. Good luck everyone, only time will tell but in the meantime, keep living.

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patski 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi just_me ,

Yeah you're right only time can tell.....if is meant to be everything will fall into place. No matter how much , how deep one's love , life goes on and we still need to let other's come into our life and not close ourself up just because of one person or one bad experience. Life itself is a cycle and we cant stop.

Thanks for dropping by -)

GoingCrazy 7 years ago

I found this connection with someone. Like your paragraph stated above, I keep wondering if I am crazy or obsessed yet I know it's deeper than that. I get the sense that this person can feel the connection somehow as well. I have never experienced this in my 30 years of life. I can't explain it, I don't even feel the need to explain it. I just want to know that I am not crazy, and know for sure that they feel it too. I'm not sure how to bring it about without sounding completely looney?

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patski 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hey -)

Thanks for dropping by....you're not going crazy or obsessed coz i use to think like you but then i have come out of that thinking and understand better now how all this happen for a reason. I think we are both quite similar in that way found a soulmate/connection at a later stage in our life who touches my deepest heart. You can purchase this book and help you understand better

Same Soul , Many Bodies by Dr. Brian Weiss

Check it out online , believe me you will feel better and come to terms with your feelings and how to handle it without thinking that you are going crazy.

All the best and hope you feel better -)

Odri 7 years ago

Thank you. This is amazing. I was searching for something like this. I met someone and we can't be together for number of reasons. He left and now he is thousand of miles away from me. But I feel him deep inside, i feel when he misses me, feel when he thinks about me. Sometime ago he told me that he feels it when i miss him. But now I don't know if feels the same. I am haunted by him all day. I wake up, eat, sleep with thoughts about him. He does not tell me if he misses me or thinks about me. But somehow I feel he loves me deep inside and does not tell me to make me forget him. Is it possible or is it my imagination? Don't know. But this is very painful and it changed me.

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patski 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Odri ,

Thanks for dropping by here , only when you feel a love so strong in your heart then you could feel what the other person is feeling too. Deep strong love is always painful but is better to have experience it then not at all.....you often hear someone said , i love him but im not in love with him......it means you only love the person but is not deep love from the heart is a different kind of love which will not give you that deep feelings to the point that you feel pain each time you think of the person and you cant be together.

Have no regrets Odri , at least you know you have experience a true love which is not easy to find and it doesn't matter whether you both can be together or not. That feeling don't happen often and some live their lifetime and never even experience it.

All the best Odri -)

truelove44 7 years ago


Its amazing that there are other people out there who feel the way i do.I am still searching for the reason why i feel so strongly for this man. A lot of the other peoples feelings are identical to what i feel it is so frustrating .Do feelings like this mean we are meant to be together someday ? I see him and he tries to avoid looking at me, but when i look at him i see pain on his face , i know we are soulmates and i know he knows that too.Like everyone else i just hope i am not going crazy is this for real ? please help me. I have just got divorced from my husband of 15 yrs and i feel nothing for him but this man haunts my dreams and every waking hour do you think he feels the same? please advice

gina 7 years ago

i had a guy once in my life now i was single at the timme and 18 he was a year younger than me now i first saw this guys come and talk to me when i was waiting at the bus stop i didn't really know him or liked him i gave him my number by the way he called we spoke and met up with each other first time isaw him i did not like the way how he dressed at all then he say ok i'll keep that in mind then we started toget know one another it felt like a dream come true with perfect timing and everything felt so right i could not belive it when we kissed it was so amazing you know i trust him and everything i fell in love with him h e was so romantic when he touched me it made me feel good in so many ways like ahhhhhh a good feeling i likespending time with him i gave him a leter told him how i felt and a picture of him then things went bad he didn't have the time that he use to i said when he's gonna see me when he get's a job it neer happened i just wanted to be with him my intution told me he was the oe man of my dream i don't know what happened all i know it was a telepatheic connection that was deep without words he knows what iam tnking body lanuage was so deep thou no matter what i can't forget this guy it's crazy i see me and him togther even thou he is withsomeone else now he seems like the best guy for me i miss him a lot i just let him be thou what do yall think about this?

Monica 6 years ago

The same expierence has happened to me. I felt met on a strange twist of fate.I knew with an instinct i like him. I trusted him and felt compeltely comfortable & safe with him from seconds of meeting. I fell deeply in love with him. The problem is i got scared with the intense feelings i was feeling 4 him and left him. I tried to make excuses 2 not be with him but i know deep down to my soul and heart he is the one. Since being apart, i feel an intense pain in heart and chest area. I feel like i can feel his soul or that are souls are connected. I tried to move on but my heart & soul want let me. I know deep inside he feels the same way. Altough sometime i think im going crazy! Like it js maybe me that feeling all this and i made it all up. I have def gone through what feels like a spiritual life learning lesson since being apart. Ive grown and learn a lot about myself through this process. Like i hade an awakement. Now im ready to be with him, now it js that im letting my pride get in the way.

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patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Monica ,

Thanks for dropping by .......always follow your heart , at least if is doesn't turn out well in your heart you have try your best and have no regrets rather then you don't follow your heart and you always will have regrets with a question mark what if..........

That's my way of looking at it , goodluck and hope all turn out well for you.

take care ,


Hi truelove ,

When your heart feel for someone so deeply and misses them , usually the other person will have the same feeling for you. Is connected and there is no explanation for it.

Go with your heart if that is the true and when you see the person and feel that they also feel the same then is not a one sided feeling.

Well is hard to say whether you will end up with the person because all of us have free will and some of the things we cant force. The best way is to let things fall naturally and not try to force or change the situation. If that person is meant to be with you , it will happen all we need is patient and believe in the strong love you have and even if he cant be with you , at least you know you have truly love someone with no regrets right.

Debbie M 6 years ago

I can connect with everything people say about soul connections because I am going through that now. I am a 54 year old married woman. When I was 18 I was working in television and briefly worked for some television writers. The first moment I met one of them I felt these enormous feelings of love such that when he shook my hand I felt an electrical charge. I am not sure what he felt about me at the time. He was 40, married and leaving on the south coast of the UK. I was heavily into astrology at the time and did a birth chart for him, but fate decreed that I stop working for him and although I saw him briefly once or twice after that, I didn't see him again. In that time, I never forgot about him but life went on and I eventually met and married my husband and had a child. A few years ago through a third party, I got back in touch with this man. By now, myself a writer, I emailed some story idea to him. We kept in contact through email but he was reluctant to meet up. I discovered by then that he lived a few miles up the road from me, and ironically some years beforehand, my husband and I had actually looked at a house (to buy) two doors away from where he lived. How we eventually met up again proper was unusual, I was meeting a male acquaintence at our local theatre, but he was running late. I sat down in the theatre and just before curtain up, in walked the man I hadn't seen for over 30 years. I was actually accidentally sitting in his seat. We all met up at the interval and the same tsunami of emotion washed over me again, as it had 35 years previously. We now enjoy an extremely romantic and relationship that continues to deepen and deepen on many levels. There are many synchronicities and I guess I would want the relationship to become more sexual, but being that I am married and he does have other lady friends, it remains as it is. We don't see each other very often, but we do email a lot during the week. The times apart are agony, and I wonder what he feels on this score.

shea 6 years ago

"I see him and he tries to avoid looking at me, but when i look at him i see pain on his face"

because if he looks at you he knows you can see his soul.

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patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

hi shea , a lot of people are afraid of their own souls because thats the hardest to face and they know the soul will never lie and the only truth.

If someone could see through your soul , mostly people get afraid as they become vulnerable.

MNSoulConnection 6 years ago

I have been afraid and scarred of commitment for pretty much all my life. I fell in love for the first time about 5 years ago and after a few years, I changed and grew. I ending up having a son with this woman about a year ago.

At that same time I found someone that changed my life forever. I felt universally connected to this woman like never before. I let ego play a role and fear guide me into running from my love into letting the previous woman back into my life. It is a hard and confusing route when a baby comes into play. I am now living with my sons mom to put our friendship back together and to get stability for the greater of our son.

After that I will pursue who I feel is my true soul mate, I just hope she can forgive me for everything I've put her through and she hasn't moved on.

if only 6 years ago

i know what you guys all mean i think its crazy how we all have similar tells. my story is little bit diffent tho the one i think i connect to was my 1st... i swear i feel when he want to connect to me or write to or say something to me . i cant get him out of my head... it hurt sometime cause i know i neeed to let go but i cant cause deeep down i believe we are meant to be. we both to different path in life but some how we always connect . this bother me cause i don't know where i stand i have been able to let know else in cause my heart plays these game with me . i swear everytime my heart hurt not in bad way but i feel a werid feelin and its him either think of me of want to talk to me . and when i log on or just my phone it is him i could bet in this pain on my heart that it him tryin to connet with me. im 25 year old now ive try to igore this feelin but it get stronger when i do. i am still doin me but in the back of my mind i wanna know if he feel what i feel??? and i don't wanna tell causei don't wanna sound crazy

AB 6 years ago

Yeah, it is interesting how everyones stories are similar. My "soul connection" happened in 2003. I have not been able to let him go since then. I feel the strong feelings in my heart and I have never been as sexually attracted to a person, like I am for him. I was friend's with his brother and the min he said his name (i had never even seen him before) I automatically knew I wanted him. Which was crazy to me...The crazy thing is, we always find our way back to one another. I gave up on him in 07 and started a new relationship, have been in the relationship for almost 3 yrs and he tried to contact me thru a mutual friend...I would not take his number, but we talk on facebook. But I do not hear from him for almost 3yrs and now I see him driving around town. My heart yearns for him constantly. I know we all sound crazy, but this feeling is too strong to make up in our imagination. I miss him constantly and I am just unsure why.

if only 6 years ago

you and i are on the same boat buddy. it suck not knowing why your heart yearn for him or why these feeling exist still after all these years. ya where defenitly on the same boat. but at least we know that where not alone... i guess

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patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi MNsoulconnection , If only & AB , these feelings are universal i guess that is why everybody shares similar experience and connections. When you think of that person just go ahead and think or miss , do not ignore it or feel ashamed of it because is what your heart feels and if you try to tell your heart not to feel that it would cause pain so why not let it be free to feel and love whoever as long as your love doesn't hurt anybody , it meant only for you and the person you love. No one can take that away from you.

If only......like your name if only , if you don't try you never know and most likely you live in regret , is better to know then to live in regret so if your heart wants you to let him know then go ahead and do it. Even if he turns you down or tell you otherwise at least you get the answer.

if only 6 years ago

it true what your sayin patski... im acutually goin on leave to see him... to finally close this chapter in my life or to finally begin something new. im goin down to see him to chill with him and to try to figure why i still have these feelin for him. he a good guy but sometime he can be a punk. where just friend. but our friendship is not normal its hard to explain that we are really. i care for him. i wish him the best that life can give. but it just bother some that my hurt yarn for him still after all these years. and that he really doesn't know how trully feel toward him... but hopefully when i see him i will firgure it all out.......

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soulfulstacy 6 years ago

Wow.. Just reading all of your responses puts my soulmate's heart right back in my chest... I met my magic mirror back in 2004 right after I had my son with someone I could not marry. I wasn't looking for anyone. It just happened like he was an angel falling from the sky. I could feel the soul connection instantly. It was the most amazing feeling in my entire life and it grew as our friendship grew and grew. Strange metaphysical things started happening in our environment around us... so much that others noticed them as well. For example, rainbows would follow us everywhere! It sounds crazy but it's true. I started to think it was just me but then others started commenting on them. We would text things to each other and then songs would have the exact same lyrics as what we just text each other and vice versa. We could feel each other's feelings and thoughts. I think the connection scared him. We worked together in a small town. He was 13 years younger than me. We got closer and closer and I haven't met anyone that even compares and I've tried to move on so so so many times. I've dated, had relationships.. but none of them last because they don't compare. I have finally just given up on that. I guess if I am meant to meet someone else, it will happen naturally. He was me in mirror form. We could completely be ourselves with each other and I loved every moment with him. He lit me up from the inside out when I would see him walk in the room. Our eyes lit up, our smiles infected each other with glee. I felt like I was walking on clouds for an entire summer. We talked like 5-100 times per day for 2 years and then it ended abruptly. I felt my heart rip out but I grew ever-more-so spriritually and am still growing. I still love him and I will never stop. I've finallly accepted that fact. I pray every day that the universe brings him back to me and we can "live happily ever after" . My biggest struggle has been trying to figure out WHY WHY WHY would God/Universe give us these strong feelings and magnetic attractions in our heart and soul, if we were not meant to be with each other in this lifetime??? Karmic Debt? It just seems to cruel to keep us apart. I have to believe that we will be together again someday. When I feel love in my heart, I feel him. We also had a musical connection so everytime I hear a song I like, I think of him.. almost like he is singing to me from afar... words he would want to sing to me, if we could be together. It's so weird. I almost feel insane. Don't get me wrong. i had to move on to NOT go insane but not a day goes by that I do not think about him. When you have a connection this strong and you are abruptly split apart, you go through all the stages, same as when you are healing from someone passing away. My mom recently passed away and I can tell you that I was able to get through that because I had to deal with my soulmate separating from me. It sounds crazy but it's true. Anyone who has gone through what I have, will understand this and I cannot thank all of you enough for posting your stories. You have helped me tremendously. I'm 39 years old now, and I guess we will see what God has in store for me the next 10 years. I've loved him for 6 years so yep.. I'm pretty sure it's a forever after celtic cross kind of love... I hope I have some good news to share with all of you on the journey to come. Many Blessings to All of You. Stacy

Seeker 6 years ago

It's interesting to read so many stories of this. I'm in the process of trying to understand how this bond works... I've met one person I've had an intense connection with, and I have a very keen sense of another, stronger bond. I've been able to sense both of these people and a lot of others for years. I turn 20 in a few months, and I've known about one of these since I was 15.

I'm very much interested in finding out how it works...

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patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi If only , goodluck & all the best to you , @soulfulstacy i fully understand what you gone through and yes no matter how painful we will endure and learn and keep our spirit up spiritually and many Blessings to you too Stacy. @ Seeker you can read this book

Same Soul , Many Bodies by Dr. Brian Weiss , is very interesting book to read and he actually help us understand more about this soulmates strong connection.

Anyway thanks all of you for dropping by here and penning your thoughts & personal experience on what i wrote , appreciate that :)

VL 6 years ago

I felt this way for years about a guy named Ryan. And I kept wondering if/when the universe would bring us back together. Then I met my husband...and wow! Ryan was a lightening bolt, and I will always be fond of him, but DH was an earthquake and hurricane at once. Be sure that the universe will bring you to the one that you are meant to be with (not necessarily the one you think you should be with).

Sparkle2010 6 years ago

Oh my god this is so weird I have this feeling too and I was wondering if I was just in denial or something.Basically when I first met him I didn't know him he asked me on date then when the date came round I felt sick that day so I was about to send him a text 2 cancel it when he text me at the same time about the date and how he was looking forward to it so I had to go then from then on we had this really stong connection it felt like we were one sole like I knew what was on his mind.We always finished sentences and random things happened like once we both took a picture of a random thing in the same place 2minutes apart he was showing me the picture on his fone and I had the exact same picture taken 2 mins apart we weren't even with each other dat day.Anyway after almost2 years together he broke up with me he told me that he never felt like this with anyone before but that he just wasn't sure and everytime he saw me he wanted to make it work but that we were either too alike or not alike at all he was clearly confused and I didn't even put up a fight even though it was out of the blue I knew it was coming. I just keep feeling like its meant to be and the timing was all wrong(I want to go abroad to new zealand 4 work and he has his own business , mortgage etc so he can't)I feel like its unfinished business and I didn't put up a fight that was 6 weeks ago we haven't made contact since except for 1 hour phonecall. But I feel like I have an inside knowledge as to he's feeling I know he broke up with me but I can feel he still cares a lot and I can feel he's confusion, I feel like he's here and I know how he's doing even tho I haven't talked to him. He is the love of my life and I'm not as upset as I should be that we are apart because I have such strong feelings that we need to be apart for now I need to go travelling he needs to get his business back on track. How does this make sense? People say if you truly love somebody you can't handle been apart but I feel like he's with me all the time and I love him. What does this mean? I don't want to be tied to this connection if he moves on. Is it possible that I'm just in denial?

Jolene 6 years ago

Hey:) it's nice to read all your posts and know there are others out there experiencing the same phenomenon. It's a beautiful but heartbreaking experience to be separated from your soul mate, I struggled greatly for about 2 years with severe pain and longing and needing to be reconnected with the person I loved so much, so much so, that I was literally quite unable to function as a normal human being. In come a man named Steve Gunn, you can check out his website, stevegunn.net - this man has an interesting aray of articles on this soul connection business and he also has a wonderful therapy called Ptsen Nuh, which is designed to help people like us get through the soul connection experience and move to a place of happiness and peace without being with the connection. I really recommend going to read his articles, it may inspire you to do the PN and I promise you won't regret doing that! good luck to you all xxxxx

roxie313 6 years ago

i too thought i was crazy and ive tried to explain my feelings to other people like close friends and none of them really understand so i went searching on the web and i came across this and many other sites with info now i feel at ease sort of cause i kno other people experience this... i just feel im so young to be going through this im only 16 and i have found my soulmate but i kno that love has no boundaries it can find you at anytime in your life i kno that im not just a love struck teen whos infatuated its so much more me and him met through a mutual person but at the time we met we jus happened to be in the same place at the same time in a gas station actually... he is 20 and i have people in my life that are trying to keep us apart things happened and now i don't see him but when i do its like our feelings are still the same no matter how much time has passed i feel so deeply connected with him i cry at the strangest of times jus thinking about him i try to give myself reasons why im going through this like maybe im feeling pain cause im crazy and my family has a history of mental illness or its all jus in my head but i jus have a gut feeling that this is real.. it makes me feel better from all your responses to kno that he too feels this i think this situation is helping me to grow from a teenager to a young adult and it has strengthened my relationship with god i pray and rely on him more than i ever have he and the hope of being with the guy i love is the only thing that has kept me goin because i really hit rock bottom my grades in school are down and it felt like my life was so messed up like i was jus here barely living but now i am learning to deal with this thanks you guys so much =)

babyblue 6 years ago

I am so happy to have found this website... I have felt like i was crazy for feeling this way. The strange thing is, I have had these experiences with 4 different men, all unique but definitely soul connections and each serving different purposes.

The first one was my first love and we had a very intense moment while we were on the phone driving in opposite directions when a flash of lightning and warmth, out of nowhere, went through our bodies that stopped us both in our tracks... I just said 'woah, what was that,' knowing, without words, that he'd had the same experience. He just said, 'I don't know, but I felt it too.' we both started to cry after that. We are no longer together but still have love for each other, just knowing we weren't meant to be a couple.

The second time was the very intense but I think had to do with past life kharma... I could sense in a psychic way what his feelings, thoughts, emotions were. I would smell him and have a strong feeling I would run into him, and then by a complete freak coincedence, would end up somewhere he just was an hour or so before. I would feel intrinsically drawn to this place. I felt a calling to protect and help him, which I was ultimately unable to do and have since cut the ties between us as he was draining my energy.

The third was the most intense. I felt every part of my body electrify (I would say the other three gave me more of a floaty feeling, this one gave both) when I was around him. He would look at me and I would feel the deepest truth radiate from our souls and communicate telepathically. This is the one I still yearn for most, and I feel there is unfinished business with. I have no idea if he feels the same way. Our lives have a sort of parallel storyline since our meeting, and I feel a little bit crazy for thinking this way given that he is someone of influence and celebrity, so I doubt that he is feeling the same way. It just got into me so deep, I have tried cutting the spiritual cords so many times but I can't seem to do it and move on...

the forth connection is with my now partner, and I had a strong feeling we are soulmates, and that we have a great message to teach the other, which we are still doing. I would say the connection is more of a wavelength of balance between the way we both think, communicate and care for people. A lot of people who meet us say they feel it when they are around us and wish the same for themselves. We still continue to teach each other, which can prove challenging, but our union is strong...

I am glad to know there are people out there who feel the same way. I am trying to forget this connection and desperately want to, but I wonder if that is only possible by extreme circumstances once the person gets into your heart of hearts... I don't feel like I am supposed to be with him, I just yearn for him, to feel that way, if only for a moment, in that place where I am truly seen and understood by another being here on earth. That particular connection makes me feel more real and I would really like to forget it, but I wonder why it is a little different from the others, or if I've just made it that way, and if I ever cross his mind, ever. I am going to try the website above to see if that helps...

DeepIn 6 years ago

This is the first website where I know I'm not the only one feeling what I am feeling for a man that I met in junior high. I was shy and quiet and he was full of personality and outgoing. He was drawn to me he said. I always remember him being around me...and I have never let too many people around me, but I did not mind him being there. Well through a series of events I moved away and just recently, after 20 years, he found me, we found each other. Immediately I felt him not just in my heart but deep in my soul where only God has been all these years. I tried to ignore these feelings as I had recently separated from my husband and thought perhaps I was just lonely. I thought if we went out and met up these feelings would disappear and life would go on as normal, but OOOOOHHHH! They grew. I can feel this man when he thinks of me, when he is trying not to think of me (that's cute), when he is frustrated and needs encouragement, when he needs prayer, or just when he needs space. I feel him as I feel myself. It is not only amazing, but interesting as well. I try to pull back at times, but I can feel him draw closer, knocking on my heart to come in and love me, it's like to love me is his comfort, and to be loved by him is mine. I have never made love without even touching a human being; it's all within our one soul, and no one understands it truly but God. He is running away from it, and I let him be as best I can. Some days I get down because I miss him, but I feel him missing me as well. Sometimes it blows my mind what I am experiencing and it is good to know that I am not alone!

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ChloeLips22 6 years ago

Do you know of any good books about the bond between a man and woman. I would like to understand why I can sense another person from far distance. Is if I have intuition when he is sad or thinking about me. Many times I can sense when he is about to call or text me. Also, there are many times when I can sense him around me but I know he lives 8hrs from me. Its weird. I am not imagining this because people around me has realize that I have been on point on all intuitions about the other person. I have been feeling this strong connection for 8 hrs. Weird! We are not together but I am in love with him.

J.D. 6 years ago

I believe I've met my twin flame and two soulmates in my twenty years, the first was in high school, there was so much synchronism and too many coincidences. The very first day he came to school, I happened to meet him while walking/taking the bus together with him and the entire time, the moment I felt him/laid eyes on him I felt this deep pull drawing me towards him and if I denied it I would feel a deep sense of pain. i knew he felt the same way, because he not to discreetly kept his eyes on me and wouldn't look away. This carried on for two more years, with too many happenstances until we graduated, not much between us was spoken, but it was this strange feeling that words didn't need to be spoken, to be in eachother's presence and to look into eachother's eyes created this feeling of immense joy which replaced the pain of separation we both felt when being apart.

The second soulmate,I met through an internet site. Of all the people behind pseudonyms/dps, there was this intense pull, just like the previous, that made me contact him (which is completely out of character for me, I'm not the sort of person who looks for a relationship or any form of intimacy online). He was the complete opposite of me, our interests, thoughts, feelings on certain ideas/acts were of opposite polarities, but something kept us together, despite our huge differences in opinions/lifestyles/actions, I believe it was our intense empathetic/telepathic/spiritual connection that had drawn us together. Eventually, from small messages it turned into huge letters. It was like he knew exactly what i was saying, could read my mind and feelings from the responses and questions that arose. I would be thinking about him all of a sudden and then without a doubt, he contacts me and the same for him. Even though we argued/disagreed about a lot of things in life, we understood eachother a lot and felt eachother's emotions, sensed when something good/bad had happened to eachother, even though we were thousands of kms apart. I felt so much joy/pain/excitement, anything beyond i felt around people in person. But I got scared, I felt I needed to get away. This intense connection that we had, mentally/emotionally I didn’t feel I could handle it. That was when I stopped all contact with him (I had other reasons too for leaving for a while), because what i was feeling was just too much, beyond anything I felt in reality, even more so than the first soulmate. During this time of two or three months, My heart, mind and spirit would cry, I would literally find myself crying and in immense pain without understanding why, it wasn't until I went to bed that night, I had a dream that was all too real and vivid, he was in it, and i remember him saying to me "You left all of a sudden. why did you go?". I couldn't answer, we just stayed silent in eachother's presence until he finally got up and left me this time. I woke up in an instant after that and realised I was crying in my sleep too. When I would go out, I would receive signs in the form symbols or words other people told me which is what he once told me or showed to me. After those three months of pain from being separated from him, I went back to the site and checked my email again, he had left but i knew he would be back and sure enough he came back and contacted me first, of all the other friends he made. I was utterly floored by it because I thought he had forgotten about us, as I desperately tried to during those three months. And the funny thing about this, is that I sensed he was going to contact me that day, I had this psychic or intuitive feeling of joy wash over me for no apparent reason, it was as though i was feeling his emotions. I knew it was him (he was under a new name) the moment we started talkng again, he asked me what I did and why i was away for those three months, i could only apologise and tell him i went overseas (but i knew that he knew it was more than just that, it was to cut our connection, which only caused the both of us pain). We started exchanging emails, once again, there was this telepathic connection and synchronity in time and thoughts. He had revealed to me how much pain he was in, and what he had been doing, when I was doing the SAME THING whilst i was away... He and I were both sleeping in irregular patterns of two hours then waking up again etc, you can say that we were both in pain and mirroring our daily routine without even knowing it during those three months. He wasn't going to uni regularly/going to lectures and neither was I around that the period before I left to go overseas and the time came back I didn't attend or frequent my classes but found myself feeling so much pain and wanting to sleep it all off like he was. I didn't eat either, i found myself skipping meals during those months and the same thing for him. It only confirmed what I had known all along. After talking for 4/5 months , sharing a lot of our dreams, thoughts, ideas, we both felt it was time to let go and say our goodbye...he had came into my life to teach me something and likewise for him. This goodbye wasn't painful because we were both ready to separate, both knew in our souls that it wasn't the last time of course, we both felt it wouldn't be long till we'd meet again soon in reality or find our spirits connected again after this lifetime. I know he was my twin flame, we just weren’t ready or rather I wasn’t ready since I broke the connection first, it was too much for me to handle, i wasn’t mentally or spiritually prepared for it.

The second soulmate, I met this semester at uni. Once again, a lot of synchronity/coincidences in knowing the same people, meeting/bumping into eachother at the most unlikely places (he’s in a completely different degree to me or in parts of the campus where we don’t share the same classes and we only share one subject) and the intense feelings and ability to sense what the other person is feeling, doing, thinking.

So please, if you ever feel this intense telepathic/empathic connection with a person you just can't explain it, you feel yourself wrapped around it and consumed by it, you'd do anything, an unconditional love, don't force yourself to separate from that connection. It caused both of us deep pain and affected our lifestyles for the worse. Also, don’t let fear or the ego break your connection either, i believe it will stem into karma and affect your next meeting and determine how your relationship with your twinflame or even soulmate goes.Peace and good luck to you all.

Lisa 6 years ago

So i've been reading all these stories and they seem lovely. It looks as if it is really beautiful to feel that connection with someone. Although, my connection with a person is very different. I have seen this boy at my college who i never noticed until now. He has many friends and is in one of my classes. For some reason, the connection that i feel with him isn't of love, or that i cant stop thinking about him. Its more that i feel he has the ability to change my life. Like he is the friend i've been searching for...i haven't had much luck with friends in the past, but for some odd reason i feel he can change my life. I don't think he feels the same way, i've only ever bumped into him once and he doesn't seem to really notice me. I wonder if this could be called a connection. Because although I feel this way i don't show it. I guess i'm hoping he's doing the same thing.

Starcrossed Fate profile image

Starcrossed Fate 6 years ago

You know, reading this post, along with all of the comments that you have received, has made me feel less self conscious, yet more intrigued about my situation.

I have a very involved, and different story that also runs parallel with some of the others in an odd way.

I "know" this guy, as well as one can truly know him...whether he even remembers my name, is often up for debate,because of his profession...yet there are times that he looks at me and I feel it to the depths of my very soul.

It isn't obsession, or infatuation, I can determine the difference in those things, and in what I feel, what I know.

We actually communicate more in looks than words, and it's as if we have entire conversations this way... yet the whole world is "in love" with him.

That is what sickens me... they have no idea who he really is, only the image that he puts forth, but they all want him.

It drives me absolutely insane, and causes me to not seek him out, or even attempt to converse with him verbally much, because the last thing I want is him to lump me in with all the other girls...because I am the opposite.

I don't have these feelings because of his profession.

Or because he's attractive.

Or because he's in the public eye.

Or because of his money.

I care for him IN SPITE of all of these things, and goddess help me I cannot sever whatever cord ties me to him, believe me, I've tried.

The harder I try, the more he haunts my thoughts and plagues my dreams.

The more "signs" I get berated with (if you believe in that sort of thing, assuming you do, based upon this post) and the less I can push it away.

Currently I'm writing a novel about reincarnation and remembering past lives, past romances, as it becomes more involved, the more he influences it...and I'm not forcing it. My "works" write themselves, or I don't write them...I refuse to force the words.

I guess all of this rambling is to say, that I'd love having an open ended conversation with you about this particular topic.

Thanks for the post :)

edithpt 6 years ago

i met his guy 6 motnhs ago, first month was amazing cuz for 1st time in my life i wasn't scared to feel n give myself,the way he made me felt about life, to keep going n be better n be proud, we were so different though, but same souls, so much inside... but he got involved in so many problems, and we had to end what we had, ive tried to move on so many times, but i couldn't, eventhough we weren't together as a couple we got more connected, like i felt his pain, his fears, his sadness... i just felt them, i don't know how to explain it, Now we don't talk no more, idk anything about him, but i can feel his fears like mine, and it hurts me and idk what to do... i don't know how to explain these feelings, like they r mine, n i never experienced something like this. and of course it hurts cuz i love him but i understand it cant be, but the feelings don't go away, sometimes i just want to hug him n make those feelings go away...

bethel 6 years ago

Hey, so last year I had gone to this event and there was this guy who was selling drinks there. I felt this really instant connection with him that I have never felt before with anyone else.I never got to talk to him. Its almost 9 months since I last saw him but I cannnot get him out of my mind. Even if I try blocking him out & start thinking about other guys,he pops up in my mind. Its like he is also trying to block the other guys from my mind. Sometimes I always feel sad when I think about him and just start crying. Sometimes I can just be sitting by myself and just find tears coming down out of my eyes. This has never happened to me before I met him. Do you think it has anything to do with him?

Sabrayah 6 years ago

I met this guy five years ago, upon looking into his eyes i felt this intense feeling that was indescribable. Everytime i was around him i found myself lost in him. Upon getting into real in depth conversation with him we found so many similarities in our lives one being that our first spouses were named the same his first wife my name, my first husband his name. Very strange indeed! We were both married at the time of our meeting and never cheated on our spouses with each other, but there was always a longing to. Time passed on we kept running into each other, i always had that pull towards him, but didn't do anything about it. I divorced 6 months ago and he divorced and we felt the time was right to have a relationship with each other. Now that we are together, i have all those feelings i had five years ago and then some. This man and i have what i feel is a deep soul connection since i opened up to him in my life, we finish each others sentences, we catch ourselves saying the same thing at the same time. We have actually telepathy i think. He has told me that i answer his questions before he speaks them and he does the same to me also. We have caught each other doing the same thing the other person is doing at the same time for instance body language as in the way we sit or facial gestures. Oh its hilarious we have caught each other sleep talking to one another. I have recorded proof. I don't know if were crazy or what but i think i found my soulmate its being with that person who knows ur every move they are u in a different body the love the lust the way they make u feel its everything!!! God blessed us with each other!!

Judy 6 years ago

There I this man I see on a daily basis at my sons school. I only see him for about 5 minutes a day during the week. We always maintained eye contact and it was as if I've known him forever. I've never spoken to him but I felt like my world just got flipped upside down. I constantly think about him and its just driving me crazy because I can honestly say I feel love for this person. I'm a VERY rational person so I've tried to tell myself that this is not real. But as hard as I try I know that this connection to a man I don't even know is stronger than anything I've ever felt in my 35 years of life. I catch him just staring at me from afar but will now avoid looking at me when we are near and its just driving me crazy. I've tried telling myself its just a crush but my heart and mind tell me there is a connection that's stronger than both of us. I also have a STRONG feeling that he feels the same way I do. We are both married and wouldn't be able to form a relationship and that realization hurts beyond anything I've ever felt. AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME! Am I going crazy??? I know there's a strong connection, why then would he avoid my gaze? Sometimes I could even "feel" him pondering whether he should initiate a conversation with me but then just walks away. Any ideas? By the way, I've NEVER been one to fall in love at "first sight" but this connections was instant like I've known him and it feels "like I'm finally home". Please advise because I'm going crazy with this emptiness in my heart since I found him

Judy 6 years ago

To my post I want to add that although I would never have an affair I constantly feel an impending meeting. I have that constant feeling of WHEN we finally have a chance to talk as opposed to IF we ever get a chance to talk. I also feel as if I'm "getting ready" to be with him even though its impossible because we are both married. Does that make sense??? When I think of him I have a STRONG feeling of WHEN as opposed to IF. Uggghhh. I live and breath this man. I even find myself praying for him and his children! Please tell me I haven't lost my sanity because I can honestly say I can't explain this rationally.

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myface 6 years ago

Hi...I hope someone replies to my post. First off I am so glad that I found this page...Like everyone else on this page.....I know EXACTLY how everyone feels. I have found the love of my life....I have loved him for 9 years....I feel like I am obsessed. I try sooo hard to get this person out of my head....I pray....I think of other people....and nothing. I resent him almost because I feel like he has taken my soul away and I can not feel much for anyone else.....He has told that I am NOT the love of his life......but I feel in my heart I know in my heart that he too loves me....he has always been the one to reach out to me after months of not talking. I feel in it in my heart that he loves me. Can you answer this please? Can soul connections be a one way street? As in can he be the love of MY life even though I am NOT the love of his life? Is there any way to break this tie? I feel like i wish I would have never met him. PLEASE HELP!

Judy 6 years ago

MyFace. Hi I know exactly how you feel although I'm a little more flabbergasted by my situation being that I don't even know this man!!! But I also feel as though it would be better if I didn't cross paths with this man. I'm still trying to convince myself this is all just a silly crush but my heart says otherwise. I've never believed in love at first sight and don't think I do still but if I had to describe a feeling that's the closest it comes to being that I think about this person constantly. And I mean all day!!! And trust me when I say I don't obsess over men that way before and as far as I know I'm sane lol. Its more like when I saw this person I knew he was my soulmate. Sadly I don't see any connection on his part although I did see it before. So I sympathize with you when u say you wish you had never met you.

Judy 6 years ago

Sorry the last word should have said "him" :)

Judy 6 years ago

Something awesome and unexplainable has happened. I posted a few days ago about a man I don't know who just turned my life upside down. This man finally approached me today and we talked for a few minutes. Well here the unexplainable and awesome part. I always felt like I "knew" him. Well I had a strong sensation his name was "Albert" or something very similar (his name is Gilbert), we both work in healthcare, we share the same medical ailment (strange topic for a first conversation, I know) and its funny because we live in a city with many medical offices and hospitals nearby. When I would pass by one particular hospital I just knew he worked then and would constantly gravitate to that part of town for some reason. Well today he confirmed he works in that same hospital. (There are 4 in the area and countless medical offices). That confirmed my strong feelings of him being my soul mate. Sadly I'm still trying to think with my mind instead of accepting what's in my heart. I hope he feels the same way and one day we'll both be in a situation where we can be together. Sigh...am I just a hopeless romantic???

Gigi 6 years ago

At last I know I'm ok and didn't lose my mind. Many times I doubted myself if I'm obsessed or infatuated with this man, but no, he is more than that he conquers my heart, my mind...I'm afraid if he put a magic spell on me and I don't knew it. But I doubt it. He's in my mind All the time, and I usually write my feeling, few days ago, I wrote I miss you so much, do something, talk to me or email me. I wanted to know if we have mutual connection, so a day after I'm checking my email purposly, and I see an email from him! It's crazy for this intense feeling that we experience is not felt by the person you feel for, I feel it's do intense I could move mountains with it.......he must feel it! But I understand why he and j can't act on it...but tomorrow I'm going to see him ;) we'll see wat happens. I pray! I pray I don't anguish my heart further than this year with him. I don't want to feel I'm carrying a wounded heart, a painful soul around...I cried so hard yesterday, I so want him in my life but after I find out his true feelings if it's not meant to be...I need to help my heart heal,.. And move on if I have to...but this man came in my dream before I fell in love with him, that's why I feel it's either destiny or he put a spell on me.

patski profile image

patski 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Thank you all for taking the time to pen your thoughts here on my topic Heart and soul connection. All of us share the same heart wrenching connection with that special someone who might or might not ever be with us but at least we all have experience a special kind of soul connection love which not everybody are able to find. On a positive note take it like is a blessing to find one true love in one's lifetime eventhough you might not end up together. Is better to have experience then not at all , at least you have felt how your heart beats so fast and how you have felt like crying forever for that person. You feel live and is a kind of adrenaline that pushes you to the limit to feel for that person or you rather have a life that your heart felt nothing or dull or there is nothing to push you to feel so that would be sad too right. At least when you recalled back it puts a smile to your face that there is such a person who has comes into your life and gets your heart beating.

Bub 6 years ago

I believe in this... but I do wonder if he feels like this too.

mimi 6 years ago

You should read about limerance. The concept of limerence first originated in Tennov's research in the mid-1960s. She interviewed over 500 people on the topic of love. Tennov coined the term "limerence" in 1977, publishing it in her 1979 book "Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love".

mimi 6 years ago

I found it to be helpful & interesting on this topic in trying to help me understand why I feel the way I do. In my situation I have accepted life goes on & moved on to find love with someone else, just don't know why I still am hanging onto thoughts of him. Why things are awkward between us to this day, or if it is all just me. I've let him go, it just isn't completely going. I even feel guilty for thinking of him now when I have moved on with my life. Can't help it, it's intrusive. Can't ever be together again, I learned a lot from it but just want to stop feeling connected still. :\

Judy 6 years ago

I posted 2 weeks ago about my conversation with my soulmate. We only talked for a few minutes and it felt so comfortable talking to him, like we had talked many times before. Well the day after that one conversation (the very next day) he started ignoring me (we always made eye contact before now he just looks down when he walks past me). I didn't see him for a week due to fall break last week and on the first Monday back he looked up at me and mumbled good morning. I know it sounds crazy but I swear I could read his feelings most of the time and I got a vibe that he was happy to see me. Then come tuesday until now he goes back to just looking down and not acknowledging. I feel hear broken at times but my heart tells me its because he's afraid of what he's feeling. I also get this peaceful feelings throughout the day knowing that even if I never get to be with him we will always keep us in our hearts and mind. I definitely have no psychic abilities for sure but I'm very sure of what I sense from him as far as his feelings/emotions go. Any ideas on what I'm experiencing??? PLEASE respond :)

leaf 6 years ago

omg, i get that feeling, i love it, I love him, i thought i was crazy, yeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Sophie 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this article! I thought as everyone, I was going crazy... But nevertheless, I grateful as I am experiencing this with my babes Piero in a difference sense I am putting up a fight, this had never happened to me before and I pray that this will be the first and last, that it will last forever into eternal life as I trust in the Lord, for us to be together in this lifetime and into eternal life. And I pray that he will fight for this love that we both feel in the same way and knowing that:

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Mark 10:9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.

I pray that in the same way you will not give hope, faith and love. Send you many blessing... :)


Sophie 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this article! I thought as everyone, I was going crazy... But nevertheless, I grateful as I am experiencing this with my babes Piero in a difference sense I am putting up a fight, this had never happened to me before and I pray that this will be the first and last, that it will last forever into eternal life as I trust in the Lord, for us to be together in this lifetime and into eternal life. And I pray that he will fight for this love that we both feel in the same way and knowing that:

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Mark 10:9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.

I pray that in the same way you will not give up in hope, faith and love. Send you many blessing... :)


Judy 6 years ago

I think we are all blessed regardless of the outcomes of the situation to have experienced this. I think there are MANY people who will never get the opportunity to feel the wonderful mix of emotions when thinking of or being near our soulmates. I was not one who ever held on to the notion of soulmates. It was only until a few months ago when I found him that I knew. I have no way to explain how I know I just do. If I were to try to explain this experience with someone who has never experienced it they would surely think I was looney. But to come here and share my experiences with people who have been fortunate enough I great! For the past 2 months I had alternated between logic and what's in my heart and my heart won. My only sadness is that from the outside I don't see any sense of recognition on his part. Now I swear I can sense his feelings and I know he feels the same connections as I do and I've decided to just enjoy that. And even though my chances with this person is slim to none (were both married), I wouldn't trade this for the world. I am happy just "feeling" him near me, and most of the times I do. I've decided I'm not crazy and the only thing that will make me crazy is trying to rationalize it.

Ss 6 years ago

Oh my god i have the same feeling i know this guys since 99 back then we were just friends we both moved on, lost contact coz we were in relationship & in 2007 we met eact other in the city on new years eve & we both were divorced... I have this feeling & i know he has the same feeling but running away from it I don't know what to dooooooooo

I have try over n over to forget him but during my busy day i would get flash & i can feel him around. Now he has diconnected his number... Deep down in heart i can feel it he is thinking about me & wants to talk to me but has some fear.... :-(

Judy 6 years ago

Ss, I feel that same fear/indecision from the man I talk about. I do sense he's a good guy who would never be unfaithful. I get this sort of telepathic sensations at time, usually coming in the form of a song or goosebumps. Its soooooooo strange to even write about it but its true. I'm in awe at what I'm going through because this experience came out of nowhere. The sensation of him is almost all-consuming. Its like he's constantly there in spirit somehow. I hope you reunite with this guy you speak of. I have to believe that God put soulmates on this earth for a reason and once (and if) we find them then they will always be a part of our lives in one way or another.

Amber 6 years ago

..I feel the same way my heart aches to be around this person and I haven't even seen him for seven months (he is deployed).. I feel wrong for feeling this ( I am married) I haven't done anything sexually with this person I just feel this strong energy between us.. I feel constantly drawn to him. I have loved him since I first saw him. I believe I have loved him long before. I feel comfortable and safe around him.. My mind is always thinking about him.. I know I'm not making much since right now... just spitting out thoughts I have tried to suppress because I am married. I got married when I was twenty.. I was way to young. I didn't know what I wanted then.. but I can't break his heart now... what do I do? I really care about my husband, but I cant break the energy between the person I am drawn to.....help.

profile image

lovely 2365 6 years ago

I Have recently met this guy and i found it so weird that i felt this instant connection to him. I am able to finish his sentences feel what hes feeling . The weird part is i feel as if i have knew him for a long time despite this being the first time i met him I'm so confused what exactly could this instant connection mean ?

Buddy 6 years ago

Amber, Im sailing in the same boat as you are

Judy 6 years ago

Amber I am also married and the guilt is there because I feel love for this other person. I have decided that the heart feels what it does and there is not we can do about it. I know that IF the opportunity ever arose to be with this man I wouldn't cheat on my husband but I would have to seriously reconsider my relationship

Taz 6 years ago

I am a married woman, who loves her husband very much. I also have a connection with someone who is not my husband. He and I are friends... I met him at a local drug store once, and that was enough, even though we didn't speak to eachother that day we had a mutual friend through which we got to know a little more about eachother....there is always a sexual tension between the 2 of us whenever we do see eachother although neither of us will act on it. He knows how I feel about my husband, and that I do love him. I can talk with my friend about anything.. its so easy to talk to him. I can go weeks without hearing a word from my friend and then all of a sudden I'll be in bed, having a dream about him, and I get a message from him.. like he hears me calling him.. it is so unexplainable...

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Lemo 6 years ago

It helps to know that one is not loosing it. However can these connections take yrs to eventually go full swing. March this yr I met someone I have known for 29yrs (We were 10 then), there has been always something unspoken, but we both moved on, actually I thought he was not interested. I do not doubt he had feelings, have picked it up from his parables and heard from ppl as well. We have been connected for about 6yrs by email and telephone occasionally (2x per annum), now since we met its been crazy, I have even gone as far as telling him how I have felt all these years. I am married in an ok relationship that has had a fair share of its pain. I am not at a stage that I can do aything about it though. He has gone all quite and it is painful. I am a very emotionally mature person, however I cant understand the impact of this. Even when I try to forget about him and with lots of activities, it would just come back out of the blue. Even now I am feeling it, its deep intensity, he just takes over my mind. There are times where its almost orgasmic and yet we have never even kissed before. He does respond to some e-mail jokes generally though. My question then is this mutual or one sided? Why is it manifesting itself only now? It is retading, I really wish he could just talk to me and we have closure. He is still single and told me his relationships were not working, we are very free around each other and can talk about anything at all.

seagrass 6 years ago

Lemo~ My story is like yours more than any of the others. I met my soul connection in college right after my boyfriend and I broke up. He told me 25 years later that for him it was love at first sight. He offered me gum the next class and we sat next to each other for the rest of the year. He and I got along in a way I would never find again. I felt so comfortable with him and he would make me laugh in class. But we never got together outside of class. He said he was "shy". I was always so happy with him in the moment that I guess it just never went to practical concerns nor was it an extreme sexual pull. No real magnetics, but a very peaceful feeling. I noticed over the years with other people and through relationships that I would never have that feeling again. So I missed him. I told him 25 years ago when he called me that my boyfriend at the time was jealous, and he asked if he should stop calling. (we talked on the phone for hours) I told him it was probably a good idea. That is when I lost him. I found him on FB after my divorce. And he had changed so much. But it was amazing how fast we proclaimed a life long love for one another. And then we met and of course with all of these soul connections... he ran. Back and forth all year.. I love you but we should just be friends. Unfriending refriending, meeting up, not talking. It was excruciatingly painful. I have not shed so many tears in my life. He dated others and told me about them. It is cruel to love someone so much you are willing to endure having them tell you contradicting things while they convince themselves they don't love you. And then when you think you have finally accepted it, they call and tell you they love you soo much and are sorry. And you KNOW they love you. For the first time in your life you know something from within instead of by what is happening "out there". You learn you have to trust your insides. That that is where all truth is. And then once you know it.. you then have to accept that it doesn't have to be a possession. You don't have to HAVE them.

We had sex. It was raw and primal and easy and perfect and different and I wanted more. But I was only given one time. That is all. I know he wanted more too, but our fears and insecurities and the fact that we both don't believe anyone can love us.. keeps us apart. The thing I always wanted.. just within reach. It will probably go on longer.. or one of us will move on.. but I will be left knowing that he loves me and that I can't cut the tie. I have begged for it. And it wont be cut, grows stronger when I do ask. Back in college he asked me to kiss him. I ran away. I didn't see the angels in his eyes. I still don't. I saw something that scared the hell out of me. And I don't see angels in his eyes this time. I see pain and fear and anger. I want to help him. To help us.. but he wont cooperate. And like your story.. it laid dormant for a while.... and then bang. I knew I would never find that again, that peaceful feeling that we used to have.. where I liked myself and felt safe and comfortable and strong and right. That feeling I had then I have with him now. Only he wont let me near him so I can feel it. It was all I really needed. I just wanted to be near him. That is all. Doesn't seem like much to ask for.

if only 6 years ago

soo i havent been on this page for a while ... and i read all these story and tell that everyone as posted since the last time i check in. im very greatful that i found this page 6mo ago. it very helpful to know that we all do not stand alone. when come to the matter of the heart. im back now to post the out come. the last time i was on here i was turning to firgure out why im still connecting with my first. it been several month now since i have not seen him. i saw him in july. to get my closer in some since of the word. i thought i did. when i saw my friend i did not tell him i trully felt but instead i try to feel him out . which back fired on me. i didn't want to seem to pushy... i couldn't get a good read on him. i had a blast when i was on my leave with him. he treated me like a queen.i think he know what i feel toward him but he as no clue on the intensity level. i wish i could just let him really know ... soo moving on to the present i still talk to him on friendship level i know him for about 7-8 year now . he was my first in everything i don't know why i chose him but i did. im in love with the person he is and want to be. my heart is still playing game on mee... two day ago i thought i was good to goo. i was set in my mind that me and him where only goin to be friend and that was that.. but my heart started to get the strange feeling it use to get when he trys to contact mee:(... this not something i can blow off anymore. it drive me nuts that i still have this connection with him. and i have know clue if he feelin the same way.. we are both stuborn and both never really know how we truly feel.. he told me we can never be or work. but yet again we still keep in contact with another. where both drawn to each other in a werid strange way i wish i i had the answer.... if only ........my connection is to strong to igore imtellin you guys every time my heart start to heart it him... trying to say hi or hello or just to what im up... he only really pops up when he bored ... but idk it sucks that my heart is still yearning for him still... i believe he might be my soulmate ... but who really even know right??? i pray to know where i stand. i wish him and i will end up together... but i have know clue where i truly stand with him . im tryied of the dating game... i want to settle down now.. i wanna write a lot more but its gettin late...idk thank you guys soo much for shareing your story im happy that .i don't stand alone

roxy 6 years ago

I'm actually lost right now, although I've been reading all these comments and love the fact that people can open up on this website my situation is a bit different. I completly understand about heart and soul connections but what does it mean when a person tells you that they felt a pyschic connection with you? My story is this, during a weekend of celebrating a birthday in vegas I felt a connection with her and I could feel she felt the same way wen we were both sober and a bit drunk we connected. One thing led to another and we ended up being intimate and I personally never considered sleeping with another women but it was different with her it felt like we knew eachother for many years and we had only just met that weekend. After the weekend was over it was a bit awkward wen we seen eacother again so we talked n she said she felt a pyschic connection between us so I'm so confused and need some help on really understanding wat she meant because I honeslty feel that due to fear of what people might think of us being together we are just ignoring some feelings and acting like were just friends I hate thinkng bout her not knowing if she feels the same way am I goin crazy??

roxy 6 years ago

I'm actually lost right now, although I've been reading all these comments and love the fact that people can open up on this website my situation is a bit different. I completely understand about heart and soul connections but what does it mean when a person tells you that they felt a pyschic connection with you? My story is this, during a weekend of celebrating a birthday in vegas I felt a connection with her and I could feel she felt the same way wen we were both sober and a bit drunk we connected. One thing led to another and we ended up being intimate and I personally never considered sleeping with another women but it was different with her it felt like we knew eachother for many years and we had only just met that weekend. After the weekend was over it was a bit awkward wen we seen eacother again so we talked n she said she felt a pyschic connection between us so I'm so confused and need some help on really understanding wat she meant because I honeslty feel that due to fear of what people might think of us being together we are just ignoring some feelings and acting like were just friends I hate thinkng bout her not knowing if she feels the same way am I goin crazy??

roxy 6 years ago

I'm actually lost right now, although I've been reading all these comments and love the fact that people can open up on this website my situation is a bit different. I completely understand about heart and soul connections but what does it mean when a person tells you that they felt a pyschic connection with you? My story is this, during a weekend of celebrating a birthday in vegas I felt a connection with her and I could feel she felt the same way wen we were both sober and a bit drunk we connected. One thing led to another and we ended up being intimate and I personally never considered sleeping with another women but it was different with her it felt like we knew eachother for many years and we had only just met that weekend. After the weekend was over it was a bit awkward wen we seen eacother again so we talked n she said she felt a pyschic connection between us so I'm so confused and need some help on really understanding wat she meant because I honeslty feel that due to fear of what people might think of us being together we are just ignoring some feelings and acting like were just friends I hate thinkng bout her not knowing if she feels the same way am I goin crazy??

savita singh 6 years ago

after reading all this i want to share my own story & want a suggetion from you. when i was of 12year i had a crush with a guy who is my brother's intimate friend but i never told him about it .I felt it that its my infatuation & i will distract myself from this but one day i found that the person can liten to my heart & when suddenly he met with me in a party iwas talking to myself about him that when i think of this person he use come in front of me.I was really amazed when he talked with me in heart.On that day he come to know that i had a crush on him.He use to come to our home usually as he is my brother's friend he asked me as i have something to share with him but i hesitated to express my feelinga to him because i found that he was also attracted towards my sister & this was really heart broken for me because i love that person & want his feelings towards me genuinly he asked me get married but i was very irrational at that time & he got married with someone else 2years ago on 7th dec.2008.idon't know what to do because i can't forget that person & i even don't want his married life to be spoiled or broken by me because i want him to be happy all the time . i am not able to distract my feelings towards that person plz. tell me what do i do.he still want to get married with me but i m not discrete about it plz. suggest me something.

savita 6 years ago

i don't know that he miss me like this or not as i miss him a lot.i shed tears for him when i desparetely feel to meet him or get a message from his side.he is married but want to broke his relationship with his wife.even today i m too afraid of expressing my feelings to him.

ss 6 years ago

i have da same feeling for this guy. I have approached him over n over but every time i get negative reply. I'm really confused if he has no feelings towards me then y do i feel so crazy about him. Y do I want to be him? Y do i feel him around me at times? Y does it feel like I know him forever? Its since 99 lost contact moved on we both were in long term relationship met each other in 07 but he is always negative towards the whole thing. Can someone help what does all this mean pleaseeee

is it true 6 years ago

oh my god, i thought i would never find a site like this. I have a similar situation, i met this guy about 4 yrs ago, i fell in love with his personality and then i found him cute, and beautiful. every year my love for him kept getting stronger and stronger until our friendship got stronger and we looked into each other's eyes and i could see he cared for me, he mentioned he wanted to go eat with me for my bday but, he was busy, nevertheless, he bought me a gift, the night after we looked into each other's eyes, i had a dream, in the dream i him and i had a kid, a baby boy just like him, when i tried to reach for my child, something pushed me away. Eversince that day, i care for him, i can't stop thinking about him, i get this funny feeling in my chest, i pray for him. I don't see him too often but, i think he doesn't want to reach out to me is because we are not in a situation where we can be together or try. Strangely, i was walking my dog one day, i saw his car pass by, he lives close to me. Then like 2 min later the same car passes again. I'm sure it was his car. I have tried to forget about this but, my heart will keep caring. I just want him to be happy and he has told me he wants the same for me. I'm just wondering the moments i think of him(all the time) he might too. Could he be thinking of me too? ive had plenty of dreams about him too.

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startingline 6 years ago

oh my god THANK YOU so much for this site! i really thought i was going out of my mind but reading everybody's comments i feel much better about my situation. i believe that i have a soul connection with a boy i met about 3 months ago. as soon as i saw him i was hooked, i couldn't stop staring and when we made eye contact bam! it was amazing. and then i heard his voice and it sounded so new and familiar at the same time. just sitting next to him was exhilirating enough but kissing him was just as amazing. it was like the whole world disappeared and i forgot where i was and that there were other people around. we stopped contact with eachother about 2 months ago. i want to believe that he "just wasn't that into me" but my intuition tells me otherwise. i feel like he still thinks about me all the time because ALL i do is think about him. every second of the day i think of him, but it's not like random thoughts of him pop into my head, it's more like he is just constantly apart of me. we just connected so quickly and it was like we knew eachother our whole lives! and being together didn't feel like 2 people just getting to know eachother, it felt like we had been separated for a while and that we were just continuing where we left off. very hard to explain. i feel so stupid and crazy and obsessive but i honestly can't remember what my life was like before i met him. how is it possible that one person can do that to you? i wonder if he feels/felt the same. i constantly have dreams about him, or see signs that remind of him. that makes it impossible to forget about him so maybe that is the universe's way of telling me not to forget about him? ugh this is the hardest thing i have ever gone through! i'm only 22 and i hope that this is not just infatuation or wishful thinking. my heart tells me it will work out and then my brain tells me otherwise. i need help!

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nejnilp 6 years ago


I am wondering, is it possible that the connection is so strong even when only one party believe in it?

What I mean is, I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he says that he doesn't feel the same way about me. he says that he knows that I am not "the one" because even when he is with me, he is still looking around. I have always had connection with who I fall in love with. I don't doubt that. random moments, when I get a feeling, the phone would ring and it would be him.

and truthfully it is the same for him.

However, since we broke up, i asked that we severe all communication for a while until I can cut the dependency. also because I know, he has already started looking around and has found someone that he really liked and has asked her out. the pain for me is not only that he found someone, but that I can sense his excitement and anxious to get her reply. I am not living with him anymore, but i feel like I can feel it. I don't know why... can this really be real? or I am loosing my head and going crazy?

I want to point out.. I am actually a very sane person. so this whole feeling is making me feel like I should check myself into an institution..

any advise is deeply appreciated

is it true 6 years ago

hi, nejnilp, it does sound crazy right? If you feel his emotions out of nowhere in the chest area or in my case(heart) then it is evident you share a connection with him, I get that feeling all the time, it's hard to describe, my heart just feels this energy, a warm feeling. I'm guessing you don't want to feel when he's happy with someone else but, the connection is there, the person I love, I feel is a part of me, when I try to forget about it hurts more than to keep loving him. Hang in there, you are not alone on this

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Lemo 6 years ago

I last posted 3months ago and have not read since. I just read Seagrass's post and was in tears, because this is exactly all I want. Last time I had said I could not do anything about my marriage, I was wrong I am now going through a divorce, how I don't know. All I know I realised that things could never be the same. I realised I could not pretend with such feelings for another man, whether he was there or not. The strange thing though is that I am fine with it and not bitter at all. I have prayed and prayed for God's guidance and each time he has revealed lots of things in my marriage that were going on beyond my back, affairs, secrets etc. So I just decided to listen to the universe and go with the flow and I must say I am happy in a long time. As for my soul conmnection we have not spoken in months but e-mailed now and then. He however knows the entire story and has not commented about it. My intrepretation was that he came into my life to shake things up so that I could see what was right and what was wrong. If one day I can have him, that will be a blessing, but right now I will go on leaving and hope it all happens in God's time, because if we are meant to be we will be together, all I know we will ALWAYS love each other.

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TooLong16 5 years ago

I read all those comments, amazingly I am not alone indeed but one thing I must ask..... I am a woman so is she, about sixteen years ago, our bond was very strong and everything we were very close until now, when I finally found her even probably in those past years, I didn't realize her when she saw me and worse probably few times, she expected me to say something but didn't, I don't know until few years ago, I finally contacted her but she refused to respond so however told me not to contact her again when I said the wrong words like sex or kisses which it never happened in past cuz I wanted to know where she stood, then I stopped emailing for couple months then again I emailed her many messages since May about our memories and how closeness we were, she didn't say anything at all until recently so I asked for friend request on facebook, didn't reject quick and it been lasted few weeks until I could not take it anymore and cancelled. I added her to my yahoo list and she accpeted but I removed her from it cuz I could not endure. My feelings is very strong, ache within my chest every other times, think about her all the times, even when I had sex with men which I rather to be with a man, not with her or any women for that matter so I told her to stop trying get in connect with me even told her in my thoughts to leave me alone but nothing work at all. It been sixteen years too long, she's a woman and I'm a woman, what is this all about? Does she actually felt the same way I felt? Even she actually think about me when I think about her? She knew that I misses her a lot and love her more than anyone else in the world but never say anything back. I gave her two times birthday gifts. Ah, she's married for more than five years so was I but I got seprated and we both have kids, I have four kids plus twin and she have three kids, both of us have sons, no daughters.

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AllThingsCome 5 years ago

>>>If you feel his emotions out of nowhere in the chest area or in my case(heart) then it is evident you share a connection with him, I get that feeling all the time, it's hard to describe, my heart just feels this energy>>

As quoted from Is It True 3 weeks ago.... you describe what I have been going through the past month and a half.

This is what I've been going through:

About twelve years ago, I was going through terrible fights with my husband. We had two small children together. I left town and went with my two small children to my mother's house. I remember clearly a dream I had while staying there. I was traveling and ended up in a room. There was a man sitting there and I could not see his face, but I could feel his love for me, radiating in my heart. I thought what a lovely dream that was.

6 months ago, I met a man. I was working out at the gym. He came up to me and asked me if he could "work in" with me on a particular machine and I said o.k. Looking at him, I never would have been interested in him. He was short, kind of chunky. He joked something about his "fat ass" and I told him he shouldn't talk about himself that way. Maybe that got his attention, I don't know. He did the same another time with another machine. The whole time he was staring at me right in the face and I felt a little awkward as I continued exercising. I think I may have left and said he could have the machine.

In conversation I let him know I was married, just to get that clear. But regardless we were aquaintances and would occasionally say hi.

Then one day many months later I saw him and thought he was actually kind of attractive and wondered why I hadn't noticed before. But that was that. Just a passing thought.

Then one morning he went past me and said something to the effect of "good morning beautiful" and I don't know maybe it was his voice but that's when it started.

I made more effort to talk to him, smile at him and once he even joked about us getting married. We've flirted a few times. Now it seems hard to see him, I don't see him there often enough.

I once asked him if he was married and he's the kind of person that blurts things out. He blurted out that I wanted to go on a date with him, which was embarrassing to me. I left quickly. Another time he blurted out that I was a "centerfold" in front of other men. i told him he was too nice and he spoke out that I was "too nice". He's not afraid to let other people around us know he likes me. But other times he can barely look or say anything to me. Last time I saw him he rushed past me and said hi, that was it.

But the weird part of this the heart thing. I feel this crazy love energy. It's always there in my heart. I think of him, it starts to flow and get more powerful. Sometimes it wakes me up at night and the power and connection/love feeling is so strong. I can feel it right now as I type this.

Even that day he admitted he was married, I walked away thinking no way, stay away, no married men. But the funny thing was, when I got home, that warmth feeling in my heart gripped me again. I had no control over it.

Couple of times it came on so strong I would be out of breath. This is so strange and odd and confusing but wonderful and frustrating at the same time. It all feels like that dream I had.

I am also married, but I know I'm not in love with my husband. I haven't loved him in 12 years, about the time I had that dream. Someday my husband and I will be divorced. We've stayed together this long for the sake of the kids and everything i do for him is out of duty. We have four kids now. This other man has two.

I'm very glad to have found this page. I now know I'm not alone in this. Took me a month and a half to find this page.

I've had other men approach me at the gym and straight out ask me out, even knowing I was married. Of course I wouldn't. But here I am wishing this man would just do this like the other ones had the nerve to. He flip flops, sometimes he's boisterous, other times he can barely look at me or say anything. Maybe that's what is so wonderful about him. I don't know

I had an epithany the other day. As I have been praying about this situation and I know God hears me. i was looking at a cherry tree we have out back. The leaves and flowers are beginning to bloom. I thought about how it takes time for trees and plants and other vegetation to grow things. I thought about how a year ago, the tree was in full bloom, and here we are at a new cycle. And God spoke to me in my heart that All Things Come Into Their Own Season. Just like I have to wait until the cherries grow on the tree, I have to let this situation play out. this man and I do share some sort of soul connection. I have never experienced anything like it. I realize I can't get frustrated and just let things go as they naturally do. If this man and I ever get together some day, I will be so ready to post this on the website. Please share your thoughts with me.

v. t.  5 years ago

wow. i wish there was research on this bond that forms with the whole synchronization occurrance.

my kindred spirit started as a glorified booty call. i had always prided myself in my ability to compartmentalize and "control" my emotions. i told myself that this relationship would always be sexual and nothing more. however, something was secretly happening in my being that had never occurred. feelings developed and grew no matter how much i denied or ignored them. what's more is that this person was detestable to my mind, my rational, logical self. in spite of it all, i believe now that i loved him. our energy together was ridiculously potent. not in a positive or negative way, just intense.

it ended. badly. mostly because we were scared. scared of all the logical things that said we didn't belong together: religion, age, mental instability. even though my inner self cried, "What are you doing? Stop sabbbotaging this!" I pressed on with a mission to make him hate me. it worked, as far as our false selves are concerned.

if you don't believe that love conquors all, then you try to overcome it. and what results for both? pain, loss, emotional bonding that cannot be broken.

i'm not entirely sure that he was my marriage soul mate, or simply a seasonal soul mate. but if love was testing us... we failed. and that, is a tragedy.

is it true 5 years ago

Adressing what Allthingscome has said, yes, it is a soul connection that you can't break, that is if it haunts you night and day and you tried everything to forget him. I know that im in a situation where age difference is a barrier and the lives we live, he has a busy job and im a future lawyer, also busy but we always take time to think about eachother i know that. If there is something that a man cannot hide from you is his soul, the eyes say it all. If he avoids your eyes, and its obvious, he's hiding something, us women have a way to detect their emotions. Bad part is, this connection might not go away, ever, and without feeling something stronger for someone else, its not gonna go away =( The heart is a dictator, you have to do what it wants. I don't want to marry someone i don't love without all that i am, many have married people they don't love, and later regret it while washing the dishes and staring out a window. only god knows what will happen

DES 5 years ago

I know this is going to sound crazy, because I think I have lost my mind myself. 22 years ago I looked across a room a saw a mand and felt this electric connection, I said that's the man I will marry, I felt it so strong, I married him 2 years later. After a divorce 13 years ago, I dated but just never much cared, kept people at a distance. a few weeks ago I met this man, by an odd chance, and I felt it again, it was this intense almost electric connection, we both felt it, we were doing all sorts of things we never had done, I could feel him even when I wasn't with him, totally out of character for me. He was 3 months out of a 10 year marriage and after about a month he told me this connection and these feelings were so intense he was scared and not ready,I walked away, beliveing that maybe he had to see if time & distance made it go away....for me it hasn't gone away, everyone thinks I am nuts, I just can't explain it and only experienced it once before in my life, do we get second or third chances to find this? what it is exactly and what does it mean? will it ever go away (out of sight out of mind?

Ladybug 5 years ago

Many years ago, I had a huge crush on a guy I went to school with. Turns out he also had a crush on me, too. I always felt so safe being around him but we were both so shy we never could speak to one another about the way we both felt. We graduated together and then went our separate ways.

After many years, he found me on Facebook. We have since been speaking off and on for a couple of years. Unfortunately, we live in different states so it makes things really rough. I saw him for the first time a year ago. I know this is going to seem weird, but we had the same kind of shoes! And we have so many other small things in common, it's bizarre! We have only seen each other a handful of times, but when I'm around him, I feel safe. I have this connection to him I can't explain, think about him all the time, and wish we could somehow get together. I get the impression he feels the same way but the A while back, I knew something was bothering him so I called him. I told him I knew he was hurting. He kept asking me how I knew...I don't know how I knew; I just did. I cannot explain it. What is this that I'm feeling for him? Could he be my soulmate? When there's a connection that is this strong on one person's end, can it possibly be that strong on the other person's? What are your personal vibes regarding me and him?

treeslove 5 years ago

I just recently started to experience this. There is a guy I used to talk to on and off online for 2 years. Just friendly polite chit-chat over time. A couple of months ago we decided to meet. First time we met, it was excitement and fear of finally meeting and not knowing what to expect. After that day, it was if we been had always been together. The euphoria of just thinking about him was intoxicating. We stare into each others eyes till its so overwhelming at times,that one of us breaks the stare because of the intensity. When we hold each other hands and its like we don't want to let go for nothing in the world. You can almost feel the energy of our hands combining as one. Its such a familiar and extremely secure energy thats flowing in a ball around your hands. Just trippy! What's funny about this connection thing is that I cant help from having this urge to call him Michael. I never dated anyone name Michael and he doesn't look like a Michael. We both established that we have a connection that's on a totally different level. We both acknowledge the feelings we get when we are together and apart. We actually put ourselves on this 3 month probation to see if this was real and not just that new person I meet euphoria that goes away after 3 months. I kept my emotions in check from the beginning because he was behaving like a married man.

I asked him was he married (he told me he had been out of a relationship for 2 years at first). He told me he lives with his daughter's mom. They are together. At first I was shocked because he lied when i first asked him and said ok. I was cool because there's nothing serious between us and nothing invested. But later that day the pain in my heart. I felt crushed. My eyes were watery and I didn't want to cry. I have never experienced such emotions before. I had no idea I felt that strongly about him. We were taking things slow, getting to know each other thats all. My mind said cut your losses while you can and not talk to him anymore because the emotions are too tense. I told myself I need to do this to open the door for other possibilities. My heart is going through changes I didn't know I was capable of. The pain of missing him is crazy. I can not continue to see him, thats bad karma. I could not cut him off like that. We decided to try being distant friends as we were before sort of. I thought that would ease the pain. It hasn't. Maybe it will over time. This pain of missing him till I want to cry but cant is crazy. My mind is clear and saying lets move on its ok. Im not mad and we know why he did it and I forgave him. Made peace with the whole situation. Ouch!

. I wonder what this is all about and when will the pain go away.

AnnMarie 5 years ago

I am so glad I found this. I thought I was losing my mind. I don't want this man as a soul mate. I have been praying to God and my angels to please stop this connection. Last night I was in a great mood .... then all of a sudden I felt him. He was happy and I knew he was talking to his new interest. Then I felt like he was thinking about me really strong. I felt like a mad woman asking him to leave me alone. This stinks! I just want to move on and get on with my life. I am on a journey to find and to love myself. I just want this to stop and I know that it will. I don't want to feel his happiness towards someone else. It made it even worst when I felt like he was thinking about me. I feel like I am just obsessed because of the rejection.

elubee 5 years ago

I am so happy to have found this site. I am experiencing this with a former college instructor of mine. I don't understand it the energetic connection is continually running both ways. She loves me and keeps sending me these loving energetic feelings, but in the physical world she is frightened of it and won't speak with me anymore. I feel this energetic connection whether we are in the same vicinity or not. It happens everyday and the energy exchange is constant. It is heartbreaking to me that she keeps sending me loving feelings, but acts like she doesn't want anything to do with me in the physical world it is very hard and heartbreaking. Most of the time I feel like I am going crazy and that it is only coming from me, but yet I know that it is not. She is sending love to me just as much as I may be sending it to her. The problem with her though is she acts scared and doesn't want to admit it. She is afraid of what others would think. What does a person do with this. All I know is I have been dealing with this for five years now and it has been very painful. I even tried to cut energetic cords and did energy work to help ease these feelings. No matter how hard I try the strong energetic exchanges just keep coming and they keep getting stronger all the time.

intense connection 5 years ago

I find it interesting that almost all of these comments are from women. I'm a man and have these same feelings for a woman I barely know. She works at a local shop. I had been frequenting the shop for a year or so when she started working there. One day I walked in and there she was. I can't say that I have ever believed in soulmates but the first thing that entered my mind when I saw her that day was, "oh my god... it's her!". This is very out of character for me and I thought it strange that such a thought would enter my mind. She didn't even notice me that day as she was busy working. The next time I saw her I introduced myself and we had an instant rapport. I could tell right away when I met her that, when we looked into each others eyes, I could feel her feelings and she could feel mine. Like a secondary plain of communication exists between us. This sensation has become stronger since our first meeting. One day, about 5 months ago, as I was making small talk with her, our eyes met and there was this explosion of emotion that I can't even describe. Time stopped. I had a floating feeling. I saw flashes of light. As I looked into her eyes they seemed a mile deep. It was very intense and I could feel her thinking "I know!" This lasted about 30 or 40 seconds... the whole while we were conversing about mundane everyday things. I'm sure she felt the connection as well because the next day as I approached the shop I could see her and her co-worker looking at me and talking through the window. When I placed my order her friend (who I had never really spoken with before) was asking me all kinds of personal questions. It was very obvious that she had been put up to it.

When we first met I was married and have since seperated from my wife. This is the main reason for my not saying anything all this time. She has mentioned that she has a boyfriend too and I would not want to be the cause of any pain to her.

Recently we had another moment of intense connection where I felt everything described above again. This time only for 6 or 10 seconds, although with even more intensity. Like a lightning bolt! I could feel her longing for me and I felt the same thing for her. It was both a sexual and a spiritual longing I think, and we could barely tear our eyes apart. It was like neither of us wanted it to end. I'm very nearly sure that she felt it too... although part of me thinks I'm insane. The following day, when I went into her shop we didn't speak but I could feel her looking at me. Each time I looked her way she would look away. Since then I can feel her spirit all around me and in my heart almost constantly. I have seen her a couple times since and we were very friendly but the connection still hasn't been mentioned. I think I have to say something to her. If I don't one day I'll go into her shop and she'll be gone. I feel that would be the great tragedy of my life.

a silly billy 5 years ago

I met somebody after 12 years. we used to date, then he got married to somebody else. I thought he just bluff me. Then after 12 years we met. I had many answers of my questions and my complains. Now he has his family , i got married to somebody else too. we are happy with our kids and families. we live far away from each other. we don't talk for months but i feel him all the time. even sometimes i wake up at night calling his name. I call other people his name too. Now I think i have the answers why it's happening. It's amazing. somewhere a feeling that even though we are apart, can't meet and live together but still in love. :-)

dee39 5 years ago

Hi wow I am aching right now I know what he is doing where he is and who he is with.

i feel his pain.

I met him 23 years ago me 16 him 15 we dated for 6 weeks saw each other 3 times we broke up I broke it off he was on drugs.

Every christmas he would come to my house I would miss him by 5 minutes.

When we did see each other was never right timing.

He has looked for me over the years.

I have looked for him we miss each other by 6 months 2 days or yes 5 minutes.

For the last 3 years he has been nasty to me but never letting a month go by with out communicating.

then 6 weeks ago calls me early one morning telling me he has everything he wants or needs and isn't happy then said he loved me so much we should still be together why arent we your kids should be mine this pain is from the soul it starts in my heart then arms and takes over my head He also said why is it still there I love him so much and I don't know why do soul mates finally meet up again my saddest thought is dying and not being able to say goodbye he is scared to meet me and runs away but wont give me closure

newmummy 5 years ago

It would seem I'm in this boat with a lot of other people. I've met someone at work, he left, angry due to the situation that occurred to him at work. It's now been 9 week since we both last talked, but I feel him on a daily basis thinking about me, butterflies in my stomach, tingles down my spine and it's right when I have his name in my head, is this co-incidence or is the universe trying to kick our butts for us to get our act together? I'd like to contact him when these moments occur, but I'm trying to read the signs absolutely clearly to ensure he'd be receptive not still angry. Any clues...to add I think we've met before in a previous life, he smelt so familiar I just can't put my finger on it.

intense connection 5 years ago

I found this site very insightful. I believe it to be true. If you are experiencing the feelings described by so many people here reading this may help. I think it helped me...


Billy 5 years ago

What about my situation? We were childhood sweethearts, I guess you could say, and then we left each other until college. When we met back up we didn't know each other. But she caught my attention right off the bat one day. She would ask me to go with her to places for her to eat her lunch and take her to where she was to be picked up and when I held her, I didn't know why but I didn't want to let go. I had the strongest urge to kiss her every time I had to let go but I was always nervous. After a few years the opportunity came when I was with her at a bar and grill and we started talking about me kissing her. She said she wouldn't have minded if I did. I was, once again, nervous. I failed at doing that every time and I kicked myself in the butt for that every time. Then she left the area to live with her other parents about 2,000 miles away. Later she got in touch with me and told me she wanted to become a nun. My heart sank and I didn't know why but I did know that if I were to see her, all I would be able to think about was that I wanted to be with her. After a while she abandoned the idea because she felt pulled elsewhere. I constantly told her that I wanted to be with her and after that, she took me up. Shortly thereafter we were engaged and a couple of months ago, she left me because I needed to better my life (I feel the same and have for a while, this was a consequence I didn't see coming). She won't talk to me, even though we agreed to be friends, but I can still feel her. I feel her mostly when I go to lay down for bed. As if she is right next to me, laying there with her arms wrapped around me. I have actually been asking this question many times since then, but I decided to look for answers and I found this site. Amazing isn't it?

truelove 5 years ago

I love him! I cannot deny it any longer, but I love my husband too...Is it possible to love 2 people? This man really completes me on a spiritual level. Our connection is so strong. I can feel his energy almost every day...it's overwhelming. He confirmed, without asking him, that he seen my world that I created and he asks me to be patient with him. Sometimes, we do not need to use words, only looking at each other and we can read what we are thinking. The power of eyes! He choose to move to another continent, however, we met after one year and the connection is stronger than before. I can sense that he is being careful around our friends, but his heart longing to be with me...he has so much to tell me but couldn't. I feel a warm energy going through my veins and I am a little bit lightheaded. I do not want to get hurt...why did he tell me to be patient with him? He always gives me messages that sometime I cannot understand. Please can someone lighten me up? What is really going on? Thank you!

Lost in alaska 5 years ago

I'm 29 and had my first expierance with a soul connection at work. The best I can describe is that I feel a magnetic pull towards her and just sitting with her we can connect and it gives me this high. I sence of peace and serenity. When we make eye contact it's so intense that I have to look away. I get this sence of familiarity with her. I feel safe and content. I lose all depth percetion and all I can see is her. She has had 4 dreams about me involving the color green. The best I can come up with is that we knew each other in a past life. Any insight???

so magnetic 5 years ago

I also had an experience with this person and I felt like my heart stopped I was not breathing like when some one is sitting on your chest that kind of feeling also you feel so content and stremely happy.

Shandy 5 years ago

Hey I know what you are all going through! I went through the exact same emotions, phenomenons and it was so hard to handle at the time. Any body had a reading done by karen Crystal? www.twinsoulmates1111.com ?

Ashre 5 years ago

I've a similar story and I could feel this crazy energy on the back of my head right before I'd get a message fr him. I am so annoyed because i managed to piss him off and he wont talk to me and for awhile i left it alone but it's sooo strong again (the thoughts and missimg him). Its double annoying becsuse i hardly know him. I have contacted the twin souls 1111 lady and paid for session on Friday but she has contacted me.

soul connection 5 years ago

I am so amazed that i am not the only one that shares such an incredible connection with someone. mine started back in 2008. i met this guy, it was magic... i have never felt like that for anyone before. but we talked for 8 months. matter of fact,we didn't even need to talk, our eyes and soul where doing all the talking.until i found out he was married, separated but married. i just could not be the other woman. i had to let him go. but ever since then, i could never find that soul connection with anyone else.i was constantly thinking of him, i was never able to move on... i have had other relationships, but it was never the same, he was always there in my mind, i still loved him deeply. i just could not understand why i was not able to move on with my life.

come to find out he was feeling the same way about me and i didn't know. he would email me to say hi, inquire about how i was doing. he would text me , invite me out to diner, try to reconnect with me. sometimes i would go, but i would still be scared. until i had had enough of trying to avoid my feelings for me.

He had been IM me for a little while with no reply. i decided to see how he was doing again.that's how i found out he was now officially single, and he wanted me back in his life for good. at some point we got to talk about our feelings and that's how i told him that i felt that our soul was connected to a deep level, and i was never able to move on. He told me that he also felt that he was connected to me on a deep level and he just could not let me move out of his life like that. i was simply amazed, that all those feelings that i had, he also had them as well. you have to realize here that in 3 and a half years of knowing each other, we have never had sex even once.

intense connectionn 5 years ago

Soul Connection,

Please update your story and let us know what comes of it. Very interested... it seems to run parallel to mine.


Tone 5 years ago

Hi, I stumbled across this site after experiencing something that I feel to have been a 'soul connection'. Bascially I started a new job not too long ago and in my induction group of around 20 people, there was one girl who I was instanly drawn to. She is very attractive and I thought that was the reason I felt this way towards her. But, the more I talked to her and looked at her I realised that its much deeper than looks. She seems to keep her guard up and people have said she comes across as aggressive (this is what people used to say about me). I still work with her and when I do speak with her I make her laugh and flirt with her a little bit aswell. She never looks at me and the odd time I have caught her looking but she turns away. A few times I have caught her gaze and it feels so deep when I look at her that now im even afraid to look at her. She gets a lot of attention from the guys there and to be honest most of them just seem to sleeze over her. For this reason I have backed away and just stay away from her but I cant get her out of my mind and I sometimes feel like I can feel what she is feeling. I also seem to be able to make her feel good for example a may not speak to her for most of the day and she'll seem to be quiet but then I may pass her a genuine compliment about something and all of a sudden she seems much happier, confident and it seems to put a smile on her face.

I initially thought it was a crush and id get over it but that doesn't seem to be the case. I feel afraid to pursue her, when normally I can be fairly confident around girls. I think its because she has so many other guys around her that I don't want to be seen as 'another one of them guys'. She mentioned in converstation once that she had a boyfriend who works thousands of miles away and as soon as she said it, it seemed to me that she regretted saying it - thats how I felt. To be honest I don't even care about what she looks like Id would just like to get to know her better but I guess im so afraid that I withdraw. But everytime I do speak to her even if its for a second it always feels meaningful and engaging. Ive never had a boring converstation with her.

Finally, I have been through a lot in my life. Including a messed up child hood and have overcome my past through therapy etc, id say im a very spiritual person and I have wished to meet this special person for sometime and feel like the universe has responded to me but now it is up to me to take control of the situation. I also feel she has had a troubled childhood, even though ive never asked her about this, I guess I can just feel it. She reminds me a lot of myself, as she always seems to have her guard up and doesn't like to let people get too close to her and that is exactly how I have felt in the past. Not trying to sound big headed but im not fazed by attractive women but I am fazed by this one. Every song I listen to reminds me of her and I cant get her out of my head and ive never felt like this in my life! The whole situation is so messed up now because I get annoyed when these other guys speak to her, so I ignore her and then she doesn't speak to me either. This sounds so stupid but I just listen to songs all day and they remind me of her and some nights I cant even sleep cause I think about her so much :( I genuinly feel like she is the one!

5 years ago

Well I've read through a lot of the comments here, and I feel like I can relate somehow. A few years ago I was introduced to a friend, and she pointed out her twin, the same guy I had seen earlier in the day and wasn't sure why but I just knew I would know him someday. Then a couple of years passed, and we randomly met again when me and a group of friends (including his twin sister) were going to an under 18s event, he saw us in the queue with his friend and they joined us. I'm generally very shy with guys but I felt like i'd known him forever, was really comfortable with him, but when the night came to an end, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Didn't properly see him again for another year or so, and when I did, back came that weird connection, like nothing I can explain, and a few months past and I found out a friend of mine really liked the guy, so of course since I hadn't said anything about my confusing feelings, i kept them to myself, but turns out he'd never liked her like that (which i found out once i'd moved on and started going out with this other guy, who then weirdly enough went off to uni in england, which then took him too far away so we ended things) but then, things happened quickly after dancing together to yellow by coldplay at a friends wedding, and he eventually admitted a few weeks later and asked me if I wanted to go on a date sometime, and its been about a month and a half since then, and although we're very slow in getting close physically, we're connected emotionally in a much stronger way. The weird coincidences always happened to bring us together, and I tried to deny it at first but in the end what is meant to be will be :)

The weird thing is his family and mine have known each other for at least 40 years, and they treat one of my grandads sisters like family, and would have possibly been at parties we were at, and his sister went to the ballet that my sister did, just little things but I think that we just weren't meant to meet until we did, and weren't meant to be until now, because when we first met properly I was still coming to terms with a long term illness so I wasn't emotionally ready for anything

I still can't believe that someone like him is in my life, he really is special :)

Lastly, there was someone who commented and said that weirdly rainbows would follow them and their special one everywhere, well to start with that happened with me and this guy when we first started dating, and weirdly, and i know this sounds really cheesy, but the stars come out for us :) i've always missed the stars, because living in scotland its cloudy a LOT, but somehow, all the nights that we meet, you can see the stars, i've not said to anyone though because they'll think i'm crazy! I just thought it was funny, because in the first song we danced to just the two of us and not in a group, it says in the lyrics "look at the stars, see how they shine for you" and it always reminds me of him when I hear it :)

Its just early days for me and my guy, but hopefully this is the start of something bigger, and I wish everyone here the best of luck with their partners, after reading some of your stories I really think you deserve it! :) I'm only 19, and he's only 17, (which i admit did bother me at first that he's younger, then i realised it doesn't matter) and you're probably thinking this is just some love sick teen, but this really is like nothing i've ever known, and its not even been two months :)

Anyways, for those who read all that, well done! haha :) and again, good luck! If you meet that guy, the one who makes you stop and think and somehow things always happen that make you meet again, then never let that go if you can help it, because finding someone like that is worth more than money or anything else in the world :)

P.I.T.O. 5 years ago

the other night i met a man. he had been in prison for the past year and before that we had never even been in the same areas, but the moment we saw eachother, without even knowing eachother's names we knew we knew each other. and everyone around us felt this like energy coming from us. i felt like i hadn't just met him before, but like i had known him. We had such an undeniable spiritual connection. at first i thought i was crazy but he asked me later in the night if i had had gotten a weird feeling when we met, like a very strong unnamed emotion. i told him i had and was so surprised he had too. we copnnect on nearly every level. Since then(he doesn't have a phone) but right before he calls me i just get this feeling that it's him. i can just sense him. it is so strange and very scary.

Victoria 5 years ago

I have been reading the responses to this post on and off for a few months now because for 2 months now i feel the deepest connection i have ever felt to someone. This person is someone who i went to high school with but i never really knew him or thought about him. 2 months ago i had a dream about him, so random out of the blue. and I initially didn't think much of it, just that it was strange, but i kept on going about my day. The day after i get an overwhelming feeling, almost like a nagging to add him online. I had seen his profile on fb before b/c we had mutual high school friends. So i add him. The few times we have talked, its like we have known each other forever, although we didn't have any in-depth convos. We are so alike, it's scary even. Now i feel such a deep connection with him, i can feel it sexually and spiritually as well. I have never felt like that with anyone else and i have a strong feeling that he feels the same and will sometimes allow it, and other times avoid it. This situation is pretty similar to Judy's situation above. Like i can feel when he is trying to avoid thinking about me, when he allows it and i can even feel when he knows that i'm trying to avoid him. i can feel him period! lol. It's so crazy!!! I can feel his frustration and even the same day that an incident happened to him..some hours before even knowing what had happened, i felt an anxiety and an anger. It was coming from him, b/c of what had happened to him that day. We are very linked and I have been feeling a mix of frustration, joy, bliss, ecstasy excitement..lawwd help me!!! lol sometimes it is too much. from the outside, if you rationalize it, it looks as if he feels nothing at all..he makes no effort to really contact me and it discourages me and makes me think that i'm crazy but i look at the feelings i get inside and i know for a fact that he feels the same exact way i'm feeling. I dream and hope that we can at least hang out some time. I am married so there is some guilt there, but these things happen. Ugh so much confusion right now in my life.

I love this site and it makes me feel less crazy that soooo many other people are going through the same thing. Supposedly this is a time of great awakening, where people are re-connecting with their mirror selves..their soul counterpart/ soul mates/ twin flames. It is supposed to be happening more often around these times.

I would love some advice or for someone to reply to my post if they feel it is similar to their own situation. :)

umb 5 years ago

I am feeling like I am going crazy. Like it sounds impossible to have this kind of connection, but somehow I know that he feels the same way. We met four years ago in high school and at the first moment I saw him, I knew that he exactly like me. We haven´t ever spoken any words. But this year, now after the high school and that we are both at different paths..we somehow connected through Internet. And he was a kind of a surprised, because he never thought that I might have so strong feelings for him. I said I do have..but then he asked me why I didn't look straightly into his eyes everytime that we met? (yes, I was kinda afraid looking into his eyes, because I felt ( i know it may seem weird), that he could look into my soul and see, that I wasn't so strong and independent person that others think. I was afraid that then he would see my fragile soul and ofcourse I was afraid that this is just my imagination and I just dream about him too much. But now..when I know the truth..that he never wanted to separate, to go different ways..and that he just not getting my idea, why i wasn't gazing into his eyes every time we met..i feel like i was doing something wrong..that i missed the opportunity. He said that he never have anybody whom he could feel so strong feelings (like he has for me)..but he needs time..he needs to sort all his things out..because he never thought that this kind of connection (that i still remembered him and have feelings for him) could be possible.

and ofcourse i feel that too...when he is thinking about me..like he is trying to tell me something. Sometimes i hear like he say: " I miss you honey, but right now i just cant be with you..I love you etc.." And if i try to ratsionalize my feelings I am thinking that I´m going crazy and i need help, because this is not possible!

mary 5 years ago

I think i have experienced similar situation where i just happened to lift up my head and there he was infront of me and we connected eyes. That moment felt strange and amazing, something that i have never felt before ever with anyone. The moment we locked eyes, everything around us seem to have stopped in time.

It was very intense that i almost couldn't break the eye contact. After that everything seemed to have too many coincidences where Theres that one time i was busy doing my work and there he was outside the glass door looking inward and i saw him i think he also saw me and we both freaked out and turned away.

It feels as though whenever i look into his eyes now, i feel i'm melting into his eyes and time seems to stop

Am i going crazy? Is he feeling it too or is it just me going obssessed over this guy?

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soulcycle2014 5 years ago

Hello all spirited beings! I am writing this because I can literally not stand this intensity any longer. It has been driving me to the edge!! I am so madly madly intensely purely completely in love with a married man! Why does the universe have to put two people (unavailable) people together for such a deep bond? I do not think this is fair. We are so fighting this since we met, because we know we can not be together that way. Yet, despite it all, I feel so drawn to his soul essence that I feel a deep knowing inside that he is my soulmate. Sadly, he also feels the same. We are not in an affair yet, but I am afraid this connection is too intense, it is blowing my mind. I literally have to force myself to stop seeing or talk to him, so we can both lead our lives without one another. I love him and he loves me and told me in all sincerity. He is distraught because he can not tell any of his friends that he met his soulmate after only a year of marriage. He loves his wife, I know, which is why I want to never see him again, because I love him too damn much, and can not tolerate the intensity when we are around one another. We are intensely tuned in telepathically! WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HAVE TO DO THIS TO MARRIED AND UNAVAILABLE PEOPLE! Can't it leave all those married men/women alone. I am single and he is married, and his wife is 20 years his senior and had grand kids. His is around my age, slightly younger. It is tearing me apart to feel this deep spiritual connection with an unavailable man! I want him so badly, that I must not see him again, or we will both be sorry. Yet, I can not live knowing that he is on this earth thinking of me. We are destined, but like Romeo and Juliet, we have no choice but to kill the connection.

If someone is listening in heaven, please advice your angels to NOT send soulmates to unavailable people! Earth people work within rules and boundaries and consequences.

umb 5 years ago

Hello again..I have research a lot of information about that subject..why we encounter the person with who we cant or they can´t to be with..I suggest to you to do the same..search for soul connection, soulmates, karmic mates, twinflames etc. It can be a very useful information and for me..its opened a brand new world of understanding why things are like they are.

For example, Saturday I received a letter from my mate, where he was saying that he is not ready yet because he needs time...because I somehow change his way of thinking..ok, not me, but this kind of intense connection..and he isn´t sure if he is willing to be so close to me right now..if he is willing to face all his fears and open to his heart for me, because for him it feels so frightening...and I honour his wish..but somehow I feel sad, because he is the only one I want to be with..and I don´t want him to be sad because I avoid entering into another relationships..but without him I feel lonely, but I can´t do anything, but wait..and hope that someday (I dont know even how much time he needs)..he will find a space in his life that I could fill.

All the best for you! and keep believing!

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soulcycle2014 5 years ago

truly, I am so grateful for this post. This is the ONLY place where I can find solitude with like minded followers. Everyone else will redicule me for falling in love with a married man, hello, if I could help it, I would have ended it a long ago, but what the world does not comprehens is that soulmates and destiny does not depend on earthly circumstances. Its not like we had years to develop our love, it came as the rive, flowing suddenly and instantaneously, I knew deep inside this is different. Then one night, when he told me he misses me, I literally felt as if I was feeling his feelings all over my body...then I felt the most INTENSE feeling of love wash over me like NOTHING I have ever felt. I am scared like crazy, because I know we are incompatible in a real relationship. but in all ways, we really can not live together as a couple, it would be like living with your mirror. The intensity would drive us crazy. I have been doging his calls and emails, because I do love him, not like what he is thinking, because I love him, I need to let him have his life in peace with his wife. If anyone can help to shed light on how to deal with the seperation, it would be good to know. I don't see how we can come together to be friends, or even business associates, because the intensity is too strong, like two magnets. This man is in agony over me. He is strong, so he can deal with contacting me and seeing me, but I know that the more we see one another, I will eventually send him into a heart failure, because he always covers his heart when he is with me. Like they say, we literally take one another's breath away. God help me, if this man ever decides to enage in an affair or to leave his wife, karma will be on my head. So help me Jesus, I will pray this feeling ends asap, maybe some hypnosis memory eraser will work...lol You are all angels sent here to help me deal, as I am in the midst of a severe crisis with this connection, and NO one will understnd, if they haven't delt with it personally.

ambiguità deliziosa 5 years ago

Serendipitiously, I stumbled upon this site. I too – have/am having a shared connection with my perfect soul match. Although the relationship has not entered a physical status, the emotional bond that we share is undeniably strong. We have both called this feeling “crazy” and “insane” and now have left it to a delicious ambiguity that neither of us can fully comprehend. For some reason we have been brought into each other’s lives and despite the fact that we live 600 miles away from each other and have complications that are unspoken – we cannot get away from the magnetic hold that we both have on each other.

We had only been in each other’s presence for a mere 30 minutes at most, the first time we started feeling this cosmic bond. Over the last seven months it has grown at a dizzying pace, as he describes, and we cannot seem to break the spell that we both have on each other.

I feel as if I have known him all of my life. We share all of the same personality traits, values, opinions, food preferences….it’s the little things that blow our minds. There are no quirks, pet peeves, or anything that bothers me about him. I don’t understand how there can be an unconditional respect, appreciation and so much more for a person I barely know – yet know everything about. I trust him completely and feel myself around him. He brings out so much of me that it’s scary.

At times I wonder if we are just making things worse by continually talking but I can’t stop. There is a need, a desire, a deep-rooted feeling that goes beyond all of my usual warning signs and cautions. None of the rules are the same and I try so hard to understand why we have been brought together – what purpose it serves. I get frustrated and I get mad, but somehow I fall back into the same spot. I’m constantly thinking of him or have some sort of reminder. A song, a movie, an object…anything…triggers a memory. There is just so much about us that is amazing. We hate the phone, yet can talk to each other for hours….we are both non-stop talkers but make each other speechless. I just get to that point that I need to know the answer as to what we are supposed to be doing. Does anyone else feel like that?

umb 5 years ago

I really liked your post ambiguità deliziosa.


But I have the same questions as you do. Could this "insane" and "crazy" bond last forever? So I speculate if two persons get together and be with each other in a romantic way then..what happens? I have read that the two souls are brought together to fill the world with love..check this out..


(the twin souls part)

Cant help it 5 years ago

I was drawn to this site! My story began 23 years ago, when I looked into the eyes of my soul mate and felt a connection that has endured all these years. We went out of and on for a few years. The last time I saw him, he asked me if I was falling in love with him, before I could answer he told me that he was not in love with me, never would be. I moved on. I married and had children. I also thought about this man nearly every day for the next 20 years. I found him on FB, and spied on him the best I could, still thinking of him and missing him. Then one day, he Friend requested me. I almost passed out with excitement! Then one day he called me. I 'feel' him thinking of me. It's an warm electric feeling in my stomach area. Everytime I feel it especially strong, the phone rings and its him. I would never hurt my husband, but after 20+ years, it feels fantastic to have 'closure' of sorts with my soul mate.

umb 5 years ago

Dear cant help it,

im so glad, that you have had this kind of connection for about 20 years..I hope mine will last at least as long as yours. But the funny feeling in the stomach when he is near me or he I am coming closer to him (so that I dont know)..i feel it too. I think you definitly have a strong connection with him. But what bothers me is that, why he wasn´t in love with you at first place..because..I know..all this kind of relationships musnt be romantic ones..but I am just wondering..why..

But I am so glad for you..really. I hope for the best for you and your soulmate.

Is it fate? 5 years ago

I met a man, funny coincidences brought us to meet at my most recent job. Over the course of 5 months we pined over one another, although we only had one conversation. It was very comfortable, as if we both had been waiting for that opportunity. The rest of the time as filled with intense eye contact, daily greetings. There was a period where I could feel his courage aproaching me, coming around...but I blew it, from fear. It was painful for both of us. I knew I would be leaving soon, and may possibly not return, which i mentioned to him. He was sad to hear that. I said goodbye to him on my last day, we exchanged some nice wishes to each other....but we both held back, I felt it. It has now been 4 months since we have spoken/seen each other. I have been busy, but sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling in my chest..thinking of him..missing him...and wishing we would have said something. i don;t know if we will ever see each other again...it hurts sometimes.

I am in a relationship with a good man, but sometimes feel i missed out on something greater.

My question is do people enter our lives, turn it upside down & then nothing becomes? Is it our fate to be together? Or is it just a sweet aside in life? Sigh..

cant help it 5 years ago


I thought about that. As you know, when you are hooked on someone, you dont want to hear reality. I reminded myself of what he said just to try and break that feeling of missing him. It suprised me when he said it then, only because it came out of no where. 20 years ago, he called me right after my engagement. (he didnt know I was engaged) He told me he wanted to try again, that he was sorry for being 'so mean' and wanted to see me. I told him I was engaged. I'll never forget the hurt in his voice. I felt so empowered. All those years of him being on the fence about us, and I knocked him off.

I dont think he is 'in love' with me now, nor am I really with him. I miss him. But in one of our first conversations with him, he said "I often think about what could have been." I told him what could have been would have been pretty terrific. I told him I thought he forgot all about me, and he was shocked that I thought so. He remembers things that I have forgotten.

I think what draws me to this site is more that it's not just me, it's so many others out there. It's very possible that had we tried harder, we would be divorced by now. I think what thrills me is that, after 20 years, I have validation, from HIM, that it wasnt all in my head. He was going through the same thing. Yet, I think that is sad for all the wasted time.

Like I said in my earlier post, I love my husband and have no plans of taking this further, and I am sure he loves his wife. It's just an amazing feeling to connect when you think there is no hope. Do you know how many times I would berate myself for still having feelings for this man? I thought I was going crazy! So to everyone out there, your not crazy. You are thinking of them simply because they are thinking of you.

ambiguità deliziosa 5 years ago

I hate to think that people are just boats beating along the currents and unable to ever meet at the right time. There's always a reason...there's always a sign...there's always something greater than the people involved. I am a strong believer that people are brought into your life for a reason. They may stay a short time - or they may be part of your life forever. It's never really the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. During this time of thanksgiving you reflect on your life and all the blessings that have been bestowed on you. Although I have had my fair share of life challenges, I have been blessed and honored to have this wonderful person in my life. So thankful that you could almost near tears at times (an emotion I never show). I'm thankful for what he has taught me about myself and what he continually brings to my life. Whether or not this is something that will continue on -- I'm tired of trying to figure it all out. Life's not a game, it's not a destination - it's a journey. Although this road may be the one less traveled - as the glorious poet proclaims, "it has made all the difference".

umb 5 years ago

Today when I woke up..the first thing what I was thinking was that the connection between me and my twinflame cant be possible..I dont know..But yesterday when I went to sleep and closed my eyes he was there saying "i love you"..Its strange, I know. Sometimes when I am too focused at the reality I think that I am a pointless lonely loner..but everytime when I meet the guy who could suit me well I think about myself: "I cant be with this guy, because he is not him and I will eventually hurt him if I choose somebody I just met.." But then again when reality kicks in..I think that I am so stupid, why I cant commit myself to other guys. I know my twinflame deeply touched my soul..and he will always be there..but sometimes I just feel so alone..but when I think of him, I filled with love..

I dont know why me and my soulmate met, but I have always known what I want in life and where I want to go..but now..when my professional life is going upwards..I am thinking that he is my next goal..I need him physically back to my life..

I am sad, because I cant tell about this connection to anyone..except here..

i dont know what to do..is it reality or fantasy? he is always on my mind and he has helped me at soul level so much..that means that he was the reason which encouraged me to look deeply into my self..find the new me..seeing the whole world differently.

but if he feels the same, why he cant be with me? Why he cant contact me..more often..or come to visit me..and thats why I am unsure if he is my twinflame,-soul or not.

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Lemo 5 years ago

Dear UMB ur question for Cant help it can only be explained as follows. He was in love with her but could not handle the intensity of the connection which is the case most of the time. Only when he was ready, she had moved on.

Everytime I visit this site, it is when the intensity is back and @ its strongest. We are now both available, though there is a lot going on for him careerwise. We have been given a second chance, I just have to wait and see where this goes. The feelings though just wont go away. On Sunday I texted him a joke to which he responded that, he would appreciate me calling cause what mattered was the sound of my voice. He seems to be threading carefully, maybe he is not ready, I dont know. It is a great feeling though, but I doubt one can be able to love another after this experience.

What is it?? 5 years ago

I am in a different boat altogether. A few weeks ago I met a man while I was out with the girls and he approached me and asked for my number and that we should catch up. I did so and messaged him with no reply. Cest la vie at that point. I thought he was not going to pop back into my life again, but this w/e just gone, I came across him again at a friends wedding. I was under the impression I had upset him and could not get him out of my thoughts. So I spoke with him and everything was fine, just a misunderstanding. Now, my situation varies here because I am married with children and he is not attracted to women, get me? But we danced and I had so much fun with him, but apart from having so much fun together, I felt a connection when I was in his company. I felt blissfully happy, 100% myself (that never happens with me and people I barely know!) and in a word - complete. I have always had a difficult time with friendships but what I am feeling for him is very foreign yet so comforting. We are meeting later this week for coffee and I have never been so excited to get to know someone!! What could this feeling be that I have? Thanks for replies in advance :)

Victoria 5 years ago

This is still driving me crazy. He doesn't give much obvious signs that he feels the same way i do, yet since i have become very intuitive, I feel like he feels the exact same way and like he is waiting for me to talk to him but I am so nervous to talk to him because I have already initiated conversation with him a few times, and they have been nice/funny convos but he never initiates nothing with me and I feel like i am afraid that he'll feel bothered...UGH it's so silly on my part but idk lol after 3 months the connection is still pretty strong. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't pop into my mind! It can get so exhausting!!

umb 5 years ago

to Victoria..

its funny, because I feel the same way with my twinflame..every time I am so nervous to talk to him..and I feel the same way too, that " he´ll feel bothered"

yeah, its a strong connection..between two souls..

sometimes I think especially lately, that he isnt my soulmate..or twinflame or what ever..

maybe somehow he feels that he must be real and this is not logic to feel that way..maybe he tries not to be so emotional..i think..and then I think it was all just a dream..because lately I found out that he has a girlfriend..and I he has a girlfriend..he cant have any real feelings for me..because I couldnt never date a guy and promise myself to him, if I like someone else more or sth like that..but sometimes he is so arrogant and distant..and I dont know what the hell is wrong with him..he sometimes thinks I am crazy and I dont know even myself what I want..yes, on the one hand these feelings are so confusing..but on the other hand..i know that i really really like him..I cant be in love with him..because we havent spend time so much together..we have just been talking..

Maybe he is confusing to me..he doesnt give me any signal that he is intresting..but somehow always he´ll keeps coming back to me..to aswer my questions, and tries to explain that he cant understand anything..but I want him to look with heart..not with head..you know..for girls its easier I think..but for boys or men..is rather complicated..because they live in their logic-world..not all the men..but I´m talking about him.

And when I said to him...that I feel that Im living in a dream..that I dont know is it a fantasy or reality, then he said to me that you have to think yourself..and he is just so bothered to think about someone else´s life..like me..whats odd..because its us we are talking about..and he is saying that if im not sure..than ..he doesnt make this decision "is it reality or fantasy" any easier for me..and I feeling sick of it. Sick and tired..sick and tired, like a broken record..always saying the same..

once I told him, that I think at first place when I saw him, that he was a player..and that pissed him off..and he said that I am player too..I smile to every boy and he is so sick of it..so sorry that I am beating around the bush..but..

actually I was thinking that maybe he really isnt my soulmate or twinflame or whatever because..if we disagree almost in everything and he doesnt even get what I am trying to say..than why bother?

Yes, I have felt very strong connection with him..and I know..if he is sad, than I am happy, if I am working hard, than he is lazy .. like two opposites..duality..or sth like that..

And I am just feeling that I want to end this relationship..that I am so angry that he doesnt get me..and I am so tired to explain him what he did wrong..and why he didint trust me.. (he still thinks that I am a player and that I am trying to just confuse him..)

Or..we both have so much to learn right now from our life..that we cant be together..but I am just so sick and tired..4 years..in january 2012, its four years..since i met him..and instantly i knew that he was the one I´ll looking for..but I didnt know that he has so heavy baggage with him..I have read that twinflames or similar strong connections cant be together if they have problems that they have to resolve their own..If they are not sure about themselves..or if they dont want or they dont get what the other is trying to say..or why he/she does that..

I am sorry for this not so clear text but I´ll hope you somehow get what I meant.

Me 5 years ago

Well, I have the million dollar question: can you be connected to someone you have seen once but don't know personally? This is what's happening to me. This person does not know me, and I have seen this person a few times only, but there is this feeling since I met this person that won't leave me alone. I feel this person even though we have no type of contact. Am I going crazy?

Is it fate? 5 years ago

I know exactly what you are going through Me, I am in the same position- see my earlier post. In my opinion yes, its a strong physiologic feeling, "chemistry" if you will. Usually, when it's real- the other party is surely feeling the same attraction too. I don't believe it is as intense when the "chemistry" is one sided.

But that's not the million dollar question, the real question is why is that strong magnetism there yet, sometimes nothing comes out of it? Especially, when there isn't a real obstacle? (ie. marriage/kids, location, etc.)

Your not going crazy, just growing frustrated! :)

To Me: 5 years ago

It's frustrating somehow to experience this kind of connection when you don't even know the person. But somehow there is a strong connection there which can't be explained

I am going through this right now myself. I thought it was just a simple crush and that I would be able to forget about that person and move on but funny thing keep on happening between me and the person. The incident when we locked eyes i could feel the intensity of emotions overflowing.

Now when I see this person, He seems bothered and in pain when i try to look at him in the eyes...and it hurts me to see that. The way he avoids eye contact and pain expression on his face hurts me deeply.

I wonder if this kind of connection would ever end? If it would i think i would feel a bit relieved yet in pain.

Because my heart is feeling it!


trishkhb 5 years ago

hi .all you lovely souls.

i have read some of your posts and i am like most of you. i am in love with a soulmate who is with someone else, the very first time we met was at secondry school. he came into my life when i needed a friend as my parents have sepeprated. though we hardly spoke we didnt need to. wed meet every dinner time he would stand and gaze at me and id smile at him too. i kinda knew what he was thinking even back then. after i left school the dreams of my soulmate continued they comforted me .in my dreams we were very happy. in reality i felt like there was something missing in my life. and in 2005 in sept summer time i was drawn passed a garage through having to divert up an unknown street i ahd the most wonderful feeling as i neared the top of the street, as i stopped to wait for traffic to pass, i saw cming down the road a blue car, the night before i a had a dream of my soulmate but no longer a child but a handsome man fair hair and blue eyes. with a blue overall on. as the car came closer i noticed the driver was wearing a blue overall my heart started pounding, my legs went to jelly ,just at that moment he turned towards me as i did him , my mind went for a moment flashed back to my dream . he smiled and i naturally smiled back. i felt like i was walking on air. though he was seperated from me from 1983 to 2005 it felt so right like no time had passed. i recognised his smile and his hands .but the best was yet to come. as i walked passed he spoke and i felt such a surge in my body and in my third eye and a deep recognition at the soul level. i telepathically said hello he said hi back i felt so lost in his eyes,and i do believe there is something in someones eyes, windows of the soul.from then on ive never looked back my life changed transformed however our relp has not been easy he denighed everything but when i used to send telepathic messages i was in town and to meet me he was there everytime smiling with happyness. i understand his point of view that its not easy thinking your happy then i come along he suddenly realises hes not that happy. our connection in the years ive known him has never been any less than when i first met him , sent love letters and met socialy and were always in the same places at same time myself been psychic i knew what was possible and where i was been lead. we have had to cut contact two or three times and i dont regret a thing iam so grateful we had chance to find each other, i know we are learning lessons of opening up emotionally i fel totally relaxed with him and i feel i can tell him anything. ive been hurt alot and ive never been able to trust anyone, but i know we will come together once he opens up more spiritually, my message to anyone whos found there soulmate or twin and is suffering from been apart have faith and know when the time is rite things will fall into place. will all be worth it. if you are meant to be youlll find a way to kep coming together.

Letting go? 5 years ago

I have met my first soulmate, and he is perfect but i can't be with him because we are too different from each other. He has stautus and looks, yet i have nothing, accomplished nothing in life.

He truly deserves someone better than me, yet i don't deserve him.

I truly hope him happiness in life, i hope he finds someone who will share a happy life with him.

I have had enough, and i'm tired of searching. I think i'm ready to move on and be on my own.

Should i be fighting? I really feel tired with my life.

I want my life to evolve around career and work, and spending time with my family. I want my family to be proud of me, and i want to be proud of myself.

I definitely have hurt him because i'm hurting too. I can tell he has been serious about this connection we had.

I am hurting, too hurt to take another risk that love has to bring. I think i wouldn't be able to control myself if i lose him in the long run. It's easy to fall in love but it will be hard once you lose someone because the pain is too much to handle. When you fall for someone so hard, you tend to get scared because you never know what the future holds for you.

Love is scary isn't it. But the fear of losing someone is even more scary.

I think i'm not afraid of loving but i am afraid of losing the person i fall for.

It's alot more painful than geting rejected by the person you love or falling for someone.

I don't think i'm ready to have him in my life right now, as the situation i am in. I feel vulnerable, non deserving of him.

Life seems to be playing a joke on me, bringing such a wonderful person into my life and yet i can not accept him because i feel not worthy of him. He deserves better, someone who's on his level. who is as intelligent as he is inside out.

I have made my decision, i won't have any regrets.

Even though it's true that i am scared of gettting hurt in the process but i think this is the best solution for both of us. for me and him to have a clean break up.

So i have decided to cut ties with him. Acting like nothing has ever happened between us. The connection was great and fate seems to play it's role but i chose to go against it.

I chose to let go, let him free. also freeing myself.

It's an unwanted connection between us. therefore, it needs to be cut clean.

I can answer with honesty that i do love him very much even though we didn't even get the chance to know each other but the connection was definitely real.

I think he has all the reasons to be angry with me, to hurt me all he want.

I won't be able to enrich his life because of my life experiences. I think i would only bring more pain and misery into his life if i were to be with him,

Knowing my past isn't pleasant. I know how hard it is to accept the truth about my painful past. And it will only cause pain if i decide to be with him. It inevitable, sooner or later he will know about my past and it will only cause a great amount of pain in the relationship in the long run.


umb 5 years ago

dear Mary, please think twice before you do something that you´ll later regret. I have been in the same situation as you..I chose career..but it didnt make me happy..because I was constantly missing him. He was always in my mind, in my dreams..

Like Paulo Coehlo said " Every blessing ignored becomes a curse." And its true..if you ignore this connection and you´re saying that its unwanted..but maybe its fate that brought two of you toghter..and please try to LOVE yOURSELF. If he really likes you or even loves you..he sees the light in you..he sees the stars in your eyes..he sees how beautiful you are..as you are. You dont need to change. I know you want him all the best..but actually I wanted also and for me its ended very painfully and we still struggeling to find the right words and clean up the mess we both created by not loving ourselves enough. PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF! Its the basic rule..

if he really are you twinflame or soulmate you will always miss him..because you can be with him and still support your family and be successful in your career. You and him just need to communicate..

but please first love yourself and dont to the same mistake as me 4 years ago. dont leave him..try to be in contact with him..even if you cant be with him romantically be with him as a friend..because if you are soulmates or twinflames you need each other to help to achive your life goals and life lessons..you need to be for each other to teach and to support.

blessings and take care!!!

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daisy1945 5 years ago

i am so glad i found this site. I met this man two years ago ,where i had this strong conection with ,and i was thinking about him all the time.Anyway it did not work out.I feel better now, I dont think to much about him.

but this feeling of a connection has started again with a friend of my nephews,who is 55 and married .what can i do.

so magnetic 5 years ago

Hello; Daisy1945 I been reading some of the last comments and i have a strong feeling that some people in this columm are confusing the connection or[click}with the real divine connection with another soul,the differece between tomatoes and potatoes is that at the very first time your eyes meet someone elses eyes its feel like you can read his or her soul its like been absorved through that person eyes, you two look in each other eyes whithout been able to look away and once you can your are force to look into that person eyes again and there will be time when you two are looking at each other eyes with out saing a word, and again the connection is more than phisical is spiritual,I have experince this allready also had an out of body experince right on fron of her its been 4 years now some times the person is married or engaged its a long journey. God bless all hope been helpfull to those who are still in confussion.

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mywordsays 5 years ago

A male friend was talking to me in front of other people. He was facing me and had his hand on my arm. Our eyes connected and we stared into each other's eyes for about a minute. People gasped and I think everyone knew that our souls connected. That was 3 years ago. The connection is still very strong. Sometimes I feel his presence. It's as if he is actually in the room with me. One night I was sleeping. I woke up and felt someone lying next to me. I turned over and he was there. I said, "I'm so glad you're here." Then I turned back over and went back to sleep. When I awoke again, he was gone. He had never been in my home before. I am, to this day, positive he was in my bed with me. Can someone explain this?

cant help it 5 years ago

Hi mywordsays,

You might have experienced his out of body experience. How fabulous! I've had 'dreams' where I had conversations with my 'soulmate' that seemed so real it would stay with me for days.

I had written earlier that I am back in contact with my soul mate after nearly 20 years. We have talked several times although we have yet to see each other face to face. I think we are both nervous about that. We had that type of connection where we could look into each others eyes and everyone around us would feel the energy! He would say to me 'look at me like you do' God, it makes me shiver just to think of those days. We are both married to different people and I dont think either one of us have any intention to hurt our significant other (another reason we wont see each other face to face)

I dont know if anyone has experienced this, but I "feel" when he is thinking of me. Its so real. It's like an electric buzzing feeling, tingling like. It woke me up one morning (that feeling), I looked at my phone and he had just sent me a message.

I was even practicing sending him his 'energy cord' back because sometimes it's too much for me. Make Sense?

Sara 5 years ago

I am now experiencing the same kind of connection so many of you have already described, and like some of you, I am experiencing much heartache.

Two years ago at a work convention, I met Paul. From the moment I saw him from across the room I almost couldn't breathe. When he came over to me, the spark and connection was immediate. I truly understand when someone says it is like going home. I had such an immediate level of trust and love for him, and I just wanted to be near him. It is way beyond a sexual interest, if that makes sense. I don't even take it to that level in my mind. Paul is married with a little girl, who is his whole world. This is a sacred thing that I never would want to intervene on, and we kept everything platonic. We had just bought out his company, and we are now co-workers, though we live across the country from each other.

A few months after meeting him, I had a dream where he kisses me. It was like a huge spark, and I woke up sobbing. I now know this was a visit, and though we can't be together in the physical world, we see each other in dreams. These dreams are like no other. It really is as if he visits me.

I saw him again last year, and the attraction was even greater. The more I got to know him (we spent some time together as friends) I ended up telling him everything I was feeling, etc. Though he doesn't really believe in the spirit world, he said he as glad I told him, and that he does feel the connection between us. Again, though he is unhappy in his marriage, he will honor his commitment and could never leave his daughter. I honor this and will not pursue him. I truly only want what makes him happy, and he said he hopes I meet the perfect person for me. I am now heart broken. He is everything I ever wanted, and I now finally know how I am supposed to feel to be in love.

Because we work for the same company, I see his name periodically, and I may see him again in a few months. I have days where I can be ok, and then he will pop into my head or I will see his name and overwhelming sadness takes over. In our last dream, I told him he must go. I believe that was my soul asking him to stop visiting me, as it is too painful for me right now. I don't know how this will end, but for now I try to take things one day at a time. I truly believe with every fiber of my being that we will be together again someday, but probably not in this lifetime.

christalclear 5 years ago

Yes, life is difficult. Why we always have to fall into someone we cannot have? Its sad. Especially when it leaves someone heart broken. I am in the same situation..I love someone who loves me back but we cant be together. But also I realized that we have to work through our past karma. Thats why we cant be together. Its like we are building walls around ourselves..like he has a girlfriend, he definitely have a diffrent life path than I do. Now, there are many miles between us, we just cant be together..because the time has passed. Maybe we never meant to be togther. maybe in this kind of connection we learn how to love unconditionally.. I dont know..but on a soul level I know..he has helped me so much..and I have help him to. Because he said that: " I love you, even if I dont say it to you every day, it doesnt mean that I cant feel it. But deep inside your heart you know, that the only one I love, is you."

And these were the sweetest things someone have ever told me..but actually it was kind a painful too. Ok, he loves me, but we cant be together? why? I love him too, but, I have "buts"..

But even knowing deep in my heart, that he loves me, gives me courage, and deep inside my heart I have to believe that he is always by my side.

Maybe I am just fooling myself..But I feel strong and motivated when I know that I love someone with all of my heart..and he loves me back..but we are both so good people that we do not want to mess our life paths and partners with who we are involved already with.

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mywordsays 5 years ago

I know what you mean, christalclear. I see my connection frequently. When I walk into a room of 100 or 400 people, he always heads straight for me and puts his arm around me before he speaks to anyone unless his wife is in the room. If she is in the room, he still walks to me immediately but I don't get a very good hug. He doesn't hug anyone else in the entire room -- ever. We use all forms of social media frequently to communicate. When he goes out of town for more than a few days, part of me dies. As soon as he returns, I become fully alive. I have had sex with him in my dreams and sometimes it seems as if we are having sex when I am awake. It's bazaar.

LniD 5 years ago

This starts to happen to me with the new year. First I had a dream about a guy, a totally stranger, then I hear his voice in my mind, I cry for nothing...is nonesense...all the coincidences that I had seen! It's so weird, I´m worried, happy, sad about him, and I don't even know him! I guess I know who this guy is because before my first dream I knew a guy on the internet who was almost exactly as the guy of my dreams, but I guess I can not know him, it is so far from me...but I feel like I know him from the future or something like that. I don't know, sometimes I had hard headaches and other I feel like in love. I don't know if someday I will know him, but it's the most strong feeling I had never experienced!

Paige 5 years ago

Okay, I feel that I need someone else's opinion on this, cause I really need to know if I should give up. This might sound corny, or unreal but its 100% me...

I'm 20 now, and single... However, back in 7th grade I was walking from Gym and first thing I saw was the back of this guy Cody's head. First sight, time stopped, my heart stopped, and my hands and feet got tingly. I will always remember this because it was just the sight of the back of his head. I was in seventh grade at the time so I was like OMGOMGOMG, what was that. So, I pushed it aside and continued walking, turns out Cody was friends with my friends and they were just talking together so I joined the little circle of friends, and looked at his face and I got that feeling AGAIN. And then, I heard he was dating my friend, and that was it. I let it go, me and him became friends. He became a notorious with the ladies, and I remained his friend, just casually being friends. I always however, remembered that moment, and always somewhere wanted to kiss him, hold him, and be with him. But, you know we grew apart. Fast forward a couple years, I'm eighteen, just got out of a seriously terrible relationship. Somehow, start hanging out with Cody again and we talk about things, anything, everything. Well, we ended up hooking up, and then going out. We were together for two years, and the whole time I just wanted to be with him, always. I would follow him around, I would get jealous. I was so scared of getting hurt, that I wouldn't trust him... Eventually, he got sick of me not doing anything but being with him... We've been broken up for 5 months now, and I still cry every night and every time I think about him. My heart hurts, and it gets hard to breathe and I feel like I can't be without this person. I want to be able to offer him something, I want to be able to give to him the kindness he used to always give to me. I want to be able to live without him, and prove that I can. But I still want to be WITH him, when we are together there's like an invisible string always trying to put us together. Whenever we make love its like we can never get close enough, whenever I'm so freaking mad at him. Instantly I can be calmed by his voice, instantly I'm no longer mad, even though I was just fuming a minute ago. I love his company, I love how I feel being around him. I miss his cooking, the smell of his skin, his hair. How he used to tell me "Just go back to sleep honey." I could literally die happy in his arms, I could forever just do nothing but snuggle and touch, smell, and kiss him. But, I can't do any of that anymore... He says he feels like we will always talk to each other, that I need to focus on me. But its so hard...

I need to know, am I just obsessed? Is the timing for us just not right? Are we just one of those tragic love stories destined to never work out of silly petty things until we get it right? Please someone respond, my love is too strong for this person, and its scary.

Sugarbear 5 years ago

It really sucks that the man I have Kismet with got physically violent with me. I absolutely hate that this is my soul connection partner. I hate thinking about him i hate dreaming about him and I hate knowing when he is wanting me. I wish I could rip my heart out of my chest and throw it into the ocean. I have no attraction for him whatsoever and I know he is despicable. It does not matter who I am with and how much I care for them he haunts me at the most inconvenient times of my life. Is there ANYTHING I can do to break this connection. i dont want to dream about him anymore I dont want to cry for him out of the blue when my life is going amazingly then ugh its back! There has got to be a way, and being together again is NOT an option!! Anybody out there?!?!

Sugarbear 5 years ago

One more thing I need to add is that many years ago when I was a teenager i fell madly in love with my boyfriend at the time. We were perfectly matched and sooo in love. Two years later he had to move and I was devastated I couldnt eat, sleep, or even focus on school work, but after about 6-7 months I was feeling much better and even got a new boyfriend. My relationship with my 1st love the guy that moved was amazing we were so happy together and had a beautiful relationship. I never forgot about him but never did I get these nagging emotions and energies that haunt me like the ones I do from the man I spoke about above. Something is up with this and it's becoming a problem for me because I need to let go of this, there is no place for these instances in my life, again if anyone has any advice that would be great Im willing to see what ya got! p.s. I have prayed over and over and that usually works great but NOT this time"(

Paige 5 years ago

Okay, I feel that I need someone else's opinion on this, cause I really need to know if I should give up. This might sound corny, or unreal but its 100% me...

I'm 20 now, and single... However, back in 7th grade I was walking from Gym and first thing I saw was the back of this guy Cody's head. First sight, time stopped, my heart stopped, and my hands and feet got tingly. I will always remember this because it was just the sight of the back of his head. I was in seventh grade at the time so I was like OMGOMGOMG, what was that. So, I pushed it aside and continued walking, turns out Cody was friends with my friends and they were just talking together so I joined the little circle of friends, and looked at his face and I got that feeling AGAIN. And then, I heard he was dating my friend, and that was it. I let it go, me and him became friends. He became a notorious with the ladies, and I remained his friend, just casually being friends. I always however, remembered that moment, and always somewhere wanted to kiss him, hold him, and be with him. But, you know we grew apart. Fast forward a couple years, I'm eighteen, just got out of a seriously terrible relationship. Somehow, start hanging out with Cody again and we talk about things, anything, everything. Well, we ended up hooking up, and then going out. We were together for two years, and the whole time I just wanted to be with him, always. I would follow him around, I would get jealous. I was so scared of getting hurt, that I wouldn't trust him... Eventually, he got sick of me not doing anything but being with him... We've been broken up for 5 months now, and I still cry every night and every time I think about him. My heart hurts, and it gets hard to breathe and I feel like I can't be without this person. I want to be able to offer him something, I want to be able to give to him the kindness he used to always give to me. I want to be able to live without him, and prove that I can. But I still want to be WITH him, when we are together there's like an invisible string always trying to put us together. Whenever we make love its like we can never get close enough, whenever I'm so freaking mad at him. Instantly I can be calmed by his voice, instantly I'm no longer mad, even though I was just fuming a minute ago. I love his company, I love how I feel being around him. I miss his cooking, the smell of his skin, his hair. How he used to tell me "Just go back to sleep honey." I could literally die happy in his arms, I could forever just do nothing but snuggle and touch, smell, and kiss him. But, I can't do any of that anymore... He says he feels like we will always talk to each other, that I need to focus on me. But its so hard...

I need to know, am I just obsessed? Is the timing for us just not right? Are we just one of those tragic love stories destined to never work out of silly petty things until we get it right? Please someone respond, my love is too strong for this person, and its scary.

5 years ago

Hey guys ! I'm glad I found this, knowing that there are so many people going through the same thing as me.

I actually met him during my holiday with my family. We stayed at a resort by the beach and he was the bellman there. We caught each others eye the moment I arrived at the resort. He helped us to unload our luggage and handed me a luggage card when I was lining up to check in. This is when I had the "unexplainable" feeling but I did not think much about it as I thought my hormone was playing a fool with me or maybe I'm thinking too much.

After I've done dealing with the check-in procedure, he came to check which room I'm staying in. Again, we looked into each others eyes and we're stunned for a few seconds. I don't know why but I wanted to say something to him but I don't know what to say and I can feel that he encounters the same too . During the evening, I went to the lobby again and was feeling a bit disappointed when I found that he's not there. That night, the feeling was still there and I told myself I'm just thinking too much. But this feeling got stronger the next day ! Then, I realize that I started telling myself, " Don't be crazy. You don't even know him ! " and the next moment I'm telling myself " No, you can't let him go ! "

Throughout my whole stay at the hotel for 3 days and 2 nights, I don't know why but my feet carries me to the lobby unconsciously to take a look at him even if it's raining. Each time I have the feeling that I'll meet him and the next few seconds, he'll appear in my sight looking at my direction. I can't help myself staring at him and sometimes I found him staring at me too. When we caught each others eye, we'll smile. But when it comes to the last day of my stay, there's a ache in my heart telling me that I want to stay here longer. When I left for home, I felt sick the moment I reached home. I stayed in bed for the whole day and night not knowing why since I'm still feeling good in the morning before I said goodbye to him. I don't know what is wrong with me, I've checked my body condition and found out that my body is normal BUT I just feels that I'M SICK. And I can't get him out of my mind for even a minute after I left the hotel until now ! Oh God, this is driving me crazy ! The funny thing is that I can sense that he is feeling the same towards me and I could feel that he miss me too. Am I thinking too much ? Sometimes, I miss him ssooo much that I want to call the hotel management to find out who he is and how can I keep in contact with him. Then, I'll start thinking that " What if i'm thinking too much ? " I'll sound like a crazy lady if he doesn't feels the same towards me. But then I'll think " what if he feels the same ? " I'll miss the chance in getting to know him.. Oh dear, I'm having a hard time now and I need some advice.. What you guys think I should do ? Can someone pls help ?? I really appreciate it if you guys could reply me.. Thanks..

Clear88 5 years ago

I found this blog about a week ago and it's amazing how many people out there experience this intense connction between another. I myself have had an experience very similar to some on this blog. It's beena good 5 years since I've met this person and have gone through many interesting times with this connection but in the end I've played my part and have no regrets.

To L the previous post... If you truly feel this connection than trust me he feels it too. My advice would be go for it call and find out who he is what do got to lose. Never go through life with regrets and having a WHATIF attached to that person or situation is the worst possibly outcome and will never go away and having any regrets in life is tough to live with. Go for it and if it's meant to bill it wil be without a doubt. If not it might hurt but at least u know and your not sitting at home thinking of him while you fill your head with possible outcome and scenarios that are completely made up in your head unlessmu actually try and really find out for yourself. Just be patient when talking to him and don't give too much :)

For myself.. I still get that vibe for them and I know if I saw them again I would get that nervous excited feeling again with an intense vibe that i really can't explain. I know they feel it too by the eyes!!! It tells you everything and they wouldn't have to say a word and I can read what they are thinking... Most ikely the same thing I'm thinking. As far as us being together it hasn't happened not because we are maried to others, but a sense of fear from their end because I'm just as nervous but if I feel this way with any person immgoing for it without any regrets because I don't want to be sitting here 5 yrs from now saying shit I wish I woulda tried harder or never played games I couldn't live with myself. Follow your heart as well as protect it. Make sure they deserve the respect and care you give off to them and if they don't return it and you leave, and at least you know u tried your best knowing they felt the same way but were cowards to move forward. They always come back but sometimes it's too late and then they have that sense of regret and over thinking that I refuse to let it get to that point. Move on and just pet things happen and fall into place naturally.. Never force and issue and be patient with this type of connection with anyone because in the end you really don't know them even if it feel like you have forever. Protect Yourself and always think before you speak. Take care everybody sorry my long message but I can't sleep .... I'm sure you all know why I'm getting that feeling something is gonna happen which is truly and amazing feeling yet very difficult to understand and be patient with.

Always have hope!! :)

zouhair 5 years ago

i can't move on in my life...

and just forget i can't,

i m not free to made that choice its like a black magic or something els .....

all what iam sure about it that i did love here

and still and i will love here all my life .

its started with...

shooting stars

COS 5 years ago

@starcrossed fate I am.dealing with the same thing w/ a person who has a very known profession.

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foreverneva 5 years ago

I am so glad i found this blog because none of my friends seem to understand or experience what i have experienced! My connection to this boy goes back 12 years. It all started when i was around 7. I met him for the first time with our families and I remember thinking he was just so handsome! I also remember having butterflies in my tummy and not knowing that it meant that i have a crush on this boy. A few years went by and at 9 I told my best friend about the crush i realized i had on this boy. I diddnt go into many details but she knew i was smitted.

By the time high school rolled around i was used to having butterflies every time i thought of this boys name. Everytime i passed his neighborhood, and everytime my parents brought up his parents names. Only, i never understand why i had butterflies. I had not seen the boy since i was about 7 and had no idea what he looked like but i had endless butterflies.

He is only two years older than me so by the time i entered high school he would almost be on his way out. BUt that still meand we were in the same building and i was so nervous about seeing him in the hallway. I hadnt formally seen him in years but in october of my freshman year he was outside of my english class. I gasped thats him, feeling nervous i looked down and jittered into english. I knew he saw me and i knew he knew who i was and i felt bad for ignroning him but i just couldnt get the courage to look at him-- my stomach was on the floor!

This happened a few more times, but for somereason i was starting to get the impression that he was going out of his way to see me. And i was feeling bad for ignorning him. I diddnt want to ignore him. I just couldnt look at him. Their was a force pulling me toward him and only him but my cowardness was keeping me away.

on my first day of sophmore year i saw him on the lunch line. I was so nervous being right behind him and tried to dtsract myself with my phone. Only, it failed and he waved at me. As my butterflies where now stronger than i could handle, i looked down and pretended i diddnt see.

This all sounds like a lame crush... but here is where i find our souls connected.

One day it was icy out and i was walking into school. I ofcourse tried to walk really slow so me and him would not have an interation. I felt like he would ignore me and i diddnt know how my feelings would feel. Only, he felt a presence behind him and held the door open. Ofcourse i slipt on the ice and not knowing how to respond i just laughed at myself. He asked if i was ok and i finally spoke to him for the first time in an eternity. But it was very biazarre, in our few words of interaction i felt compleltly at ease. The way it felt was as if i knew him my whole life. He looked at me knowingly, like he knew exactly who I was. I also had a misconception that he was part of the jock and rude boys. But in those few words i was able to see that he was kind hearted and real and mellow.

Anyway, so one day i was thinking about him when i heard my dad had talking after he had gotten home from the supermarket. He was telling my mom about his interaction with this boys dad. I remember thinking how crazy and just continued on.

BY the end of 10th grade I could nto handle it so i confided my feelings in my best friend. I told her that i hav crazy butterflies and almost an attachment to this boy. I guess she heard the way i spoke and understood. I explained how i have a crush now, a seperate crush, but that my crush to this boy was different. Any crush i have ever had with any other boy feels different. With this boy its more strong, electric like, over powering, but like perfection. I feel like this boy is the way its supposed to be. Who i am supposed to be with.

Now, their was only one problem with this. The only words i was uttered to this boy sincei was 7 was when i slipt on the ice. I l was able to see a lot about him from our short interaction. But i diddnt really know much about him. Which freaked me out. How do i feel destined to be with someone i often thought, if i havent spoken many words at all to him? Am i crazy? COuld this be real?

In the middle of senior year my friend randomly texted me. she said that she was sitting at a table accross from this infamous boy. I was out to dinner with my parents but i couldnt sit still. I excused myself to the bathroom and muttered to myself, he's my soulmate, i can feel it. All my friend did was tell me that she saw him and my stomah was absoultly bananas. I thought i was deeply in love with another boy, but the second she told me about him, those feelings flew away. I felt like this boy holds my heart.

A year later I was wide awake the night before my family vacation to costa rica when i was thinking about my newest crush. But then my thoughts went back to his boy. I was wide awake thinking again, how is it that for 12 years i have had a crush on this boy but i have never said much to him. how can i feel this way when i havent experienced life. I always felt his presence, but i really had never spent much time in his company. I remember thinking, watch he will show up in costa rica.

in th beginning of my vacation i was on a look out, but by my second to last day i was like oh ok hes not here. Well, i was walking on the beach when a women starts screaming my dads name. I turn around and i saw who it was-- his MOM. I was like no, no. no. no this can not be. This is not real. This actually is not my life. I followed his mom back to his family and when i saw him he just looked perfect. The way he looked at me when he saw me was of a silent, heya. Like long time no see. I felt calm in that moment. And then our parents decided we all should go out to dinner that night. Now, i had been thinking about this boy for years and non stop and wondering about him but tonight i was going ot be eating dinner with him and at that moment he was accross the table of me. I was in shock.

I think it was the longest most nervracking four hours of my life leading up to dinner, but when i finally saw him again i was like oh ok, i have nothing to be nervous about. AT dinner i found out that we have an insane a lot in common, and that we are very similar people.

The few times he turned to talk to me it was like talking to an oldest friend-- comftorable but enjoyable. I felt lilke he knew exactly who i was. And i felt like i knew exactly who he was.

Later that night when it was time to say good-bye, the looks we exchanged to eachother where so strong. I have never looked into someones eyes like that before. I feel like i saw his soul. The way he looked at me was a look of appreciation, admiration, but comfort. Through-out dinner i got the impression that somehow, some way, this feelings of mine where somehow mutual. And somehow i was able to feel the mutualness.

Later that night my mom asked how i liked this boy. I have never told her anything about my love life so she has no idea that i was looking at a boy i have had a crush on for 12 years but then she said, i saw the good-bye. I told my mom that was nothing but i think that in her heart she knows.

That night i could not fall alseep. I finally found out why i was in love with thsi boy for 12 years. But i never knew just why. Now i know why, but i have no idea how my body knew this. I feel as if again our paths will meet. The night before i leftt, i predicted that in a few years i will run into him in a bar and the rest will be history. Then i thought, watch ill ruun into him in costa rica. Well, i did. I honestly did not think i would actually run into him there, it was more of a wonderful thought of my mind. An act of fiction. I did run into him though, in a different country no less. SO i know when we are body ready we will cross paths agin. Now i just have to prepare myself and get ready to be with him. Though i feel like at the same time that just as I am is perfect for him. Perfect for us.

My friends say me and him will never be together if i dont make an intiative. But i feel like i dont have to take an initative, we will just somehow end up together. I dont even feel like that is very far

Michelle 5 years ago

Hello i read your article about psychic connections. It was very interesting. I was just wondering the same feeling and thought. Because right now there is a guy that i like. I know we def have an attraction for each other and have for sometime now. But we are both too scared or show to show or tell us how we feel about each other. But i also feel that there is some kind psychic connection also. not sure what, but i can feel it. I am pretty strong empathy(also a medium) and i can his emotions when i am around him, i know hes scared, shy, nervous, but yet happy and in love(likes me) but its hard to come and speak out yet.

But i know i feel that we are meant to be. But i hope the universe can some how bring us together in a relationship and help us speak out our feelings. This is my first time ever feeling like this in love so strong. I can feel him even whens not around or not with him. Our attraction has gotten so strong thats its starting to get to that point where we do want to tell, but where shy.

intense connection 5 years ago

Foreverneva... your story is beautiful. Please go after him :-) You owe it to yourself and to him. Good luck.

I don't know what to do anymore 5 years ago

I don't know what to do anymore..I'm so stuck.

He isn't doing anything with this connection we have and it's making me really sad. I feel so disappointed and hurt

I just hope he would ask me for contact information or something so we can stay in contact.

I cried so hard last night thinking that i will be leaving that place soon, i even cried so hard while i was asleep. I need help on this, i have never felt so strongly about anyone except for him.

We are soulmates and yet why isn't he doing anything like say getting my contact? It's really upsetting me.


5 years ago

A little help?

I was with my ex person for 2 1/2 years and we ended it almost a year ago, then kept going on and off for another 8 months. I always felt a connection I couldn't describe and that made so sense because we are from two different worlds and had very little in common but some core beliefs. We kept trying to make things work and it just wouldn't. I found I loved myself less when I was around him, but can't stop thinking about him and I feel that we need to be together and will end up together.

I recently saw a psychic and she said we had relationships in our past lives, but our romanic relationships never worked out. And in this lifetime we still don't end up together. It was heartbreaking to hear but a needed kick in the head. At the same time I can't shake the feeling that we are meant to end up together. My soul feels like it misses his. But the fact is I can't let us be together until there have been signifigant changes in his life. My psychic gave me an exercise to 'sever the ties'. But its all so confusing. Any advice?

@Mary, I think he probably feels it just as strongly as you do. But everyone is afraid the other person doesn't feel the same way. I think it would be a good idea to ask him for his contact information, I think he would really respect the fact that you had the courage to ask first.

Mo 5 years ago

I met my twin soul when I was 11 years old. It was March 15, 1986. One minute I was a normal 11 year old girl running through the mall with a friend, the next minute, I was stopped dead in my tracks. There he was. We made eye contact. We were both like a deer in headlights. It was instantaneous. I had never in my life felt anything so powerful in my life. He was 12 yrs old. He lived at one end of the valley. I lived at the opposite end. He used to travel 3 hours by public bus to visit me. Then out of the blue.. He ran... Then returned 12 years later. At this point, i was a single mom living with my parents. Once again, we connected and bonded.. Then he ran... He ended up on the other side of the country. I threw my hands up and within a year i met someone else and thought that the only way to rid myself of him would be to marry. So i did. Foolishly. Well, 12 years go by and one day I am down the street from my home at the gas station getting ready to drive off and BAM!! There he is, walking in front of my car. I was struck dumb. I watched him for about 2 minutes and then convinced myself it was just a look alike. That it was impossible that it could be him. Well, i put that out of my mind and drove off. I forgot about it completely. Then about 6 months later i decided to look him up on facebook. I found him immediately and the first thing he says to me is "oh my god, i was literally just thinking of you and here you are." So i dont know if he heard me or if i heard him. Who cares? Haha!! Turns out, he works just a few miles from my home and that WAS him at the gas station. We continued to email. We didnt see each other but then we ran into eachother on the freeway of all places. He got my number and email but never called. He essentially disappeared. Then months later he started creeping forward again. Finally we saw eachother about 3 weeks ago. He is married. Confessed that he didnt marry for love but for money and status. Nothing happened between us. The bond is still there. Strong as ever. I could see it in his eyes. He behaved like a frightened rabbit. And now he has disappeared again. He is on the run once again. I am so frustrated. My emotions are too much to bear.

i am so hurt 5 years ago

I can't deal with this emotional pain that hes giving me anymore. If he liked me back he would have asked me out or asked me for contact but he didn't. For so many times, he had walked away from me and said nothing. I am so crushed and heart broken. we met eyes for so many times, bumped into each other for so many times and yet hes still not taking any initiatives. i am just so crushed and so done with this emotional pain hes putting me up.

Hes crushing my soul by walking away for so many times...


what should i do?

I feel i'm done with this for good. I can't keep up with this pain anymore.

pls help me someone? 5 years ago

I don't know what to do anymore? My mind is telling me not to go for it since we are so different from each other, that it would not work out. yet my heart tells me otherwise? I am so torn in between. I don't know how to handle it anymore.

I can feel him around every time and its haunting me. A lot has been happening between me and him and i feel its gone out of hand.

I feel so helpless and crazy because of this connection that we share

Alexis 5 years ago

Im 17 yrs old and I honestly didnt think how I felt could be explained. None of my friends understand me and my mom just thinks its a phase. I dont know if this guy is my soulmate. Hes my first love and im his. We met in 6th grade and he always told me that he knows hes gonna marry me one day. He is very flirty and is a player i guess you can say. I didnt believe him when ever he told/tells me that im gonna be the one he marries bc i just thought it was a pick up line. But heres our long story in a short story version... We went to middle school together til the middle of 7th grade then he moved. He would keep in contact with me but i didnt really pay him any attention. Him and his family moved back in 9th grade and i remember the first day i saw him still. I told myself i wouldnt fall in love with him but we have this connection like magnets. He still was VERY flirty but he always clung to me for advice or what not. We would have late night convo's but we never got together. Everyone knew we had this connection of he was mine and I was his. We had a lot of ups and downs bc when I was single he was dating someone and vice virsa. We were so close by the end of our 9th grade year we could look at each other and know something was wrong even if we were smiling. We finished each others sentences knew each others thoughts it was really freaky. March of our 10th grade year the weekend before my birthday him and his mom, brother, and sister moved suddenly two hours away. It broke my heart into so many pieces, it took me almost an entire year to get over them moving. Not only did my true love move away from me but he was my best friend.It felt and still feels like my other half is missing til this day. When he left we werent on good terms and i didnt get to say goodbye to him =-(. (But the weird thing with us is no matter what happens or how far apart we always come back together. And another thing we never really kissed until our 10th grade year. And when we did it felt like the world stop spinning and nobody was alive but us..... )He still lives where he moved to but he comes down a visits every couple of months and if we see each other we feel so complete and happy. Like its the best feeling ever but when we have to say goodbye my heart breaks still. I try not to get to emotional but i do. Another thing about him is its very hard for him to open up to anyone. The last time he came down here and I went to go see him he introduced me to his family as his future fiance' and they all love me especially his mom. We are all like family but sometimes idk if this is just a teenage phase or if he is my true soulmate. I know time will tell but I need to know something now. We're about to graduate high school and im going somewhere local(south carolina) but he is going to (Michagin) so idk what to do. Ive waited for 2 LONG years I dont want to wait for him another 4. So many nights i just sat up and thought of him and cried. I dont understand why we cant be together. Is that Gods way of telling me we wont/dont need to be together. I need opinions and advice....

Jennifer 5 years ago

Hi I've been feeling the same thing whenever I'm attached to someone or someone new. I'm now attached to this guy name Eddie. I feel the sexual energy from him and know what he's thinking. We were friends but ever since the weekend we were suppose to meet he stopped talking to me. He still will sometimes watch me, and when I take the city bus home he'll look at me sad on the bus. He's told my friend to tell me he doesn't want me and he has a gf and doesn't want my gift but yet why didn't he tell me himself and why am I still feeling this from him?

Vishnu.Marimuthu 5 years ago

I wonder if the other person feel the same thing


Tania 5 years ago

I appreciate if anyone takes the time to read this and reply. Opinions are greatly appreciated  no matter who you are.

This feeling I have is almost like unrequited love. It's this longing for someone I don't even know. All these thoughts of what he might be like..time after time. 

I can't tell my family and my two best friends think I'm crazy.

I'm 19, from California. I have an amazing loving boyfriend. He does everything for me; he never lets me pay, he takes me out, he buys me what I want and we have amazing sex. He treats me like a queen. Seemingly perfect...but to me (as fucked up as it sounds) it's just convenient. I love him, but I'm not in love with him. 

Last year (2011) I went to the fair with some friends and we decided to have our fortunes told. The lady was dead on with everything she said about me, and she went on to saying that I hadn't met my soulmate yet, but that I would meet him next year. She told me when it happened something would just click, that I would know. 

Now fast forward to this year, about a month ago. Me and my bf went to see a DJ in LA at a rave (skrillex, if anyone is familiar). anyways, we met up with two of his close friends. One of them had a girlfriend and the other one didn't. 

When we got there we popped some Mollies (pure ecstasy) and the feeling was amazing but controllable. The only reason I'm mentioning this is because I don't know if its a factor in what I felt next. 

Now, we had all gotten split up because there were so many people there, but somehow the single guy (Jeremy) ended up finding me and my bf again. Some guys behind us wanted to make a wave with our hands so without thinking I grabbed my bf's hand and then his....and when I did, I felt this crazy sensation. It sent tingles all through my hand and then we both looked up at eachother and made eye contact for about 4 seconds. In my head i automatically thought "this is it. He's the one." but as quickly as I had felt that feeling...reality kicked in. this guy goes wayyy back with my bf. They've been buds since middle school. There's no way I could put him through that pain, and there is no way that this guy would ever chose me over their friendship. It kills me to know that.

I texted, what seemed like, an entire novel to my best friend on the way home from LA. when we got back

... my boyfriend read it. 

Fuck my life right? Well anyways he broke up with me but soon took it back because he says his feelings for me are too strong, despite it only being 4 months. I  tried to stay away and told him I just didn't feel that way for him. there's just no fire. No flames burning with love whenever he's around, no spark, no fireworks when we kiss. But he insists. He thinks he's just moving too quickly and that I need some time to inquire these feelings for him. But he doesn't understand. he deleted jeremys number from my phone and would flip if I added him on any social networking sites. I tried putting my foot down and insisted that we stay apart. But he went on to make me feel like shit and called me an ungrateful goldigger ( even though I never asked for anything) out of hate. I don't have the heart to break his that way. How could I feel more feelings holding the hand of someone I just met? And here this guy is willing to go to the moon and back for me. 

there's something so intriguing to me about this stranger. Something pulling me towards him. I have no clue who he really is. But something in my heart is telling me that hes genuine and that we have a lot in common. Ive dreamt and daydreamed about the time our hands met eachother's. the spark that sent my heart flying. ...i dont even know if he felt it and thats what kills me.

The only contact I've had with him is when I went behind my bf's back and texted Jeremy asking for the pictures from the rave. He sent them without any words. After that I just figured it wasn't mutual.

All of these thoughts of what he might be like, while I'm with someone else. I'll close my eyes and pretend it's him. fucked up, I know. but if I could help these feelings I would. Oh trust me..I would change them all for my bf.

Part of me is telling myself to get a fucking grip but the other half of me wants to stop pretending and start hunting him down. I know that feeling couldn't have gone unnoticed. it can't just be me.

I just want to tell my boyfriend that Im sorry. That It kills me to watch you hurt over this.

Look at what a mess I've made. 

maybe this is just the start of a new cycle of karma and maybe the grass is much greener on the other side for him and I. I hope one day he realizes why it never worked with me. This is something I can't give you, something that time can't change or force.

I write this as if he'll mindlessly find his way here and read this.

At the same time as all this guilt, I feel this excitement that is the fire that's burning inside for him. I hate to admit it but my god, the day I kiss him.. The day he finally admits his feelings for me- it makes my heart want to pop out of my chest. 

I apologize if this is too long..but I've been longing to share the whole story with someone, anyone willing to listen and be rational about it. I just need to know if I'm being delusional or not...

The end? 5 years ago

I have hurt my soul connection?

I have really messed it up this time my soul connection.

I want to tell you this my soul connection that i never intended to hurt you. I was scared to be close to you and get hurt by you that all it was.

I know deep down that once i fall hard i fall dead hard. I will become attached to you, and once i lose you i don't think i would be able to handle the pain of seperation.

Today i would like to make this confession that i am not like other normal girls who had normal lives. I went through a painful past. It's something that i need to work through in my lifetime and it's what was stopping me to be with you my soul connection.

I was raped when i was 6 years old and till this day the memories of it still remains. It is this truth that was holding me back. Could you kindly tell me how i should work past this trauma and experience? I wish i could tell you how i felt about you, and how much i wanted to hold you and be in your arms. I wish i could tell you my past experiences so that you know what i'm going through.

You my soul connection have every power to hurt me. I on the opposite am weak and vulnerable.

You had look, status, and accomplishment, while i had very little. I felt vulnerable in your presence if only you could understand.

I am guilty for hurting you, so i don't blame you for any resentments you have towards me

It was painful to seperate, i even cried during sleep thinking of losing you.

I was sobbing in my sleep, I wish i could tell you all about it.

I'm writing this hoping that one day you my soul connection will see this and understand what i was going through.

I am Mary who has worked at La Prep

Located at 40 University avenue

This is so crazy 5 years ago

I'm starting to question if this is even real lol

I feel crazy to think such connection exists.

please tell me i'm still sane and normal?

There is this one guy who is driving me crazy.

I seem to always catch him? is part of me actually seeking him out on an unconscious level?

This is driving me nuts, i can feel and sense him around even at a great distance. Have i gone mentally ill or something lol?

Sal 5 years ago

Hi I met a lovely lad, when i was 21, we dated for almost a year, and i always felt that there was 'something' about him, that made me feel that he was mine.It wasn't an obsessive feeling, just this strong and strange feeling. We fell out and both went our separate ways, marrying different partners. From time to time, i would bump into him. When i was 30, for a few months, we used to see each other, every morning on our way to work, where we would stop and chat about our lives and families and then go our separate ways. even then i still had this strange feeling that he was mine. Time went on and i never saw him again. Then one day, 30 yrs later, after our very first, initial meeting, we got back in touch on facebook. He was separated, but still living with his wife, for the children. I was going through a difficult time, in my marriage, having not long lost my lovely dad to cancer.We met up a few times, to talk and all the old feelings that i had for him, came back to me. I truly truly, loved him, in a way that i can't even attempt to describe and all the time, he felt as if he was mine. He now has cancer and has left my life, to spend time with his family, which is understandable. But i still feel that he is mine and he used to say the same, he used to say that we are soulmates. Do you think that this could be true.?

Monique 5 years ago


I can just cry, I have had this man for almost eight years. I would be afraid at night and he'd just call and say "what's wrong" I would miss him and he would call and say What you want. Its like he hears my thoughts but we were never in a relationship. I ended up having a baby by someone else and got married, and now divorced because I realized I didn't marry my soulmate. He was my bestfriend, my everything and because he wasn't ready when I was, I hurt him very much. So when I stop thinking about him I have dreams. And for the first time a week ago I heard him calling out to me I heard his voice in my ear as though he was right next to me whispering in my ear. I long so deeply to have him back in my life Im so sad that I messed things up I wonder if I can't have him will the hauntings ever go away!

Changed forever 5 years ago

I just met someone 3 days ago on a short trip with friends....

.... the world stopped .... my friends said when i was talking to him that it was like there was a light around us and no-one else was in the room ......

.... im back home now and feel intense heartache from being apart, my chest hurts so much.....

everything has changed, its like there is someone else inside me looking out of my eyes, the world looks and feels different.......i have no idea what he did to me

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Changed forever 5 years ago

also we spent the night together and the next day just holding each other ... nothing else

Salty lady 5 years ago

Dear Old and unwillingly wisened,

You said it! I was thinking the same thing. How sad and pathetic us women sound crying about our soul mates and lost loves. If he loved you, he would be with you. What we feel is a combination of longing and regret. I believe in soul connections, but I also believe that one must let go after awhile.

I think what many of you need to do is a 'cleansing'. Close off that portal of telepathic love that you have gaping wide open. he is taking advantage of you. Why should he come around in person when he is stealing your energy from afar?

Think about it.

no name 5 years ago

if i luv sumone truly by heart...... will he feel the same .......and if he had toked me normally....and if i cry for him does he feel that

kate 4 years ago

this sounds so much like me and some i know i don't particularly want a 'relationship' with this man but i feel an incredibly strong connection between us, unfortunately i can never tell this man any of this as he is much older then myself and married and just wouldn't understand, he lives in a different country but often comes to England and i can always sense when he's coming even when he doesn't say that he is

no name 4 years ago

kate ..... as u said on mah cmmnt... i wanna noe dat the guy luvs another girl but i luv her alot will he able to feel that

no name 4 years ago

pllzzz tell me fast ..... i luv him alot but he thinks me as her sister.......and he luvs another girl...... and i reallyyy..... cry for him but ...plz telll will he feel or not......plzzzzzz tell me this page when u will reply i am waiting

gummygirl 4 years ago

Hi..I just wanna share this thing that has been troubling me for so long already.

I met this guy in August of 2011 online and since then, we had constant communication. Like 24/7. We talked over this app in a social site and then eventually on a messenger. Days after, he lost his phone so he switched to Blackberry (which also happens to be my phone at that time).. So, the non-stop talking became more unstoppable. With every passing day spent with him talking , I fall deeper and deeper. It's just this certain pull that he has on me that I cannot explain.

After a month of non-stop talking, he became my first boyfriend. Why him of all people? I don't know.. I really dont know. It's the ease that I feel when I talk to him. It's the spark he creates in my eyes and the flame that burns my heart when he is around me. (though technically, we are 10,000miles apart). I feel very content with just talking to him. It's like I had created my own little world in him. For more than 2 decade of running, feeling like a lost soul, I suddenly felt complete. I suddenly felt my restless running had finally stopped. I felt I had found my destination. So, we continued like that..We were okay, everything went smoothly for 2 months (as far as I thought)and then he just suddenly broke the news that he wanted to break up. All because we are far from each other and he has fallen for someone new. (Although according to him, he loves me intensely, and if it weren't for the distance, we would still be together) He also asked for us to be friends. It was so hard for me but I still stood by him even though he has his new girl. Did everything to let him know he is the one for me. That he was the one made for me. But he didn't listen. So, he and the new girl continued their relationship for 3 month almost. Came January of 2012, he messaged me saying they both broke up and it is the girl who left her. He said I was right all along and that he was just blinded by what is infront of him. He said that there were times when they were still together that he made the wrong decision...so forth and so on..So, I thought, things will be better for the two of us. Not until 2 weeks after, he got into a relationship again with a new one again that I think he just met online too. How could he hurt me more by doing that? I would accept it beter if he got back with his ex after me than being with a new one which he met online (knowing the reason he left me is because of the distance). So, it's then when I decided to go. I asked him to delete me for all that he gave me was suffering and pain. Yes, he makes me complete but then, he just keeps on pushing me away.

So, now, we don't have any communication anymore...but there are a lot of times when I still cry and become sad without any reason. There are times when he would just stay in my head all day. And no matter how I try to remove him, he just wouldn't leave. During these times, I feel this intense feeling of emptiness no matter if I'm talking with someone else, with someone better than him(in terms of lifestyle, education, looks, etc). It's like I just couldn't find that certain connection and feeling that he makes me feel. Also, when that time of the day comes, it's like he is calling me like there's this burning feeling in my chest and it's just unexplainable. I'm just wondering if he's trying to send me a message. Sometimes, it just pops out on my head that he is not okay, not feeling well, and I start to feel that was too. (ofcourse, I wouldn't know if he is really unwell because I don't have communication with him anymore)....but yeah, I just don't really understand why he has this certain pull on me. It's like Spiderman ripping off his villain costume which is implanted in the core of his body and taking it off hurts a lot. I don't know what's happening and I don't know if he feels the same way too. I don't know if he is really trying to send me a message. But probably not. He has found a new love now, and maybe he is happy. Is it really possible for this soulmate thing to be one-sided?

gummygirl 4 years ago

I just want to channel in him and give him the signal to contact me first. Well, Im my BB has recently been snatched so there's no way he can contact me. But sometimes, I try to talk to him, try to channel with him.

I dont know if he feels..Guess this will be a matter of fate? And if he comes back to me and changes ..right now, I am so sure, I'd come to him running because I miss him so much. I really do...... :( This is just so sad and it pains me a lot holding back my emotions...

luv dat guy 4 years ago

plzzzz tell me that i luv a guy but he luvs another girl n i cry for him alott.............does he feel that???? plzzzzz telll dis page m waiting for soo long for the answer

crystal 4 years ago

we both feel the connection but physical distance is hard and he is young and probably quite confused. He is trying to escape the feelings..by not talking to me or seeing me. my heart cries and surely he knows.

Cant help it 4 years ago

I've posted a few times on here, you can go back and read what I wrote if your so inclined. I'll recap briefly, My 'soulmate' and I go back over 20 years. We havent seen each other in 20 years. I loved him deeply and missed him terribly. I am married, and so is he.. For years, I tried telepathy or whatever I possibly could to try and contact him. I felt so lost and unable to express my feelings. About a year ago, maybe longer, I wrote a letter to him and saved it on my computer. Everytime I thought about him, I would write it, and continue that letter. About 6 months ago, he friend requested me on Facebook. I was overjoyed! We flirted back and forth, he told me he thought of me often over the years. Then, like usual, I wouldnt hear from him for a few weeks. Well, a few weeks ago, I couldnt help myself, I texted him, he wrote back. He was around the corner and asked if he could see me for a few minutes. Keep in mind, we had not seen each other at this point for over 20 years. I said yes, even though I was afraid. I'm heavier now, and I wasnt sure what he would think.

Let me tell all of you, It was as if time had stood still. We took one look at each other and fell into each others arms. The electriciy was overwhelming, the chemistry was beyond magical. He kissed me for a long time. I went back to work, figuring I would never hear from him again, then about an hour later, he texted me and told me he had to see me again. An hour later, we were kissing again. I thought that would be the end of it (his general M.O) but 2 days later, he was calling me again, telling me how much he has missed me these last 20 years. We have not done anything more than kiss. We both know that we have people in our lives that could be hurt, but I just want all of you to know, not with false hope, but that maybe, just maybe, they are thinking of you too. Good Luck with all of you. Love is a painful experience when it doesnt go the way you want it to.

DD 4 years ago

I am so grateful that I have found this page. I just want to share my story, I met this man in grad school, I was not looking for anyone and have been on my own for nearly 16 yrs, I had resigned myself to the fact that at 38, I would never meet anyone or be with anyone, no one had approached me in over 10 years. I am not ugly, I take care of myself, but no guy ever came to ask me out not even for a coffee. Then one day I was in my class and it was the last class of the semester, I had not seen this guy before and I didnt think anything of him, I was talking to another classmate about the final paper and the guy chimed in with a comment. He came over to talk to me and so did some of the other women in the class, I began to feel resentful of the other women being there and had to think for a moment, why was I feeling that way? anyway class ended, he wound up being in the same elevator as me, he asked me what did I do and I made one of my many smart mouthed humorous comments, he smiled and asked me if he could give me his business card, I said great thanks and thought no more of it. We walked to the subway station, talking and it turns out we were going in the same direction, which then turned out he worked just across the street from where I lived. I thought he seems cool, I gave him my number and left it at that, I thought we would just be really good platonic friends as we had so much in common and wanted to accomplish the exact same goals, I thought this was weird, but I was excited. He called me a few days later and we talked for ages on the phone, we laughed and shared some funny stories, we met up for coffee, I was still oblivious to thinking that we would be nothing more than friends..remember no one had approached me in over 10 years..I have plenty of guy friends, who are married I might add.

fast forward, I then began to share with my girl friends about him, fatal mistake, I listened to one of them who demonized him, I knew she was jealous of me, but I didnt realise just how jealous, I hurt him and I drove him away,I felt wounded to my very soul, when I was with him, I felt so safe, no one had ever made me feel like that, when he looked at me, no one ever looked at me the way he did, when I kissed him, no one ever made me feel the way he did, all we did was kiss, nothing else happened. I drove him away and I couldnt get him back, that was 2 years ago, I wept for 6 months when he had gone, I felt like I had experienced a death, I miss him terribly, I have never been the same since he went away, we have communicated via text in the last 2 years, but I could not tell him the truth of my heart, I have tried everything to get him out of my mind, my heart, my soul and nothing has removed him, I miss him so much that at times all I have been able to do is cry. I have wanted to date as I thought that would be the answer, but I cannot seem to bring myself to do so. I finally plucked up courage to write him an email and tell him exactly how I feel about him, that was yesterday..he hasnt responded yet..I am grateful I found this page, because I thought I was going crazy or God forbid a stalker..Lol..I have tried everything to get him out of my heart..but he is there so strong and yes it is weird, I do feel him sometimes..Thank you for reading..oh and btw, I got rid of all my girlfriends, because I found out they weren't my friends after all

Victoria 4 years ago

Salty Lady, you are on point with this. It has been 5 months and on and off i've been feeling this connection and sometimes I feel so drained from it and all the hopeless thinking. I'm going to work more on cord-cutting and closing off my heart center to this person. It's very time consuming and draining to sit here and think about him over and over again while nothing is even happening on the outside. Time to move forward, despite how painful it may be. Thank you for that reminder!

Lost lady 4 years ago

Hi' Cant help it' my story is very similar to yours, but we met up again after 30 yrs apart and it was as if life stood still. I wrote on here earlier and he now has cancer, im heartbroken and will not see him again. Weve lost touch too, which was his choice, but who knows.....maybe in our next life, we will get another chance. Thankyou for your encouraging message x

Todd huber 4 years ago

i know how you all feel.I met my soulmate several weeks ago at work.There is an incredible attraction and knowing between us.She has a hard time looking in my eyes.I believe this is so because she sees my soul shining through my eyes.I am trying to relax and take things slow knowing it will all work out.This is hard because i think of her quite often.The only way i can think of her is she is beautiful inside and out.Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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uniqua-capricorn 4 years ago

I am so happy I found this page. My soul connection has propelled me to learn things that I would have never been interested in, like remote seduction, powers of the mind, astrology...this is a long post but entertaining, lol!

I met him 3 years ago while on vacation with a girlfriend and nearing the end of what was once a beautiful marriage. I was in my twenties but was feeling unpretty, undesired and suspicious of my husband. Alas, we met this soul connection and his older brother who portrayed this image of glitz and glammer and nice cars and beautiful women and money money money. I was not really interested but my friend was. Despite my lack of interest, his interest seemed to grow. And he had tons of girls after him but suddenly, his interest was only on me. I rejected his advances and we hung around them casually and suddenly, small seeds of something started to grow. One day while we were all hanging at their cousins house, he jumped on a couch to lay down and I suddenly was so drawn to him I couldnt help myself. Before I knew it, I went over to him and began gently tracing his face, his chest, just trying to figure this out. He let me do it for awhile and then said, lets get out of here. We left, went to his place and had the most amazing make out session ever. No sex, just explosive passion. I left the next morning with my friend feeling so strange, but not wrong for some reason. He asked me to stay, but I just couldn't. I had to go home and "fix" my marriage. He asked me several times to be his but I just couldn't.

His brother and my friend had a nasty falling out and suddenly, I instinctively knew that it would affect our relationship. And it did, the brother it seemed made sure he was filled with all kinds of negative things and suddenly, our communication stopped. But I couldn't forget him, no matter how hard I tried. I told my friend and she said it was because I have been with my husband for six years and I said no, this is different. I looked up his sign and he is a virgo, I am a capricorn.

Turns out my husband was cheating and I found out several months later on valentines day. A part of me was happy my heart wasn't in it but the other part considered it a failure. The next year, I found myself overseas for work and decided to see if "he" was over there (because he's from France,) and he was. I visited him thinking I was crazy, what if the sparks werent there, what if I made everything up in my head. But, alas, the moment we laid eyes on one another, there they were. He was so nervous and polite and gentle. He couldnt look me in the eyes. Everything was perfect until he phoned his brother who remembered me immediately and demanded to know why I was there. I told him I was working and he asked where my girlfriend was. I said she was back in the states and he said he'll be over there soon. Immediately, the air changed. What was playful, light and beautiful became tense. We had sex and it was wonderful but at times, I felt he was draining my energy from me literally. Like he was getting me back for turning him down.

We must have made love all day long, we were insatiable for each other, especially him. I became so nervous, so unsure of what to say. But we seemed to communicate without words. Just energy being exchanged.

I left the next day to explore the city and head back to work and he put some beautiful songs on my mp3 player about love and how he fell in love when he met me and etc. I wrote him a letter when I got home and,....nothing. No response, no call, nothing. A whole month and a half went by and I see him on facebook on christmas and I say hi and nothing, no response. So, I simply could not go on in silent torture like this. So I deleted him and attempted to move on. During this time I would get feelings about him constantly and dreams about him. Suddenly, several months later I got this really angry feeling from him, and I knew that he discovered that I had deleted him from facebook. I was actually happy.

Then, I moved to the same city I met him in and started getting growing feelings of him. I was driving around town with a friend of mine and suddenly got a searing sensation in my stomach area. I looked up and I was right next to his place. I couldnt believe it. My friend said, omg, you're going to run into him. I said no, he's overseas Im sure and besides, I dont care. And lo and behold several weeks later, I run into his cousin at a fancy restaurant, who immediately tells me that "he" is in the other room. I was baffled that his cousin even knew who I was but, try as I might, I couldnt get my feet to move in that direction. My friend had us all exchange bbms and then I grabbed my friend and left the restaurant and before my feet could hit the ground, "he" had gotten the information from his cousin and bbmed me and asked, why didnt I come and say hi. I waited, and then replied back hi. He replied, fine, whatever, bye. And I said bye with a smily face. What I wanted to say was I cant stand you, you couldnt even respond to my letter and I'm haunted by feelings of you day and night! I wanted him to hurt like I was hurt. To feel like he wasnt important like I did.

I re-friended him on facebook several weeks later to bury the hatchet and he quickly accepted. I didn't talk to him but since I had his cousin's bbm, I talked to his cousin about going to a huge music festival and they actually all came! But again, I couldnt get my body to go over there so I made up some excuse and I didnt see him. I felt as if he had talked to his cousin about me and the cousin was subtly trying to get us together.

So that was last year and I thought it was finished but alas, this year, somehow I was talking about him to someone and was overwhelmed with sweet feelings for him. One night before bed, I searched online for something to explain this phenomenon and came upon this site and others, which basically said we had a soul connection. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind to try to connect with his soul as I drifted off to sleep and I had an amzingly detailed dream in which we were both in bed and I got out the bed and I was pregnant and he was carrassing my face gently. I woke up the next morning feeling strange and looked on my facebook, and lo and behold, he poked me! I was like, ok, I give up I'm a believer lol.

So, I don't know where this will end up. I feel as though once I'm finally done with my husband, (whom I will divorce this year,) my heart can be open to receive. I know we have a soul connection that neither one of us really wants to let go. In some ways I am afraid but, I know it is pure love, not even of our physical form, but a pure love that connected our souls.

winter 4 years ago

I've been experiencing something similar. I feel him when he's on facebook. I just "know" he's online and surely he's there. I get a feeling to go online and he's online and comments on my post. Just today, I got a strong uncontrollable, inexplicable urge to go to the area where he lives, it's a nicer area in the city which is much more happening, he lives in a part that's cooler where people go to dinner, there are clubs, ect. I love the area, its new and happening, but since I know he lives there and I was wondering if it had to do with him, if I would see him, hoping not to.. I was just enjoying the view of the city from there but kept thinking of him, if I knew which one his building was. I also saw on his site a friend posted something about a wine tasting and everywhere I looked I kept seeing signs that said wine and felt this strong desire for red wine. This whole experience sort of made me feel distraught because the feelings where so strong to go there even though I felt it was a little crazy, but it was a nice get away from my neighboorhood and currently my parents house. so weird. Just when I think I'm moving on something like this brings it all back. This isn't the first synchronicity experience I've had with him. yet in real life we don't have a good relationship. we had started, went on a date but it went kind of crazy. there were facebook deletions and refriending. Recently, I ran into him at a concert at a huge venue where I really didnt think I would. I also met another guy I like, who is much cooler and nicer, who was also at that concert and lives in the same part of town. So many strange coincidences. So, I don't know what to make of all of this because it really makes me think that I am crazy when I think about it all too much! so weird. Help!

bewildered 4 years ago

Thanks for your postings. It makes me feel that I am not alone. Yes, I have all the struggles and pains, tears and love feelings like you do but which I cannot explain. I thought I am mad to be feeling this way but there is now so much assurance that it is alright. I just need to work this out, with the grace and strenght from God...

This is the prayer I will say for all of us who are lost in one way or another in our love and connection with our "soulmate"...."Lord Jesus, come into our lives and take control of our emotions, our struggles. If it is Your Will, Lord, please clear the path for us and let us be with the man or woman whom You have placed to be with us in our lives. If it is not meant to be, please grant us the grace and strength and perfect us with Your Divine intervention cause we are weak but we are made perfect in Your strength. Set us free and make us to be the man or woman You want us to be. Be with us, Lord and give each and every one of us peace and joy. We need You to come and take control of our lives." In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

Cate 4 years ago

I met someone online over a year ago. When I opened the picture on his profile, I literally felt like someone socked me in the gut and I knew immediately that I would spend the rest of my life with him. I drew in a deep breath of shock and told my daughter "That's him. That's the man I will grow old with." We talked back and forth for six months and he suddenly told me he was dating someone else. I said OK and left him alone. My daughter was shocked and I told her "I do not care. I know how the story ends." I moved along in faith and forgot about it and one day six months later...he popped back up on our messenger program. I ignored him for awhile because I figured he was with someone else. One day I finally decided to just say hi and guess what? He is no longer dating the other person and we have been talking again and are about to meet for the first time. The entire time we were not talking he never left my mind for one minute. I always felt the connection was STRONG. I always wondered when I wasn't thinking about him for a couple of weeks and he SUDDENLY popped into my mind if it was because he was thinking about me too. Some nights I couldn't sleep and I wondered if it was because he was thinking about me. I wonder if my faith and and letting go allowed it to work itself out. I would not meet him before because I was afraid he would not like me in person. Now I know self confidence overrides almost anything. Now I am ready whereas before I was not.

scorpiogirl95 4 years ago

I have a really strong connection with this girl like no matter how hard people try to break us apart we just grow stronger and if we stop talking cause of another chick or something that she ends up dating we always come together again....I am in love with her and I believe we are just simply soulmates. We have both realized this connection between us but don't really know how to explain it....its kind of confusing but I was wondering if maybe someone may be able to help explain this amazing connection. I can't ever get her out of my head I noticed this connection the day we met 7 months ago.

Redman1 4 years ago

I too, am "afflicted" with this, this....'connection'. We've known each other for years and lost contact, until recently. We've re-connected. She lives, over 200 miles from me, and yet, when she gets up and gets ready for work(?), i find myself waking up also!!! Like 90 minutes even before i get up and get ready for work! AND when she has some kind of 'discomfort', sooo will i, and vice-versa!!!! Its like, one of us, is "p.g."? hahahaha... I knowww its krazzzyy....

Louise 4 years ago

Wow so many people have commented on this site and I thank the person who wrote that because I also have a story. Two years ago after my dad was driving me home, we were waiting for the gate to open and I saw a guy that I have never seen before, skateboarding in my street. When I saw him, my heart went crazy, everything in my mind, body and soul told me he was the one for me. It seemed like the exact same thought had crossed his mine. He saw me and smiled like he had just seen an angel. Yet sadly, the bad timing ruined everything and my nerves got to me. The gate opened and we drove in and I didn't go back to see him. From that day, I never saw him again but my heart still yearns for him...no matter how many guys i've been with, I just can't help it but think of 'him'. I still regret not talking to him. I don't know his name, I don't know anything about him, I only saw him once but we had this connection that people could only dream of. I just wish with all my heart that I could see him again, I won't waste my chance again, I won't let him pass me by again. 4 months ago my best friend was sleeping over at my house and she had this odd dream that when we were much older (about 18 or 19) (I am 14 now)that we were staying at a hotel after our last prom and I bumped into this guy...which she described as exactly like the guy who I met two years ago. In the dream... after awhile, and much communication, we got together. It just makes me wonder if it's just fate and if I really will see him again and maybe that dream will come true...I hope I didn't write this too late and I hope you can still answer me and give me your opinion. :)

Unknown 4 years ago

I think there can definitely be a strong connection between two people in love. I don't know if it's soulmate or what, but my first love and I share this connection. We loved each other so much as teenagers and broke up because I wanted space not because there was anything wrong in our relationship. I never really got him out of my head. I am married and Thru the years I often had random dreams with him all if them involving the urge to find him or the feeling that he was looking for me. These dreams were random and I had in no way thought of him to provoke them. I remember hoping wishing and thinking that if we were meant to be he would come back to me some day. I had my palm read as a teenager and it said my true love would be back in my life as an adult. 16 years later he found me. Turns out he never quite stopped loving me either. He said he too had these random dreams. We can't be together because we are both married with kids, and although he is willing to change that I am not. We don't talk anymore after our spouses found out. Still I think of him or speak to him in my mind and he calls, texts... It's the wierdest thing. Every time I wish for him to contact me he has. Even the first time he found me after 16 years I had wished for him to come back into my life a week before.

Anika 4 years ago

I read so many interesting stories today and would like to share mine...I met this guy at the age of 22 he is my friends cousin the day we met I had my back towered him and was washing dishes all of a sudden I feel this electricity run through my body and I turned around to see him standing so close to me...it was the strangest feeling but a short time after we ended up in a relationship however my parents did not approve of him because they did not trust that he would be loyal to me but dispite all that I continued the relationship on and off for 2 years then I broke up with him because I felt that he was cheating on me 3 months later he had a new gf but I was not aware of it and he continued to call me and text me as often as possible...when I found out about the gf I stopped responding to him after about a month he found a way to contact me through a friend and inform me that he is no longer in a relationship but at the same time he should no sign of wanting to work things out...we have been broken up for a year and 2 months now but talk to eachother at least once a day and he is always the one to call....sometimes he speaks about us being destined to be together and other times he says if we ever get married...I tried to talk to other guys and forget him I even prayed for God to take these feelings out of my heart if were not meant to be but something inside of me is holding on so strongly and just won't let go...I don't know what he wants or if he even still loves me but somehow we both can't let go....I can't imagine anyone else in his place in my life I feel like as crazy as everything was between us that he just completes me I see so much of me in him and visa versa it's just scary...we both have the same birthmark on the same side of our right shoulder which was weird at first but now it's just interesting and wonderful

Confused 4 years ago

I share the same connection and i cant be with this person because now i have my own family. When we were kids my parents disapproved and so we broke up, now i have to give him up again because of my kids... I wouldnt want to get a divorce because of them. But even tho i try to move on and have also prayed for God to take these feelings away i cant stop thinking of him. And now I wonder if I fill my life with other things that will make me happy but sacrifice my feelings of love for this person, will I ever be truly happy?? What if letting him go is the biggest mistake of my life? Then again what if I divorce just to find out it was all just a passing crush. So confused!

Anika 4 years ago

hello to Confused....I completely understand how you feel but I was curious through all the years you were apart have u ever blamed your parents for the emptiness in your heart...I feel so angry with them sometimes because as much as I can understand the reasons why they wanted us apart I still can't get over the fact that I'm unhappy without him and it's somewhat their fault

bac2929 4 years ago

Hello. I met this man that I work with about four years ago and from the moment I saw him something just took me back like I instantly knew this man or I have seen him before and I instantly had a strong attraction to him. It was sort of scary because I have never felt this before for someone. I feel as if these feelings comes from somewhere inside that I cannot explain. I almost feel crazy because I have not felt like this for someone else. This man is twice my age, and just someone that I would not normally go for. I think about him all the time, even when I am not, I see his name everywhere, and I see things that remind me of him. I am not sure if he feels the same way for me, we don’t ever talk about it. Do you think he feels the same way? We are unable to be together for many of reasons, what am I supposed to do? These feelings I can’t ignore, and I also can’t just forget about him, because of how I feel for him. I do believe everything happens for a reason, and for some reason I feel like it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.

savana 4 years ago

y is this hard?

Daisy 4 years ago

Because Unrequited love is always hard.

crazy 4 years ago

It all started back in 2007. I was in an on-and-off relationship. Some guy started to message me on myspace, for some reason he stood out of all the rest. I did not reply, never did but I was lured in a way. A few messages from him in my inbox from time to time with his number, i save his number but never called. Still lured...very weird feeling to not know why you feel such attraction to someone you never met.

Finally my relationship ended maybe 7 months later, bored going through my phone book and there was his number. I decided to call and introduced with my real name instead of my username on the site. He had no clue, but mentioned myspace. He was surprised i called and was juggling between driving through a wrecked traffic, but still answered my call and said he would call immediately. He did but I decided to not answer, the intensity was overwhelming. He kept calling from time to time and wanted to meet but i would't give in. Once he called when I was leaving out tol the mall with my baby nephew and finally i agreed to meet. His eyes were so happy to see me and I looked at him as if I new him since forever. The way I felt walking next to him just wanting to grab his hand, but it was weird, i didn't wan't to in front of my nephew either. After, I again, did not want to meet, it was scary, but I was leaving back home for vacation and he begged to at least come say bye. That was 9 days after meeting him, I jumped in his car for a quick good bye and it felt like I did not want to leave.

When I was back home, I wanted to call this guy so bad. I left my phone back home, and I was trying to remember his number which I did but I have no idea if the call actually went thru. The point is that, to this day after being involved for four years there has not been a day that doesn't go by, he is in my heart and mind 24/seven. He feels the same about me, we both feel each other. Things, horrible things have happened that I can't forget and now we are separated but he always contacts me and I don't because I want to move on from this feeling that is killing me inside. Things are not workign out right now and it is torture, but we both know we love each other and this is a pecial kind of love, we are both aware but I am not fighting for it anymore. Maybe I am wrong for this but sometimes I wish i have never met him. I wish thatmy life was like it was before, a free-spirit kind of living. Now, all I do is worry about him and I, together and it's overwhelming every day. I don't know how to fix it.

Me toooooo ... 4 years ago

Wow ... this is absolutely amaaaaaazing .... and I'm going to join all the others in saying 'I'm glad I found this site' and super glad that 'I'm not all crazy and insane'.

We met on an online dating site. Few months ago.

Firstly, some background info about me: divorced 10 years, and had 1x 3 month relationship during that time.My ex-husband, I met when I was in Gr 12 and he was in Gr11 and I knew I was going to marry him. We had a very stormy relationship/marriage - together-seperated-together-seperated etc, year in and year out. Mainly because he loved (all) women, although continuously telling me he loves me. Some kind of love he had, me on the other hand, because I really loved him could not even look at another guy, or ill-treat him for that matter.Well anyhow, after married him twice, can you believe it, and 3 children later, whom I love dearly, I eventually got out of the abusive relationship as it was destroying me, mentally, physically and emotionally. I moved far away, only myself and my kids, left my family and friends behind, just so that I can get over him and so be it, I eventually did. Never then thought the day would finally come that I can say I have NO feelings towards him what so ever, he is the father of my children and that is that.

Then in 2006 I met a guy I had a strong connection with, he was a colleague and married. So, although we had this connection, I knew he would never leave his wife and even if he did, I wouldn't then get involved in a relationship with him. Well, it took some time and eventually it went away.

The guy I had a 3 month relationship with (2008) I had no strong connection with, not at all. Although we clicked and got on like a house on fire there was NO emotional involvement. Nothing, and when we broke it off, I was not even saddened. I must also add here, that if I had to, he was the kind of guy I could end up having a long relationship with, even moved in together, just because we got along but that very extreme, soul searching connection would not be present (even if, at that time, I knew it existed but never really experienced it, as now).

So, year in and year out I promise myself 'this year I AM going to find me a boyfriend' haha ... comes Valentinesday, I'm still all alone. Not that there is a shortage of offers, just nothing that even slightly exited me, and if all the bells and whistles and chemistry and blah-blah-blah is not present, then it's not gonna work for me. I want it all.

So to the online dating scene I would turn, again, every year, same story, by the second month I'm all fed-up with all the fake profiles and chancers and youngsters and older men, then I leave it again till the following year, and so it carried on. Year in and year out.

So, after watching a movie last year, August Rush, I was totally touched, to my soul, and decided that is the connection I want, so back to the online dating scene I go.But this time, I registered on about 10 different sites, and subscribed to them too ... I was determined.

I started on the one site, chatted to this guy, just got up to speed with the hello's etc and introducing ourselves properly when I got another message .. and I replied ... well, that was it!

From the very first word we typed, something just happened, a connection so unbelievable, difficult to describe. And I know it went both ways. I didn't even say goodbye to the other guy I was chatting with, shame, still feel bad about that, as I don't like to be rude.

We chatted, then started to Skype, man, how was this even possible. I am telling you, out of this world! And I just needed to make some sense from it, so I wanted to meet up, he kept on delaying it. I could not understand why? Maybe he was still involved at the time....

So eventually we met up, boy oh boy .... electrical, super charged sparks flew, left, right and center. What was this ...? We could not even keep our hands of one another ... and let me tell you this, we never even kissed.Shivers down my spine by the slightest touch from him, desires unknown, aching, longing, mind blowing, unquenchable, burning, throbbing sensations.Thank heavens, or maybe sadly, we were at a public place.

After he left, I was dumb struck, left with feelings and aching and longing I never felt before, ever before. Why, why, why .... how? And I thought maybe it was just cyber attraction and wouldn't even exist in real life ...was I wrong.

He obviously felt the same and maybe afraid of the intensity of our emotions, or mine, I don't know, decided not to meet up again. I could not understand that, still don't .....!!!! Is he a runner and I am a fighter?

Because I want that, that is the very same feelings I want in a relationship, only much intenser and far more emotional.I tried to explain to him the way I feel, he put it down to obsession, fixation, or heaven knows what else.

In the meantime all I needed is him in my life, just to know he is there, to feel his presence, hear his voice, see his face, even if then only on my computer screen. Why could he not understand that. We had many arguments about this ..lol.. and I wrote him many letters to just try to explain how I felt, or rather still feel, not knowing why and I can't tell him why, as I don't know myself, just knowing it is there all the time. Knowing it is far more than just physical attraction, or passion, or whatever. Knowing that is so deep and intense that it hurts, sometimes it feels like my heart is ripped out, like a burning, aching pain. Sometimes when I think about him, my heart literally skips a beat or two, like taking a dip, or like an electrical search, don't know how else to put this. You all obviously know the feeling I'm talking about, so I don't have to try to explain too hard.

Then we decided to break it off, not going to chat anymore, as I thought it would help me get him out of mind, but as we all know by now, no matter what you do, it is impossible. I almost severely damaged my career, and I think he might have done the same. If only he would open up to me, so we could really talk. Talk about this whole experience. I'm only beginning to understand now, as I started to do some research about these absurd feelings, that so stubbornly refuses to leave me.

I still don't want to call it by name, but I know he has touched me far deeper and more emotional and spiritual than anyone else ever before. It is simple and clear, he touched my soul. Why is he fighting this? Because not for one moment will I believe that feelings this strong can be one sided, there is absolutely no way. I must have or rather my soul must have recognized or found an answer to it's call, or a similar longing or acknowledgement. When I go to bed at night, I am soooo close to him I am amazed that he can't feel me close to him, or maybe he can but won't admit it? If so, why is he denying us the chance of happiness?

I have tried to chat with other guys again on the dating sites, but get so frustrated, because it will never compare or even come close to what I feel. So that is no option either, I cant even bear to think of any other man! I know I will be able to love him so deeply and tenderly and unconditionally, because I already do, he will never experience love like I have to offer. But I can't tell him that either, he will totally freak out. If only I can know for sure what and how he feels. If only he will open up. My own theory, he has never loved before, yes maybe has been in love, but never truly loved, thus he is afraid of what he feels, but in the meantime it only messes us up more.

We chatting again, I could not bear not knowing what is going on in his life, and it all went well for about exactly a week and I was soooo happy, just Skyping, until he decided AGAIN it is getting too (what)?? .addictive, obsessive, absurd, weird, bizarre, crazy, creepy, freaky ....... I don't know what else he likes to call this phenomenon. Sometimes I feel like I can just shake him until he wakes up and realize what is happening. I know he has a lot going on in his life, career wise, but I am sure I can help him, support him, I understand him so

Andy 4 years ago

Well, Looks like I am in that same situation..

OMG those it hurt..

short story, we met online, she came to get me on a dating site, she is 8 years younger than me.

we where together 1.5 months, then she left for a month , only to come back for another 2.5 months now she is gone again. put herself back on the dating site, we went on a trip for a week, we where just like the same person over there same habits, same every thing we came back , had a perfect 2 weeks after ..

Then suddenly.. she put her add back on the dating site, and gave me our friendship isn’t sane. And its been over a month haven’t heard from her since…

Yet I feel her , I sense her, all day.. I can even tell you when she goes to bed, cause when she is sleeping… I don’t feel her ….

When she split the first time I was all panicky and had a dream when I woke up I knew everything would be OK, and she came back soon after..

Now I just know we are meant for each other.. I Know we will be together.. yet the rational side says to just move on.. Yet she is in me 24 hours a day.. I am tired of suffering for her.. I wanna move on. .yet I can’t cause I know we are ONE ..

I don’t know what to do.. I don’t know if she felt somethiing that scared her.. I don’t know if she still thinks of me.. HELP !

michelle 4 years ago

Really strange...so many experiences like my own. I did a google search and found this page. Like 20 years ago I met a man, 15 years my senior. I was a very young woman, not very long married, with two small children. He was also married. I felt an instant attraction to him. Several years later, he became professionally involved with me and my husband, and my feelings for him continued to grow. My marriage was never easy. I lived through a lot of emotional distress. Through all this time he was there, our friendship growing slowly. Now, I'm 44 years old. My children are leaving home. We are both still married, but we have recently become closer. I know I have very powerful feelings for him. Nothing like what I feel for my husband. I believe he has feelings for me as well. I have never felt something so intensely sexual. Or such a desire to love someone so unconditionally that nothing matters from their past. A longing to make that person comfortable and happy even if it means walking away. I can sense him waking up in the morning, sexual feelings, affectionate feelings, pain, sadness. I have never felt this way for another man. In 25 years of marriage, I've never been unfaithful, never been a problem.. It drives me crazy not knowing what this means,and i think about him constantly,but with a sense of constant frustration because we're both still married.I do not hate his wife or even feel jealous towards her..it's as if we were dealing with two entirely different things that have nothing to do with each other. I still care for and desire my husband...what I feel for this other man is something else. It's crazy.

Tote 4 years ago

This happened to me too. There was a boy in my class when I was twelve. Even though I didn't feel this instant attraction to him, slowly this feeling started creeping up on me. One year later I saw him after vacation and I felt this powerful, intense feeling towards him that I never ever felt for anyone before. We used to sit next to each other in class and sometimes, the powerful feeling that I used to feel,like strong, brief sparks of an electrifying force would overwhelm me and scare me. ANd for some reason it felt like, he was feeling them too. Whenever I was around him, everything felt so right, like perfect. I felt this overwhelming confidence that it'd be perfect only if we got together. Yet at the same time it felt so wrong because never before have I felt so intensely for someone and these feelings scared me. To be with him meant that I would be exposed and vulnerable. That thought scared me. I'd constantly invent excuses about it. I felt that I just wasn't good enough for him, that it was crazy the way I was feeling. I even tried to convince myself that it must be an infatuation and not love. I tried to think that he'd never look at me that way because there were so many better people to pick. I was soooooo afraid of being hurt; I knew, I believed that if sth went wrong, I wouldn't be able to ever fix it. I was scared and I felt that he was scared too.

I am 19 now. I still love him and now I know that I had been in love with him all along. I couldn't have been infatuated with him. I can't jump into new relationships because they lack that something-the name of which I don't know. I can't really find myself drowning in the depths of unexplained feelings for some other guy. They might be better-looking, smarter or even more funny or even more caring, but sth. always holds me back. It is like this image of him is inside me and it is like I can't put anyone else over there, no matter how hard I try. Believe me or not, every time I tried to move on and fight this feeling, I'd think of him and remember every thing that happened with him. I feel like he is inside me and all around me-like I carry a bit of him in my heart.

There was this one dream that I had that was soooo powerful that in that period of being half asleep and half awake, I could feel him against me, I could see his face and feel his breath against my face. On the very next day, at 12 at night, he opened up the long turned out communication between us and sent me a friend request

kisses123 4 years ago

I have this connection with my exboyfriend! I dont know how to explain it unless it is somrthing yoi yo must experience. But anyway when we first met 7 yrs ago as soon as I seen him I felt so strange I saw things I never fely before something hit me in the face it felt as if our souls reached out to one another. I was so afraid because it was to intense so I ran from him well at least I tried. However his brother became the father of my bestfrind's child and died before the child was born. Then we become s couple I felt so comfortable with him and it felt like we were suppose to be together for a lifetime. I was able to share my deepest emotions and dreams with him. But it seem that we had already been together multiple lives. However we split up when my cousin whom my mother raised as her son died. I couldn't take his death to me it was too much and I feared I would hurt him because all I wanted was to be alone. Yet I could sense when and how much he missed me. I knew in my heart we would be together again. So time went on I didnt ask much about him but I could feel his prescence I never feel empty now that weve been together. Anyway I am helping my bestfriend raise her child as a single mom. I feel like I am here to help her raise his neice not just bc the mother is my bestfriend but I feel responsibility to these ppl. Okay so two years go by and we reconnect with one another. I am just sitting home thinking how much I want to become a mom now that I am more mature & better stabled. And I think of this man whom I once love not realizing I still love him bc true love never die. Then unexpectedly we end up with one another living together. However I quickly learn that my soulmate is me but the bad part of me I fear and dislike. We have all types of issues arise we try to work through them but oneday I believe my soulmate is no longer growing. Yet everything he does I learn to accept and forgive and encourage him to grow. But I decide to breakup with him bc maybe I should wait until he has grown into one with me until he is not me in the past but just like me in the present. We keep seeing one another although I no longer love him as a boyfriend I love him like I mother loves her child! Nothing I have ever felt before especially bc I dont have children. However I learn that my soulmate fathered another woman's child while I was in his life. It is devastating however the love I feel for him doesn't cause me to hate him I forgive him bc he is growing and we are learning together! Now here we are our bond is still strong bc when he is sad I can feel his soul begging me for help. Oneday we were sharing our feelings about all the things weve done to one anotger that didn't seem right and we both hugged and cried I swear our souls touched! It has been just a few weeks but I know we will be together soon. Although I have tried to ignore it and doubt it due to problems in our relationship I find this something I cant get rid of. I believe I am here to help him raise our children (both his & his brother) and grow into an unselfish person. We even have the same exact birthmarks. God bought us together to learn to love unconditonally. We are probably karma soulmates but I know that there is something special about us. Some believe that the souls might have been mother or father or sister in another life. Because he make me feel motherly I like to joke and say he must have been my son in another life. Also there are four types of soulmates read about it it is helpful.

justme 4 years ago

The sad part is I have not find anyone here who wrote that they met their soule mate..it sayd if it means to be it will happen and I have that feeling only. Trying too many things will never work. I left the country after he decided to move on with his wife I understand and respect his decision but every time I see him I have that feel in my heart I can't explain. We do connect and feel intense love for each other but some how he does not have guts or courage to move on. So lfe him for good. I have pain in my heart but I have stoped sending me telephathi I want to be lvoed and move on too. Deep in side mt heart I want god to make it work if it is meant to be else I want to find my love and be haapy in my marriage tooo..

Its true 4 years ago

Yes,it is a year now since i met this man i can convincingly agree that I love; though as other friends are confused, I am too confused.But i think am not crazy. I knew of this man through a friend, after asking her to connect me to the persons working with organizations i have a passion of working with.He is blind, so our first shake of hands was followed by a hug, then a kiss, cuddling and finally sex. Unlike other men I have met in life; all these acts have never created hurting feelings aftermath.We now work with him for the same organization.The more we talk and plan things together the more bonded I am to him.He is married with two children, though he is not happy in the marriage he is in. They are experiencing difficulties. I have tried ignoring this man but has become impossible. Every time we discuss and plan to quit, I feel pain in my heart and even end up weeping. He also experiences the same, and keeps cursing nature for having not connected us before meeting the other lady whom he keeps telling me that he is just maintaining her.January this year, we agreed that we quit. But what happened instead was the opposite! We both was burning in love that we became more intimate and could plan for more avenues to meet and had subsequent sexual relationships without tiring or regretting. I now underscore all the old beliefs that no man will hurt me, if i drop one i will pick the other one. Every time he discusses his family like his wife visiting him for the holiday; I usually feel hurt and he has known it. He has made several attempts on trying the possible options of divorce so that he can have me but has proved hard. He confesses that the woman he married was his first love and had not known what it means to love until we meet last year. He dreams of me, he works very hard to see that i prosper both professionally and even academically. My anguish has been his innocent children. I do not want them to suffer. Yet I love him and would want him in my life forever. I have even left the man we were in a relationship with since I did not want to cheat on him, yet I truly love the other man. I am a saved christian and have been brought up under strict christian principles, and would not want to be guilt of this, yet i love him so much that I had to let it go the other man. Advise me what to do with this relationship, what should he also do? Do you think I am doing the wrong thing? Can God let me to do a bad thing?

But the bottom line is that I love him, i love him, i love him again and again very much. I even feel bad that this night I am not with him.

manoj for chinu 4 years ago

its true..

Nj 4 years ago

Let me share my pain with you all... the pain is very fresh as today. He was a very close friend of mine for few years first and then our feelings grew more than just friendship... for past 4 to 5 years we continued to be connected without any conclusion on where and what next??? several times we talked about it but never had a good ending that where and what we want to be, due to family and cultural boundries. we have been living in distance of miles from each other but almost every day we connect one way or other (phone or chat etc) and meet up every few months. finally in the past couple of months, i felt that he is trying to avoid me and finally i opened up again and talked to him. again the same, due to family and cultural differences we just can't wed... so we have to move on in our lives seperately. for hours we talked, cried, yield, shout and advised each other. the problem was that eventhough we know we can't get married, we just can't accept this fact, at least not me! finally i had to call him back and i told him to persue his way and accept his parents proposals and move on in life. however, i will try to wait for him as long as i can in case he ever thinks we can be together again!

Its been extremely painful.... my eyes are still burning. I can't even share my defeat in love with my family so to have their shoulder to cry!

thanks for having your shoulders to cry at and share my pain...

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shellster1 4 years ago

Sorry, I didn't have time to read all of the above comments, so perhaps someone has experienced something similar to me. Most of what I've read above has dealt with soul connections between two people who have been in a relationship...but what if you haven't? There is a guy I know at work with whom I have had this feeling of a soul connection for the past 3-4 years, and I don't really understand it. One day I noticed that he (and 2 of his friends) were staring at me, and every time I saw them after that they were again staring at me. I had no idea who he was and he had no idea who I was. It's a long story, but he had friends follow me to my desk to find out my name, had a friend follow me in my car (not all the way home, so not a stalker, LOL), and other stuff like that. Whenever I saw him (or his friends), they would always be looking at me/staring. He would even catch my eye and stare me straight in my eye and hold my gaze until I looked away (from across the room). However, if I or any of my friends made an effort to talk to him, he would give us the cold shoulder. After 6 months of that I found out that he was living with his girlfriend. This messed me up bad because I couldn't figure out why he would behave this way if he was already taken? I was living with my ex boyfriend at the time....I broke up with him, was single for a year, and am now in a great relationship with someone else. The guy at work bought a house with his girlfriend and they are getting married this summer. I still feel this strong connection to him, and whenever I see him (which isn't often since I avoid him), he still looks at me the same way. I don't understand what is going on here, as I don't think we're meant to be together in this lifetime. Can anyone please shed some light on this situation? I try to avoid thinking about him or seeing him because it's obvious he's made his choice (and it's not like we even really know each other!). But no matter how hard I try, I can't get him out of my head, I still feel the connection. I'll be ok for a few months and then it's like the Universe throws him back in my face and I see him everywhere for about a week, and then it all starts to come up again. I would really like to understand what is going on! Please help!

Sad 4 years ago

Hi Lost Lady, my story is identical to yours, i wrote on here earlier, that i got back in touch with my soulmate, after 30yrs apart and he too, now has cancer, like i wrote earlier. We are no longer in touch, which is his choice, but maybe in our next life, we will finally get our chance to be together, at last.

Pamela 4 years ago

its good to see i am not only the one tat is feeling this ways ..i am met a person one and half year back ..i first feeling i had is i know him ..then eventually i started feeling he is mine ..he was always mine ..i still feel the same .just cant get his thought out of my mind i feel he is always with me beside me .even though we are not in contact

Pamela 4 years ago

i would like to add the strange part is ..when we met i was sure he has same feelings for he ..through his gestures behavior he made sure it was love that he felt for me ..whenever we made eye contact it was like time had stopped and we have forgotten everything and everyone around us ..but when i conveyed my feeling he backed off saying he considered me good friend and i deserved someone better ..but i can feel his love somehow and strangest part is we dont have any problem settling down also ..God know whats the matter with him..

krystal 4 years ago

I feel like I met my soul mate Ive hurt him so much in the past and he moved out before and came back because he felt like he made a mistake and told me I was the best relationship he been in and he see me as his future recently we been arguing a lot and he broke up with me and told me were better as friends hes single but he still calls me babes acts like were still together I knw I hurt him so much I try to talk to him about giving me one last chance he sad no we still live together and he said hes still there just to help me cause we have baby together but I hsvent ever been through this hurt and pain before I love him so much it scares me I want him to want me back but he says its over sometimes I act tough like fine lets be friend but hes soulmate I cant just be frends wit him and im trying to make him understand its different now because wehen we were just friends we were just friends but I realize he is my soulmate I had a dream years back I had a baby by him and it was gonna be a girl I feel like deja fu happened in 2011 when I had his babygirl can someone help cause it hurts him telling me hes single Im not an emotional person but I cry so much it hurt so much HELP

star 4 years ago

Hi everyone, man I thought I was going crazy when I first met this boy that goes to my school.well anyways last year in september, I met a boy by the name of jorge...now the thing is I use to notice him around at school and I knew he liked me because he was trying to talk to me, the reason I knew that was because I caught his friend trying to tell him to talk to me but jorge was acting like he didn't here him so evry since then, I just started liking him, I went to go talk to this psychic about him, she claimed that he did like me and he was freaked about talking to me, well I caught him starin at me a few times it was weird...he would stare at me withought being intimidated and wonder why he would think about me, now that's what the psychic said, so like the psychic told me I needed to do this spell or something to bring us together because were suppose to be together and we wus actual together in our ancient times, he's my true lover, I found that out when I told her since I wus so shy to talk to him how was I suppose to get over him?? She said, you can't you and him have a special bond, were spiritually connected, I wus shocked so now I haven't seen him in uh month in a half becus I go to this small continuation school which is located inside my actual high school, which he goes to still..we don't see eachother and now I'm like I can't let him go, all I do is think about him, its just overwhelming feeling and I say to myself I'm gunna see him again, which I know I am but not the feeling of being with him:(.all I can do is just pray and hope becus whatever happens, happen for a reason...but I just wished we was together

Hel1 4 years ago

I met this guy i fought we had a connection but we broke up i still think of him alot of people have asked me do i still like him i always answer no and i keep telling myself i don't but sometimes i wonder... I say it alot of times that i don't like him why is that am i trying to convince myself or what?

I don't know what to do is he feeling the same can't tell what do i have to do it's been longer than a year were not even in the same school anymore sometimes his still there some days after school to greet every1 but rly don't know what to do HELP PLZ!!!

Kathy 4 years ago

Hi there,

Just came across this page when searching for answers. I too feel as though I am going crazy. I met this man, whom I do not know and for some reason feel that we are intensely connected. The first time we looked into each others eyes it was electrifying, it totally floored me and now I constantly think of him. We don not see each other that often and when we do we alternate between being shy and being confident around each other. It truely feels insane and I am mad at my self for being so emotional about a man I don't know. The funny thing is that I felt this way about three men, in the past three years...I saw them approx a year apart each time and now I have realised that it is all the same man...Is it possible for you to know that you have met your other half and if I feel it so strongly is there a chance that he feels nothing?...

4 years ago

Kathy I am going through this and I don't know what to do.. I am so shy.. I wish I could just get to know this beautiful stranger... I wonder if he feels the same way bc it is killing me.. I have only seen this person and like you said when you look at each other.. omg that feeling is.... (even words cannot describe it) I have only felt this way about this person..I am going insane :(

oh and the first time I saw this person, it was like he spoke to me but I was listening to my iPod..and I had totally ignored him.. this definately means he is your soul mate..

..I am searching for answers as well

Lia 4 years ago

Hi everybody, am experiencing the same thing but with two different guys, one is my best friend and one is my co-worker who is married actually. This best friend of mine always pop ups in my dream, I havent contacted him for years since after he got married. Misses him, we have feeling for each other many many years back, while this co worker have make my situation even worst. Always catch him staring at me am not sure y, coz looking into his eyes to much i guess makes love in my heart grow, I know i shouldnt, anyway I didnt show any tell tale signs to him since he is married. I miss both of them but keep it deep down in my heart. Nothing can be done, am suffering, I do not know whether they are feeling the same but seriously just wanna get rid of this

Lia 4 years ago

I wanted to tell them how much I miss them but I just can't, due to my circumstances, I ignore them totally, there were days that I cried a lot, does not know what to do whom to share with, nobody will agree with me coz this is stupid THEY ARE MARRIED, I really hope I could release all by sharing it worldwide.

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nanalynn08 4 years ago

I was with this man for 5 yrs and he went up north to work. we were separated for almost 6 months but saw each other several times during that time. I got real stupid and said somethings that i should not have and got upset because i wanted him to come back to me. i was afraid to go back up north for fear of what my family would say. He and i share children and grandchildren together. i didn't realize how much i loved him until it was too late. Or so he said, but by that time he was seeing someone else. He told me just a few weeks ago that he went out with her just for spite. My gut keeps telling me that we are not over and he still calls every so often and talks to me. He always asked personal questions about my attire "as to what im wearing". He asks how im doing and how the grandkids are. his girlfriend is trying to friend my kids on fb and skype. 2 of them have accepted. I dont attempt to friend his daughters right now with the situation we are going through. It has been almost 3 months and i still love and miss him very much. I don't know if i should just give up or hold on to my gut feeling that we will be back togethter one day. Any suggestions? I feel so helpless and lonely.

John 4 years ago

I am so grateful that I found this website. Thank you God. I can't believe there are so many other persons in this world that are experiencing more or less the same weird feeling and scenario like what I am facing now. Missing and thinking of one particular person, without any specific reason.

Hmm...I keep on asking myself: "What has happened to me now? Why I keep on thinking of my first lover all the time nowadays? Why after 18 years I have not been thinking of her, then out of sudden for the past two years (approximately since April 2010) I keep on thinking of my first lover again, day and night, although we have not met each other for 19 years? Why?

Why? And the weird thing is why do I have the feeling that most probably she is also thinking of me nowadays? It's very mind-puzzling...

In 1991 my first lover and I have a very serious relationship as lovers. In fact I have made it very clear to her that she was the only woman that I love very dearly and she was the "angel" that I wanted to live with for the rest of my life. And she understood it. She agreed to my plan to get married as soon as we finish our university education. No doubt about that. She told me she also loved me. In fact when our relationship ended for the first time in 1990 (due to her own action that really offended me), she was the one (not me) who has made the effort to revive our relationship, through my roommate. She made it clear to me that she wanted to be with me again as my lover. And she said that she has been thinking of me day and night since our relationship ended. So I accepted her back in 1991 because the truth is I was also deeply in love with her

But then at the end of 1991, I suffered a weird illness. Due to some miscommunications here and there and due to some family interference, we were "separated". I was brought to live in a very remote village with no means to communicate with her.

However in 1992 through a mutual friend I tried to meet her again to explain why I have not been contacting her for so many months. She agreed to meet me but when we finally met she angrily refused to have further discussion with me. I was not given any chance at all by her to tell my side of the story on why I was very quiet during that "separation period". I was so devastated. My world crumbled. Spiritually, at that time I did not have any strength at all to continue living because she was the only one that I love very much though I also did not know why I loved her so much and why all other pretty ladies in this world were nothing compared to her.

To make a long story short, after that very sad day I tried many ways to forget her. Then I married my present wife in 1993. My wife is the nicest lady that I have ever met in my life. Without any doubt my wife is a very caring lady. She looks after me very well. She is a loyal and loving wife. She is the type of wife that any husband would dream to have.

And it seems for the past 18 years I have managed to forget my first lover. But out of sudden, since April 2010 for no apparent reasons I have been thinking of my first lover again, day and night. I know my first lover has been married with her present husband for more than 10 years. So no! I never want to wreck other people's marriage. I never wish that she will betray her husband for the sake of me. In short, I am not the type of man who has any slightest intention to "steal" other people's wife. But I just can't understand why on earth after 18 years I have not been thinking of my first lover, then out of sudden for the past two years (approximately since April 2010) I keep on thinking of her again, day and night, although we have not met each other for 19 years? Why?

Can somebody please tell me why this phenomenon happens to me.....? Why?

Lia 4 years ago

Nana, follow your heart/gut feeling/intuition/ if he is meant for you, he will be back.

Hi John, am not a home wrecker either :), i believe she is thinking of you too, the vibration, positif energy between the two of you so higher vibration. Pray for her, it will help you too I guess...life have to go on, moreover you are married. Good luck.

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june800 4 years ago

I first seen him in the complex where I was living I was living with my then bf now husband. My and his eyes made deep contact and he tried to get my attention at times but I was so afraid because the relationship that I had and still have. Circumstances in our lives connected us together in some ways more then one. I have unexpectedly seen him and he gave me the biggest smile and wave when we last seen each other two years ago. I can't get him out of my mind and we can't be with each other he's engaged to be married and I'm already married and I feel like my heart is in pain because I feel this overwhelming connection to him that I just can't explain to to the average person. Thing is we really never had a normal convo and I'm 8 years older then him but the way we would look at one another we didn't need to say much it sounds so crazy but that's the way I feel......

Jones34 4 years ago

I have felt this strong connection before as well. I only had a few coincidental encounters with this person, yet every time it felt like he was a friend I had known for years or all my life. We are very much similar and also have similar personality traits, so that might be of relevance. When we are together, I am at my highest peek. It is a feeling unexplainable, like a sense of peace JOY and affection. We can have endless, effortless and comfortable conversations. I feel like i know who i am when i with him, because I do not feel the need to hold back. I am my true self when I am with this person. He knows all my flaws and I don't feel ashamed of this, he accepts me and i accept him. His flaws make me feel that much more affection towards him because i feel the need to help him and understand him. It's like our flaws and emotional bond create a bigger connection. I also have noticed that with every encounterment i learn something new about myself. I am in love with this feeling of joy (i dont even think joy is a big enough word) It is such a beautiful feeling, and a feeling that is so spiritual that i believed it was God who had placed this person into my life. We understand each other on every level. I have never felt this with any other person. Sometimes, there are things that seem to stop us from being together. Perhaps this is not the right time for us to move forward as one. But i know that as long as he is in my life i am content. I cannot imagine my life without this person. And i look forward to our next encounterment. It is an ecstatic feeling far greater than any drug give you. I can go on more with this.. but i'd be writing forever.

John 4 years ago

Hi Lia.., thank you for your response to my comment. Yes, I agree with you. Somehow I got the feeling that most probably she is thinking of me too. Maybe. Just maybe.

And yes, I'm aware that I'm a married man. Actually the mere fact that I am married makes it even much more painful for me because I would rather die than leaving my loving, caring and loyal wife. No doubt that I love my wife with all my heart.

But the fact remains (like I wrote it earlier) for the past 2 years, with no apparent reasons, I keep on thinking of my first lover again, each and every day. Its emotionally draining thinking about her all the time from the moment I wake up till I go to bed.

When I wake up, my first lover's face is the first to appear in my mind.

When I'm having my shower, she keeps on coming into my mind.

When I'm having my breakfast, she keeps on coming into my mind.

When I'm driving, she keeps on coming into my mind.

When I'm doing my office work, she keeps on coming into my mind.

When I'm having my lunch, she keeps on coming into my mind

When I'm watching TV, she keeps on coming into my mind

When I'm having dinner, she keeps on coming into mind.

When I go to bed again, she keeps on coming into mind until I finally sleep.

Why? Why all these strange things happen? Is it because my first love is actually my Soul Mate? Is she?

And the crazy thing is when I dream of her, my tears came out from my eyes the moment I wake up.

It's very strange phenomenon because I am NOT the one who purposely want to remember her.

I am NOT the one who purposely want all of this "thinking of her" things to happen.

I am NOT the one that intentionally want to visualize our sweet times together when we were lovers almost 20 years ago.

Sometimes I wish I never met her in 1991, because its emotionally draining thinking about her all the time from the moment I wake up till I go to bed. I pray to God that one day there is a way out. Please help me God. Amen.

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nanalynn08 4 years ago

Hi Lia, thank you for your input. I am just letting things ride out right now. i just feel like something is not quit finished yet and he is just trying to hide. He wont talk to me right now because he has admitted that she gets mad when he talks to me. this is nothing but jealousy on her part and fear on his. One day he will either stand up and be a man or loose out on me. I still love him and i think he still loves me. He told one of my best friends that he will love me forever and told me that if i were up there with him this never would have happened. My chiildren are all grown and out of the house and the woman that he is with has children that are still in primary school. I can come and go and he can't. he is now stuck with kids at home. that is not the kind of person he is. their sun signs don't get along to well either.

Lia 4 years ago

I never forget him till date, always dream abt him, but life goes on, and recently the co worker I mentioned earlier, he always stare @ me...not sure y, one point I have butterflies in my stomach, heart sometimes skip a beat or two, uncomfortable, I try not to look @ him, try to avoid him, we seldom talk, but we bump into each other almost every where...NOW I miss him though he is in the office, so stupid right?

Linda 4 years ago

Hi Lia, no you are not stupid. It's your soul which is connected to his soul. Your subconscious mind and his subconscious mind are communicating to each other although you try to avoid him. Accept it as it is. Good Luck.

Hi John, my heart goes out to you. I know you are "suffering" tremendously now. Wow! For the past two years, out of the blue you have been thinking again of your first lover day and night, from the time you wake up until the moment you go to bed again. Amazing! (especially after taking into account the fact that you have not met each other for nearly 20 years!)Persevere. Pray a lot (you seems like a religious man). God will help you to find a way out. From my own experience and from your story, I strongly believe she is also "suffering" now i.e thinking of you all the time although she is married. May one day you and your first lover be together again (without hurting other people's feeling..) Please do update us if later it really becomes a reality. Good Luck.

Lia 4 years ago

Yup be together again without hurting others, that will only happens if there is a miracle. As for me temporarily must get rid of the feelings, am going to chase, sweep the feeling OUT, have to face him everyday, we are under one roof so troublesome.

lugnut2 4 years ago

I too have these strong feelings about my significant other its just he tells me he has been married for 22years and will go to the end with her. Yet he contacted me and admits we are soulmates and that he thinks about me often and wants to stay in touch. I also am seeing someone but the feelings are not the same. I have already told this person I would never marry him. someone please explain to me what is going on

Iris 4 years ago

Hi, John. So amazing. I feel I understand the way you feel because it happens to me all the time, no matter I try to avoid. It is happening through the last two years as well. Some days are like lost days because feelings (not thoughts) are so strong that I cannot even work. My situation is quite similar. Or almost. Nothing to do about unless to pray, that's what I think. Sometimes it seems things like this drive me crazy. As more I try to rationalize, worst it gets. I try to forgive myself because the guilty feeling just makes me cry all the time. I do not think I am really guilty for have loving feelings, but I think other people will see me like a guilty person. But how can someone be guilty for having love feelings? Sometimes I even think that all these things are not real, that I am actually a dead person that come back to this world to guide the one I am fated to love. Because I feel I have died already, but my heart is full of light. I think it is better do not think at all, just pray and release. Let it go. Maybe this lady is your soul guide, maybe she is even not real, maybe she is the one you will find somewhere beyond this life.

Ann 4 years ago

Thank you so much everyone for your honesty on such a painful subject. I am 41 and until recently thought my life was right on track then out of the blue he shows up. It wasn't an instant connection but within a few weeks I knew this man was someone I couldn't live without. Unfortunately we are both married, but however much we try we cannot be apart from each other for very long. At one point I went away for ten days...it was torture. The pain I felt being apart from him was indescribable. I felt this intense need to be with him not really in a sexual way but just to be near him. I work nightshift and one night at 2:30am a strange feeling came over me like something wasn't right. The next day we spoke and he asked if something had happened at work the night before. When I asked him why he said that something woke him up in the middle of the night and that he immediately thought of me. I asked him if he remembered the time...he said around 2:30. I'm not usually a believer in these kinds of things...I have no idea how to explain these feelings. Some things just can't be explained. My question is this...will this terrible aching need ever go away? I don't know how much more we can take of this.

John 4 years ago

Hi Iris, thank you so much for your input on my current predicament. I've read your response comment for more than 5 times. It's mind-soothing. It gives me strength knowing there is other people in this world who is more or less in the same situation like me. Only God truly understand the "extreme degree of pain" that I'm going through now caused by the fact that for the past 2 years I keep on thinking of my first lover again (out of the blue with no apparent reasons), each and every single day, from the time I wake up until the moment I go to bed again although we have not met each other for nearly 20 years and although for the past 18 years up to April 2010 it seems that I've managed to "forget" her. Anyhow, I believe every single thing in life happens for a reason. What is happening now has made me even closer to God. Everyday I pray and "cry silently" to God asking guidance how to find a way out to this unfortunate situation. Take care Iris. May one fine day God really show the way out.

Hi Ann, yes you are very right. Some things just can't be explained. We need to experience it ourselves in order to accept that it really does happen. Telepathy, Soul Mate and Twin Flames are all things that do not have any scientific explanation but many people have experienced it one way or another. It is sometimes pointless to explain to people who are not "blessed" by God to experience this strange phenomenon. We need to accept it "as it is". Based on my own experience, no counselling sessions or logical explanation can make all these things simply "go away". Good Luck Ann.

Hi Lugnut2, I think in order for you to understand what's going on, you need to google the words Soul Mate and Twin Flame. You will find many explanation. You can also visit this forum http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/forumdisplay.php... . Good Luck.

Iris 4 years ago

John, I know it is difficult but if you shift these thoughts in pure love, in light, and send it back as a prayer to your lover, I think you can bring back this light and feel like it holding you, and then you find a familiar balance again. These thoughts can be nice feelings for you go on with your family, try to let it shine thoroughly through you. Imagine this lady as holding your hand and guiding you through pure, spiritual love, so other people will realise you opened your heart and it will ease the burden, I guess. I will pray for you.

John 4 years ago

Iris, thank you so much for your feedback. God bless you. I'll mention your name in my prayer too. Take care Iris.

Iris 4 years ago

I believe connections does not happen by chance or randomly. It must have an unattainable reason for it come to be. I feel my heart like not just mine but as belonging to someone else I cannot even see anymore. Deciding to not see him is like decide to love with no hope but also deciding to set free the love, because I do not feel love like a feeling someone have to slavery, but as a feeling that makes another one to get free, and this freedom is so high that even distant, the love remains even more stronger and gives reason to go on, to move on. It is so high that nobody can kill.

Sad 4 years ago

Hi Hi John and everyone, i too think of my first love, morning, noon and night. We got back in touch after yrs and yrs apart, only to be torn apart again, as he has cancer. We are both married to different partners,and have families, but seemed to re-enter each others lives, as good friends, when we were both going through bad times in our lives. The connection was so strong, it was as if, we had just continued, where we left off.....as youngsters, but then tragedy struck and he was taken away, from me again. I will never really understand why we reconnected after so long, to be pulled apart again, but he never leaves my thoughts and i don't think he ever will.

John 4 years ago

Hi Sad, thank you for sharing your story. Indeed there are many similarities between your story and mine (except the part of "cancer" and the part of you got back in touch again with your first love after years apart). But I must say your story is more tragic in the sense that he was taken away from you again, this time because of cancer. My heart goes out to you. I've learned something from what you are going through now. May God give you strength to sail through the difficult times. Good Luck.

NSB 4 years ago

I can't stop thinking about this guy. I even tried dating someone else but I broke up with him because I could not stop thinking about him. Everyday since 5th grade. He stares at me but it's not with a smile just a deep stare. When we do talk he always listens and focuses just on me in the group. We don't talk that much but I feel like he wants to. I am just wondering if I am reading too much into this attraction or not.

Iris 4 years ago

Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I think about the triggers of every situation that puts people in tune with another one even distant. Is there any initial cause, any event that starts these feelings? In my case I identified in finding someone, from the moment on, but I really have no cause to started feeling like that, because I never stood alone with this person or even gave chance to. Have someone a clue on?

dilara 4 years ago

give a damn of this connecton ! whats when this connection hurts you, or even kills you so that you dont wanna live anymore, so i rather resist and dont accept it than haviing this unconditionatly feeling that make me feel am gonna explode..

honestly those feeling make me feel, like am not from this universe it is jjust so strong that i can not accept it it just hurts.

pls can someone help me to get rid of this feeling.. I dont want it .. it hurts so much

right now it not that strong but sometimes its that strong that i cant control myself and rather would kill myself than to set anything about i free...

dilara 4 years ago

I cant describe this feeling..

this feeling i so sttrange, its like just energy you feel, its not to put in words

it is like just this person knows how you feel.... and knowbody realy else

and its like you guy mentioned, even if you dont speak with him, he is taking you feelings and knows what and how you feel...

and than you get angry because you realise that he recognises it. and he is just smiling, whats again making you like you want him to die or you want to explode..

cause you dont wanna accept it

Neinsy 4 years ago

Well I'm so happy I'm not the only one feeling like this and that it's confirmed his feeling this way too but I have 2 beautiful children with a man I love and I'm getting married next month but I know deep down I will never feel this away about anyone else not even my partner, my heart actually feels like its breaking when I think of him, he comes to me in my dreams and gets angry at me for getting married and his so hurt and I'm so angry at him for not declaring his love for me but we where too young and pride filled. I Find happiness in the fact we are still tied thru the universe

Iris 4 years ago

Everything is light, and light find no boundaries. No matter how intense the suffering or how long it lasts. At the end, there will just comprehension and a kind of love no one dares to defy, because is the one which understands and know everything. That is the highest connection state.Releasing love is like release the inner connection.

patski profile image

patski 4 years ago from Singapore Author

Is great and inspiring to read so many here have pen their thoughts on my heart and soul connection topic. Some of the readers here asking for help or advise but im sorry if i cant provide all the answers for your problems , maybe some readers here able to but whatever it is that is bothering you , the final outcome is ultimately yours to decide. If you decide to hold on something that you feel deeply in your heart then let that be stored in your deepest heart even there is no future or whatsoever , at least you have that special feelings and love once and able to recalled with fond memories whenever you feel like it. Dont restrict yourself and denied your heart to love again and i believe there is always someone out there again who deserve your love though it might not be exactly the same but open your heart up and you be much happier and not dwell on something so called deep love but due to circumtances is an impossible dream or love. At the end of the day we all just want to feel love and be happy as life is just too short to be just stuck in misery just because you couldn't be with the one you love. Hope this will help enlighten your current situation.

wonderful flower 4 years ago

when read this it sound so amazing hearing this stories. every-time i see him i could feel he like me but all i i wanted to do is run for him.sometime it hard to tell if his right. last week Thursday he was sitting right in front of me and i could feel he staring and looking at me . i feel in my soul he like me feel he like me .but sometime i can be wrong.can he have the same feeling of me to.help please.

lonely wallflower 4 years ago

Is feeling this deep, intense connection the kiss of death? I hate not having the guts to initiate conversations. All my co workers see him stare at me all the time. Whenever I enter a room, he's always looking right at me. It breaks my heart knowing now he has a girlfriend. Everyone says I should be patient. But after reading all these stories, I feel like it will never happen. He was pursued me, and I guess he gave up since I couldn't open up. I remember exactly what he was wearing when we first met. And my co workers said he's had his eye on me since I started the job. We look at each other all the time. We are constantly looking at each other. I can sense he wants me, and he knows I really want to be with him. I just can't seem to open my dam mouth. I've never liked a guy so much. I can sense my body shake, and be radiant when I think of him. I get goosebumps, too. My heart just dropped when I found out he has a gf now. I feel like I should give up....

Whats going on 4 years ago

Hello, I guess you can say that my story is strange. I have known a teacher at my school since freshman year and over these four years we have gotten closer. As a teenaged girl, it's important to have a good role model and over time I realized it was my teacher. Although she no longer teaches me, we still talk in the hallways and find other ways to catch up. I feel that we have a special connection. I cannot stop thinking about her, I always find ways to run into her in the halls. We talk as if we were sisters or mother and daughter in another life. As I graduate early next month, I can't help but think of how much I will miss her. She wants me to be her babysitter for her little boy, which is sweet. It's funny, we always discuss fashion and other fun things, but we can talk for hours. We have so much in common and it seems like she tries to impress me. I get mad at myself for constantly thinking of her. It's not a crush, but a weird love that I'm sure is mutual. Recently I noticed that when we have eye contact there is a weird chemistry between us....ugh why do I feel this way? Also we sometimes ignore each other in big crowds and put on our prettiest faces and we laugh and appear to enjoy the companies of others. What's going on with me? Us? Her?

kathy 4 years ago

there was this guy who talked to me a couple of weeks ago, he told me that he wanted to be friend with me because he wanna get to know more about me. I answered yes we can be friends but not more than.He asked why, I lied to him saying that I was already in a relationship.He answered well its " ok". After that I until now I really regret what I told him. I really missed him.Every time I see him I feel something different. My feelings for him now is really strong and I just couldn't put it into words. does he have the same feelings towards me too??will we be able to talk to each other again??All we used to do recently is greet each other...please help!!!Give me some advice,,,

Gypsy 4 years ago

I too have felt this connection, the first time 20 years ago, went on with my life thought I it was me and literally buried it away int he furthest corners of my heart. I recently saw this person again and it took everything in me to not make a fool of myself. You see, this connection is with a first cousin, I am married and family would be crushed. The first encounter I thought it was a foolish young girls crush and kept quite. This time when we said good-bye, I honestly stated, I am glad that you are my cousin, but sad at the same time, and to my surprise he agreed. Our parents are siblings, my heart wants to run to him, but my head says our families will be crushed. What to do?

Gigi 4 years ago

Hi so I moved across the country a year ago. I'm friends with a guy on Facebook we wentto grade scho together. We haven't seen eachother since! 15 years. Well he came to the city I live in and asked if we could meet up. I was nervous because why wod he want to see ME?!? Well we ended up having a blast and he told me he ha the biggest crush on me 15 years ago. When he flew back home he sent a picture of our 5th grade class and were next to eachother and I have a big heart around my picture :) we can't stop thinking and talking to eachother!! I hope we are thinking the same things and feel the same way!! It would be great to have a real love in my life!!

Praveena 4 years ago

Hi, i'm too going through exactly the same thing. I started seeing this 11:11 phenomena after that. I can feel his thoughts, his actions and his feeling but when i directly approach him he says he is not into me. I wanna forget him and move on. But something or the other forces me to remember him. after all this finally i've let everything into God's hand. Let him come if God wishes or let me go through all this. Its better to leave everything to God and let him decide the best for us.

jalin 4 years ago

My ex husband is my soul mate. We met when we were 19 and spent 10 years together. Eventually married with a son who is now 10. We are both spiritual people and built a strong foundation of protection around us. However, 2011 my husband, now 30, faced his toughest life challenge and was distracted by the 'dark'. It separated our physical paths however our souls were never disconnected. When this happened I suffered extreme pain unlike any other heartbreak. My heart broke so severely I could feel the pain of the shatter as though it was real and I had a near death experience from this severe pain. In this experience we were together from above and looking down, still holding hands and right next to each other in glowing light and I turned to say thank you. When I came back down there was a relief and I thought this was the end of our connection but 18 months and a divorce later unfortunately this is not the case.

I moved on quickly as I really needed to find his replacement. The loss of this connection was so awful I was in desperation to find one close enough to match it. I dated several men and after 6 months found the 'one'. He was perfect, it was like my husband but missing all of the bad flaws. I instantly had the soul connection feelings that I found with my husband. I have no doubt I was pulled to him already years ago through many coincidences we were both aware of and even when we finally did meet we never exhanged numbers, and still a month later had our first date. The connection was too strong for us to avoid.

However, my first soul connection was never terminated or do I believe ever will be. We are still very in tune with each other and my husband wants to be together again and has done for a very long time. This leaves me in a very hard place as I have the connection with both and I love them both so deeply - sometimes one more than the other but usually always the same. It sometimes feels like they are the same person.

My new partner is less developed spiritually and this is important as having the awareness of the connection actually makes it stronger. My husband is aware therefore I feel his pull a lot of the time. And sometimes I feel it is so strong I can't deny it.

The soul connection is different to a sexual connection as sex is a physical state, therefore this is not a case of 'cheating' spouses but real love. If you find this real love trust its purity it hurts extremely but you will know you are the safest you will ever feel as this connection does follow you in death. And don't believe that 'marriage' is real love. I have been married and divorced to my soul mate and it has changed nothing.

Butterfly 4 years ago

I too hav had this experience..only thing is he's shut down and broke it off but wants to remain friends for now, he's living with guilt about his sibling as me n him were set up but it never happened cos I fell for the other sibling my soul mate I just pray we r brought back together as I feel I cannot function without my right wing

Lia 4 years ago

Hi guys, i'm trying to ignore my co-worker but just can help it, he is everywhere, even though i dun move from my desk, he always look at me, there are times our eyes met. I do not know seems like i have seen this eyes before somewhere...hmmm i do like him but i know this wont work, he is married, I tried to put distance, though we dont talk no matter how far he is standing, his eyes...i just don't know maybe he have crossed eyes.

Lia 4 years ago

Sometimes feel bad and rude coz i ignore him totally, as though i didnt see him, but he is actually right infront of me

Sugar 4 years ago

It feels like I have woken up on the side of the bed and realized my twin was snatched away. There are days that I miss him so much, I nearly break down. It feels like a hole inside my chest that's so hard to fill completely. I sit here and I pretend like he feels the same way. I pretend that he still dreams about me, still thinks about me as I can't stop doing. I mean our situation is so unique that all I can do is pray. We aren't allowed to talk to one another. There's not a day that goes by that I don't want to tell him about and there's not a night I stop wishing and praying the best for him. I miss being able to fight his every doubt to give him faith. My mind keep saying he's not the right one and that he's nothing, but my heart and soul, they yearn and say so much more.

Biggest Fool 4 years ago

I too found my mate. He is still married and we have been on and off for the last four years. They moved to another state, but a year later he moved his family back to the original state and I moved to where he is. He said, finally things are coming together. Once I got there, he started pushing me away. Then five months later, I find out he has been seeing other women from his work. I confronted him and then left. He hurt me so terribly and I have not ever hurt the way I do, but I still do love him. I dream about him, I try to forget him,but I feel him continuously. I feel when he is getting up in the morning and I feel when he is not doing so well. We have not spoken for the last three weeks. I was doing well, but sometimes it just overcomes me and become depressed. I start crying and can't stop. Last time we saw each other, he made an interesting comment, he said, he was afraid of disapointing me that why he is fighting the feelings that he feels for me. I know its not all one sided, but I don't know what to do. I feel so empty, I try to move on, but everytime I try, he is back in my head. I feel so empty, he is the other half of me and its hard living without the person that completes you.

Baby blou 4 years ago

I feel him even though we are miles apart, I cant speak to him anymore over the telephone, as it hurts us both so much, because we cant be together. I hear him talking to me, he just says he loves me all the time, even when I am trying so hard to forget him, I just cant. I dont believe in circumstances keeps true love apart, if it was meant to be it was and it will happen, we need to be together, this missery is heart broken. No one should suffer this, it feels like a lost and found jungle. In this case only two lossed souls...

Cant help it 4 years ago

I wrote on here earlier about an ex of mine. We finally saw each other 2 months ago. That was the last time, then I didnt hear from him for almost 2 months. It was so hard to not try and contact him, but I figured he had his reasons and the main reason was he just didnt feel the same about me, that I did of him.

Last week he called me out of the blue. He said he couldnt stop thinking about me, and had to step back because his feelings were so intense. He told me he was scared of how he felt about me...I told him I was scared too. Then he admitted that he has loved me all these years....we still dont know what to do with this. I always thought I could feel him thinking about me, now I know that I really did and it wasnt in my head.

Lia 4 years ago

Funny right? Am not sure how far all these telepathy, intuition etc are right and true, sometimes we really like someone, but they just dont like us back, there are times that they like us but we dont and also there are cases where we like each other but just cant be together, I just dont know what is right.

linda 4 years ago

all similar stories.coincidentally meeting someone with some circumstance situation actually is one of the signal that actually you've meeting your soulmate. It is hard to resist,hard to deny and the connection getting stronger when you want to break the ties.It just a soul.You body can deny it but your soul still reaching the other soul because it is all about the soul connection. Just let the soul freely love the other half..rather than try to break the ties,it much more painful. take care everybody..i experienced this connection and still feels it even now getting stronger,the worst thing is i even can read his mind,can predict his moves, meet him at odd place, saw his name everywhere,FB,papers,etc when i tried to break the ties..and more worst i can hear his screaming my name,i can hear he whispering and saying he wants to married me,he loves me so much..but due to some circumstance,we cant be together..i just pray to God, if he is the one, i hope that i can meet and be with him in heaven..and im glad that im not the one having this weird situation and i never had this kind of feelings before..

Lia 4 years ago

kind of hallucination :P, can see him EVERYWHERE,i agree, for myself am trying my best to put a distance, dont bother whether my heart skips a bit or two when he is around, I am trying, seriously having a hard time. I hope the feelings will fade away.

profile image

pamelabhattachary 4 years ago

i really can't get him out of my head .although we were good friends we are not in contact now ,But i badly want to know whether he is missing me the way i am missing him badly ..i feel deep connection with him and feel he is my soul mate ..how to bring him back in my life ..guys please help :-(

Lia 4 years ago

Nothing can be done Pam, either you try to look for him or bear with it for the rest of your life. But am pretty sure he misses you too. If he is yours he will be back...Good Luck

John 4 years ago

Well said Lia...Take care:-)

John 4 years ago

By the way Lia, let me tell you that I'm genuinely and extremely grateful that I found this Heart & Soul Connection website created by Patski. In fact, I can say in one way, Patski is my "saviour" because her excellent writing about Soulmate phenomenon has given me huge relief that I am not insane and I am not alone on this Planet Earth who are experiencing this strange Soulmate connection.

HOWEVER, this website is not a Forum. So I can see in many occasions you have tried to get some responses or feedback on your questions or statements from other fellow readers but most of the time there was none. It is understandable because this website is not a Forum.

THEREFORE, I would like to suggest that you visit this Soulmate FORUM http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/forumdisplay.php . Since that is a FORUM whereby you can post your question or opinion, the other Forum members may give you many responses. Anyhow, this is just a suggestion from me. Good Luck:-)

Lia 4 years ago

Hi, John, not necessary to get feedback coz I know what's the answer defo, actually am too free and this is also one way to improve my writting at the same time am doing some research on the topic. Hope you have a clearer picture. Btw most of them here are to get responses or feedback from their questions or statements...I noticed u've been promoting this link from the start, will see what is so special about it.

Thanks and have a good day

Nadzz 4 years ago

I don't know what to do... I'm so lost.. I met this guy in 4th grade and we vacant best friends, we then grew apart but last year became friends again. I then started crushing on him and he became pushy and asking who my crush was so I told him. Long story short he was just messing with me and I've been ignoring him ever since. But this year and all last summer I've been feeling this connection or something! Like I can't get him out of my head!! And we don't talk but I catch him looking at me and we make eye contact , and it's like he's staring intoy soul!! I dunno what to do!! Wht rlly sucks is tht he has a gf!! I wish he'd make a move or just get out of my head!!

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Hooperaim 4 years ago

I wasnt gonna comment here because i felt i was going insane. This article describes me and the girl im in love with to a T. Due to her own reasons I know we'll never be. Unlike other people here i want this connection gone and I'm trying to get rid of it. I know what she's gonna put on Facebook as she writes it. I can hear her and feel her spirit but its pain for me and I have wasted 3 years of my life waiting on us to be, but we went nowhere really slow. Today marks 3years I'm over ready to move on and don't want her in my business hearing my thoughts, etc. How do i get rid of this..Help anyone if u can.

Christo 4 years ago

Boy, I'm not sure if reading this comforts me or scares me to death. I had a lot of gf s until I met this one girl about 3 yrs ago. We were only together a few months and she dumped me cause her parents didn't want her having a bf or something like that. I've been single for 3 years and haven't since felt the same way about neone else. Now, it feels like I could love any woman (nd wud be happy), and I wana try going out with anyone. However, I hav a feeling that, even though I will love this woman (as I said, I honestly feel it cud be anyone), I will never feel the same way that I did before. What should I do? X

Christo 4 years ago

Try going out with someone I mean*

lovesick 4 years ago


As many of you mention about soul connection and deep love. I meet a guy back a few years around 2007 and ever since that I have not been able to love anyone else , I've try to move on and love somebody each time I look at another person my heart and soul just don't feel the same , I can't seem to not think about the guy I've met in 2007. But I've never got his number or contact info

Lately I've been getting a very strong soul connection with him , Is he also feeling the same about searching for me? another thing is lately no matter where what time of the day I be going out and about or even online and his name just seems to just pop up all over the places, even places don't expect it and no matter where I looked his name just keep popping up at me, and it very odd places .

The strange part is I'm friends with all his mutual friends and work clients on Facebook which I did not know they even knew him at all ,till I saw pictures being post up on their page then it hits me that some how some way I have managed to know all his friends through either an concert event or work related business connections but all in all his friends and I never knew it. I shocked myself when I saw the pictures being posted on their pages that they are good friend with him.

But Yet they don't know I know him at all. how do you explain that ? I'm so confused with this soul connection deal .. I mean like a lot of people have said that this love is meant to be then it will happened ? will it ? .

Another weird situation is that what I've notice in the picture especially last couple of weeks through is mutual friends that this guy I've met is wearing the same color shirts I've wearing on a particular day as an example , on a saturday I know I wear a pink shirt and the very next day the friend that posted up his picture on their page of this guy I'm thinking about all the time is wearing the same color pink button shirt , and this been happened lately, is something going on ? or am I going crazy for thinking that he can know just what I'm wearing by the soul connection ?

this lovesick has been very painful and wrecking me I can't stop thinking about him and can't stop looking at his picture and I've swear he looks sad on the day I looked sad, and the days I'm happy he seems happy in the pictures.. very weird I know. so many signs in the universes is telling me that we belong together and we are truly meant for each other , but the thing is when will we be together and truly be happy at the end.

Another thing is my heart has been beating so much faster when I looked at his picture its almost like I can heard him talking to me through my heart and that he is telling me to hold on and that no matter what we will end up together some day some how some way, its that possible that I can heard him talking to me through my heart ?? or am I totally going crazy for thinking that he is talking to me through to me by my heart beat, I mean i can tell when he gets excited my heart beats fast and i feel all dizzy and I get the feel of the buzz sounds in my head that I can't stop listen to what he have to say and when I answer it back to him , its like my heart is talking back to him to , through my voice and I can heard myself in the head like ( yes , baby I know) and when I sleep I can feel him by myself and that my heart and soul is talking to his heart and soul all day long. can this be possible ?? sorry I have so much question but I need to know can this happened when you are in love with this guy and can this happened that he is doing the same thing that he is in love with me as well ..

I don't want to ask any of his mutual friends because we all are business partners or client and I don't want them to think that I'm getting to him through them and used them for the connection to get to him , what should I do ?? would the universe would give us a chance to see each other once again and give us the true love we want and end up marrying each other and be happy at the end ?

I need answers please help . Thank you.

jd 4 years ago

I thought I was going mad as I feel like so many of you. It's so painful because, 6weeks ago we were really close & we had another one of our 'falling out' we haven't spoken since but I feel his presence and everyday it's getting stronger. Although, I'm getting on with life & trying to forget him, he's the first thing on my mind in the morning and last thing on my mind at night. And I'm feeling his presence throughout the day.

I attempted to reconnect via email but he is giving me the silent treatment.. Which admittedly I did to him 9weeks ago. We have be in this unrequited soul & heart connection state since 2009. He has told me that I'm under his skin and cannot shake me no matter how hard he has tried.

It's a relief to be able to talk about it. I'm up late because I have trouble sleeping for thinking about him..I know he's up too because I just came off facebook and saw him in the 'ticker box'. Don't know what to do. The connection is still so strong sometimes I will him to come close..and feel him..but he backs off..Because one of the last things I told him b4 the silence was, if he cared for me he wouldn't tempt me and we both needed to be in church to save ourselves from each other..because we cannot be left alone long before thoughts turn to ravishing one another. Help! Thankyou:(

jd 4 years ago

Hooperaim, you said: 'This article describes me and the girl im in love with to a T' If you're 'in love' with her it may not be that easy to break the connection.

You've probably tried blocking her. She's deleted you and on n on this has probably gone on for the last 3years..All the while both of you trying to forget about each other and failing, only for your feeling to grow stronger. And the missing is dreadful.

Why not talk and see if a friendship is possible and take it from there as a soul connection is rare and so special. Try not to hurt her soul, because you'll also hurt your own. Talk to her and I bet you'll feel happiness start to fill your soul. Take a day at a time & see this as a gift rather than a curse. Keeping silent is ust making you both miserable.

Good luck. I feel your pain as you sound exactly like my soul & heart connection...Which would be typical of how this thing works, yet mindblowingly freaky at the same time. I KNOW I love him but he loves the ladies too much and I don't know if I could ever trust him. That's why I haven't left my home to run off with him.. But I love that man with a passion .

Nipheliem 4 years ago

i have been searching for answers for nearly 4 years and i think i FINALLY found them. I am so glad to read stories about connections. I guess i was looking in the wrong direction. I keep having very vivid astral dreams with a guy i have never met but i know whom he is. We are thousand of miles away. My spirit guide told me in the end we'd be together and its driving me nuts. Ive been trying so hard to find answer in my astral travels but my spirit guides have been very hush hush and one told me that what will happen is that when we meet it will be his subconsious remembering me. Sometimes i'd be dreaming of something then suddenly he popped out of no where. Its all too crazy. I felt like i was going obsessed and thought i had gotten mentally ill last year and stopped searching and said id stop delving into it. i went maybe six months without dreaming then suddenly i told God in my astral dream to open the doors again. Since the first astral dream ive had sooo many eery coincidences happened. Everyone said i was looking way too much into it but now i am starting to believe im not. They even told me i was obsessed and i felt like that too. Right now im sitting here jumping for joy and estatic because i truly belive we have a connection. The one definate way I know is that last friday i had a dream i was going to a hotel with my now boyfriend and he told me that the other guy was up in the hotel room. I went up there and there were two children and they were familiar and i knew the one girl's name. So anyways me and this guy did our business then i went home and told my mom i was divorcing my boyfrind because i was in love with someone else. They both came to my parents and i freaked telling my mom i had to tell my boyfriend how i felt. Then i was crying to my mom saying how much i loved this other man and i wanted to be with him but my boyfriend would be so angry. I said i wanted to be somebody and be with somebody. Then what a coincidence found out last monday he was divorcing his wife and he filed papers the day before i had the dream. I litterally almost freaked out because how could I have known??? and i am not even married to my boyfriend so why would I divorce him? and the guy who i have a connection warned me in dream about something. and i know what it is but im not saying too much right now. (know from sources) but thank you sooo much i know now what is going on. after my dreams i wake up feeling the connection still there. Today my feelings were all over the place from nervous to excitment. :) its driving me nuts i wish somehow he'd magically appear out of no where. but i know thatd be impossible. omg i could keep writing and writing. all i know is that we are supposed to meet at an aiport. that's all ive gotten from four years of my experience. ps there are most stuff that happened instead of the dreams but the astral travels are just sooo unique :)

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june800 4 years ago

I know how you all feel I'm a married woman and I have thought about this certain man for 6 years now and I sooo know that there is something between the two of us I haven't seen him in a 2 yrs but I can feel him everday. There are things in my life thatt come up and in some way it connects us to each other the last time I seen him there was sooo much energy and we made such deep eye contact and it was like it was just the two of us on earth when we seen each other. When I vision us we are so glad to be in each others arms but also so sad cause the both of us are promised to other people. How could this be why is it like this we both had opportunities but didn't act cause of other mates and other life circumstances I wonder all the time and actually assume he is thinking of me and wants to see me we live in the same town but hadn't seen each other in a longtime he's soon to be married himself and that jut tears me apart even though I'm a married woman myself and I do love my husband can anyone else relate?

jd 4 years ago

hooperaim, I'm back here because everything you've said is 100 percent my story in a nutshell. You even write like my soul heart connection. He's from the east end of lobdon and writes 'gonna' or 'gonner' and i checked when i oined face book whic was early may 2009. Dhortly after i joined he rqsted my friendsip and told me almost immediately, he really liked me...and the rest is history. He's not a man to do anything outside his will but the connection keep him silently close to me. He watches me all the time on facebook but never comment on my photos , postings etc, I know he's there watching and wanting me. I'm not jealous of the oher women he keeps adding or talking to because he is connected to me in a much deeper way...And he knows it and i know it.

What i don't understand is, why doesn't he delete or block me. I'm the one who has usually deleted him afterhis poor treatment of me , i feel done diliberately for that purpose. However, i'm not going to delete him this time and waiting to see just how much he want rid of me. He's lying to himself because he wants me more than anything and was asking me to go away with him for a week only weeks ago. Hooperaim, what I want to know is, if you feel this way , it is easy to block someone that you dont want 'in your business etc'

My connection knows other men find me attractive and he wants me for himself...Maybe he can'y bare the thought of not being able to keep an eye because he is very nosey. Anyway , I hope you find happiness , which i also wish for my s&h connection. He told me ' u make me happy' which sounded to me like he'd at least found happiness. Excuse rambling but this is the only place i can speak w/out ppl thinking i've gone mad. Peace love & blessings all goodnight Jd xXx

Tia 4 years ago

Hi guys! I love this hub and reading everyone's stories. I really need some advice about this guy I work with. I have been working at my job for about 9 months now. About a month after I was working there I noticed a cute new security guard as I was exiting work. I was instantly attracted to him. Not to sound weird or cheesy but I felt a huge rush when I saw him. Not like a love at first sight thing, because I have felt that before, but I felt strangely connected to him like I had knew him or something from another life.

I was hoping that we would get to know each other but in the entire time that he has worked here he has not had a conversation with me. About two weeks ago as I was exiting work he complimented my tattoo that I had got done about 3 weeks ago and asked if I had just gotten it done. So that kinda proves that he does notice me and why would he randomly compliment me out of the blue? He hasn't talked to me since then so again i'm confused by him. I don't think he is shy because I always see him talking to other girls I work with so why can't he talk to me?

Also during the time that I have worked here he has seen numerous girls at work. I don't know the exact number because I work in a big department store but 3 of them work in the specific department that I work in. What I don't get also, not to sound conceited or narcissistic, but I know I am much prettier than all of them. Finding out that he has hooked up with all these girls has turned me off to him and also made me confused. Since all these other girls are into him I feel like that makes my feelings wrong like why would I have a connection with someone that so many girls are into you know.

What bothers me also is that I always catch him staring at me. To the point where I will feel him staring at me so our eyes will meet. Usually when that happens he turns away immediately. Another coworker of mine has also caught him staring at me. I'm just very confused by his actions. I don't get why would you continusely stare at someone if you weren't attracted to them, especially if you work a the same place, and never talk to them.

I am so confused. At this point I don't like him anymore but I just don't understand his actions and want to make sense of everything. What would you make of him and this situation if you were me? Any help will be so appreciated!!!

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Hooperaim 4 years ago

@JD.. Thanks for replying but its not that simple. I cant talk to her it's over my head I have giving up completely. I take the lost with stride there's too much disrespect and too many others involved in keeping us apart that has turned me off to the point where i no longer wonder why.. I don't get why she would not just being honest and let what came naturally progress its childish and there's another person in her life. Im so done I don't compete for love nor do I share. If the feelings were mutual none of these things would have came into play. When you love someone you just do and want to make them happy not play games and disregard they're feelings and put this last bottom on every list. Everything happens for a reason and this was a learning lesson for me. Thanks but if this is the only way i can have someone cared for me then that's not the kinda love i want nor deserve. Devoted i was but i just feel stupid believing in fantasies while following my heart, but enough is enough..I hope you have the courage to move on with your life as well trust me if he's letting your situation linger you might have the same result i have but i hope not and wish you nothing but the best in your situation. Thanks again trust me i done the up all night thing so not worth it if nothing is the result..take care

jd 4 years ago

@Hooperaim, Thanks for your reply. I can hear how fed up you are. Yes I hear you're trying to move on..But you still love her.

I don't know if this will help or not. But last night I actually told him I loved him with a passion..something I'd never said outright. When he said he loved me it was always in a okey way until one of our last conversation about what the likely outcome would be if/when we slow danced together. He told me it would result in him falling in love..And I already knew that.

Point I'm trying to make is. after telling him in his inbox..I told him Where once I had felt like I was choking, I suddenly felt relief in admitting the truth..My spirit felt free and I could breathe again. I then told him to delete me. Today has been the best I have felt in a long time and I was even able to start writing again.

I felt the truth set my spirit free. One free my soul felt unchained, I believe a free spirit will not settle where it's not wanted. It's operates on a higher level/ different realm. It has no ego and finds it way to like minded souls. Of course you deserve the kind of love without this level of complications, but until you tell her how you feel, whether it's you're in love with her/ not in love with her and you are moving on..your spirit will be left in this state of limbo unable to transend and you will continue to be fed up and miserable. Put as much closed door between you , such as delete or better still block. Meditate, listen to music, read, walk anything you enjoy , to take your mind of her. Surely blocking her would for 1, prevent her being in your business, knowing when you're on. hopefully weakening the connection. I don't really understand from a learned point of view how it works and am only speaking from my own experience. My soul and heart connection has not deleted me but I know he read my postings about my spirit being free because of my truth to myself and him. I now pray God will do the rest. I didn't mention everything , but I am in a rocky long term relationship, with two older grown up children and a nine year old..And he is the reason I cannot go to my love..plus he has a young family with his last partner causing concern...And the fact he loves the ladies and the ladies love him, especiaally the way he plays his music. He is a wonderful muscian and that's what drew me to him and our souls connected and locked. His music show me the most beautiful side of him. But he has other sides to him which only someone which a our type of connection could understand & not be put off by.

I think, baring in mind, you've been loving her for a while, understanderbly , you have to be a little more patient for all connection and dependancy to be broken all together (if possible). You have to be honest and truthfully want it. Be kind to her soul and you wont hurt so much. All the other complications aside, your hearts and sould made a connection and I agree even as miserable as I have been at times , I've experienced some truely wonderful emotions which made me feel wanted and so ALIVE! Altho my soul is free and not clinging on like before...I know it's still not far from him..because he is still thinking of me.

Sorry I wrote so much , but it's a release and relief to be able to talk with someone who understands. It's not an easy situation. Anyway, you take care. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything works out for you and you are able to find a soulmate tailormade for you in every way. ;-)

us dancing together

jd 4 years ago

@hooperaim please excuse spelling errors and I don't know how 'us dancing together' ended up at the bottom :-) Guess I'm starting to feel like sleep. Goodnight ;-)

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MiramontesSL 4 years ago from Arkansas

Hello Everyone..I am looking for anyone that can help me try and make sense of what is happening to me lately. Let me give you a run down of my life up until this point with my new love so you can have a better understanding.

Ok see I met my childhood sweetheart when I was ten fell in love instantly "love at first sight." However, we didn't get together bcz he lived in Texas I lived in Kansas. I only got to see him when he would come visit his family next door "his mom and sisters." Three years later he moved next door and became friends with my brother. The first time i saw him again I experienced that "love at first" sight feeling all over again. However, I was to afraid to tell him. Well for the next three years I had to watch him date girl after girl until one day he asked my brother to ask me if I would go out with him. My brother told me and said he would call I was past excited! He called, and from that day forward we spent 16 years together..However, only one of those years was spent happily..after that I spent years dealing with him cheating I think I lost count after the 20th girl, his drinking he was an alcoholic, and his drug use..marijuana at first then meth where he became abusive..mentally,physically, and emotionally. He began cheating again but numerous girls, strippers, ect..He even tried to kill me and my mother. He drugged me so I could feel what it was like to be high..I never drank or did drugs and never will. He went in and out of jail, then prison and almost got our kids taken away because of his crap..It took a toll on our children over the years we had 5 kids. Finally I said enough was enough I can't do this or lose my kids or my mom and I left just 2 years ago and I will never go back. My children had been through too much. Don't get me wrong we had our very wonderful moments but there was more bad then good.

Ok well while all of this was going on for years I prayed over and over for God to send me someone who was more like me in everyway, who loved unconditionally, and faithfully. Who was devoted to his family, friends, girlfriend, and children. Who shared my same morals and values. I prayed for someone with my mentality. I know I am younger than my age because i like to be a goofball and joke, be silly, do crazy things. I think it has a lot to do with me not having much of a life because i was always kept inside and home never experiencing life all those years with him. So of course I prayed for someone younger with qualities I wanted in a man.

Well prior to my ex leaving a week before I began looking for guys friends online on Myspace. I just got to a point where I didn't love him anymore I hated him so much I just said I'm gonna find someone to talk to. I met this guy who was younger than me but by 11 years I was 31 he was 20. I sent a friend request and he accepted said hello and i sent him this long message introducuing myself. He told me he was surprised because he never expected such a long message. He sent me back an equally long message introducing himself and answering every question I asked. We both immediately felt an instant connection..(he told me)..but from that day forward we messaged everyday we found ourselves both checkinng our myspace messages everytime we had a chance to see if the other wrote back or not..he was AMAZING..we had so much in common from every part of our lives! He didn't drink or do drugs, he cared more for family, friends, and the one he loved, more than partying..he hated cheaters..he didn't like to party he felt that was for teenagers. We had the same morals and values ect..we were both Catholic..everything just seemed to get better and better..we messaged until one day we decided to talk on the phone about 2 weeks into the friendship we sent voice messages to one another because he wanted to hear my voice. He sent his first and instantly I was addicted to his voice it was like his voice shot straight through my body into my heart and soul..it was the most beautiful deep voice I had ever heard..a voice I had always dreamed of a man having I always wanted a man with a deep voice, it was hypnotizing to me..I then sent mine and he said my voice was the most adorable voice he had ever heard he loved it and said it was like no other. We clicked instantly on the phone. Our conversations lasted for hours, sometimes all night, everynight, and everything he said was the same beliefs I had or the same answers I would give. We even finished eachother's sentences. Everything he said I was like "OMG I feel the same way!" He talked like he was way passed his years so grown up I never would have expected him to be 20 if we met in person. He even stumped me with questions but he always said I would say exactly what he believed too..he was always so impressed and so was I. It took us only three weeks to fall in love with one another. I knew he was young but I didn't care and he knew I was older but he didn't care either. Our birthdays were even in the same month "September" mine on the 3rd his on the 18th (both virgos lol)...We are both Mexican but both very light complected being called the "White children" in our families being teased about it..we both have the same patch of white hair on the back of our heads in the same spots! We both do embarrassing things all the time were such klutz! It's like we both very ditzy too! It takes us a while to get things...It was like talking to another me!! The only problem was I lived here and he lived 8 hours away. Oh and he was from a city I traveled to every weekend with my mom when I lived in that state it was 50 minutes from the city I grew up in..who knows we might have ran into eachother when i lived there of course he was young lol...but anyways we traveled back and forth...the first time we met i had my family reunion in my old hometown so we met in the park and when i first saw him it was falling in love all over again he was gorgeous and he looked way older! He had the looks I always imagined my guy having..the light colored hair, the hazel eyes, the white skin, tall, his style, everything was perfect!! It was like he was made for me...we hit it off instant attraction we couldn't be seperated..he loved my looks too and he met my kids and loved them too! My mom has hated all my boyfriends never liking one..never!! she met him and instantly she loved him everything about him not one complaint! I was so surprised he blew my family away!! When my mom approved I was shocked..I knew this was the one...well I came back and since then we have traveled back and forth...everytime better than the last...well my last family reunion a year and a half later...me and him are getting so serious planning a future...marriage, kids, ect..so he says when you go to your family reunion this year "come meet my family" so they can give the ok...I was like sure let's go...I want to meet his family but I am so nervous because I know I am a shy person very shy I have a hard time talking to anyone..and let's face it I am older..well I go to meet them and everything went well or so I thought but yes my shyness and modesty kicked in and I hardly ever said anything..the dad talked the whole time and i listened to everything..I thought he had a wonderful family. I thought it all went well but when I came back...he asked his dad ok what do you think about her? The dad completely just terrified him saying you need to think about your future with her...she will get older, she has kids, you might resent her, you might hate having to support her and the kids financially, how do you know the distance between you is really love, he just kept saying you might resent this and that...scaring the crap outta him that, that same night my guy called me saying I'm sorry I can't do this I don't want to hurt you in the future..I know myself..so he left me at 2:30 in the morning. I was heartbroken!! His dad filled his head with all this resentment crap that he freaked out and left me...Not once did his family ever ask me anything about me about who i was about my upbringing, about my schooling, about my family values, nothing, the dad judged me right away based on my age i am su

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MiramontesSL 4 years ago from Arkansas

i am sure and because i'm not a real mexican girl from mexico..they just assumed I was trouble...when i am completely the opposite...i am a violinist, schoolgirl earning a psychology degree, girly, upbeat, romantic, caring, sincere, loving, cares more for family than myself kinda person...i am a total sweetheart..i don't use bad language, don't party, nothing...but not once did they ask..they just judged me...so he left me...we split up for 6 months...i went nuts i had lost my soul mate..I can't express in words how much I cried everyday all day for those six months...but here's the crazy part...for those 6 months i saw a sign everyday that reminded me of him..a song, his name, a symbol (like the belt buckle he bought that darn superman symbol) on a truck hinge, even the word "vegas" a place he asid he was moving to..it seemed like no matter where I turned something kept reminding me of him telling me not to forget him no matter how hard I tried! Every FREAKING DAY!!! I just felt like we were meant to be if there was a bigger word than love that's what I feel for him..well on the 6 month i met someone closer to me and me and this guy hit it off I got to a point where i was starting to be better i was not like i use to be crying all day but i was still crying tears..but i met this guy and i was beginning to try to put it behind me...this guy i liked him but i kept my ex's memory with me..it always felt wrong but i said no give it a chance so I did..we started talking on facebook leaving eachother cute messages on eachother's walls..well I get a message on Facebook it's my ex! he saw everything and he did not like it at all..i sent him a message telling him how are you ect..he says good ect..but i was at a point where i was like please just don't start just let me be happy..you don't want me so let me be with someone who does..he lost it he got mad..we exchanged some awful messages..but then i said ok i lied i do miss you and he said the same thing..it was like we both were being stubborn..well ok now were talking again and he tells me he has never forgot me and that everyday he would see something (song,symbol,name,ect) everyday that would remind him of me..he never stopped loving me never forgot me and could not move on either...I was like what! he experienced the same thing I did...He still loved me just as much..but ok here is the problem!! We got to talking but all the stuff his dad said is still weighing on his mind and we are not back together...and he is moving to Vegas here soon to try and pursue his dream of being a MMA Fighter...He wants to come see me because he misses me so much before he moves...but i'm worried...I prayed everyday for this man to come back and they say if you let something go and it comes back it's meant to be...is this meant to be?..if so then why aren't we together? why can't he see that?...everytime i bring it up he starts talking about what his dad says...i think his dad made him think i am a complication standing in the way of his dreams...he loves me so much but he says he just doesn't want to hurt me in the future if he resents me...he is afraid of something that hasn't even happen yet...I know his dad was looking out for him..i probably would have done the same for my son..However, i know were meant to be I can feel it! I have never felt for anyone like I have for him. We click so well together and we love eachother so much to the point of where we cry for eachother when we leave...everytime i left he called me five minutes later crying "balling" saying he missed me already.yes a man balling..and don't leave...I fell hard and when we broke up I became so sick I couldn't eat, sleep, anything...that never happen to me before in any break-up...just him..why did we see all these signs these past months? Why did we find eachother again? Why do we still love eachother? Why are we going to be reunited again when he comes to see me? Why are we so much alike? What does this all mean if he is still moving in a few months even further from me? Why can't he just see what we have? Somebody explain this to me I need help!

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Freefalling21 4 years ago

I think I was destined to come across this today.

I just want to know, if I should hold on or give up on a guy.

I saw his profile on Orkut, about 5 years ago, he was a friend of a friend. I felt an instant connection, I knew it was love. Since then, I have tried so many ways of contacting him, but all have failed. We have a couple of mutual friends, stay pretty close by, but still I couldn't do anything. When I asked my friend about him, he told me that he has a girlfriend.

I can't stop thinking about him. I saw him once when I was passing his college, I couldn't speak to him. I don't want to give up on him because it feels so right. But every disappointment makes me question our connection.

What should I do? I really need help. Thank you.

Leyah 4 years ago

At 31, I never thought a real connection will happen to my life. I mean I am married have a great family, then one day I met this guy. He was only here for a month but he left a lot of memories, and whenever I look somewhere I can see him. Or when I am about to forget him, he will just come back in my head. This thing keep coming back, its been six month and have not heard from him, but I feel like he is thinking of me. Reading this website, then people's story made me feel, that I am not obsessed with him. We do somehow connect in some level no one can explain. It's crazy but cant get him out of my head. And i am tired.

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Hooperaim 4 years ago

@JD we're not on each others Facebook pages but i use to be able to see her wall until recent changes that Facebook has made. What I mean by her being in my business "I know this sounds crazy" she can hear my thoughts just like i could hear hers that's how i knew what she was posting and when i would look it was what i heard in my head. We're not Facebook nor ever have been friends on FB. I can hear and feel her in my soul. Now when i go to her "spiritually" i hear ringing. She knows how i feel about her I've told her several times. She made this situation complicated for no reason at all. I'm so tired of her..she refuses to call me. I'm done just wrote here because i saw this article and what the author wrote is exactly what I experienced..believe it or not. I understand what you're saying but i don't know if she's into black magic or what i just want my soul free from her. If she loved me she would have told me and she hasn't in a long while we really have only talk a couple of times in the last year and a half. I don't want to be connected to her for what its a smack in the face of knowing the only person i ever loved is haunting to me. I have grown to dislike her because of her childish actions. Its so much more living her life for others putting me last and cutting me first out her life. She doesn't even deserve to know someone as loyal as i am I pray to God her spirit leaves me alone. I will never call her or see her again just like she will never call me. Its just knowing she has cast a spell and continues to taunt me for whatever reason makes me really mad. That's it I don't wanna go into my rant. Life is about choices and she made hers and it didn't include me.

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june800 4 years ago

@Leayah I know just how you feel I'm in a similar situation and if you read my prior post you and I can relate to each other so no you are not obsessed with him..

Leiyah 4 years ago

June800: I read your post and I can really relate with you, very similar with my situation. I met him when he was in his last month of deployment overseas. We admit he felt connected with me for some reason but did really act on it because we are both married. Like you when we look at each other, we felt like we are just the only persons in the room, then when he gave me a friendly hug I felt like I will see him again. Every day he is on my mind and keep feeling the last time he hugged me. There were days even when I am so busy his face will just popped off and my chest is like heavy. I am not sure if he thinks of me but what I do know I can feel that he miss me but just doing the right thing. We are not friend in fb nor Skype do I haven't heard from him in a while I can feel him during certain hours, not sure but I am tired feeling crazy over something I can't even explain why.... I send him email though once in a while but no response which is I am okay with it .

youtoo 4 years ago

I thought I was crazy and obsessed with him all these years im trying to not think of him but i always carry him everywhere i go.

it was 2005 when we we knew each other. we were texting the whole day, I still remember it was on friday. then we were decided to be together and aftet a week and two day we ended our relationship. it was awkward and we didnt see each other since then. 


 after months we didnt talk to each other but mu feelings for him was still strong and i couldnt take him outta my mind. there was some nights where i dreamt of him every night. i was wondering why it happened. and the next day i received a text from him saying he has a crush on me. i was suprised by the text because we didnt contact each other for months and suddenly he texted me saying things that i wanted to hear. but that was it nothing goes on.


he contacted me using friendster and we were close again. we talked via msn. and i still remember he sent me a msg via friendster saying i love you. but at that moment i was seeing someone else. he even wanted to meet my boyfriend. what!

2008 & 2009

we didnt contact at all.


i tried to reach him but i didnt know how because he was thousand miles away. but im seeing someone who i thought the love of my life but at the same time i was wondering where he was. and when will he come back here. and one day i saw him at my college because he has lots of friends and when our eyes met everything stopped! i really can feel it and it hurts me to have to look away. i wish i can talk to him but i was scared. and after a while he texted me but i wanna let him go and moved on so we didnt talk that well.

end of year 2011

i greeted him on his birthday via facebook but i didnt have the courage to add him and days later he sent me a friend request. and he gave me his new number and we talked but i was so scared that i will messed things up so i didnt really talked alot. 

and until now we didnt talk..

Ned 4 years ago

I was in a relationship for ten years. I thought this person was my solemate and she told me I was hers. I always felt her energy. We broke up and it has been three years and I got over her. I ran in to her the other day and I never thought I would see her again. She saw me first and waited for me to come out of the store. It was a strange encounter/feeling and now I feel her and I can not shake it. Can anyone tell me what is happening because I thought I was over her. Is it possible they we can be again.

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june800 4 years ago

I get what you guys are saying even though we are married to other people we still feel this connection to this other person but circumstances come in between.

MollieB 4 years ago

I can't believe I'm finally commenting here. I found this site about 18 months ago and cried when i did. Prior to that I'd had 15 years of suffering... Madness? Obsession? Infatuation? I'd questioned it all endlessly - even wondered in desperation if it was because i was a Cancerian...i don't know much about astrology but i know I'm a clingy crab who supposedly has trouble letting go. I wondered if i was a different birth sign i might not feel this way.

I'm married to a wonderful man who adores me. I love him and i wouldn't hurt him for the world. Over the years i have beaten myself up: what kind of woman am i who feels like this over someone who isn't her husband, but someone elses? How fair is this on my husband and our marriage when i have another seemingly embedded in my soul? Yet strangely, even after i married i always seemed to be looking for something. Don't get me wrong, i was never looking for extramarital flings - but i was aware that something was missing and not quite "it". Two children came along and i was ok, happy but still something seemed wrong with me. I felt alone and lost and sometimes despairing. I had counselling which worked to an extent. Then i met 'him' and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Coincidences, synchronicities abounded, it was weird, like we were being thrown together. We decided not to arrange a meeting - both married, it was 'wrong'. Around this time i had a dream: I was on a plane, it was full, every seat was taken except the one beside me. We were all waiting for the last passenger to board - whoever it was would be sitting next to me. Suddenly down the aisle comes this man 'him' - i can't believe it. He sits down beside me and puts his arm alongside mine on the armrest - and his hand touches mine...

Back in the physical world we did 'arrange' a meeting - just so we could talk for more than 2 minutes to try and understand what was going on. Seventeen years later i guess we are still trying to figure it. We were friends, then not friends, then friends. Three or four splits in 17 years - only during this last 'split' (3 years since we spoke) have i noticed any growth and maybe an understanding that i have a 'soul connection' with him.

I read about twin souls, twin flames, twin rays, soulmates, etc., and i am more confused than ever. I don't want to be half a soul. I have read Dr Brian Weiss, Steve Gunn, Dr Michael Newton. Are twin flames the same as primary soul mates?

I had a reading five years ago by a respected clairvoyant/medium. She told me that my husband adored me and we were soul mates. I believe we are - of a sort.

As i got up to leave and walk away she called me back, saying 'Is there someone....else?' I sighed and said 'look we're just friends, we meet every three or four months and take a walk, we talk, hold hands, that's it.' She said: 'You're soulmates'. 'Yes' i said, 'I thought we were'. But she had already told me that my husband and i were soul mates. Two soulmates in one lifetime - how lucky am i? How torturous.

Dr Brian Weiss says: you will not always marry your most strongly bonded soulmate. There is a big difference between the feeling i have for my husband and the feeling i have for 'him'.

Some days are very bad. The longing, the missing, are so bad that occasionally it becomes almost difficult to function. There have been two or three times when i have been at the dinner table with my family and i have felt like i cannot take one minute more of this longing: that i want to burst out with, "someone please, please help me, i just can't live with this". But i hold it in because i will not cause hurt to my husband - and then I have to go and lie in bed to try and soothe my soul.

I tried talking to my mother, my sisters and a couple of friends about it. Do they understand? Hell, no. They don't. My mother says: 'well why would he like you? What makes you so special?' (mother always was a little insensitive) - but you know that's it isn't it.... it's not about being great looking or anything - my soul connection man could be 3ft tall and look like Gimley and it wouldn't matter - because it's his essence that i want/need/yearn for.

Over the years i assumed i had some kind of radar where he was concerned - I would be able to pick up when he was within about half a mile of me. I would have a feeling come over me and i would kind of know that he was around.

i know that he used to feel the intensity too, i know that he questioned whether (but didn't think) it was infatuation.

I know he told me the last time i saw him: 'I don't think it would matter where we lived....'

Then i stopped the friendship. I wanted him to tell me that he felt the same as i did - i could no longer carry on seeing him once every four or five months with the longing in between - if he wasn't feeling it too. He tells me 'no more emotional demands'- i said 'ok'. That was three years ago.

I've grown since then. I realise i should not have expected anything from him. It's funny, you know, but since meeting him i no longer 'look' for anything else. I found him by God - i know he exists in the world - and i no longer need to look. I know longer think i am a terrible person for feeling this way. I fought it and fought it and couldn't make it go away.

Sometims i wonder how i will live the rest of my life like this. I wonder if he feels it too. If he isn't suffering like i am then will he suffer it at some point? I don't know. I have wasted alot of time wondering about this and wondering about that, and it has got me precisely nowhere.

To make it easier for me i have tried to withdraw my energy from his, i have tried to balance my chakras - but i don't really know what i'm doing to be honest. What inner work should i be doing? I don't know.

John - who last posted about 3 weeks ago - who thinks of his ex girlfriend - is it possible that your ex girlfriend suffered this way all those years ago? Is it possible that you have only just recently 'let it in' and that is why you are going through it now? Or do we (the two people involved in a soul connection) usually go through the feelings simultaneously - at the same time as each other?

I know this is a long comment...I apologise. I've been on the fringes here for a long time.

One thing of interest: About six months ago i had a 'dream' - i was communicating with someone, talking to someone - it was hazy - in my dream i decided to really concentrate to see who the person was that i was talking to. I concentrated and took a good look. It was 'him'. I was shocked. At that instant something alerted the pair of us and i said 'quick, she's waking up..' I was referring to myself as 'she' as though i was a separate entity. Then i opened my eyes, was awake and immediately thought 'What...?' remembering that a second ago i was outside my body and talking to him.

Are our souls in contact even though we are not physially communicating? I realise it's not a forum so maybe won't get feedback here, but if anyone out there in the ether has any thoughts i would be appreciative of them.

Thank you for being there, all you souls who are going through this. It's comforting to know that I'm not on my own with this.

Katie 4 years ago

I think I met my soul mate. We grew up together, and since 8th grade I've never had stronger feelings for anyone as I do for him. I'm now a sophomore in college, and no matter how hard I try, these feelings just won't go away. When he was away, I felt empty. Last month we hung out for the first time in nine months. The connection was stronger than ever and I just know he felt it too. The next day, he broke up with his girlfriend. We still aren't together, but it's like I know he's the one I'm meant to be with. I tried being with other guys, but I couldn't keep the relationship going because it wasn't fair to them and I felt like I was cheating. I don't know what to do, but I know I need to be with him. How do I tell him, or should I let this feeling go and try to move on?

girrrrrrrl 4 years ago

Katie it's the same thing to me too, i met this guy at 8th grade , he was 9th grade and for the first time i saw him i felt like an intense feeling and spark in his eyes , like i don't know what was pulling me to him , since that time we would talk we would just see each other in eyes and just smile we would barely talk, he knew that i had feelings for him and i fel he did

girrrrrrrl 4 years ago

*he did too since 2010 till 2010 i found his e-mail we talked and he was like i remember you , now im a senor in high shcool, he is in college but we have completely lost every contacts with him , because he didnt talk to me anymore

girrrrrrl 4 years ago

whenever he used to be online i would too , and he would as well , one of my cousin one time to prank me she send him something that said to him ''i love you '' and i was shocked to see his reply he was like ''me too'' since 2010 after that he didnt talk to me at all , but afterwards i liked many guys but never wanted to be comitted because he would , always pop on my mind . I saw him one time really sick on my dreams (like deathly sick ) and i was so scared that i started crying , it 's ridiculous , i have never said to anynone how much i care and love him that people might think that im crazy . ! I started liking a guy on septemeber and he liked me too , but afterwards i had a vision and a dream of him and then i had these feelings of guily and felt bad for that guy i liked . So i never talked to the guy i started liking , just because of him . I'm always forgetting him and then afterwards he awlwys pops on my mind........! I feel like i'm writing my journal but i have to tell someone to relief me of this pain that keeps coming back and forth . When i feel fine and forgetfull he keeps coming back........

PS : hE LIVES FAR AWAY ..........in another country

girrrl 4 years ago

btw i saw made in heaven today and listened ''my heart will go on'' in random thats why i read this helpful article , and it reminded me of him

angel 4 years ago

hi i am currently going through a divorce and have been for almost 2 years now i dont know if im having second thoughts or what but here lately i have been having dreams that feel very real of my husband and i getting back together we grew up together and have been together since i was 13 and he was 15 i will be 21 this year there have been many times that we have lost contact but we always find ourselves back together for some reason these past few months i cant get him off my mind and it feels as if someone is tearing my heart from my chest and i also have a feeling that he is somewhere feeling the same way i do i have no way to contact him but its almost like i can hear him sometimes the feelings will not go away at all they come more frequently and are getting very much stronger i dont really know what is causing it but if anyone here has an idea or any advice please help

girrrrl 4 years ago

i really can't believe that we all have the same situations of unrequited love spark eye contact everything! But everything seems to be impossible for us , why love chose wrong people ?why these soul connection can't be fullfillen i seriously have teardrops dripping through my eyes , right now. Whyyyy???Why wrong time , wrong place wrong situation ? Why so much problems? why so many wrong relationships until we have come to this soul connection ?AHHH .........Please God help us here all of suffering of this ?Please help us ........please have us together with our soul mate/soul connection , and this world would be the happiest !!!!!!!

HeartnSoul 4 years ago

I comepletely love this forum. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this. I have been experiencing really strange things. I met a man almost a year after a very heartfelt breakup. I have seen many men around however this one caught my eye there was something about him i just didnt know what it was. We went to the same place a place i didnt usually go to but when i saw him I was drawn to him. I continued to go he did as well. We didnt talk for 3 months just glances here and there. Finally one night he walked by me and said *I like you* i said i like me too he said *I like you more* nothing else we went our own ways then a month later i approached him we talked. We started dating it was amazing we had so much in common, we had a connection like you wouldnt believe. We would text at the same time, songs would come on remind me of him. We seperated he went back to an ex. Its been another 6 weeks cant get him out of my head. Wierd things happened one day his I saw his name everywhere I hadnt heard from him in a week or so. I tried to wrap my head around it I couldnt I let it go. He txt me that night????? Even now its been 4 days since we spoke I was txting him yesterday morning after long consideration just to say my heart cant take this im sorry we cant talk anymore. Just as I was ready to send HE TXT ME??? Its like he felt me hurting ready to walk out of his life! Why what does this mean Are we Twin Souls, soul mates?? The connection is just too strong to deny.

Mary Lou 4 years ago

Hi, I met this man 36 years ago, dated for a while then our paths took different routes. We married different people. Down through the years, I constantly feel his presence so strongly as though he was right next to me. In my dreams, and after each milestone, I can feel him right there with me. Some days, I am so sad, it's so hard for me to function because I can feel him next to me. One year, I was on vacation with my children and could actually feel his presence constantly with me. I kept telling him to leave me alone in my mind of course. As soon as I returned home, ran into a family member of his, and they told me he was recovering from an emergency triple bypass. I went to Europe, couldn't sleep, took out my digital camera to check out the pics my daughter took, and she unknowingly snapped a pic of him performing at a parade - so 3,000 miles away still reminded. Moved away and his family followed - can't seem to get away. When I do see him at different functions, he avoids me like the plague - I have never done anything to get this reaction. However, when I look into his eyes, I can see the love. Both of us are unhappily married. His family can't show enough kindness towards me. I try so hard to forget, and that presence is so very strong. It's been 36 years - I am in the process of making a lifestyle change - what do you recommend?

girrrl 4 years ago

Mary lou follow you re heart , and talk to him about you re feelings !

kja 4 years ago

I can totally relate to people writing here. I've seen the person I love last night after not seeing him for 10 months.

Here's my story.

I've known this guy for awhile since we were running in the same circles. I met him about 5 years ago. He was in a serious relationship and I wasn't

particularly interested in him even though I thought he was attractive.

One day, 2 years after meeting him, unhappy with my romantic life and life in general, my best friend gave me a book about a funny, down to earth love story.

After reading the book I was thinking that I want to be with a guy who's like the main male character in the book. I didn't have to think too hard to realize that

that person was in fact him. Turns out at the same time, he was ending his relationship with his girlfriend because she wanted to be with someone else.

We had a fling for about 6 months. We were extremely attracted to each other sexually and we had some emotional connection, but it wasn't as strong as I hoped that

it would be. I say this because after these 6 months, he started dating a girl who is still his girlfriend.

I tried to move on and I kind of did thanks to him moving far away from the city we both lived in. He comes back to town once in awhile since his girlfriend still


here. The funny thing is, I met my current boyfriend in his new city, and it turned out that my boyfriend's best friend is very good friends w him and his

girlfriend. She makes sure that we're never in the same place. Not sure whether it's for the best or not :)

Anyway he probably doesn't feel it but I still feel an incredibly strongly connection towards him

I go out once in a blue moon, and whenever I feel this strange, sort of anxious feeling

and I say "what the hell he can't be here" it turns out that he's in fact in the same place as I am and comes to me and hugs me.

The psychic situations aside I feel disturbed and unhappy about this situation, particularly because it makes me feel bad about my current relationship and I also

don't see that he has similar feelings for me and even if he did, I'm not sure we can get along in a relationship.

I hope with all of my heart that anyone who wrote here looking to re/connect with their love can do so but more importantly that they find someone who is a soulmate and someone they can have

a great relationship with.

bb_1192 4 years ago

Hi...well, i can totally relate to this and it's driving me crazy...my story goes like this....so, this guy was my classmate for 2 years and we hardly spoke...i had a crush on him from the very first day but i am an introvert so i never spoke to him. He tried but we just made small talk...that was it. I was going through a bad phase at that time...depression and i literally didn't want to live. Then, well, he started behaving weird. He could read my mind, believe me. Whether it was a song in my head, or some random thought, he just KNEW. Now, i was going through a bad phase as mentioned earlier and plus scared of what was happening between us, so i decided to ignore him all i could. I thought i was unwell 0r something so i thought it would pass. But it's been 3 years or so and i CAN'T get him out of my head. We don't have each other on facebook, however, i sent him a msg but he didn't reply. I didn't face the situation well, so i don't blame him for trying to ignore me back. I randomly get dreams about him. I'm going insane. Funny world, we live in. I hope you can help me out. Thank you

girrrl 4 years ago

bb_1192 if you had tried not to ignore him maybe it would be way better with you , too bad now -___- he ignored me now i dont reply to him because i feel heartbroken but i still have feelings for him.......

Btw: idk why but i check this page every single day

bb_1192 4 years ago

girrrl, ya i do realize that...but i just didn't know what to do at that time...and now it's too late....but there's one thing i want to know....how come he knows what i'm thinking...but i don't?

Maiah 4 years ago

My husband and I married 13 years ago, when I was just 26. It was a whirlwind courtship abroad so I never met his family until after our wedding. A few months after our wedding, his sister and her 2 sons, aged 7 and 3 at the time, came to visit us. I couldn’t explain it, but when I met her elder son, I felt a certain kind of ‘recognition’. I am Catholic and never believed reincarnation (my husband is Hindu and that’s how I started exploring the concept of reincarnation). After their visit, I didn’t see them again until recently when her kids are already grown. Last Christmas, my sister-in-law asked me to travel and stay in their house (the first time I did) as my mother-in-law was ill and wished to see me. I did, and that’s how I reconnected with my elder nephew who is now 20. I can’t explain it, but we both felt a very different pull of attraction there that is beyond physical. It’s like we connected in so many ways from the moment we set eyes on each other. We didn’t even have to talk..its like telepathy and we know what each other is thinking. We also discovered that we share so many common traits. I felt very guilty about the attraction so I emailed him after I left and told him I was just probably lonely and that’s why I allowed a certain flirtation going on between us during my visit. My sister-in-law read the email and basically forbid us both to contact each other again. I moved on with my life and tried to put everything behind me, but I just can’t get over him, which is weird because I know I love my husband, and I am not at all the type who would even look at another man while in a relationship…much more, with one who is so much younger, and a close relative. I heard from family members he’s affected too..he got drunk for the very first time a couple of days before my birthday, and had also asked his mom if he can come and visit us by himself for a few days (naturally she said no). My question is, do I know him from another lifetime? I had a very vivid dream months after I married my husband 13 years ago (when this nephew was just a kid). In the dream, I was about to get married again, to a man who now looks like my nephew, and I was heavily protesting in my dream saying ‘how could I get married again when I am already married’ (to my husband). I felt very upset in the dream and woke up with tears in my eyes. If indeed my nephew was a husband from my past, with whom I felt so negatively in the dream, why do I feel such a strong attraction for him now? Someone please help me understand.

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cama 4 years ago

I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams. It's been almost 3 months since the last time he called me. I keep reaching out to him on the only level I have left because I've exhausted any other technology. If I have any ounce of dignity I knew I had to STOP contacting him.

Like this article and the people who commented here there is nothing like feeling a person's presense when they are not physically there. We were only together physically ONCE years ago, but when we talk, it's like there is a strong electric current running through me that I have NEVER felt with anyone else. So with his disappearance, it feels like my system is falling apart and I am trying desperately to keep myself together.

Finding this site was a Godsend because some of us here know that our closest friends and family don't want to hear about this person anymore. We have cried about them, brought him up in conversation as if we're still together.. NO one wants to hear about us and they are a second away from calling us delusional. At least that's how it is on my end. And with all that.....I can't give up. I want to so bad. Someone on here said that they wish the person in his life would just stop haunting him. I feel the same way about this man in my life, but I really can't get rid of them from my thoughts and my spirit - I HAVE tried. Who would want to to go around feeling like you're walking

around with half of yourself - the other half in another place where you've been locked out of... for reasons you may never know. It's not a natural feeling. When were-connected by phone almost a year ago (we are across the country from e/o) I thought

maybe I really had died and gone to heaven. For several months we were together despite all of our obstacles in both of our lives and I never felt more secure with someone.

We met over 23 years ago in a class. When we locked eyes for the first time I can still remember the electricity. And we had years of breaks between even knowingif the other was alive. But 4 months ago, his words to me were "I'm not going anywhere"

I almost cried because everything made sense to me. We talked about a future togetherand he was planning to visit soon. I finally got it. It finally made sense to me.

This was what True love meant to me....

I was suddenly thankful for every heartbreak I ever had.. through all the pain I everhad with anyone else from my past... because it cleared the way for THIS. There was no second-guessing or confusion with anyone else I recently liked or was fond of. He knocked them all out....easily.

What was so shocking about hearing from him again for the first time since 2007 (theyear I visited him in his state) was that RIGHT before hearing from him I cleared out anyone in my lifewho I did not feel valued me for the right reasons. And I had no contact with anyone. I

didn't know if I ever would find someone who I felt a more complete connection with but I had to take that chance and cut the fat.........................................and then the day came

when he called me for the first time.......and I melted. I remember the day and the moment.

SO WHERE DID HE GO???!!! I reached out to someone he knows just to find out if he's alright. NO response. Someone on here mentioned a Cancerean. Well.. that's him. I think I went into his comfort zone

by reaching out to one of HIS friends and maybe that's the reason...I then emailed him to let him know that I only did that out of desperation.. I may never know. But I am reaching out to him always....

girrrl 4 years ago

bb_1192 3 i totally understand you no worries i'm in a kind of same situation here the only thing is that he ignored me but istill get dreams about him and think of him constantly since june before that i almost tried to forget him but trust me it was hard , thats why i fell back again in thinking about him .I believe that he probably is more intuitive than you and can sense things easier than you . Guys no worries if you think of the person which is you re soul connection is really typical that he does too . For example if he pops up in you re dreams after years it's not you who's thinking of him/her but he/her trying to reach you or wanting to reconnect with you or it can be the opposite way but either way the telepathy still exists in all of you and all you re soul connections so i'm pretty sure they get the feeling ................

PS: read it in a sit about soulmates soul conecction and twinflames and just have a feeling that this advice might be correct.

bb_1192 4 years ago

Hi girrrl ! thank you for responding... Ya i'm currently reading a book relevant to this matter and i don't know whether to believe or not. Sometimes i think it's all just me making it up. But then other times i'm very sure this sort of telepathic connection is there. I've been trying to fight this feeling for years but it just won't go. What should i dooo? I added him on facebook, and he accepted my friend request (i thought he wouldn't) but didn't yet reply to my message...I don't knowwww...I don't even know if he remembers who i am....or even thinks about me...

Anyway, how are things on your side?

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cama 4 years ago

I just want to say hello - esp to the latest people who commented here

bb, girlll and maiah,kja...All of your stories are so powerful. I also want to thank the author of this article. First I can't believe I wrote such a long post. I never have and probably never will do that again. I guess I felt I was

in good company here and I never found a forum for this before. People seem to be going through something very similar. Feel so closely connected spiritually to a person AND this person has made the CHOICE to not respond after all we've experienced together in this lifetime.. so far. I just wanted to say that I'm also trying to do a lot of writng to sort out. looking at mirrors..have I made someone else

in my life feel this same way- ? The hardest one.. what do I do if

I never hear from him again? And for right now, HOW the freak do I make myself stop trying to reach out? I believe it's important to honor people's choices, even if I feel a soulmate connection with him...

girrrl 4 years ago

bb_1192 Thank you ! I hope my advise helped you we re kind on the same page but not just with you mainly with every single one on here so we can share our pain and maybe get help with people who actually have the same story and can really believe us and not think we re crazies or something . Thanks for asking on my side, i have kind of , calmed down a little bit , but still think of him too many times a day , is like i stop thinking of him and then next minute thinking about him all over again . One night , few days ago i actually had a dream of him which i can't really recall but next thing i remember is waking up with a happy face and like having someone next to me like holding my hand (when waking up ) i just felt really happy that day like extremely happy without any real reason ( because as i mentioned before even at the time i wake up i still couldn't remember that dream but just had an unexplained feeling of joy ). But again few days pass and just see his name everywhere or a song that i love which reminds me of him and start getting emotional :/ (no crying lol just getting real sad not that i have not ever cried about him before ) It's sychronicity everywhere. Has he send you a message back yet ? What happend after you added him ?

Hope to hear from you soon ....lol!!!

girrl 4 years ago

bb_1192 it's weird i posted my response on here and it didnt show it here Thank you and no proble i just feel a lot of sympathy and empathy with a lot of people here cause we actually share the same pain and noone pretty much can undesrtand us! Anyways thanks for asking, few days ago i had a dream of him which as soon i wake up i couldnt recall it but had an overwhelmed feeling of joy like idk why but as soon as i woke up i just felt like someone was holding my hand , and was like so happy. I tried to not think of him before that night of the dream but still had a lot of synchronicities like seeing his name in tv shows , internet and etc as well as songs popping up on a tv show , movie etc which remind me of him . I just do kinda feel that he thinks of me im pretty positive about it . Anyways whats up with you , did he responded to you re message yet did he said anything when you added him?

People keep strong and keep posting you re stories on here its nice to feel like having a person who truly empathizes with us !Hopefully it works out with all of you !

bb_1192 4 years ago

Hi everyone....@girrl, he didn't say anything! He just accepted the friend request and then nothing....which makes me sad..because i thought he'd say something after all these years....may be he just doesn't care? sending another message would just be acting too obsessive... so i dunno...

Ya i can understand the dream part...i get one randomly and it makes no sense! but i still feel happy....i dunno why.

Ya let's keep faith.....and just hope everything falls into place...

i'm really glad i found this place:)

girrl 4 years ago

I had a psychic reading like yesterday and they told me he thinks of you and all that but i was like hows it possible he is far from me . She was like it doesnt matter you are still drawn to each other but told me he is my soul connection but i haven't met my twin flame she said which im gonna meet him after a year and half and he is going to be a really good friend to me and would be so intense and all that but its not going to be love relationship which made me really angry because i feel like my soul connection is stronger than ever experienced before and really drawn to him . Anyways guys there is a karmic relationships as well which kinda look like soul connections but it's way worse Google search it. bb_1192 Have faith he might answer , you never know just believe in yourself !!!!

I love it here its awesome , i totally understand people :) and they understand me !!!!!

bb_1192 4 years ago

Ya i have googled A LOT about all this.....but it's very tough to figure...unless you go to a psychic or something who could help you with this. I don't know what is this connection that binds us...i can't talk to anyone about it...and those who know about it told me to forget and move on....only if it was that easy...

jamie 4 years ago

I went through this a few years ago and it was devastating, the love overwhelming, and the karma, energetic stuff, intense, I had to walk away from my dance group because of it all

for those in the dark, who need some light about what is going on, I found this guys site, his book, and his initial reading very helpful, especially the first 9-10 articles in the index


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cama 4 years ago

Thank you Jamie for sharing that info and to everyone else who is sharing experiences. It is inspiring to know someone got on the other side of this. For you to stop doing your passion - dance -because of the overwhelming emotions..how painful it must have been. I hope you were able to get back to it. I am tryng so hard to let the lessons wash over me and find out what I need to from this overwhelming pain of loss and abandonment from someone who I still feel closely connected to. And still, I know there must be karmic reasons? I know whatever the case, I need to reclaim my life...Anyway...The best to everyone here.

Gina 4 years ago

What do I do? I ended it with my daughters' father 2 months ago. I have known him 14 years. Have always felt a connection with him even though during the 14 years we were not always together. He was in 2 relationships that ended badly and I was in a relationship that did not end bad but after a few years i realized wasn't going anywhere. But I always had a connection with him even though he was with someone else. He would come in my dreams and tell me things. When we both ended our relationships with other people we had no intention of being together. We did spend a lot of time around each other and eventually one thing led to another and we had our second child who is only a year and a half. We tried to make things work but it seemed like every time things would get better and we got closer he would pull away. I ended it 2 months ago for that reason (the back and forth) and I just felt he didn't really love me because he also ended up marrying an illegal for money. He wanted to continue to be together but I just couldnt do it. He should have married me despite his financial difficulties. I know its a financial thing not love but i couldn't get past it. So for 2 months I have been doing the cord cutting visualization. It works very well and the more I did it the more he stayed away and the more I moved on. Well for some reason this weekend I had nothing but dreams of him like never before. Dreams back to back and all weekend. Although I have not heard from him since he is away working. (He does still see the kids but I keep my distance). One of the dreams is my mother who has passed. She has shown me things in dreams before. But this one has me puzzled. In the dream she shows me how hurt he is that I left him and how its making him a different person not a good one. Honestly this whole time i thought he didnt care because when he picks up and drops off the kids he seems fine and happy actually. The dream ends up by him kissing me on the forehead and him telling me that he really did love me. It was a bizzare dream because it felt so real and it was like watching a movie seeing what he is doing. I know at some point during the night with these dreams it felt like he was lying right beside me it was weird. I woke up realizing what i didn't before that he really did love me. I thought he didnt but i see now that he really did in his own way maybe not the way i needed him to. I now find myself missing him and this big urge to sit down and talk to him. Its confusing because it seems no matter how much time goes by, years I always feel this connection. These dreams just made my connection feel even stronger just when i felt i was getting away. I don't know what to do. My head says don't bother but my heart says see what happens. But i feel when i followed my heart in the past i only got hurt. I dont even know if he still wants to make things work, if he misses me, nothing because we dont talk unless its about the kids since thats the way i wanted it. I think of him now and i get nervous. Dont know if anyone can relate to this but i also feel this overwhelming feeling inside to reach out to him. So I texted him just asking him to contact me when he can. I have not heard from him yet and this was hours ago. I am not sure exactly why I was shown this dream. I was doing so good moving on and these dreams just come out of nowhere all of a sudden. Its almost like something wants to keep me with him. Do I still love him yes, in love? no due to a lot over the years and the constant distancing the last year and 1/2 (you get tired of it). I really don't know what to do. Any advice would be well appreciated.

Lina 4 years ago

Well, I am glad to find people that have the same feelings that I have. I met this person a couple of years ago. Since I met him, he is part of my daily thoughts. We are thousand of miles apart from each other but there is an incredible connection between us. We are not in a relationship, but we are more than just friends. We care about each other, we have similar feelings, but we cannot be together because of the distance. What is weird is that we haven't seen each other since four years ago, and every time I hear news about him, I still get butterflies! I have sort of liked another boys, but after few days I say to myself, that boy is not like him! What is even weird is that I feel that he is the love of my life. I don't know what to do cause is kinda an uncomfortable situation! I cannot wait to see him, but I don't even know if our paths are going to joy again. -Does someone has an idea what's going on with me?

AllforPaul 4 years ago

I believe this is all about karma(good and bad)from past lives...

and a very strong intuition in people who feel such a strong connection with a total stranger!

I 've been married for 20 years,very unhappily,no one who knows me understands how I live with so much unhappiness..I did not even like the guy and I married him,forgetting that one famous psychic told me it will happen because he is my KARMA!

Throughout the marriage I was hoping I will meet my''soul mate"and another psychic told me I will,and that I would recognize him right away,and he told me that I' ll KNOW when I look at his very unusual and beautiful eyes.I was told that he will be the boss at the place where he works.The psychic also told me he is very very close to where I live but the connection will not be made for a while..

Last year,11 years after ''prediction'' I went to a place where I shop and I did not even look at the person that came out from the manager's office and my intuition told me:This is him!!!I was a totally different person after I saw him:I was happy,I was singing,I easily lost weight I could not for 9 yrs,I started taking care of myself,everyone noticed a change in me..and every day I lived for that short few seconds to look at the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!And every time I looked at them I saw his soul inside and felt so close to him.

He is 11 yrs younger,few days ago mine and his horoscope said the same thing: that we are so different in so many different ways,but that we will not care about that and that being together is the only important thing...nothing happened yet,I don't know if it ever will,but I can say that I am totally in love with this beautiful stranger.

We talked shortly a couple of times,it turned out that he lived 2.6 miles away from me over a decade ago.

Today,far away from where we lived, he works 2.6 miles from my new home!

This just can not be the coincidence.

I was told that we shared great love in past life,and that's why I think my body and soul and heart long for him!

I miss him every moment of each day,so much that it hurts!

AllforPaul 4 years ago

To all that said the other person did not respond-It happened to me too,after I gave him a gift and a note that I care about him signed:Love..and my name..he ignored me after that,and I know he liked me before that and was curious about me...this was last week..no respond is the strongest message,but I still can not stop going to see him...I just want to be near him..

I think they do not respond because they do not understand it is the connection from previous life :( And I feel if I try to go''after him''' to explain this is unconditional love,he would freak out,and not believe that I am just a normal {but very spiritual} person...

Lina 4 years ago


sometimes it's hard to understand what things mean. If your "friend" is your soul mate, sooner or later he will realize it! sometimes it's necessary to them time to meet another people and realize that no other person gives them that special connection as you do. I hope I helped you a little bit!

Gina 4 years ago

Lina I agree. I did finally see him and talked to him. Told him about my dream and he agreed that all I had seen and felt was true. That he did love me and miss but felt that we would not work out. But he also told me he started seeing someone else. I told him then so how some way he has to deeply let me go because I cannot have him keep reaching out to me in dreams anymore. Maybe he doesn't even realize he does it. But I agree with Lina in the way that I know whoever this person is he is seeing, he will not have the connection with her that he has with me and maybe he will finally realize it. But at the same time I have to move on with my life. It does hurt to know he is seeing someone else now but there is nothing I can do about that. I can only hope he no longer comes to me in dreams anymore and move on with my life. Sadly we have children so I will have to see him at times but I try and keep contact with him as minimal as possible because it just hurts too much otherwise. I think what was puzzling was him seeing someone else but yet he kept continuing to come to me in dreams recently. I know in the one dream he knows if he sees someone else he will not be able to love and care for the person like they will want him to and will end up feeling used by him instead of cared for. I see this but he does not yet. I almost feel sorry for this girl because she has no idea what she is in for with him. He is still missing me and hurt over our split and rebound relationships do not last from what I have seen over the years with people I know. I am sorry all of you hurt over this but as you see we are in this together, we are not alone. I hope you all find the happiness you seek.

AllforPaul 4 years ago


I think you are right!I am older,and married with the kid,we are such a miss-match when you look at us... He knows all of that which is too much for anyone to handle, but yesterday I saw him again,and he approached me for the very first time in a year and told me he lost my phone number!I think he finally realizes there is ''something different'' and that we have that "special connection''

Lina 4 years ago

@Gina and @AllforPaul

Thank you for finding my suggestions useful. Sometimes, it's good to express feelings in whatever way possible. What it means to be in this situation is that we deeply love this "special person".

The best thing to do is to keep expressing your feelings by writing in a journal or crying and in this way, the soul can move on. Maybe you can find answers in this way.

Also, talking to the actual person and telling them that you are done with this will his and your soul to end another chapter in life. Yes, yes, yes, it's very complicated, but if the souls agree with some facts, them both of you will be ready to move on.

PRAY to know what is going on and you might get an answer!

Believe or not, you both have helped me to find my answers! Best of luck with everything!

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dvash 4 years ago

Hey there.. Hope that I can get a help over here.. I'm a homely Indian girl. I was in a relationship once but that was like 6 yrs ago.. I was with him for 3 yrs,but we've never even gone out once cause I was always careful about my family's good name. We broke up because I got to know that he was totally not the right one for me. He was a playboy. I was enjoying my single life until this one day I saw this guy in a video. He's an upcoming artist in my country,still new though. I didn't even like that song,but I don't know why I actually watched that video for.. Until the part he came in that video,I don't know.. I just had this funny kinda feeling.. That I know him long ago and he's someone dear to me.. I manage to find out most things about him,even his office number.. But something is stopping me too..I don't know why I feel this way about him.. How can I simply fall in love with someone just like that?? I mean,even though I have his number,I can't simply call him and tell him that I have a feeling like this right?? I stalk his fb profile everyday.. To see what is he doing every single day.. And if he doesn't log in a day,I feel like dying.. I feel like I'm living with him.. And I know,I have something more than just feelings for him.. Why is it so????? I mean,I feel like its damn stupid of course.. Sometimes I feel like crying because I feel like I'm going insane.. I'm just a normal girl.. And he's an upcoming artist.. I don't wanna spoil my name or my family's name.. =( What am I supposed to do?? Why do I have this thing for him?? What should I do.. Please,I'm seeking for help..

joojoo 4 years ago

as many others here i have a the similar experience, a year ago I met someone and instantly fell in love with that person, it was crazy, I thought I was crazy and first four months was horrible for me, I was so depressed didn't do anything thinking of that person all the time and trying to block my feelings which just made my situation worst. To make the story short, one year later that person still pops up in my head every single day, but after months of research(twin flames) I have come to an acceptance that I will probably always have this strong feelings for this one person without any harsh feelings who lives an other life far from me and I never really found out if these feelings are mutual(we don't have any contact). But I have to move on and live my life and what happens in the future will happens regardless. I know its hard, trust me and I've been seeing and dating other people and that person was still in my head. Its stupid how you can long for somebody and miss them so much that it hurts after you only meet them once and talking to friends don't really help ether because they haven't experienced the same thing as I have and only thing they can tell you is "oh you will move on don't worry". I don't know maybe I am crazy, I guess only time can tell...Anyways just be positive try to focus on other things like yourself try to accomplish your own dreams and go your own path in life, don't try to ignore these feelings just accept them, don't do things out of sadness (thinking you will move on) those actions will only make it worse. If you are meant to meet this person or be with her/him you will life will bring you together, just do things from your heart. Love to you all.

sight 4 years ago

I wonder... behind this all who can real go deep beneath the reasons for these kinda crazy situations. Who is able to dig inside the soul to get quiet after all because there is too much trauma to be healed... and it can be too much heavy, so walking away is mandatory simply because few people can deal with.

empath 4 years ago

I just found this site after 9 months of pain. I, too, found my soul connection and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Both in our mid 40's we were so right for each other in every way. And in an instant he ended it. What makes it more difficult is that the last time I was with him I made a true pychic connection. He is Bipolar & I feel every manic phase. I also have contact with his deceased mother and she has begged me to help when he has been ill. About a month ago I went to a very large county fair, knowing/feeling I would run into him...and I did. Well sorta...I was frozen with anxiety and he saw me in the mirror standing directing behind him. For the next couple of weeks I felt his every emotion.

Its tough enough to have fallen so hard and feeling this is the man I was supposed to grow old & gray with, but to feel his Bipolar swings & have his mother around me is killing me. I never did say a word at the fair but sent him a message 2 wks later. 2 wks ago today & no response.

I need to block this empathic connection somehow, some way.

Barbara 4 years ago

The biggest pain is when you met your soul mate, spent the most magnificent time together and then, because of his karma, let him go. And it is also the biggest love you can be thankful for. My heart is crying, my body is missing him but my soul knows, that he has opened up and gave me the most beautiful gift he can give, his innocent soul. We have split because now he must handle his life and I know,he has made a lot of bad things in past and all that things will come back to him to teach him, to give him life lessons and maybe to help him to find his own way, his place on the earth and to become a better person. I will always be with him because he is deep in me. I have tried so hard to end this connection, this gentle vibrations which made me happy and totally satisfied. But it is not possible to end this.

Yet, my mind has another story. He was a bad person to me sometimes. Brutal. Mean. But when the time has come and he opened his soul, he was the most gentle men I have ever met. It is hard to understand it is even harder to live with all this. Sometimes I want this will never happen because I am lost in pain.But then I realize that I have got the universal love with him. In this chaotic situation I didn't know how to live on.He is bad person, doing bad things, but his soul is of angel one. I would never come in contact with that kind of a man if I knew the truth about him.But he has lied about himself as he knew that this is the only way we came in contact.I have seen his angel soul and I have showed him his angel soul, too, because he was not able to see it. He was not only destroying the others, but also himself.I have that feeling, that I am the guardian of his soul. I understand nothing.

Is there anybody with similar experience or am I becoming mad'

me 4 years ago

I had this experience...i kept dreaming of my exhusband and coudnt figure out why..i even had a dream that said he wanted the old me back when i asked where his new love was.a couple days later he posted a song called im getting stoned on facebook.its about a guy loosing his soul mate because she marring another man.whats so werid is i thought we were done and over because i feel as though i had moved on.and prior to his post i posted i was getting married cause i didnt figure it would bother him....then after he posted that song i listen to it and though i love the man im with everytime i here it its like i can feel his pain.a sharp piercing in my heart.why i would feel bad is behond me because he left me by cheating but is it possible that no matter how much i move on that our souls are still connected.

Bluey 4 years ago

Wow, I can't believe there are people experiencing this strong feeling. I thought I was the only one but my story is kinda strange. I feel this strong connection with my lecturer. Well ex-lecturer to be precise as I've graduated.

It's really odd as I've never felt this strong connection before. Yes, I've fallen deeply in love before but I've never experienced this kind of feeling before. A very deep feeling that is inexplicable. A deep feeling where you can sense his presence, energy and as if you've known him forever albeit I don't actually know him.

I thought I was crazy. He was 22 years older than me and a divorcee. He is very cold. unapproachable and distant.

He's not my taste at all. I'm sure this is not a limerence, infatuation or silly crush as his happiness is my priority. I want him to be always happy and safe even if it's not with me.

When I started to have this feeling, I freaked out and denied for a year. Nevertheless, it's getting stronger and stronger. It has been 3 years plus I've this strong feeling. I did try to move on but I can't.

I don't know either he can feel it or it's just me. I'm scared that this might be one-way connection. But I could have sworn that his face expression looked a bit shocked when I felt my soul connected to him (I went to see him for consultation). Or was it just my imagination?

After I graduated, I thought this feeling would disappear. But I was utterly wrong. I miss him so much (as if it came from your soul) and I did try to keep in touch with him by emailing him, asking for his advice. Well, like I said, he's unapproachable and so distant. He asked me to discuss with my peers instead of him.

I was angry and replied that I would never bother him again. Suddenly one night, when I stopped thinking about him, I could feel that he was thinking about me. It was very strong. Perhaps I was imagining things. Was it?

I pursue my master at the very same uni (but he doesn't teach me any longer). When I thought I've moved on, I accidentally bumped into him. He was the person who walked really fast. I didn't know either I was imagining things but I could have sworn he walked a bit slower than usual and looked at me with shock.

My heart stopped. I smiled at him and he smiled back. The next day, I wanted to bump into him and I did. He looked so happy when he greeted me. He never greeted me cordially like that before. Perhaps he was having a good mood that day.

I mustered up my courage and offered him lunch as he has helped me a lot. I was happy when he agreed but then he seemed so reluctant. I did try email him. A month after that, I ate lunch with him and the feeling was ineffable.I would be very nervous when I talk to guys especially when I've feelings, but with him, I felt so comfortable. I wish I could rewind that moment.

It was the best day as all my stress was gone. I did ask him to have coffee but he didn't reply. Then, he started to ignore me. I was really sad. He didn't even greet me when he saw me.

I was in pain when he ignored me. But one day, when I pretended not to see him, he greeted me first and I was whooping with joy.

Every time when he saw me, he would smile and say hi. But right now, he started to ignore me again and I wish I could know why.All I could sense is his fear.

I know he still has a feeling towards his ex but I wonder why I could sense his energy, his pain and etc?I can feel he has a sensitive and soft heart even though he looks so cold and distant.

Why can't I move on?Why is he ignoring me again? Is this one way connection?Am I the only one who feels this?

Kristopher 4 years ago

I believe I have a soul mate connection with my ex girlfriend (we haven't been together in almost 3 months but have met and talk kissed and had sex a few times). She is now with another man but I can feel her inside of me. I will be busy during my day at work, like today, I can feel like pain in my chest and my throat aching as if I want to cry. Then out of the blue I can hear our favorite song playing in my head and pictures of her fill my brain. At that instance, I feel she is listening to our song and feeling sadness or remorse. I have had this feeling in my chest several times in the past year and a half, it goes from excitement, sadness, melancholy. The emotions i feel at times is what it feels like but my head isn't sharing the emotion as if it were coming from me if that makes sense. We haven't spoken in over a week now, but I get these feelings strongly from her. I do believe when I think of her, she knows too. Some would say this is just to comfort me, but what is funny on top of all of this is how we met. We actually met 4 years ago while i was dating someone else. it was brief but I felt a surge of energy in her presence. Fast forward 6 months and we connect again and start talking daily but our relationships drew us apart again. Then out of the blue 2 years later I was on a social website and this woman added me out of the blue to be a friend. I examine her pictures, and it was her again!! We found each other and she didn't even realize it was me she added! So, do you believe these are just strange coincidences (I have had a check up and am medically sound. No illnesses, diseases, sickness. 100 a-ok).?

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gemini12 4 years ago

Sometimes i can hardly believe this is happening. Like many other posts I've read here

I too feel like I may be just obsessing or having irrational thoughts for no apparent reason.

I have been thinking about my first love from 16 years ago...

We spent all our time together in High School. Watching movies, taking walks, talking For hours about life and everything under the sun.. sometimes we even talked about future. We didn't believe in the ritual of marriage ( partly due to our parents failed marriages). We were very young, but I know I loved him and he told me he loved me too. I told him things i never shared with anyone and he opened up to me about his family life... which neither of ours was the best.

But Like most high school sweet heart s we broke up before graduation. He graduated 3 years before me.

I was heartbroken and never usually cried easily but

I Have never cried for a guy like that before or since.

My heart ached for years. I wondered if he ever regretted breaking up with me.

Time passed- a couple boyfriends came and went and I thought about him a little less, but he was always in the back of my mind.

I married at age at a young age ( i kept my maiden name) - I am now 31.

I got rid of all memorabilia from our past relationship years ago. He's Still popping into my thoughts!

I agree with the posts that it feels like being "haunted".

It not really welcome and I don't know what to do about it.

Certain movies, songs, Country artists, Phrases, even smells could remind me of our times together. The way he use to say things , his mannerisms - his sense of humor...all these things that i can still remember about him to this day.

One day 5 years ago - thoughts of him were overwhelming me so much that I finally googled his name.

I found an article that he had been in a serious car accident just 3 days prior. I was shocked and my heart was in my stomach as I read it.

Not knowing what to do or how to connect with him ( no FB or any listings) or if he would even be happy to hear from me. I ignored my feelings.

I tried to stay busier. I Found new hobbies. IT Still didn't work.

Last April I tried to look him up and found he had signed up for classmates and mylife. Com.

I still resisted the urge to contact him ( what good would it do?)

Then out of nowhere

Just this week... I had this ringing in my right ear...He came to mind.. so I once again searched his name.

This is the part where I can't believe this is happening! It must sound crazy, i know.

He was once again in an accident just a couple days prior. He was reportedly listed in satisfactory condition the following day.

Was i supposed to see that? Could there be a connection between us? Is he thinking of me or what is going on?

Sometimes i feel like i can feel his emotions during these times and I can't shake the thought of him.

He seems unhappy, but doesn't really know why. I want to know if he's ok. I care about him still after all this time and feel the need to hold him and tell him its going to be alright.

He has a girlfriend now and they have two kids.

I'm also in a relationship with children.

I wonder all the time ... Is it possible he is thinking of me or am i subconciously obsessed!?

Nene 4 years ago

Well I lived with an uncle and aunt about three or four years ago. I was in a relationship with a man 9 years older than me. I was head over heels in love. In time, we started having financial problems and one thing after another. He ended up telling me he was in love with another woman so we ended it. My uncle had a friend who was not much older than me and remembered me from my childhood. He ended up dropping by out of the blue one day while I was asleep on the couch. My hair was all crazy and mouth wide open, lol. My uncle said he just stared and talked about how beautiful I was. I remember awaking and seeing him in a blurr , only to fall back asleep. I thought about him everyday after that. One day a car drove by the house and I had a strong connection to the person inside, I told my uncle in mid-sentence, "Its him!", only to have him call and say he did past through. My uncle described to me exactly what he looks like, but I've never actually met him. I'm in a long-term relationship now, but for the past two weeks, a face of a man has been popping-up in my head while wide awake everyday. The strange thing is I feel very strongly that this face belongs to this man I've never met....What could this be??????

hEY NENE 4 years ago

iT'S A Twin flame ,sweetheart check it out and search it up !!!

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june800 4 years ago

That's what I'm starting to think my situation is a twinflame with this man I came in contact with almost 7 years ago. When I met him it was like love at first sight even tough I was with someone else at the time and still am to this day. I'm married with a child and love my hubby but I still think about this other man and recently started dreaming about him. He's getting married himself this year and part of me is feeling sad which sounds crazy being I'm married myself. Well anyway it hurts but I have to take it like it is and keep going...

ThereseTheRose 4 years ago

My story begins as I met someone I was taking a class from early this year. I did not like this person at first and then they touched my arm and a connection began between us. He flirted with me often in class, found ways to be touch flirty with me often. I became friends with a girl who was a mutual friend of his who I felt he had a crush on. I in a way used to her so I could keep in contact with him. It is out of character for me do this too. One night I was talking with her and we became Face Book friends and He friended me at the same time asking if I would be able to help him with embroidering on some of his business shirts. He knew I was crafty since I had made something in class and he was impressed. After a bit he asked if I wanted to go into business with him and make some things for him. I told him I would try since this product was new for me. I am married by the way so all of this had me overwhelmed and having strong feelings for someone else. After my class with him I stopped all contact and even left the class leaving him with the cold shoulder as I could not continue with him. A month went by and he texted me saying he had some samples for me to continue on with our project. Being the empathic that I am I agreed to start work on the project. I was drawn in AGAIN and my feelings were even stronger. I can't way what they were but we have this strong connection. I set up a business meeting to tell him what I felt that I felt some attraction to him and it made it hard to work for him. He immediately denied any attraction to me right away. It is hard for me to believe he meant it. When we look at each other we have these deep stares that go on for a couple minutes. He finds ways to rub against my arm or just some physical way that is not "obvious". Of course he also looks me up and down, when we talk he looks from my mouth to my eyes quite often but has never made any move on me. Working with the business was making me crazy b/c he was so demanding and was litterally using me for all I had and just draining my energy. I sent him an email ending the entire business. I needed my energy back. I stand by my decision to get out of business with him but my heart still hurts deep down and just aches. Our connection is strong, he is an empath as well. Even though I have quit he keeps asking me back to work with him. Sometimes when I am doing fine and my mind and heart feel free from him I just get so overwhelmed with thoughts of him making me think he is thinking of me. My empathic ways told me he was sad inside and has a lot of pain. I think I am feeling his pain. He has denied over and over and over again that he has no feelings for me but yet he won't let me go. What do you all think? He told me to read the book The Celestine Prophecy and so I watched the movie and wasn't sure what he wanted me to take away from it. It could have been that I need to work on my abilities with my energy and balancing it or maybe it was the relationship in there where two people are meant to be but can't. My heart aches off and on and when I think I am fine I start spiraling down. When I don't see him for awhile I get better and then when I see him it cripples me a day or two later. He is kryptonite for me. I want to forget about him but can't forget him and can't cut the connection cord. I think he thinks about me and that is why I start to think of him. What do you all think? Why would he tell me he doesn't care???

so magnetic 4 years ago

Hello! everyone. 5 years later sinse the connection I can talk to different people I also have tried to look into their soul but is like there is a wall between us there is nothing more special and at the same time sad and complicated than find your soulmate. Always in the eyes, you will know when you feel it won't be mistaken is a rollercoster of happiness,sadness combined with pain. oohhh! is to late you are allready in it can"t shake it off. This connection is as serious as a colon cancer. Luck to all.

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june800 4 years ago

@So magnetic you are soooo right the eyes really does say it all when I first encountered my twinflame I didn't realize at the time what is was but now that I know it hurts at the the same time cause of life circumstances and such.

so magnetic 4 years ago

Hey! june800 you know what is sad part is feeling the emptiness in te middle of the chest missing the happinnes that came out of no where when we look in each other eyes just looking at them must of the time even without saying a word hard to look away from them no matter how hard you try they pull you back like a magnet , june800 I am sure you know like me that this type of connection won't happen againt with somebody else in this life time

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june800 4 years ago

@megnetic I so agree I have been thinking about this person for the past few months more then before not only that it is that I'm seeing things that point to this person more often and I keep asking myself why didn't I do something about this situation in the past when I had the chance before life circumstances happened to the both of us and I can answer lol I was scared and shy and so was the man that is my twinflame.....

AllforPaul 4 years ago

For ''intense connection'' man :)

I am a woman and I think our stories are almost identical!

I met my Flame at the shop too.I am married too(about to separate too)and he had girlfriend.And as soon as he passed by me for the very first time(I did not even looked at him)the same thought came to me:Oh,my God,it's him!!!!

It took me a while to get courage to look into his eyes,and when I did I felt I went deep inside of his soul.I love how you said it:Her eyes seemed a mile deep.That 's it!

I never thought he would say something to his coworker(seems very shy) but I saw they were looking at me differently?

He was the one looking away when I was looking at him,and when I did not have courage to look at him,I felt he was looking at me.

You said at the end if you don't do or say something you are afraid she would be gone.On one hand, I hope you didn't scare her right away,on the other I waited too long and he did disappeared on me.But I found him after four months..It took me another few months and I told him(wrote) how I feel about him and he changed..Now I am not going to see him anymore,and in a mean time I found out about TWIN FLAMES!And I know that's who we are!I am getting ready to send him all info about it.I can not breath without being close to him,I know there is no such a thing as ''closure'' and if this was a ordinary''human''love I would be just devastated,but I am not.I miss him so much that I feel pain around my heart,but I am so happy just thinking about him,and I say everyday out loud how much I love him....

Let us know how your story went...

AllforPaul 4 years ago


I love your story.Your update,especially.

Your story should be(except a script for Hollywood movie)a classical example of Twin Flame stages(check You tube:The stages of a Twin Flame relationship):

You were drawn to each other(Recognition phase)than he got so scared(usually this happens to a man)so him telling you he can't love you(what a lie!)was a Testing stage(Ego kicks in)Than you had Crisis phase,than you both got into Runner Dynamic(he was scared ,you were hurt)and finally you both got into SURRENDER STAGE! (20 years later,but what's 20 years for the souls that belong to each other for ETERNITY!)

There are two more phases after those:Illumination/Radiance and last:Harmonizing!




girrrl 4 years ago

hey guys whats up again i need an advice from someone here cause i know all of you understand me , so i guess the person i mentioned in my story will contact me again , first time what should i do , should i talk to him or ignore any help thanks !Should i ask for answers or just let him talk? any help thanks

AllforPaul 4 years ago

@girrrl:whatever you do just DO NOT IGNORE HIM!BE NICE:)))

Intense Connection 4 years ago

@ allforpaul

Well, I asked her out and she gave me her number but never returned my calls. After that we continued to be pleasant with each other. Eventually I called her again but again she didn't respond.  I have since moved to a new neighbourhood and haven't seen her in about a year.   I'm fairly certain that she'll turn up again at some point. She still enters my mind and I suspect she always will but I won't spend my life waiting for someone who doesn't want me so I've moved on.  The best part is that I've fallen in love with a beautiful woman and am currently in a very fulfilling and loving relationship with her.  I advise against sending him the info on twin flames that you mention.  It will scare him away.  Think about what you would think if a stranger gave you that info. Don't mention it.  Just try to be friends with him. It's all you can do.

Best of luck.

Intense Connection

AllforPaul 4 years ago

@Intense Connection

Your story makes me sad,even thought I am glad you were able to fall in love again.(I hope she feels like a soul mate)I don't think I will be able to fall in love with anyone else.I can't stop thinking about him.

You said in your first post that if you don't say something you are afraid she would be gone for good and that would be a tragedy of your life.Well,that happened to me-AGAIN!

I have stopped going there because he stopped responding.Then,two months later, I sent him a Christmas card that came back and I found out he left his work place again.I just hope he is not running away from me...

I thought the first time that it happened was devastating to me,now I have no words to express how I feel.The pain is unbearable,so I am trying to find him.

I don't know how to read into all of this :is it a clear sign that we are not going to be together because he keeps disappearing on me ,or is it a test for me to try harder to prove to him what he means to me?

Does he not care or he is just scared and overwhelmed with the intensity?

If he just wants to be friends with me I would accept it!

I don't want anyone else.

I don't want him to come to me 20 yrs later and say:I made a mistake.

Thank you for responding.

Intense Connection 4 years ago

@ allforpaul

It seems to me that he is not ready for this connection yet. He doesn't understand it and there's no point in pushing the issue. Pushing the issue on someone who is not ready will only frighten them and cause them to run. I know it's difficult to let go but you must. Fate is hard to understand when you're in the middle of it. If you are meant to be together then it will happen only when you are both ready. Don't see it as tragic that it isn't happening now. See it as an enlightening experience and let him go so he can be enlightened as well. If you truly are twins then it is for the best. By living seperate lives you are doubling the rate of the learning curve. He'll be back and with more stories to share. Rest assured.

Your friend

Intense Connection

AllforPaul 4 years ago

Hi Intense Connection!

I was just thinking about your story,to be precise,how you posted your story 17 months ago and still came here few days ago to find''something":)even though you moved on and found love.

See,I am not a young girl any more who can say:"Oh well it is for the best!There is time,there is hope."

I have been unhappily married for 20 yrs(I knew from the start is was my karmic relationship)No doubt in my mind I went through a "Dark night of the soul"that empties you out emotionaly,mentaly and spiritualy to prepare you for the intensity that is about to happen with your Twin Flame.

See,I was waiting for him all of my life!

I loved him before I even looked at him!

I do not want the second best!

I have paid my price and this is my last chance!

I know we can't force someone to love us,even if there was a way I wouldn't want it that way!

I read somewhere,if you meet your Twin that means you two are meant to be together,even if only as friends.

I did gave him a letter, months ago, saying that I am aware of all the obstacles between us,that he is probably on a path of finding a soul mate and starting the family(he is 11 yrs younger)and I am trying to end my marriage,and that all I want is to stay in touch...

I am hurt because he stopped talking to me.I felt that rejection on a soul level,but my Ego died in front of the Unconditional love.

I still love him..more than my life..I would do anything for him...

And it would be easy to ''let it go'' if I never saw the spark in his eyes every time he saw me,and if I was not sure if he ''recognized"me the very first time our eyes have met.

There are just too many''coincidences"that connect us,I just can't accept this all happened for no reason...or just to break my heart all over again...

Thanks for writing back.

Your friend,


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june800 4 years ago

@AllforPaul you have great courage for expressing your feelings to you TF in a letter I don't think I could have done that. I know how it is with a younger TF as well mine is 8 years younger then me. Time will tell all I am a firm beliver in that I do believe you two will connect again and come together again in a way that the both of you wouldn't expect. That spark in the eyes is all to familar with me so I so know where you are coming from on that and that's something you never forget. Don't give up hope good luck.............

Iris 4 years ago

Everything came back in my heart after months trying to let go. I'm so scared.

AllforPaul 4 years ago


Oh,I was not a brave person,and I have so many insecurities,but I have Mars as my ruler planet,it is a planet of passion and action :)

This whole thing is all about unconditional love.And when your ego dies,there is only love left,and courage I guess.

I was just thinking today,how he probably never received a love letter,and that form of communication for people in love(men or women) was so normal before.

I think he maybe'read it' as pushy or even aggressive,maybe he was disappointed in me..if he only knew I was waiting for him all of my life,that I never loved anyone like that before and that I know deep inside I will never love anyone again like that.

People need to ''think outside the box''but not all are ready for that...I am ready..there are so many obstacles for us,but just as they say for TF,they don't seem unresolvable.

Someone said I should have take it slowly ,I would have,but I did not have time,I did not have an opportunity..If I just had an opportunity to talk to him,I would be fun and easy and humorous,but he did not gave me a chance.He is very shy and very cautious.

He probably does not know what is going on,but I know he did 'recognized me' on a soul level,before I showed my interest in him.

Well,you have read some people gave up,they don't want to waist their time with someone who does not respond to their love..and I want to make sure if he does not care or he is just afraid..so I have sent him another letter recently,and if he does not respond then I have to give up.I just want to make sure if him disappearing on me is a bad sign to give up, or just a test for me to prove to him how much I care.

I see your TF was getting married,sometimes I think that's what mine has to go through ,have a kid,and then we can be together?

At least,you love your husband,I don't even like mine,and I want to get out of this marriage no matter what...

Thank you for some optimism,it is so needed,when everyone close to me thinks that I have been just obsessive,desperate,unloved and lonely for a very long time, and that I am looking for an affair.

Good luck to you,let us know if you see your TF again..

Intense Connection 4 years ago

@allfor paul

I  understand everything you're saying.. about the spark in the eyes and the recognition and that instant feeling of overwhelming love.  I'm also no spring chicken and I really wish that it had worked out this time around because i too realize that I'll never feel love that intensely for anyone else.

I disagree that it's "for no reason" though.  It's a learning experience.  He was sent to you (and her to me) to awaken you from your dark night... and to teach you lessons about yourself and your path.  Both are amazing reasons and I've learned to appreciate them. 

I also disagree that it's your last chance.  He's your TF. He'll be back. Difficult to accept as you watch him run, I know.  I'm not suggesting giving up.. letting go with confidence that your TF will return once you've done everything in your power is in no way giving up.  Like June800 says, you will come together in a way that you can't understand from your current perspective.  I never gave up, I only realized that I had to let go because I had done everything I could. I tried to be just friends as well, but she didn't respond to that either.  Presumably because she realized the temptation would be too strong. Which is certainly true.  Letting go meant not seeing her.  If I see her I'll never let go because I see that spark every time our eyes meet.  So I guess in a way I ended up the runner in the end.

One of the lessons I have taken from this is to always live a happy life and to share the love in my heart.  That's why we are here. We have infinite love in our hearts and I've decided to share mine with someone who wants it while I wait.. possibly for the next life or the one after that. Time will tell.

For now I wish you and all of our friends here a happy life.. with or without our TFs.

Instense Connection

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june800 4 years ago

@Intense Connection I do agree with you letting go does not mean giving up cause TF's will meet again whether or not it's in this lifetime. My TF has not anwered me at all when I congratulated him on their wedding on fb. Not sure if he is afraid to say something or what I have no idea I do know that he got my message. We will at times comunicate on fb in something he may post but that's about it. I have a question to anyone or to everyone I'm soooo confused on this okay I was sooo sure I knew who my actual TF is BUT a few months ago I made a "distant" connection with someone who is distant from me someone that I don't know but knew of for a few years now. It's so confusing and I don't want to be laughed at but it's like I have dots that connects me to this "NEW" person and it's funny cause I'm 13 years older then him but I guess that's not uncommon with TF. My question is can you have 2 TF's?

AllforPaul 4 years ago


I have read a lot about TF (I even remembered learning about it 2o yrs ago in Greek philosophy)so.. NO, you can not have two Twin Flames.But you can have many,many soul mates..So both of them could be your soul mates from past lives,but just one is your Twin Flame.Try to find ''Signs of a Twin Flame Connection''!

It's been said that you can know 100% only if you shared intimacy.

I did not,but I still believe he is my TF b/c I went through a ''Dark night of the soul'' and there are many other signs.

The strongest or most fascinating one for me is recurrence of #11( it is a spiritual messenger or sign from Universe that you two 1+1 are 11)You should look for signs like that(for exmpl:I met my TF in 2011,11 years after a psychic told me I will meet him,there is 11 yrs age difference,the sum of all the letters in our names is 11,the sum of all letters in our last names is 11....and many more..

Another one is SYNCHRONICITY:(God's way of finding your attention)I came(from Europe!!!) to live 2.6 miles from his home 18 yrs ago,and almost two decades later he came to work 2,6 miles from my second home!

I just can't accept this was a pure coincidence!

Maybe you can find some of your own signs,but they are there..

Let us know how it goes..

AllforPaul 4 years ago

@Intense Connection

I love how you write.I do agree with you.I guess I envy you:) for being able to balance your brain and your heart.If you tried your best and the person is not responding,the only thing you can do is to move on.

For some reason I need that talk.If he is not ready for the relationship,is 'talk'so much to ask?There are text messages,there is e-mail,there are little notes that can be written...I am always thinking if someone loved me like that,I would say something..I know..we are all different..

I told him in a letter:"You can even lie to me ,just say something...I wrote him recently that his silent messages speak very loudly to me but I still miss him..."

I try to get angry and I''call'' my pride to come back:

"I am a good person I deserve the best.I gave him a book..and my phone number,and then b-day card,and cd...then a letter..I told him how much he means to me..and all he did was ~ ignoring me...I did not even get a' thank you' for the gift...he rejected me on a soul level...I should just forget about him and move on...and then I start crying and I can't stop repeating:I miss him...I miss him... I miss him...."

Intense Connection 4 years ago

@ June800

I'm no expert but from what I have read allforpaul is correct.  You cannot have two twin flames.  I have read of people having a "near twin" though.  Maybe this is a possiblity.  They say it's very difficult to tell until you meet your actual twin. Then you will know without a doubt.  I tend to think that sometimes soulmates are sent to us to provide the lessons required for our souls to grow.  Soulmates can be easily confused with a twin because of the deep connection we share with them.  

The twin experience is extremely powerful. Overwhelmingly so. Even if it doesn't work out it changes your life. I learned so many things about myself in a short period that I can't even begin to explain. I would say that it triggered a spiritual awakening in me. The awakening was a short and extremely intense period of soul lessons that would be very difficult to describe to anyone who has never experienced it.  It felt like my soul was going to leap from my body.  At times is it was frightening.  This is the intensity of a true twin experience.  Allforpaul is also correct about the signs. As I write this sentence it's 11:11am.  Good luck.


Again, I empathize.   The silence speaks volumes.  It means they feel they can't connect with you (even just to talk as friends) because it will jeopardize something they value (a marriage in your case, a relationship with a boyfriend in mine).  They realize that the intensity of the connection will be too powerful to overcome.. and they're probably right.  Knowing this doesn't make it any less frustrating though.  Just imagine how frustrating it would be to be alone with this person and not be able to act.  Pure torture!  That's what they're feeling other other end.

Miklos 4 years ago

Is it possible to feel when someone spends the day connected to your heart and it is like the heart speeding all the time even very distant? And it lasts for days, and when you think it is finally over it is back again?

AllforPaul 4 years ago

@ June 800 and Intense Connection

Sorry June 800 I thought it was your comment I was replying to,but it was from Intense Connection.

Thank you both for this chat,it means a lot when no one really understands(and I mean the dearest and the nearest)


AllforPaul 4 years ago


1}It looks to me you did not find your soul mate,so I don't understand what are you doing here???


2}Read first about Twin flames and then let's talk:

You meet your Twin flame after many karmic(bad)relationships,including bad marriage.

A lot of people who want to be with their Twin flame are already in a dead relationship or marriage .

You don't LOOK for them ,God just bring them to you.

Why you ask?Well,that is what we have to figure it out!

Maybe for the same reason anyone is brought to your life-so you can learn about yourself?

4}You obviously did not read how many people try so hard not to give in,but this is something you can not control.You can MAYBE control what you do about it,but you CAN NOT control how you feel about your Twin Flame.

If you read posts here you would have an answer to your questions.

As I see it here, nobody is with their Beloved!Everyone is resisting,no body(here) is having an ''affair''what you are suggesting!Those stories are not about cheating,they are about SOUL CONNECTION!!!

Nobody here wants to cheat and have an affair!

3)Happy mother is what every kid needs- not unloved,neglected,unhappy,miserable,unappreciated etc!

4)Your post is a huge insult to the most beautiful experience that only very few on this Earth can experience-UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

5}This page is created for people who experienced it and who want to help each other understand this PHENOMENON(mentioned by old Greek philosophers and other religions,)so lets not talk before we know what we are talking about.

6}Mid- life crises does not exist.People live in a happy and healthy relationships or not.The ones who put up with the wrong partner for a long time,reach the maximum of their tolerance,they realize they can not change the bad situation or partner,they learn how to love themselves and that's when they decide to move on.Some,call it mid life crises,but it is just a normal ending to a thing that does not work.


As far as my situation I can tell you I wanted to end my marriage before I met my Twin Soul,I would like to end my marriage if I never have someone till the rest of my life,and I love my Soul mate so much that I would do anything for him,I would help him save his relationship if he asks me to!

I lived in 20 years of pure relationship hell,I stayed for all the wrong reasons,until I awakened and realized I deserve so much better!

We can not save anyone,we can only save ourselves!

So as people say:


Some people are on a lower spiritual level and they are the ones who cheat and hurt people..others have every right to give and receive love,and if they are not loved and respected they have every right to move on!

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june800 4 years ago

@AllforPaul you said that just right "If you did not live it you can't talk about it" and that is the truth if someone never has experienced the things that we have and they want to put their two cents in on what is right and wrong they need duct tape over their mouths because they don't understand and not trying to. You are soo right about God our creator bringing TF together and know one on earth can tell me that God's way of doing things of any kind is wrong. He has his reasons beyond our imagination it could be beyond a "WOW" experience. People need to open their mind with meditation and prayer and maybe some people will find their TF and see what it's like to have that kind of gift from God.

AllforPaul 4 years ago

@ june800

Thank you june800.

I do not want to judge anyone,maybe "kal" feels the pain of someone leaving him for a''soul mate'' so I do understand where he might be coming from.

If this looks to some people like a need for an affair,I can understand that too.(they did not live it, so they don't know what Twin Flames are all about)

What should not be tolerated are people who insult and compare such divine feeling of pure, unconditional love with perversions,devil and sins.

He should have read the letter of one gentlemen here,how much he loves his wife and that he would never hurt her,but the thought of his Soul Mate is not leaving him alone.

Again,we all have to figure this thing out~ why it happens to some of us.

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june800 4 years ago

@AllforPaual Yes I so agree with you I just read how you are not supposed to let negative spirits affect what you know is right and that's what happened to me a week ago and I almost was in agreeance with them but then I told myself that the work of God is never wrong and he has a plan for all of us whether we like it or not none of us are looking to cheat and have secret affairs we are just trying to figure out what is God's message and what mission does this person and myself have to accomplish at least that's my opinion but thanks for responding..

AllforPaul 4 years ago

My update, for my friends:

So...I've been crying and crying and missing the other half of my soul every single day ...it has been 4 weeks since I sent him a letter,and I have been losing hope that he will ever reply.It has been 111 days on Valentines' day,that I haven't seen him.

I tried to stay positive and say positive confirmations,but last night I was standing in the bathroom and saying to myself:He does not care for you,you have to accept it...you have to let him go..

For the ones who did not read my story above,I met him at the place where I buy lotto,close to my house..then he disappeared last February..I found him again after 4 months and few months later he disappeared again..The first time I was devastated, for the second time

there are no words to describe my sadness.

He lives in Down Town,I live 20 miles away in suburbs,what were the chances to see him again?

Still,I was praying every single day:Dear God,I know you brought this person into my life so I can love him like no other could,so if this is true,bring him back to me,please!If I am good for him,bring him back to me!

I never go out to get lotto in the late afternoon,(especially after I wash my hair in winter time)but tonight I did.I went to ''our place''where we met.It is a sacred place to me.I got lotto,went back to my car,looked at front passenger window and I thought I saw the ghost:IT WAS HIM!!!He was making sure I saw him.He was smiling.He was confident.My legs were vibrating like they were going to fall off.My whole body was shaking.I was waiting for him to come back,with the open window,and he passed by saying Hi!!!

I talked to one of the workers who was outside,and asked him if he can tell him to come out that I needed to talk to him.He did come out but with someone and they left in that persons car.One car was blocking them,so I thought I should run out and say something,but I didn't .

He left and I stayed there for half an hour,crying,then went home,locked myself in the bathroom,and fell apart crying.

So,dear God,just let me know in my dream tonight,or give me some sign what was this all about?Did you bring him back because I have asked you to,or are you giving me hope to be patient,and wait for the right time?

All I know is what I feel,and I feel deep,deep,pure love for this person, the love that I saved just for him!

Bring him back to me,let him know in his dream how much he means to me!


Paulo Coelho

AllforPaul 4 years ago

PS/It is God,it is destiny,it is all in the stars!

My horoscope for today:

''Mystical and spiritual tendencies may lead to a string of romantic coincidences. It may not be the first time that fate has pushed you to be in the right place at the right time''

So true,fate pushed me to go there today,I was at the right place,at the right time,I could have missed him for a split second,but I didn't!

Kal 4 years ago

I am holding onto my current relationship because I am waiting for God's guidance, not because I am having good time with my current partner.

My current relationship is not a fairy tale either. But I need to hold onto this relationship because that's what's God is telling me to do.

Mel 4 years ago

I allow myself to partially disagree with Kal.

Firstly, there is no such thing that one find another, because the recognizing is mutual. So I do not agree with the idea that one person be the only responsible for facts or situation that happen. Secondly, I do not agree that the seperation shall be ruled by appearances or due to society norms. It sound hypocrite form me - sorry. Rather, I believe that the role of such situation is to allow spiritual growth from both sides, and there is no reason for blame or shame or hiding. I also believe that every relationship must be honored because people love and admire their partner, not just because they are already together. Authenticity is essential, and when people just live from appearences, the disguise sooner or later falls down. Love yourself, respect others, but do not allow to be forced any situation whatever the people you relate to.

AllforPaul 4 years ago


beautifully said Mel!Recognizing is mutual,and it happens for a reason!

Also it happens not because you look for it,it just happens!(Maybe because you deserve it?)

And who really cares what everyone says and thinks?If you love and you are loved you are better person for everyone around you!

For all:

As a young girl I believed that there is only one perfect person for each of us and that we should wait as long as it takes to be with one.I was right maybe there is one ,but life taught me that we all have to ''pay off''our karmic debt first,that God has a plan,and that we have to learn many lessons with different people.I don't like it that way,but it is the reality.

Also,if you tried everything in your power,like I did,for 2o years, to save the marriage,and believed :this is what God gave me, so I have to make the best out of it,and the other person never tried,and went through all the lies and every possible destructive behavior,neglecting every need of his spouse,so the other gets literally ill at the end,I am sorry,there is no person who can convince me that I have to put up with more of it.I gave 100% I was faithful and good and open and honest and I destroyed myself in a process of giving.

I need to save my life now so I can live for my child,and if I stay with someone who neglects me and disrespects me I know I will die young.

I finally learned to love myself,and I want to love someone who deserves my love.

I read somewhere:

God is not out there somewhere,God is in each one of us.

So I will love myself and I will love God in another...that is the only way to spread the love and teach others what love is all about(the mission of a Twin Flames)

AllforPaul 4 years ago


First of all,I can see you do not know the real meaning of a "cougar woman''

Cougar woman CONSCIOUSLY refuses to be with any other man unless he is, not just younger,but SIGNIFICANTLY younger,so young that he can be her son.

We can all fall in love with someone younger or older.

Our messed up society is ok if a man is even 30 yrs older then a women, but if a woman is 7,8,9 yrs older she is a cougar?

I personally always liked older men,I married man who is 7 yrs older(and that is not why I married him)so I don't feel ''cougar''because I feel in love with someone 11 yrs younger.(and we are both mature people)

I was not looking for him,and if I was, specific age would be the last thing on my mind!!

I was not even attracted to him physically for months,because I could not even look at him how scared I was,and how overwhelmed I was with the''magnetic pull''

This is what this blog is all about HEART and SOUL connection,not attacking,criticizing and insulting people you don't know anything about!

It is obvious that you are very bitter and frustrated person(no offence,been there,still feel like that sometimes)because you are in UNFULFILLED relationship.It is your choice,you have your own reasons,and nobody can tell you different.So the same rule goes the other way-you can not tell anyone what is right or wrong,we can only be responsible for ourselves!

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june800 4 years ago

@allforpaul Well said and I can relate to your situation as well I'm a twinflame half who is older myself so I see what you were saying

AllforPaul 4 years ago


Kal,all normal people know in their hearts whats is right what is wrong!

This''knowing''is called intuition,and I like the explanation I found somewhere long time ago:INTUITION is a way God talks to us.

Your heart,for whatever reason,tells you it would be wrong to be with the one you think it is you soul mate.So you should follow your heart!

In my ''case''I feel it is so right.I don't know if you missed the part where I,and others said it is your heart and your soul that pulls you toward your Twin soul,not the physical appearance!

As it was said for Twin flames,this is God's marriage,not a paper,human marriage,(did you ever ask yourself why do we need that paper?)

If my Twin Flame,let's say, cheated on his girlfriend with me,or if I did something at least before separating(even though there is no love,no respect, no trust,no intimacy in my marriage)I agree with you,that would be wrong!

But again,this phenomenon is not about affair,sex,cheating,hurting people,pedophiles,cougar women etc.It is about love in it's purest form,the unconditional love between two people who have the same soul blueprint!

Sorry,but you came to a wrong blog ,all those people that posted above came here to find understanding and acceptance in their despair for loving someone so deeply.

Good luck!

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june800 4 years ago

@AllforPaul I wouldn't waste anymore of my time on an immature mind who doesn't understand anything about twinflames soulmates etc..

One 4 years ago

Come on, guys, you are all angry at Kal, but he/she has some point. As much as I believe in soulmates and twinflames, you can not just hold on to that idea until the rest of your life. I agree, we are all spiritual beings (some more other less), but we have reason as well. I do believe it is quite immature to accept the first explanation that appeals to your mind and keep believing in it and insisting that it changed your life and makes you more "enlightened" than the other poor souls that will never be able to understand you. I am not aiming at offending anyone or to underestimate your feelings and emotions, but everything has two sides and they should both be considered. This person might be your soulmate indeed, but it is equally likely that he/she is not and your affection to him is caused by other factors, be it psychological, social or physical. You need to be able to accept all kinds of hypotheses and more importantly to be more open to others opinions, if you claim to be that advanced spiritually.

Again, no offence is aimed at anyone, just sharing opinion.

AllforPaul 4 years ago


Funny,but I had a feeling,you will say that.:)You are right.My first thought was that he does not deserve the answer,but he does not understand and he asked a question,so I gave it to him.Done with that.


I think it is very, very obvious that Kal is the angry one here.Veeeery angry!

We do not hold on to this idea about TF, this idea has a hold on us!

This phenomenon has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with BELIEVING,it is ALL about EXPERIENCING and FEELING ''it''!

It did change my life in many ways and it did make me more enlightened.I feel like a totally new person.Twin flame experience is just one of the ''awakening'' things that happened to me last year!

I am sorry,but it is obvious that Kal was not here to express and ask for opinion, he was here to enjoy insulting people he does not know.

And last,Twin flames do not come to our life to break our hearts,but to make the heart bigger and stronger.You love your Twin Flame no matter what,just like you love your child.It is unconditional love.It is that simple.

AllforPaul 4 years ago


AllforPaul 4 years ago

You really need to read a lot about this phenomenon and more than anything to experience it in order to talk about it.(so you know what are you talking about)

Let's use this blog what it is made for:


I have a question for you,You said:

"This person might be your soulmate indeed, but it is equally likely that he/she is not and your affection to him is caused by other factors, be it psychological, social or physical"

When I met my TF I did not feel ''affection''toward him.I felt what it is explained as "magnetic pull'' WITHOUT even looking at him.He passed by my side,I did not even look at him, and a thought came to me:"Oh my God it is HIM!!"It took me months to look into his eyes.We did not talk for a year!!All I wanted in the beginning is to be there,just to be there~ close to him?

Physically,he is absolutely EVERYTHING opposite of what I liked.I love tall man,he is short,I love older, he is much younger,I love thick,longer hair he is bold,I love heavy big man, he is skinny,I can not stand smokers,he smokes :)And I love him!!!

I know he has no money..looks like he drives his first car(very old)...(and what would be a psychological reason to get attracted to someone without looking at them?)

So my question to you is, if this obviously was not physical attraction, (from the beginning and for a while) ,and if I do not know anything about this person to say why I love him,then what it is?How would you explain it,I would like to know?


One 4 years ago

AllforPaul, I do agree that Kal's statements were quite extreme and I do not support him in any way. Just think that he might have some point if we consider the things from another perspective.

I have been following this forum for quite a long time, but never had a reason to write in it. I don't want to share my story, neither do I relate to other's stories as well. I just wanted to find out the origin of this phenomena. Labels like twin flames, runner, chaser, whatever, that could be found all over the web, does not really satisfy my interest in it, nor do they explain it. Just make it look a way more profane and standard than it really is. There is nothing bad in that, of course, as we are all humans and tend to classify each aspect of our lives. Otherwise, it would be a total chaos. But these labels don't really work me. I can not stop questioning myself, what if this is a normal physiological function of our brains that creates the illusion of something great. There are a lots of people suffering from all kinds of neurological diseases and the capacity of the brain has yet to be discovered, so what if all that is just due to a simple chemical reaction? Or what if is caused by loneliness, depression, isolation, suppressed emotions that need to emerge somehow... What if that person just reminds us on an entirely unconscious level of somebody we liked or was dear to us? It is possible to be the case and if it so, it will explain why you feel this person close and familiar. Maybe you just see some kind of familiar behaviour in him (inherited by parents, friends, lovers, ect.) or he might even somehow resemble you. Or a part of you you have never managed to fully express.

Of course, is could be all the spiritual and amazing experience all the people here are talking about. But this definition should not be taken for granted. Nothing is absolute truth in life and if you dedicated your life to such an abstract notion then it might really lead to destruction, sadness and all kinds of negative results Kal was angry/sad about. That is why I thought it should be good to be considered both ways.

Well, it became quite a long post, so I am not going to take more of your time. By the way, illusion or not, AllforPaul, I am glad that it makes you feel happy and strong. Maybe at the end this is the most important thing. :)

One 4 years ago

Ok, just saw your last post, AllforPaul, and although I am not a specialist I will tell you what I think about that. We perceive the things in three dimensions so what you see is not what your eyes only get. If it was the case, you could fall for simple portrait of prince charming for example, that matches the perfect picture of your ideal partner. The guy might be the totally opposite of what you like (or is he really?), but there was obviously something in him that triggered your affection. That , of course, I can not easily explain, but it could be hormones, gestures, behaviour, everything. Even your own mood on that day, who knows. This is what is bugging me as well. The reason behind all that. The thing behind the easily accepted "He is my soul mate and that's all. We should be together". Please, no offence, AllforPaul, you asked me for my opinion and that is it.

Mel 4 years ago

I strongly disagree about the idea of a person being the reason of ruin the life of another person with so called "black magic" or whatever, unless the supposed "victim" accept this condition. We are rational beings and - I'm sorry - put strength on another wickedness is insane. We all have ability to love and change our lives and do not belittle our dignity. I also refuse labels but I do not think they are harmful as long as they help people to improve their spiritual perspective. Finally I do not think man and woman can be taken depreciatively about love. I think some comments are disrespectful.

One 3 years ago


Ok, we heard your opinion, please don't say any more. The things you are writing right now (that I didn't even read until the end) are shallow and make you look no less superficial than the people you are describing. There is pain everywhere, I agree, but your words won't change that. Especially in this way. By saying that I think you have a point, I didn't mean to encourage you to show your worst side and express your opinion in such a manner. It is not only disrespectful to the people who you are "advising", but to yourself as well, especially if you really hold to that opinion. Also, I hope you understand that no one is against you here and people just want to share their ideas about soul mates. Please, have it in mind and don't act like spoiled teenager looking for attention.

@ Mel

Goog point, Mel, I do support your opinion. It is all up to us at the end to decide what will happen in our lives. Just that some concepts make it easier to avoid real life problems. And here I am referring to the "black magic" stuff you are talking about, not to that much to the soul mates. And yes, there is absolutely no harm in the labels, but hey, have you ever thought who made them? I can easily write what comes to my mind, put some fancy name on it, and publish it on the most insignificant forum on the web where it will undoubtedly become popular , but this does not make it credible and true. What I was saying is that one has to consider the things on his own, not to trust sites, books, media. They are good for reference, but not for establishing life-long beliefs. By the way, Mel, I am glad that you wrote that post.

AllforPaul 3 years ago


Thank You.I do like your explanation.

I agree with 'labeling' thing.I read all over internet people trying to find out more about,what is this,how is it called, where those powerful feelings are coming from etc,and some wise people say:You don't need signs,names for it,confirmation from other people,when You meet you Soul mate,you just know.

For me, I know it is spiritual connection,and yes it became a physical attraction.Also,I believe I sensed from him somehow that he could love me the way I always wanted to be loved..but even if he doesn't I still have the same feelings for him.

I will tell you,and everyone who might have questions about''what is this all about'' and why I believe it is about soul connections,and why I think we are connected through past lives.

When I was in high school,I met with a famous psychic,just for fun.I did not say anything,had no photos.She''saw'' my current boyfriend,my first love,and described him just like she was looking at the photo.Ok,maybe somehow she 'saw' the image of him in my head :)Then she 'saw' another man in my future,she did not like the image,she described him exactly the way my husband looks like.

This was in Europe.

Many years later,here in US,I met with one psychic,and he is the one who told me that this guy (I believe is my Twin Flame) is coming to my life,he ''guessed''so many things right(even his title where he worked)that if 8 billion people say this can not be,I would still believe,that there is definitely something more than we know and see,and that there are connections between us deeper than physical .

Yes,I love the theory of the same soul blueprint,and even though it is just a theory,I would never be arrogant to say that the old Greeks had no clue what they were talking about.

We people are on a way of experiencing and discovering something larger than life we know,and it is exciting.

Everyone has their own experience,but it is an awesome thing when people want to connect,share,when they realize: We are all one.

AllforPaul 3 years ago


Just saw your reply to Kal. That was exactly my point,you got it!

Thank you for saying it,I feel the same way!

One 3 years ago

AllforPaul, yes there is something more than the purely scientific side to it. No matter how much I try to deny it myself and seek for other explanation, I always come to something that can not really be explained. Then I try to look harder and harder. Not because I want to convince myself that soul mates do not exist, but because I want to be sure that after checking every other possible alternative there is nothing left but that. Yes, the concept prevails in almost every ancient culture and there must be some reason for that as well. Maybe it is due to the common human desire of achieving perfect, unconditional love and harmony. Maybe it is something else.... Who knows... Of course, I won't be able to answer these questions, as I am just an ordinary human that will never be able to fully understand things of such a scope. But I am glad that you are certain for yourself and you have found YOUR truth, which is extremely important. As for myself, I will continue searching until I am fully satisfied. :)

AllforPaul 3 years ago


I want to reply at this thought of yours:)

"..there was obviously something in him that triggered your affection. That , of course, I can not easily explain, but it could be hormones, gestures, behaviour, everything. Even your own mood on that day, who knows. This is what is bugging me as well. The reason behind all that. The thing behind the easily accepted "He is my soul mate and that's all. We should be together". Please, no offence, AllforPaul, you asked me for my opinion and that is it."

I am not offended,we are just sharing opinions on something..

1}I am thinking,if it was a ''mood of the day''it would not have lasted for almost two years.

2}You are right when you said it may come from loneliness,depression,suppressed emotions..it is my 'case',but on the other hand there are people here who have good,loving and nurturing relationships and their world fell apart when they meet their SM or TF

3}I think you are very close when you say it is maybe the gestures and bahaviour.I know it is.

But this is very interesting to me:(it's like a little test:)

Recently I saw the most handsome guy.Not only tall,with perfect body with a beautiful face features and hair,and the way he talked and moved..slow and confident but not arrogant.I was thinking :"This is how perfect man looks like,but I do not feel anything.."The only thing I felt that moment was how much I missed my love.

So I do not think it is just a physical attraction.

4}It is not so simple like you said:''I think he is my soul mate and we should be together.''

I don't think that way,I think:"I feel something so beautiful and so powerful toward another human being,something I have never felt before,something I never thought it could be felt,so I wish and dream that I can give him my love,and have love returned in order to experience the most beautiful thing in the world-unconditional love"

And yes..Besides the unconditional love and physical attraction I feel for him,I have a powerful need to take care of him,(and finally to take care of myself),and this need is maybe the most powerful of all?

I want to be his friend..it is just beyond explanation...

AllforPaul 3 years ago

One,( and everyone)

you touched so many subjects I have been reading about lately and when you wrote about 'ABSOLUTE("Nothing is absolute truth in life")

I remembered Gregg Braden,he is an amazing person(Scientist who is very spiritual,must love him:)

This is what he says:


He has many videos on You tube,just type his name.

Here is one :


PS/Thanks to good and smart people like "One', I am having my breakfast,lunch and dinner here :))

AllforPaul 3 years ago

This video took my breath away!It is a long one,but it is worth the time.

John,June 800,One...I think you can find some(most)of the answers to your questions here.


One 3 years ago

AllforPaul, thank you for the feedback (took some time to notice your answer from all the spam Kal posted :)).

I am glad you feel this way towards this man, he must be indeed very special. No matter what caused your affection to him, it is deep and strong as I can see from your words. True, that it is impossible to be just a momentary mood, but sometimes certain circumstances make us perceive the person in a totally different way and this first impression might be determinant for our attitude towards him even years after that. Not saying that this is your case, but maybe your situation at that moment led to an idealized image of that person and made you somehow feel that he is the one capable to love the way you deserve and want. Still, if this theory is true, why you met him exactly on that day, what made you look/interact with him? Coincidence or fate? I can not explain that. As much as I want to believe that there are no random events in our lives and everything happens for a certain purpose, there is such thing as the probability of one event happening independent of another and this might lead to all the significant events in our lives being just a single occasions that we are trying to connect and put some meaning into. Of course, dear AllforPaul, I am not the right person to analyse your story as I don't know what happened exactly and even if I do to a certain extent (from what you posted here), I still can not even imagine what you feel and felt towards him in that particular moment and now. This is a very personal thing, which I believe makes each ones story different, even though sharing more or less the same elements.

I will definitely see the video when I have the time to (too busy right now) and I am sure it will give, if not answers, at least some insight and food for the thought. :)

By the way, I really enjoy the conversation with you. :)

AllforPaul 3 years ago


I finished my ironing while listening to the video:)It is long,but it's worth it.I love the whole thing,but the part that starts at 20:56 is amazing!

"We feel that powerful attraction toward someone b/c we found in them what we have:

1}lost 2}given away or 3}what was taken from us :)

If I bumped to him and if I saw his whole body and eyes right away the very first time,I would have maybe believed it was a''love at first sight'' and physical attraction.

But having a need to go there just to be close to him,before I saw his whole body and even before I ever looked in his eyes,makes this whole thing very mysterious to me.

It is nice chatting with you too :)

AllforPaul 3 years ago

I found this song yesterday, and it is just how I feel about him:

A Thousand years


Heart beats fast

How to be brave?

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still

I will be brave

I will not let anything take away

What's standing in front of me

Every breath

Every hour has come to this

One step closer

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

AllforPaul 3 years ago

@One and anyone who might have some opinion on numbers as a ''sign from the Universe'' like it's been said in many articles about Twin Flames.

I found recurrence of number 11 (Fibonacci sequence in nature is fascinating phenomenon)in connection with a person I believe is my Twin Flame.

One,I am thinking about what you said that it is maybe just coincidental meeting,but for some reason I have hard time accepting that:)

When I imagine the whole wide world,and how many faces and places there are,(and I traveled the world)and me being born and raised in Europe,and then coming to live just 2,6 miles from his home,so,so close,and we do not meet until 18 years later,and this time he comes to work 2,6 miles from my second home,I just do not know how to look at that as just ''coincidence''

Oh yes, most of the people I have encountered here do not even know where my country is and HE drove through my country!

As the song above says I believe that:"Every breath,every hour has come to this"

And I have a question about another phenomenon, what some people wrote here as ''electricity"going through their body when that person is close to them(they do not even have to touch)

When I think about HIM touching me with the slightest touch,I feel such intense''butterflies''in my stomach,million times more intense then what I have experiences when I was actually touched?Wonder what that is?

AllforPaul 3 years ago

I’m not expecting anything from you.

I'm not hoping that you’ll feel the same.

But I hope you see me.

I don’t want you to feel these feelings,

It will be no use, it will never mend.

And I hope you see me

I couldn’t conquer the desire of wanting you,

I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing you…

If only you see me…

There's no possibility, there's no hope

I know where I stand, I know I can’t have you

I just Hope one day you’ll see me.

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Hi June800,

I was thinking about you watching this video,when Gregg Braden explained how can we feel a deep connection with more than one person.He is very smart,he knows something regular people don't b/c he traveled the world and talked to very spiritual people.

I hope you enjoy some of his videos.

Talk to you soon :)

AllforPaul 3 years ago

“And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself,the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy andone will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”

~ Plato

2,500 years ago…

myhearthurts 3 years ago

Hi. I have just recently met someone, and I've fallen so hard for her, and I hope she feels the same. I've been with several women. I used to be so closed, never letting anyone in. I've always felt safe behind my "armor". This girl is everything I ever hoped to meet. I feel like she took my "armor". Last night I broke down crying because I missed her so much. I feel so vulnerable. Just one look into her eyes pierces my soul. I wonder if she might be my soulmate. I never believed in love. I fell so hard for this girl that it f...ing hurts. Is this love? She takes my breath away when she tells me she loves the way i look at her like I haven't seen her in forever, even though it may only be days apart. I'm so lost in her. Should I give in to my heart and tell her ?

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Welcome myhearthurts!

(by the way it really does not hurt,your heart is expanding and that is a good thing :)

You sound like a young person,I am not that old either,but I have some life experience, so I''l give myself a freedom to answer your question.

I believe the ''look into her eyes that pierces your soul'' is a ''sign'' she is your soul mate.

And this is why I think that to be the truth:I loved before and I loved so many things about them,they were good people,and smart and funny and handsome and everything,but I never had that deep,deep connection on a soul level(even though I recognized both of them as my karmic relationships)

One nice gentlemen here said ,when he looked in the eyes of his soul mate he felt they were one mile deep..I love that..I felt I fell inside of my soul mates soul,through his eyes,and every time I looked at him,I did not have a sense of time or space around me,it was just him and me among a lot of people..I felt I found my home.

Your girl seems nice by saying she loves the way you look at her(that's what I love about my Soul mate..it looks to everyone he was not interested in me,and the way he behaved I should have given up on him,but I can't just because of the way he looked at me)

I would say,be spontaneous,tender,honest, but do not jump and tell her you are in love with her right away,b/c she might run even though she likes you very much(It happened to me,even though I am a woman,I scared a man I am in love with)

Take it slow,give her nice compliments,(that you love her hair,or hands or the way she dresses)Buy her the flowers...There are so many beautiful things you can tell her before telling her you love her,if that is what you are asking.I do not know what she would like to hear,but being a 'girl' I can tell you she would probably like to hear after a while that you are falling in love with her.

I hope that helps

PS/I do believe in astrology,you can look up how a woman in certain zodiac sign likes to be approached or to be loved,that would help you for sure :)

skyfall 3 years ago

i had the same feeling.im apart from my love frome 4 years ago but thinking about my love all days.i read most of your comments .in most case we had same feeling but i also have intense heart beats specially when im in pray(im moslem).its very sweet feeling.i thing its time when my love thinks about me.i really enjoy it.i have same feeling when i pray whit my attention to GOD.this feeling appear since we separate from each other.but i have heart pain too..but as time past the sweet part become stronger

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JN123 3 years ago

Im feeling this way as well, I think about him and miss him like crazy I cant ignore it. However he has moved on but is not happy by all means and shares nothing with her that he shared with me. We still communicate which says I know he cares or rather loves me but will never say he misses, loves or thinks of me but I know he does. Its like I know when he thinks of me, and Ive caught my self saying "I miss you to" I know that if we hadnt become long distance we would be together and I know that when we see each other it will be as if we never missed a beat. I love him, and ive tried to move on to be fair to myself but it doesnt work that way, and then I get mad because he moved on so easily even though like I said hes not happy and talks to me via phone calls and txts...I just want my friend back and I dont wanna die wondering what could have been.

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Twin Flame poetry from 13 th century by Rumi:

Never lose hope

when the Beloved

sends you away.

If you're abandoned

if you're left hopeless

tomorrow for sure

you'll be called again.

If the door is shut

right in your face

keep waiting with patience

don't leave right away.

Seeing your patience

your love will soon

summon you with grace

raise you like a champion.


AllforPaul 3 years ago

You twist my heart,

dwell in my mind

and fill my eyes.

You are my joy

I can’t be without you.

You are my sleep, my rest, the water I drink.

You are my clarity, my dignity, my world

I can’t be without you.


AllforPaul 3 years ago

I desire you more than food or drink.

My body, my senses, my mind hunger for your taste.

I can sense your presence in my heart, although you belong to all the world.

I wait with silent passion for one gesture one glance from you.


lilian 3 years ago

I will love to share my testimony with all my viwers because i never thought i would have another chance with my boyfriend, the man i wanted to marry left me for another woman, and when i called him, he never picked my calls,he deleted me on his facebook account and then set the status to having a girlfriend with the other chick. I was devastated. I went to three spell casters before doctor and i had really lost hope. i lost a lot of money with them and got no results. so when i came to hector i was really leery of him and didn’t think he could help me. i though it is too good to be true, because all the other spell casters were supposedly good and none of them helped me. i saw the testimonials and read the other testimonials and decided to get the consultation. he said he could help me, but my chances of getting my ex were very low and he didn’t recommend it at all. But i insisted that he at least give me the chance to work with him and try and if it didn’t work, i wouldn’t be upset and i would move on with my life. He agreed. Since he is in jersey and im in nyc, i decided i would go in person to have my spells cast. he is a really sweet and gentle man, when i met him i was really surprised. he looks very young, and i had my doubts whether or not he would be able to help me. But i figured i came all that way and i said i would try so i tried it. He called a spirit to talk with me and do the work, it was a woman spirit and when it came it totally transformed hector’s face. that is when i thought to myself that it might just work. the spirit gave me some advice and did the spells. i had a separation spell and a reunion spell done. the spirit said it would take a while for my ex to leave his new girl but once he did, he would come to me very quickly. She gave me some things to take home and do. I did them, but i was really nervous. i think i messed up a few times and i told t and she said just keep going and i would be fine. so i did. it was like 6 or 7 weeks later and i saw that my ex unblocked me from facebook. I saw he had changed his status again to single. so i was super excited because i took this to mean that he had split up with the other girl. about 10 days after that my ex called me. At first, it was weird between us. he wanted to see me. so i went to meet up with him. he didn’t ask me back then. i got very anxious and told t, and she said to stay calm and everything would turn out okay. So i did the best i could although i was still worried. We met up a few more times after that, and still he didn’t ask me back out. so i got a consultation with hector and he said to expect my ex to ask me back out within two weeks from the consultation. i listened, but i wasn’t sure it would happen. then it was almost 2 weeks later, and i though, damn, hector was wrong. But the next day (there was like 2 days left from it being 2 weeks) my ex called and we got together. He asked me if i would be willing to try our relationship again, which of course i said yes. that was about 3 weeks ago, and so far we have been doing okay, we still have a lot of things to work out, but i am very happy. hector is the real deal and i am so glad that i found him and i recommend him to anyone who needs help. thank you so much doctor you saved my life!

Reply ?you can as we contact her email jujumanlovespell@gmail.com

AllforPaul 3 years ago

From Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist''

"Finally,a young woman approached...At that moment,it seemed to him that time stood still,and The Soul of the World surged with him.When he looked into her eyes,he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke-the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart.It was love.It was the pure language of the world.It required no explanation...and when two such people encounter each other,and their eyes meet,the past and the future become unimportant.There's only that moment,and the incredible certainty under the sun has been written by one hand only.It is the hand that evokes love,and creates a TWIN SOUL for every person in the world."

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june800 3 years ago

I love it it is so true so true...

AllforPaul 3 years ago


how've you been?Seen him recently?It's been 3 months today I haven't seen Paul :( I Miss him so much...

catherine 3 years ago

I haven't had any contact with my ex boyfriend for over 2 years, he has a new girlfriend now and even though I know this I still find myself thinking about him all the time. I've never felt as attracted to anyone, as I did to him. I didn't realize at the time how strong my feelings were for him... I think I thought that over time and with having no contact, I'd be able to move on, yet I haven't been able to as deep down my feelings for him feel so strong still, i think about him all the time and i honestly don't know if i'll find another man i feel so strongly about. as i know he know has a girlfriend, i know nothing will happen with these feelings i have for him. i just wish i told him when i had the chance.

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june800 3 years ago

@AllforPaul I haven't seen him at all except on fb but it seems like the more I work on myself I find out something new about him and that basically what it's all about I suppose. It does hurt at times to think and wonder the not knowing if I'm going to come in contact with him ever again but I continue to work on myself and the more I do that with bettering myself the closer I honestly feel to him. Hope that made sense and I hope you are doing well....

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Hi,June 800

I wish I have at least FB connection,to see how he is...I think if I had a photo of him that I would feel I have him by my side!I miss looking at those gorgeous eyes...

I realize I still can't give up on the hope that he will be part of my life someday,even as a friend,but sometimes I think:I might never see him again,we are never going to happen...

I cry a lot(and I am not a 'crier')I just miss him...

PS/What do you do to ''better''yourself if I might ask?

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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june800 3 years ago

@AllforPaul thanks for the response working on yourself in terms of fixing things about yourself that you want to acomplish goals that you want to achieve the more you work on yourself the closer you are to come closer to your beloved it's more about you then it is them focus on yourself you will see what I mean hope this helps.....

somagnetic 3 years ago

Hello! june800 you are absolutely right. I am on the same path and is way to go. Best wishes to all.

profile image

june800 3 years ago

@somagnetic that is good to hear yeah it is very easy to break focus on ourselves and start thinking of our beloved/s (cause you can have more then one but that's another story) but we have to remember it is us who have to save our own selves and to make our selves feel complete we shouldn't focus the other person/s cause once we complete ourselves then God will put us together to unite for whatever the reason maybe and maybe it's not supposed to be romantic who knows the only way we will know is when we have learned about ourselves accepted and most of all LOVE ourselves with full completion....

AllforPaul 3 years ago

@Intense connection,

Soul connection,



where is everyone?How are you guys doing?What are you going through?Anyone with happy ending?

I found my Twin Soul as a member on one people search site..I am sending him messages..not sure if he is reading them...still hoping he will at least talk to me...I have no choice...I can't give up on him...

somagnetic 3 years ago

Hello!!!!! an ICE PICKER please..... is your mind struggling with the emotions of your heart or are mind and heart agreeing, but subconscious is in the way not letting you make a clear decision? If it so welcome aboard, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Hopeless Case 3 years ago

Hi All,

Like most here even I have had a Twin Soul connection (although all these years I thought it to be a soulmate connection until recently I found the difference explained on some sites on the internet including here). It is very traumatizing! It is a difficult situation to be with (mentally) such a person who doesn’t even know about my feelings & even difficult staying without him.

We met when we were still studying (I really don’t remember when our eyes met first or when did we first talk but there was some connection all through from my end). However at that time he was (as I know) involved with another girl. I felt miserable not only because he was with someone else but also guilty of liking him as this ‘someone else’ was a friend’s friend (& hence by extension my friend). After completing studies from that institute we joined separate institutes for further studies. I kept getting some information about him for a couple of years from common friends. It not only hurt to know about his fresh interests every now & then but it made me doubt his seriousness about relationships. We never kept in touch as we had never spoken except on few occasions even when we were studying together as I used to be a very shy & an introvert person then.

All these years, ever since childhood I was always fascinated by the idea of soulmates & wanted to meet mine & spend my entire life with him. Since early childhood I did have a sense of belonging to someone I believed to have a soul connection with. However I never knew it could be this guy, I didn’t even know so well. Until a couple of years ago after I had quit the rat race & wasn’t really occupied with meeting ends, success & career that I suddenly received a reply from my subconscious as to who this person I was looking for years was. And it was none other than this guy I had studied with years back not knowing I had such a deep connection with. All these years I did have him in my mind all the time; only I never understood why. The years after I knew this fact were not easy emotionally at all more so because I couldn’t figure this out when we were in proximity of each other. It seems like ages have passed. But I also know that he is nowhere close at the moment. In fact I do not know where he is currently (actually I do have a rough idea as to where he used to stay 16 years ago), whether he is single or has got married or is in a serious relationship (considering the character sketch I have about him I doubt this but there is no surety as these informations were only from someone else’s perspective). If he is married I wouldn’t want to interfere in his life. I don’t even know if he feels the same for me. Sometimes I feel that he should be feeling the same as these feelings are so strong in me; it is only fair, even he feels the same. But if he felt the same why didn’t he confess. It’s so confusing and I simply can’t figure out what to do. If only life brings us face-to-face once again. But then again if he is married I don’t think I will have the courage to face that. I am nearing 32 & I do not know what to do. I know I cannot think of anyone else but him whenever I think of settling down. Sometimes I feel I was better off not knowing about this known-stranger I was a part of, but again I feel it is better to be in light than in darkness. Mine seems to be such a hopeless case!

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Welcome Hopeless case..we are all that..

The worst part,I think,is that we could have anybody we want,but we just can not even picture ourselves with anyone else...It's my case..I am afraid I will never find happiness,because He is my happiness,and if he doesn't love me back I know I will be living the rest of my life just''surviving''each day.

Laverne 3 years ago

soul connections are a great feeling, I have a neighbor who I feel a great connection with, he is "married" but we still have a great connection he has desire in his eyes each time he looks at me, I am afraid I mirror his look

been about 14 years being neighbors

that desire has not changed one bit

I had this connection with one other person, he lost his mom in middle of the night and i heard him saying my name , he said I need you right now

woke me from a deep sleep

same with my neighbor , he can wake me with his thoughts

I just feel him and hear him

kinda creepy but at the same time it is awesome

Hopeless Case 3 years ago

Thank you ‘AllforPaul’ for those words of empathy…. Sometimes that’s all that works for us – to know that someone understands!

It would be a really good option to work on our own self like “june800” has suggested here.

I am sure if we work on ourselves, God will work for us……!

I am feeling positive about this now….

May God give the power to everyone to keep going on........ Always........

AllforPaul 3 years ago

I agree,but it is easier said then done.

Some people here that love a Twin Flame also have good relationships with spouse or partner.I haven't felt a human touch or exchanged a loving words for ten years,it's even difficult to think and go through the day...just working on yourself every day and nothing else is not easy or enough to keep me going...we all need some motivation sometimes?

Helping Hand 3 years ago

@All for Paul.

I came across this site a couple of years ago and have occasionally looked at the comments here. I am addressing you personally because i can see that you are struggling. This place here is not a forum - it was simply meant to be a 'comments' section to someone's blog. I know you're suffering - and i would like to point you in the right direction. Please consider joining a Spiritual Forum - there are kind, wise people there that will be able to help you and guide you through the trauma of a soulmate connection. You say that your man (Soulmate/SC/Twinflame whatever you choose to call it) is your Happiness. That is a big mistake. He is not your happiness, and this soul connection you have (if that's what it is) will have been sent to you for you to eventually realise that. Your Happiness is within you. The soul connections also teach us to love unconditionally, without self-interest, without expectation - so your saying 'if he doesn't love me back.....' is really not the way to get through it. I just want to help you. If you can discuss your situation and ask questions on a proper forum then i think it will ease your burden. And it's not about bettering yourself; it's about loving yourself and working through the issues that you have - whether they be: jealousy, neediness, fear of loss or abandonment - whether you perhaps manipulate (albeit gently) when you are in love relationships. The soul connections are sent for a reason. I wish you well.

AllforPaul 3 years ago

@Helping hand

Thank you for your concern,if that motivated you to write,but I have to say you are not even close to understand my exact experience.

There is a saying:"Love is when you stand beside someone,doing nothing,yet you feel perfectly happy"

I am unhappy where I am in my life,love wise,that's true,but when I see him I feel pure happiness.So,I don't know how else to explain the feeling.He doesn't have to do or say anything to make me happy, but I do feel overwhelming happiness just by looking at him.Or better said to the ones who do understand:My soul is dancing when I am by his side.That's why I feel he is a source of my happiness.(And I felt that before I looked at him,so it is not about his physical appearance)

And if it's true that "happiness is within you" why do people have a need to have relationships of all kinds?If you have happiness inside of you why is everyone looking for happiness outside of them?Why do people have pets ?I doubt because everyone tremendously enjoys cleaning the poop every day!It is because pets make US happy.They love us unconditionally.And we love them.We need company,of all sorts.It is just the way we are.

If you read the Greek philosophy about Twin Souls, like I did in high school,and in spite of your intelligence did not have the slightest clue what they were talking about,and 30 yrs later you experience it,it is something that does not need to be justified and explained to others.

This love of mine is unconditional,no matter what he does or where he is and even :"if" he never loves me back, I would still love him.

That's what I meant.Not sure what is the definition of unconditional love for you.

I agree that people have to love themselves and "have a life" of their own,but it is even ridiculous to mention that it has been proven so many times,that nothing in the world can bring you happiness if you don't love and if you are not loved.All we will ever take with us when we die is empty soul or soul full of love.

Every normal person EXPECTS to be loved back,every single one.It is a simple,normal thing.The ones who love only them selves and are able to live without anybody,not needing another human being, have narcissistic personality disorder! It is not normal or natural to be alone all the time and be happy.

So,to make it simple,when you love unconditionally,the other person does not have to do anything to make you stay in love,and his/her love is not a reason and condition for your love to exist.But we all experience HAPPINESS when we are loved by the one we love,and we are DEEPLY UNHAPPY when our love is not returned.

It bothered me when you questioned if this is a soul connection,because only person who experienced it KNOWS and I am not a little inexperienced girl who knows nothing about life.I can believe soul connections are sent for reason,I just can't figure out why this one happened to me,because I am a typical case of a person who survived a "Dark night of the soul"through the relationship and I want to believe it is my time to love completely,and to be loved in return.

I think all of here have the same question:What is the purpose of this experience?

I am not a shallow person,far away from it,and I can't move on in egoistic way saying:Well, if he can't love me,there will be someone who will.I know what I felt,and I know there are very rare few that can feel what I feel.Maybe my "problem'' is that I am not into money,"only career",partying,alcohol,drugs,medication and other things people chose to try to close their heart's and soul's holes.

I don't feel perfect,but I am not jealous,my need for love is not "neediness" in a sick sense of that word,I never manipulated anyone and Twin Souls ARE sent to us so we can better ourselves...that "need" spontaneously came to me when I met HIM.

I thought people here can post their feelings and experiences and other people can say if they relate.It is a good feeling when another understands you,but even if that is not the case,only we know for ourselves what we felt.

It really did not matter to me if this was blog/forum/or whatever you want to call it,what mattered to me is that we all connected here,and understood each other,especially when friends and families didn't.

There are some people here who asked others questions,and the person who started this blog said in the beginning he won't be able to respond to everyone,so he said we are all free to communicate between each other.

I am maybe the one with most comments(not always about my situation),b/c it is obvious others are "managing" their soul mate frustration through other relationships and I have no one,I don't even have a need "to move on"

Thanks anyway for mentioning(or sending me away to?) a Spiritual Forum,I will try that.I do believe in discussions/counseling, but I do not believe there is anyone who could tell me:Don't feel,don't want,just accept and ignore the need for love in your heart and soul and passion that your body is reminding you of every day.That's why I said to a "Hopeless case"that we are all that,when our love is not returned...

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june800 3 years ago

I agree @AllforPaul no one can tell you any of those things you can not just turn off what you have discoverd and brought to your eye cause the more you try to ignore the more it will be brought to your attn so I'm with you I totally agree.......

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Thank you June800 :)

If you meet someone great, in every way, and you have to move on because of unrequited love,it is very hard..but when you find that deep,deep,soul connection it is next to impossible to find peace after.

I want to share with you,the most amazing experience

of my life:A few months ago I had to stop by the place where he worked.I knew there was no chance to see him there,it was quick stop,and I experienced the most exciting thing:I saw his energetic field(or aura)not sure what it was,where he use to stand,and what is so amazing is that I was so sure it belonged to him!?!And what is even more amazing is that he was not there??

I know some people can see other people's aura,actually we can all develop that ability,but to see it when the person was not there is breathtaking to me.

I found exact picture on line what I saw,but it was in color,the energetic field that I saw was all golden- yellow which means spiritual connection with that person!!I am so happy I had that experience :)

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june800 3 years ago

@AllforPaul you just made me tear up I can relate to that amazing thing. I have discoverd another deep soul connection with whom I have never met. (Yes to all who can't relate to that it is possible) I was sending a tweet on twitter to this person not expecting a reply I just did it for the hell of it. Well 10mins later I get a reply at exactly 1:43 which shocked the mess out of me. So after my shock I replied to them and said you are welcome. I'm thinking I brighten their day with that tweet. so anyway two days later while helping my daughter with her homework this same person from twitter ran through my head. So after homework I logged back online and to my suprise this same person tweeted me again at exact 3:41 now these are the same numbers but in a different pattern so something spiritual deff went on between the two of us with out a doubt. IT'S SOOOO AMAZING AND @ALLFORPAUL I SOO AGREE NO ONE ON EARTH CAN TELL YOU WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART AND WHO YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TOO......

AllforPaul 3 years ago


numbers are our messengers!Most people don't know that,but they notice some patterns happening.

What do you think about this:

I recently realized that #9 and #18 are repeating as important numbers in the lifes of my and his family:

9-my holistic number

9-his birth month(not to mention that his holistic number and my birht mont are the same number,not 9)

9-day his mom was born

9-my mom was born

18-day his father was born

18-day my father was born

18-day I was born

How many people can find this connection?Is this a message,maybe a message of soul connection?

Hey,have you ever listened to Abraham-Hicks on you tube.

I recommend this to everyone,it changes your life,it can't get better than that.(They give people an answer to every single question there is)

AllforPaul 3 years ago


it looks like to me you have super powers and luck :) to connect with many soul mates from previous lives.That is just amazing!

Emma 3 years ago

Hi there,

Oh how lucky I am to have found this site!!! Someone please tell me I'm not going mad because otherwise I'll certainly sign myself up for a visit to our local asylum!!

I broke contact with this young man about eight months ago (after seeing him only a few times). Not really sure what happened there or who was "the runner".

Then I was kind of neutral for sometime (meaning I didn't "feel" him), I felt kind of disconnected from myself, having lost my job and all. I had a feeling that something was going on with him too (but can't know for sure). I was numb and didn't really realized what had happened. I even started seeing this guy I would normally never agree to date (why was I doing that?!)

Then in June, all of a sudden, WHOA!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! These thoughts, feelings, something going on in my stomach, bliss, happiness, then guilt, "conversations" with him, his presence all the time, 24/7. It hasn't stopped since... Then there's this feeling it's not over and that some of these thoughts are NOT actually MINE. Why would I otherwise google about it??? For the last few months I've been mostly ok, without the dramatic intrusive thoughts and feelings, but he's still with me. Always. I wake up in the morning thinking of him, I go through the day with him in my thoughts and I lay in bed at night "with him". Oh, I forgot to mention the synchronicities.

Oh god I miss him. How I wish to see him again... But the way it ended, I would never dare to reach out first.

Someone please put some sense in all of this.

What do I do with this? Help please...


Allfor Paul 3 years ago

Hi Emma,

You met your soul mate or maybe even your Twin Flame.

It's happening to more people as a part of spiritual awakening.

I have read so many posts that start like yours:Please tell me if I am crazy.(My sister thought it was my case,then I found comfort here)

Read some of the posts from above..You will understand better what is going on with you.

I have read a post from one lady who met her Twin Soul 30 yrs ago,and she said:I don't even know his name,and I knew I was instantly in love with him.And she still loves him??

That happened to me too..and if he is your Twin Flame,you might even find happiness with someone else,but HE will NEVER EVER leave your thoughts for one single day..

So,welcome to the "club"

PS/no matter how it ended, if you love him with every cell of your body,and your soul,you will forgive him and make the next move or just tell him that you love him unconditionally...

profile image

june800 3 years ago

@AllforPaul yes it is amazing and I will deff check that video out so many things have been happening lately. Thank you so much for sharing yours yes you deff have a connection and you are so right about numbers yes yes yes.....

Emma 3 years ago

Dear Allfor Paul,

Your post almost brought tears to my eyes. I wish you have told me that him and I would meet again because I feel this desire in my heart that I cannot shake, just the thought of his eyes looking at me brings this childlike, innocent warmth inside. Earlier this evening I was praying to God begging Him to release me and also praying for him to be happy.

I remember when we first met, he had a girlfriend, so I felt annoyed with him being around me, somehow I tried to avoid him all evening but at the same time I wanted him near. I sensed he was not okay and I would get worried about him (at this point I'd known him for like an hour). THEN there's this little detail I'll never forget. I was running towards the bus, he and his buddy stayed behind, I turned around, looked back at them and then there was this thought I felt came out of nowhere saying we would talk in about a month via facebook. After that I didn't think about him at all, he didn't get to me that evening, probably because I was not approachable (having just broken up with someone) and knowing he was with someone. But that strange thought I caught, that felt like it wasn't really mine, came true. We started talking after about a month and he had broken up with his girlfriend prior to that. Of course we hit it off immediately. On our first date I felt so calm, so confident but so electrified at the same time. I forgot about time and space, it was just the two of us. Of course everything went down hill soon. I do not know who ran, who was to blame, but I have my share of guilt on my back. For the last few months I've been feeling like he's always with me, always. He never leaves my thoughts. I try so hard to let him go, I pray for me, for him, but the minute I am not preoccupied with something else, there he is. Sometimes I just think I'm obsessed, that I need to pull myself together, that he can't possibly be thinking of me, but then...This feels so strange. Whenever I decide "enough!", there's something that immediately reminds me of him, a song, or an actor on tv who looks just like him. The even weirder part is the fact that most of the time I don't feel sad, I don't feel abandoned, I don't feel that pain in the mid area (solar plexus I think) people get when someone leaves and hurts them. I feel this desire and most of the time I'm calm and happy.

Oh will I ever get some clearance, will I ever see him again...? Please write some more, I need to talk to someone.


AllforPaul 3 years ago

Dear Emma,

you have all the symptoms of a true Twin Flame love(kidding a little)

I would recommend those Abraham Hicks you tube videos for you too.

Try to type relationships by it,I will find some good ones for you later.

This is what it is all about(not just love,but money and everything):

If we concentrate our thoughts,feelings,energy on the LACK of something or a problem, more of it we get.

It is so hard to relax and say:I trust the Universe,and if he is mine,Universe will deliver.

But it works only that way.

I saw my TF for the last time last October..I cried every single day,every single shower I was standing there for 20 min crying my eyes out..I miss him, I miss him, I miss him...I was sending him mail,I was calling people and I realized there is nothing I can do...

One day,after Valentine's day,I almost passed by a car wash and uninvited thought came to my mind:Let's wash the car so it looks nice and clean if I see Paul???I was laughing at my self,I knew he is not near where I lived and did not work where he used to.So in the afternoon,it was so cold and late and I just washed my hair,but I said to myself:I 'll just go to the store for a second.I walked out toward my car and I felt for a second that wind was just going to lift me up(there was no wind)I sat back in my car and all of a sudden I saw him passing right by my window,with the smile from ear to ear,making sure I saw him.That was him behind me,I felt something and I did not know how to explain it..it was just like his soul said something to my soul...

See..there was no resistance just a strong wish and I saw him...

Then for months and months I was saying: "I love your soul,I love the little boy in you and the gorgeous man that you are..I love you where ever you are..i want you to be happy.."

I wanted so badly to see his picture when he was little and I found it on internet a few days ago!!!(school year book)I printed it and I keep it by my pillow..

He was a runner,and I forgive him, I actually never held it against him..he had his reasons..and I was "too much too soon"for him.I just wish he talked to me at least once,sometimes I feel I need that "closure" but there is no closure...

Oh..I can go on forever.let me know what do you want to know..

And yes..you can see him again and this is how it works by Abraham Hicks Law of attraction:You make a wish,Universe hears you.Than you get happy!!!And let it go..or relax...and EXPECT IT!!!Get into that happy feeling,the Universe will respond with the same vibration(If you do what I did(saying:" I miss him" million times a day with tears,you will just keep missing him)

One more example how good things come to you when you let go of resistance and negative emotions:One day in may, I was passing by his old work place..I knew he wasn't going to be there,I was maybe sad a little,but I thought:It is what it is,it would be nice to go in and stand at the very place where our eyes locked,where time and space and other people did not exist,and where our souls kissed..And then I experienced something I did not dream of,it made me more happy than if I saw him:Something caught the attention of the corner of my eye I looked where he used to stand and I saw the yellow gold energetic field,and not only that shocked me but the fact that I knew with such a certainty it belonged to him!I don't know how to explain that,but it made me so happy!

So again,if you relax,mediate(not eat meat:))you will start to awaken the powers that might get you closer to him if you want that...

Talk to you later..

AllforPaul 3 years ago


it is not an obsession,and it totally looks and feels like that.

Only the people who met their Soul Mates could understand you.

I wake up with the thought of him,I am wondering if he gets up at the same time,I am making breakfast pretending I am making it for him..When I put my clothes on I wonder what clothes he likes on a woman,when I buy clothes I ask myself:Would he like this?

Every time I see the brand name of the car he has I think of him.I pass by the place where he used to work every day,so I think of him then.

If I hear some interesting news I wonder if he hear it too...If I am in the shower,or bed,or store or walking..he is with me..

To me this looks like a total obsession,but I know it's not in a sick way..if he is your Twin Flame,if you two share the same soul blueprint(if your souls have the identical vibration)then what it is,IS: :you are just aware, all the time, of the existence of the other part of your being(soul)That's all..

Emma 3 years ago

Dear AllforPaul,

Thank you so much for you letter. It's good to be able to talk to someone who's been experiencing the same things. I must admit though that your story makes me sad and I wonder - how do you cope? Is it over between you two?

Now, apart from me often thinking I'm going nuts - is there any way, any good article or anything on how to tell if it's telepathy (I mean, if he's actually been thinking of me as well)?

I wonder, why is it so hard to stop thinking about that person? Why?

I mean, it's like he's just standing in the back of my mind and never leaves. Why is it so? I am so confused.


profile image

june800 3 years ago

@AllforPaul thanks so much I will do that makes me happy to connect means alot....

it's just me 3 years ago

i don't know if I can believe this because I've felt that way about someone but he acted like he didn't feel anything for me.

AllforPaul 3 years ago

@Intense connection

I am wondering if you are still happy with the love you found,and are you able not to think about your Twin Soul with pain and sadness?

H83 3 years ago

Hey Everyone,

I'm glad I ran into this page. Just an hour ago, I was asking internally, whether it be my guides, or my inner voice, for help as to why I am I still feeling the way I do. And suddenly I stumble accross this page. I'm going to tell you my story. I'm not the best when it comes to writing so please bear with me...

So where do I begin? ahhh, okay. So it was a little over 3 1/2 years ago I had just ended a 6 year long relationship with my girlfriend of the time. I ended things because I felt trapped and I didn’t see how we could continue together any more. Where I wanted to go in life, I didn’t see her being there by my side. Not to mention the support I would require. I was very career oriented and I just needed to be free to do my own thing.

About 6-8 months later, my good friend’s girlfriend told me about this one girl. I think how we got into the conversation was because we were talking about relationships and how she was wondering why I was not seeing anyone. She told me this one girl though I was cute after seeing me at a club. I remembered the night she was referring to and realized I was very drunk and stupid. Anyways, I didn’t take much of it at first but when she showed me who it was she caught my attention. At the time, I remember feeling nervous because I’ve just gotten out of a 6 year long relationship and courting a girl was just not fresh in my mind. I was rusty and wasn’t sure of what to do. I remembered seeking this girl out on Facebook and the more I saw her the more I felt more interested and wanted to get to know her. I almost felt obsessed which sounds very embarrassing now that I’m telling this. I remember a couple of times I asked my friend’s girlfriend how I could meet this person or how I could get her number. I even joked, “you get me her number and I’ll buy all your baked goods” (She was doing a charity bake sale at the time in case you’re wondering). Then one day, I found out she was going to be at this event somewhere downtown at this lounge. It was supposed to be some university alumni party. Anyways, I ended up going to this event with a couple of friends and remembered feeling very excited and nervous at the same time. I was so looking forward to it. When I got there, I saw her, and just thought to myself damn, this is crazy. What I’m doing is crazy. I’ve never done this before. Even as I am typing this to you all, I feel that feeling strongly still. My body is literally shaking. Back to the story..I tried hard not to look at her. I pretended I wasn’t interested. That is just the way I am. I show no love and no signs I’m interested (This is my flaw which I hate). I remember walking right by here and from the side of my eyes I noticed she recognized me and almost wanting to get my attention to talk to me. But I kept walking and then out the door of lounge. I ended up not talking to her that night. I was disappointed. But I was also soo intrigued about her.

A few weeks later, the same friend told me she was going to attend this guy’s birthday at this club. My friend was also going to be attending. It so happened that my roommate at the time was the promoter for that club. So getting in would not be an issue and also wouldn’t look so bait out on my part (as I already felt like a stalker). This was the best opportunity to finally talk to her. As I got into the club that night, my friend signaled me over and finally did the introduction. I was tipsy at the time so that really helped calm the nerves. We talked for a bit and finally exchanged contacts via BBM (LOL). After that, I guess she left the club and I just carried on with my night. I remembered getting very smashed that night that I ended up sleeping on my friends couch downtown. The next morning I was supposed to take the train to the next city for a birthday event. I ended up missing the train so I didn’t end up going. I was really bummed out and hung over. But then suddenly, I get a message from her. I was sooooo shocked. Girls don’t do that. At least not in my books. I thought there was this rule to not message so soon. She obviously broke it and surprised me in a good way. That she was not conventional like most girls I know. So we started talking and we talked like every day throughout the day. I felt so alive, so happy, and so intrigued by this girl. I just wanted to get to know her more. Then came the talk of meeting up. So essentially a date. I remembered I was soooo nervous. I didn’t know what to do or how to act. I even delayed it once because I just wasn’t ready. Finally, we met up and went to this Japanese izakaya restaurant she spoke so highly about and that I have never tried before. It was super cold that evening and there was a crazy line up as well. We both froze while waiting but deep inside I was burning hot. I was almost falling for this girl I’ve never really spent much time with. After dinner, we went to the movies and then after that said goodbye and I left. I kept thinking to myself, why didn’t I kiss her?

Moving on, we started to see each other more and then one day I had to fly to Tokyo for 8 days for vacation with my buddies. I remember she came over the night before and she stayed with me the entire night. I was a real gentleman and even at that point, we still did not kiss yet. I was just so scared. I don’t know why. We got take out and ended up watching a scary movie (I did that on purpose so that she would sit closer to me if she got scared so I could hold her). I really just wanted to hold her and stay close. I was so drawn to her. It was getting late and she started to fall asleep. I had to continue the night to pack. When I finished, I then lay beside her and held her. She held me back and I was just cuddling with her for the last hr before I had to go to the airport. In my mind, I just felt so warm, so connected. I felt like I was in a movie. Almost too real because I couldn’t believe how I was feeling especially when I just got out of a 6 year relationship. I kept thinking to myself, I want to kiss her, I have to kiss her, I can’t leave without kissing her. This in itself built up a lot of internal pressure and just made me more nervous. So we both woke up, took a cab to the airport. She followed along with me. As I got to the airport, I got even more nervous because this was it. We both stepped outside, I looked her in the eyes and just gave her a hug goodbye and left. She went back into the cab and the cab drove off. As I walked inside the airport, I was very disappointed in myself. I was like WTF!!! I told myself I couldn’t let this happen. So what I did next, I called her. She picked up and I told her she needed to come back. She asked why? I said because I left something at the back of the cab (I was lying). As the cab drove back, I opened the door, and I said to her while looking at her in the eyes, “I couldn’t have left without doing this”, and gave her a kiss. She smiled and giggled and even the cab driver laughed a bit. I felt relieved. I closed the door and sent her going again. That made my day. I was feeling like a million bucks. Like probably a billion bucks to be exact. Words couldn’t explain how I was feeling. For the rest of my trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was on my mind 24/7.

When I got back from my trip, I guess you could say we were seeing each other. Things were amazing. She made me see and feel things I’ve never felt and seen before. She showed me a world I never was acquainted to. Life was just amazing. Then when it was about 5 months things started to get rocky. I realized she was carrying a lot of baggage. And that she had a wall. I know she felt what I felt. But for some reason she just wanted to go with the flow. But for me, I wanted to know if we were something. Maybe that’s why things didn’t work out in the end. I pushed her away because I was afraid of how I was feeling. She ended up moved out of the city across the other side of the country and I guess we both decided it would be best to just be friends. I agreed with what she told me. But deep inside I obviously didn’t want it. But I also didn’t want to hold her back and so I let her go. I didn’t fig

Beth 3 years ago

I totally agree. Im having that feeling right now.. I caint eat or sleep.. I feel so alone and hes on my mind constantly.. I love him so much. Ive never even met him but we chat online. Hes amazing and I can feel his realness.. I feel what he feels. I want to be with him but I am married. He is single but he talks to me as if we should be together.. Im hurting inside, I caint function please help me.. :(

Lara lee 3 years ago

I have been through this twice now, I'm beginning to think we are supposed to feel like that when we really and honestly fall in love with someone. The first time was with my ex we spent 8 years together I loved him like a crazy,.... My whole body hurt when he was gone...I used to cry my eyes out... I was sure he was my soulmate my other half and that nobody will ever make me feel the way he made me feel... He knew I felt this connectionwhile he was gonne but never really said he felt something like it as well...All I know is that when I was feeling the worst, he will come back and search for me, this happened several times. Many things happened and we had to finally separate definetively, I got better after several years, it took me around 4 years just to put myself back on my feet again. After these 4 years I met another guy and I felt so connected with him but in a different way, I felt he completed me in ways the other relationship didnt, I felt strongly for this guy, I love him exactly the same way or more than I loved my ex but this time he felt the same connection too, once we separated I will wake up in the night and still think I was beside him in bed, he told me he felt exactly the same.... we have been separated for some months now and I miss him so very much it hurts badly ... Why is the same pattern repeating? He is coming back to me and going away it has happened several time already.... so I'm wondering now; is it me who is making them come back???? Because I feel so attach and so connected to them..I feel emotionally drained, exhausted emotionally........... I'm thinking maybe otherwise they will easily move on and not come back ....what it's happenning that my relationships end up this way??

julia 3 years ago

I met my husband on a blind15 yrs ago it didnt last then due to i had children and never wanted any but through the yrs we kept in touch we had a connection then , well in 2007 we reconnected and we saw each other and and it was as if we never were apart we married shortly after within a few months of reconnecting our marriage has lasted 6 yrs, but somethings are are not working and getting in the way we both see it trying to work at it, were together and everything is wonderful we sense each others feelings even in our dreams were together, we seperated 6 months ago and i can still sense him , feel him, dreaming of him and feeling him in my dreams, so are we spiritually connected? are we soulmates?

Liane 3 years ago

So is it true that whatever you feel or think of, is what they are feeling and thinking ? I'm in confusion right know and don't know what I should do or believe. Can someone help me?

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Sky Amy 3 years ago

@ Lara Lee I think that when you see certain patterns in your relationships it usually is a reflection of some characteristic of yourself which draws you to these situations. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself and improve your ways so you may not find yourself in this situation again. It may sound vague, but you know better than anyone what the cause is of your predicament. Reflect upon it.

@ Liane first of all there is a difference between what you feel and what you think and it's very important. You can think of anything that does not make it true, but what you feel (with your soul) is the truth. So if you feel anything coming from a person that is the truth, but there is no thinking involved just knowledge.

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Sky Amy 3 years ago

I’m so grateful to have found all of these stories (I almost read them all), it’s nice to know that there are people out there experiencing the same thing and all of the similarities in our experiences are amazing. It’s also interesting to see that meeting such a connection doesn’t always mean that we are meant to be, because circumstances in this lifetime sometimes makes this impossible. After almost 6years of being patient and hoping that our time will come, I’m starting to open up to the idea of meeting someone at least equally as special as the man I love so deeply (but whom never returned that love)..

I met my connection in the summer of 2008 through a friend of his. His friend and I were colleagues and decided to hang out one day after work. He went behind his computer checking his social media website and tried to include me by joking that he would hook me up with this friend of his. I decided that I would pick the guy out myself and browsed through his friends list and I saw my connection. He somehow seemed familiar, like someone I frequently have passed down the street and I chose him. His friend introduced us, we decided to chat and eventually meet (faith?!). The contact between us was like we had known each other way longer than we actually did, there was chemistry, we both felt at ease and I knew there was something about him..

When we first kissed it felt like a light bulb moment. My soul recognized and remembered him. All kinds of strong feelings beamed out of my heart, my soul loved him very deeply and knew exactly what his love is like. At first I thought it was a premonition of whats to come. Every time I spend with him I lost myself in this intense feeling and seemed to forget about everything else. After a few dates though he started to keep me at a distance, I didn’t see him for weeks then months. So after a while I kept my distance as well. Few months later, summer of 2009, we decide to meet again (and again) and things went fine until I told him I had feelings for him and asked where this thing between us was going. He said he was fine with the way things were and that he didn’t feel as strongly for me as I did for him, so we broke things off.

After that I was heartbroken, I felt like I met the one and that I must have done something to turn him off. I missed him every day. Months passed and he suddenly emailed me out of blue “how are you” and we catched up. We kept in touch and sometimes even met, but just as friends we never even talked about our history together. I was so afraid to be rejected again I decided not to act on my feelings. Every time we met I was hoping there would be a sign that he finally feels the same way about me, maybe even kiss me, but every time he would seem indifferent towards me. Years passed and I was getting used to our once in a while platonic get-togethers, despite the deep feelings that laid underneath it all, I was happy to at least be his friend.

But then in 2012, I told him about a dream I had about him relating to our past passion. He responded by asking whether we could try this thing again. It took us months to be intimate again, because we were both sort of afraid to take the first step and get out of our friend/comfort zone. Eventually we did in the summer of 2013 and every time we were together I could feel him reaching out to my soul and some sort of reminiscence between us. I could also feel my energy beam into him, our aura’s mixing and every emotion he was feeling like it was my own. I could also feel a wall in front of his heart, his guards were always up, but despite that my heart was wide open hoping he would eventually feel comfortable doing the same. The summer passed and the same cycle began repeating itself: everything going fine one moment and the next he’s keeping me at a distance again (3rd time by now). After being rejected over and over again I decided I had enough.

I feel like he should be able to feel same way I do, but it doesn’t manifest on the outside and I’m dealing with two separate sides of him: one loving and warm and the other friendly but from one minute to the next cold and indifferent. He never expressed the side of him which I love :’(. After I had decided I had enough, he started texting me to see how I was doing. I could literally feel him pulling my attention, because all of the sudden he would be all I could think about. I started to feel sad, drained and even the wall in front of his heart and its weight as my own. I realized that holding on to him hurt me. I needed to let go and express all of the emotions I felt coming from him. I send him an email and explained everything (except what we really mean to each other, because I felt like that shouldn’t be explained it should be felt and hopefully one day he will be able to). I told him that I needed to break all ties between us (did so through cord cutting meditation), basically suggested no more contact and that he should try to get in touch with his soul. Feel wrong for emailing that afterwards and wish I could take it back. I am not supposed to offer him advice he didn’t asked for..

Since then a month has passed with absolutely no contact between us, often times I want to contact him, but then I think “what good will that do, he won’t change overnight, he needs to sort things out in his own time and not be rushed by you”. I honestly don’t feel like there is room for me in his life right now, because he is either unable to acknowledge what he is feeling in his soul or unable to express it. I have been patient so long and even though the connection between us has grown (this last year has been pretty intense), we still have not come anywhere near our full potential to love each other. I no longer want to be the only one affected by our connection and throwing any sense of pride and fear out the window to be with him, only to be rejected again. If I can’t be with this man my soul loves, I pray God has something better in store for me..

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Sky Amy 3 years ago

The previous time we broke things off I had a feeling I should be patient, that our time will come. This time I feel like all of these years I spend waiting for him has put any other possible love affair on hold and it's time for me to open up to all possibilities.

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Hi Sky Amy,

I don't know if I can say anything to you to comfort you,just wanted to tell you,I have read it.

I found a friend here,we exchanged e-mails,and she just told me today,that nothing is happening to me because I am to desperate,I hold on to tight, I am NOT ALLOWING him to come back b/c I hold him to tight,he might feel it.(it is true by the law of attraction/law of allowing )

When you said 6 yrs I thought that is way to long to wait for someone,but it is going to be 3 yrs for me,so I get it..

Deep inside I will never let go of that hope that he will"get me"one day.

That his soul will remember me too..

I am open now to someone to love me,and I know my soul will love HIM forever,that will never be changed.

You are so lucky in a way,you had a chance to kiss him...

The only question I have is:If we had to meet and not have any relationship, why is that?With everyone else we have karma or we have to learn a lesson or something.The meeting of a true Soul Mate still doesn't make sense to me.(especially the pain that we feel in order to better ourselves..it does not work for me...)

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Sky Amy 3 years ago

Dear allforpaul,

I'm just so glad to have found people to talk to who have experienced the same thing, thanks for your reply. I feel lucky too that I have found such a connection and know what "soul love" feels like. Getting close to him and being pushed away was really hard though. It feels like he's rejected the very essence of my being, even though I know he's not completely aware of that.. Last night I thought about him, envisioned his face and felt so much sadness. I think his soul misses me, but I don't know if he's aware of that.

I don't know for sure why we meet and don't get the opportunity to be in a relationship, it's really frustrating to have all that love to give but not the chance to. I think that maybe when we find someone our soul loves, it probably means we have loved them in a previous life, but that in itself is not a guarantee that we will be in a relationship in this lifetime. Relationships as we know them on earth are pretty possessive, you want that person all to yourself, but soul love is unconditional. I think we are supposed to love that person no matter if we're in a relationship or not and give them the space to follow their own destiny. That in itself is a (hard!) lesson right?

The pain to better yourself, I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he might be your twin flame. Before twin flames can unite they have to solve their karma, otherwise they share karma instead of the love they are capable of. You've been in a bad relationship, that must have left emotional scars I think you should reflect on which areas in your life need improving. I was thinking about improving myself too in the lines of self-love and stepping out of my comfort zone. I didn't sense that pain to better myself though, I just felt what he needed from me (to be caring, affectionate and careful with my bluntness).

I read your story too. We have so much in common your words had me gasping for air, because I could have written them myself. The feeling that he would freak out if you revealed your feelings, I had that too and I think it's a sign that they are not ready for it. You also said your ego died in front of unconditional love, same here, normally I would never look back to someone who's rejected me, but with him I was finding patience and understanding (in abundance). You also mentioned seeing 11's a lot, last year I started to see 11:11 and 22:22 every time I looked at my phone.

Our astrology signs are also the complete opposite (I'm an Aquarius, he's a Cancer) and most of the relationship horoscopes predict a disastrous relationship, but one said that if we could find our balance we could have the kind of love Angels are jealous of. I don't know if we are twin flames, because it's hard for me to pin point what this connection is. I just know that despite all of our differences our essence is somewhat the same and when we're able to fully accept each other, we gain a completely new perspective of the world (like to halves of a circle being combined).

AllforPaul 3 years ago

Hi SkyAmy,

Yes,I read about it and felt it to:"the rejection on a soul level"

It is not like he did not like me, so, oh well,it is what it is,it is not his fault,he did not CHOSE not to love me..but not only that his soul remembered me, he CHOSE not to even talk to me after I told him I loved him.

It hurt like hell.

I can't tell,and they say nobody can tell you if you have Soul Mate connection or Twin Flame.

I think it is Twin Flame,b/c of that unconditional love.

I just wish now he is in my life,maybe just Facebook or something.I feel knife in my heart when I think he will have a daughter with the same eyes and I won't be able to see her.She does not exist but I feel her..

I would do anything for him,it is so much above and beyond human love and relationship.I wrote him over 200 love letters and in one I have said:you can ignore me,you can even hate me,I love you and I can't help it.

That doesn't mean I would accept to be in a relationship like that,but I would give unconditionally as a friend if that is the right world.

I just hope I will see him again one day.

Somewhere,maybe even here, I have read what one lady said.She met her Soul mate,and instantly fell in love with him,She was happily married and some 20 yrs later,she became a widow and now she wants to reconnect with the guy who's name she doesnt know,but she is so sure of her love for him.

Yes and another thing I know this is something deep and crazy and not human :) is when we love someone and think of them we are excited and happy or sad we miss them or want them..but with Paul..as soon as I start thinking about him my tears come down my face..i write about him to other people (like here)and I cry from the first to the last word)What is that?

I miss him and it literally physically hurts how much.

All I want is that he is nice to me .that's all..I don't want to force him,beg him,seduce him I just want him to grow up and treat me like a person with a heart..

I feel like you:so much love in my heart and what do I do with it?

I am glad I "met"you too,it does help when you know you are not alone in this very rare connection.

I connected with two nice ladies here,so if you want to write more, here is my email: april4september9@gmail.com

HelloMyNameIsRegret 2 years ago

If one person feels such strong feelings, or....electricity per say, when with another, does that other person feel it too? I have an ex from years ago, that I broke up with at that time ....really for no good reason, I was just too young and immature for a mature relationship at that time. I am now married, have kids. I got to have dinner with my ex about 3 years ago, and the electricity between us, as witnessed by a 3rd party was soooo strong. The witness said you could have cut it with a knife. But just because I felt this wave of emotion and electricity, do you think he did too? I can't imagine my feelings were as strong as they were and he not have feelings in return. Since then, I absolutely cannot get him out of my mind. I too, am absolutely haunted by him, and my regret for my behavior and immaturity in the past, is so strong that some days it cripples me. Some days, I simply have thoughts about him that comes out of nowhere. Why???? Am I just obsessing? I've done my best to put him out of my mind, but he won't go. I dream about him, a lot.

So, if one person can have that feeling of electricity, does the other person feel it too? And why can't I get him off of my mind? I am 100% happily married, and when I ask myself , would you leave your husband for your ex if it were ever an option, I'm torn.

fairy 2 years ago

Yes I can relate to most of this as well..I too have met an amazing soul connection I did have a rocky relationship with him 4 year's ago..during time I have moved and moved on..Im now in a relationship with a wonderful man..but I cannot stop this connection with my soul mate I think hear feel taste him...I am constantly trying too put him to the back of my mind..then something always reminds me of him..I feel obsessed as well. .its a underlying sadness of want..and grief...I too have quesstioned my love for my new man and this place great stress on me moving on completely. .I am I contact with my soul mate and when I am my souls feels at peace joy and content. I feel like im living a lie and not being true to myself it is yes a daily battle... so feel for all of you that have posted here..its been a relief to know there is a lot of us..I honestly dont fathom it...but know it bigger than I realise...

AllforPaul 2 years ago


Thank you,FINALLY,finally someone explained it for exactly what this crazy obsession really is:


PS/If your other half doesn't want to be with you,stay with the one that loves you.It is not a lie,it is love.Love him...At the end, loving someone is all about who we are, not necessarily about who the other person is.

fairy 2 years ago

Ahh yes I do find it hard to love the one your with...it feels like a lie...I agree its all about love....but I also feel one has to be true to one's self..I think now I would rather be on my own than live a deceitful life and denying someone of the love they deserve. .that I know I cant give at this stage...this soul twin flame love I feel ruins love for any other I would live to know what others think !?

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stevieg2012 2 years ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one mine has been going on for 47 years I have loved this woman since the first day of first grade but only recently connected with her,Although we attended school together we were never friends we hung out with different groups, some things took place that brought us together we never would have come in contact had it not been for those things taking place, we feel like we have known each other our whole lives but not at all its very strange she has someone she knew before me and told me she wanted to be sure about us and wanted to resolve those feelings first weird part is I'm good with it because I have a feeling she will come back to me fully I just know ours will be a strong unbreakable bond and Love am I stupid,for feeling this way,or should I continue to be patient, should I just say to hell with it or would that not do any good this ha been the most fantastic thing to ever happen to me and at the same time heartbreaking without the heartbreak, I don't know what to do!

SterlingCharles 2 years ago

I have to remind myself almost on a monthly basis give or take that I am not alone. Reading other's journeys helps my soul to some extent. I have been going through this for the past 3 1/2 years. It is the most incredible yet tormenting experience I have ever had. Once I realized what was going on I thought I was so blessed & that I finally met that person for me after all this time. I thought he was a gift, something I could finally see a future & family with. However, I did not anticipate the constant yo-yoing. I know he was in denial at first & yet still holds back. He will not open up & fully express himself, nor help me understand or respond at times. So it can be extreme torture. When he is in pain/stress I feel it. Sometimes it will last for weeks, the tension in my chest at times will bring me to may knees. I can feel all emotions to include when he is busy/focused elsewhere with family, x-wife, or with someone else. The dreams are like he is talking to me. Such as not being with someone else because his heart lies with mine. To coming home & being together or will be coming back for me. I will get so upset with him because of how he will treat me at times I will refuse to give into him & talk to him, he always finds a way to break the silence & draw me back to him. There was a time when all I would have to do his think & ask him to call me & I would within minutes, now he forces himself not to (yet he always trying to pull me towards him). I can pretty much differentiate between all of his emotions (love, intimacy, anger, panic, sadness). When reading upon others, I had wondered about physical experiences as well. Unexplained bruising, random aches & pains, etc. Something would just tell me that is him, not me. We truly compliment one another, however, he will not commit. It is a very peculiar situation to say the least. When I don't feel him within me, I feel normal & can focus & function as I had once before. However, when I do feel him, it can be so intense it is maddening & I cannot get him out of my head. When he downgrades a bit sometimes I'm ok. I will pray & pray to the good Lord to help me be distracted & focused on other things, sometimes this works. I will ask for something positive, & sometimes that transpires. Like I said, it yo-yos so much that I have started to believe (as well as with other things going on in my life) that this is cruelty & punishment that I have done something in a previous life. I ask for forgiveness, I apologize, I beg to stop this torment or to show me my path or something positive to help me move on. I don't know what I need to work on or what he needs to work on to bring us home together or if its in the future, just if there is a way to give me peace so I know instead of yo-yoing I would be forever grateful. Even though my dreams tell me otherwise, if we are never to be together, I just want to forget & block somehow of feeling him. I just don't know what to do anymore.

fairy 2 years ago

Oh my goodness sterling charles I feel for you...that is Exactly how it is...I received Endless amounts of spiritual healing and cutting of cords to stop this torment as you call it..it always filters back...always....its a bittersweet Situation if you are meant to be together things will be put in order....I have just left a seemingly normal realtionship as I just didnt love him at great heartbreak and hardship I feel I just had to no realtionship will ever compare or that is how it feels for me...a terribly difficult time...once you have experienced that deep soul love...

sammie13 profile image

sammie13 2 years ago from Florida


It's been almost 3 yrs now that we've broken up. I thought I was going crazy cause I've tried everything to get over this. It seem like it was just yesterday. My feelings for her has not gone away, not a little bit. When we was together we was inseparable, noone believed we wasnt together anymore. It happened as if something was being control by someone else. I've tried to move forward but I can't each time It end up with someone being hurt. I hvnt spoke to her in a year cause its to painful. I thought I'll give myself some time to soul search, get on track with God and heal, but I manage to do all but heal. There's time when I'm not thinking of her or I'm having fun with my friends and low and behold the thoughts of her. Still able to feel her lips. Wondering if she's moved on and forgotten about me. Surprise she pops up on my fb status, just to like them even thou were are not friends on fb, but we never say anything to each other. I really just wanna get pass this. I thought I was the only one that felt this way until today.

Thank you for blogging.

GoshIneedHelp 2 years ago

This is my question. Relative to many of the stories I've heard above, my heartache is very fresh. I feel that I'm definitely aching at the soul level and I'm letting my feelings completely control me. If feel that if I were mentally stronger, I wouldn't allow this to happen so intensely. Meanwhile, the obsession has begun, the heart is totally fractured and I can't do anything else but think of him at present. Issue is, I don't have time to be heartbroken right now. I have to find a job ASAP before my reality gets frightening. Question is, how do I get into a better headspace so that I can prepare job applications and rigorous interviews, all amid my fresh despair. Please folks, help me. Strategies, techniques, psychics, hypnosis......please let me know what works (even as a temporary fix).

sammie13 2 years ago


Find your own peace in the storm. Face the process, stay focus on goals, Family and friends.Take care of yourself, and learn the authentic you.Nothing fix it but time,but those things listed above will comfort you. Its okay to not be okay.I pray your strength get strong each day.

fairy 2 years ago

Oooh I Feel for you...find a spiritual healer and see if you can get some healing perhaps ethereal cords cut..it is temporary albeit..having compassionate and a understanding person to off load to helps... keep busy occupied and try and find the joy in having aamazing connection with someone trust the process..

Miley 2 years ago

I met a boy when i was 18 in college. I fell in love with him the moment he kissed me under my bunk bed. We dated for a while and every time i saw him it was like i couldn`t breath and i couldn`t stop smiling. I was his first girl friend and his first love. What we shared was magical. When i kissed him it felt unreal like it was too good to be true. I guess it was because eveen though i was in love with him i met him the same year both of my parents died. I was not mentally right, and i told him that before we dated because we were best friends. After i hurt him he hated me. He couldnt look or talk to me. He still hasnt talked to me and its been almost 6 years. I have had other boy friends since then and i have loved but i can not shake him. Even not speaking to him in almsot 6 years i have dreams of him even when i think im over it. I think of him and i cant help but smile my heart beats for him. I just feel like i will always love him. I feel crazy, insane. I try to convince myself i am so i can get over it but i cant. He recently added me on instagram and liked my picture. When i saw he likes my picture i felt like i was going to faint i couldnt sleep all night. Now im back to square one. I cant get him out of my head. I hit him up and he did not respond. Do you think you can feel so strongly like this for someone and them not feel the same?

Elle 2 years ago

Please help me! I am glad I came across this site two days ago.

I met this man on internet more than a year ago. We got into a long distance online affair , for ten months we communicated everyday and both believed that we are connected emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We were both unhappily married and we both made each other happy even across time zones. We believed that what we had was special. I knew in my heart that I have come to love him and that I believed he felt the same way. But we never professed our love for each other very openly. Until the time when we finally met, the most unforgettable moments of my life, though very briefly. He told me we would meet again in a couple of months. When it was time for him to leave, I couldn't help but cry and bravely told him how I felt about him, over the phone, that I love him. That was the last time I talked to him. I knew that he did come back but he never tried to see me again. In fact he never sent me messages again, and never answered mine. All I could think of was that maybe he got afraid of my feelings for him. I have never felt so hurt in my life, it really did tear me apart. I couldn't eat and sleep well for months, like a part of me has died. I would cry and all I could ask was Why? I wanted answers. The thing is that I always believe that somehow he still cares for me and thinks of me. I also believe that things happen for a reason. At the start of our relationship, I also got myself deeply interested in spiritual awakening. My quest has helped me a lot and seen me through my pain. I sill think of him but it no longer hurt as much.

Now, just two days ago, just befor I went ro sleep, I suddenly had a flashback I couldn't control. I felt so bad because I thought I have already moved on and the pain was all gone. I thought of him and ended up crying all my heart out, saying his name aloud and asking him Why.That was when I came across this site. I wanted to know why I still feel this way and how I could stop myself from thining of him, and worse, from loving him. Then I read from posts about just letting it go or just let the feeling flow..I read all the posts and comments till I fell asleep.

The next day I got a bit busy and was able to check emails late afternoon. What a aurprise when someone viewed my profile in a networking sitte and I found out it was him! Does it mean that he still thinks of me? I haven't heard from him for seven months now. I used to send him mental messages that worked almost everytime. Could it be that my thought and feelings, the pain and the longing that I felt the other night somehow got to him?

I am separated from my husband, and on the process of getting an annulment.

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pisces-taurus 2 years ago from Texas

I so glad i found this website.

I can relate to everyone here with out feeling out of place.

I recently know i found my soulmate and in the weirdest way,

he so happens to be my counselor. im 28 and hes 35. I would explain how we ended up with each other but to make the long story short.

I was seeking marriage counseling and i came across with him. I soon as i met i knew he was the man i dreamed years ago. Now hes right in front of me when i was going to try to save my marriage and ever since i had a spiritual connection with him iv been in a roller coaster. I ignored him at first but it was impossible for me to stop feeling the connection so strong and intense.

Iv been growing as a person iv seen changes in me i never knew i would be able to change i feel him even when we are not in sessions. Truth is iv told him and hes reaction was joyful. Deep down i know this is not transference love.

When i asked god to please help me with this situation or send me a sign that it was ok and real what i was feeling and not crazyness, i asked for something very specific for him to remove this painting that belong to his ex wife and replace with something that represent me and first thing came to my mind was the beach im a Pisces so water means alot to me. Sure enough our next session alone because im also working on my self issues even though my marriage is over i still have work to do, the painting was gone and replace by one that had a beautiful sunrise in the beach. I was stunned and felt so happy. He even though i can feel his emotions he keeps himself very professional. I finally told him the truth not all like i should because i feel i would make him feel uncomfortable due to the fact that im his client.

I dont know weather to move on or stay and see what happens???????

i cant even believe this man from my dream and that i asked god for so many years to send him because i needed him was actually in my face one day. We are so connected that i feel him healing as well as iam and hes energy is just making me fall in love in a very strong way i cant even describe. Help or guidance anyone?

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dan1421 2 years ago

This is weird for me, i never go on blog site or comment.. but this feeling been driving me crazy..I recently found out in ex i dated six years ago got married...i have been in other relationship since that time.. but deep down inside i can't shake this feeling that she was my soul mate. i truly want her to be happy. weird things keep happening that reminds me of her..i feel guilty a lot because i know i hurt her and feels likes she hold resentments towards me. even with saying that i can't shake the feeling that she was meant for me. i have never learn from someone in my life as i learned from her, a lot of things i do today are because of the things she tought me and use to say to me... i don't want to wish no bad luck on her marriage or anything like that..but that feeling i have of her being the only women i truly cared for can't seem to go away, i wake up, sleep, dream of her all the time. sometime i feel like i can sense what she is feeling (WEIRD I KNOW) but i can't lied about my feeling. i really loved this girl. i feel like i am going CRAZY because she has obviously moved on with her life..but this feeling that we will eventually be together i cant seem to shake..PLEASE HELP ANY ADVICE WOULD GLADLY BE APPRECIATED

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pisces-taurus 2 years ago from Texas


Not all soul mates are meant to be together but to grow and mature. After the spiritual awaking has done the process our soul mates vanished leaving us with a great lesson. Also this girl might just been a twin soul also. Look into Spiritual Awaking Twin Soul Twin Flames. I'm sure you can find the answer when we receive and process the knowledge we will find the answer as to why.

Tiya 2 years ago

Hi, I think I found my soulmate ! I went to India earlier this year and I randomly met his through a mutual friend! I instantly knew there was something about him! We all went out clubbing and me and him just danced the night away. I totally lost myself with him and then he hugged me and omg all my broken pieces stuck back together! I felt whole again. I am back in the uk and miss him like crazy feel like I'm going insane without him. My heart pines for him. We still talk almost everyday and nothing happened between us in India but this connection/force is just unreal. I'm to sacred to ask him if he feels the same in case he things I'm mad.

Madison 2 years ago

I am not crazy after all! Recently at work, I met a man who is 22 years older than me, and as soon as our eyes met, there was instant chemistry. The connection was so intense it was almost uncomfortable. We always have strong eye contact when we see one another. I think about him all the time. However, I am in a 6 year relationshio, and he is married. I know he feels this strong bond. It is torture because I have to see him everyday at work. I constantly have sensations running through my veins, and I can sense he feels the same.

Sally 2 years ago

I can relate to Madison, I met my soul mate 3 years ago, we bumped into each other 3-4 times a week, the eye contact was so strong I also could feel sensations running through my veins, I'm 15 years older than him, it was so tense at times it also felt uncomfortable, he has now moved away and I don't see him no more, but still think of him all the time my heart is breaking, but i feel happy in a strange way to have had these feeling, sometimes he just pops into my head and I feel all tingly, I feel this is when he thinks of me. I'm now trying to move on knowing I may never see him again.

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Frog Faerie 2 years ago

My soulmate and I came together in January. My heart and soul exploded with growth and opening immediately and I went through a significant release that lasted months and left me more open, vulnerable, and courageous in love than ever. He also began to release some very old barriers and trauma very quickly, but later, I believe he got scared and stopped sharing that development with me. Near the end of our relationship, I longed for our closeness to grow and progress, but he was resistant, I think because he was afraid of losing himself. We were together for 6 months and then he broke up with me saying he can't be in a relationship now, but insisting he still loves me and sees me in his long-term future. He always leaves the door open to me, always picks up the phone, and says he's there whenever I need him, but I don't know if I can accept being involved with him in an undefined way now that I feel such deep devotion for him. I feel a powerful and uncontrollable draw to him from deep in my soul and since we broke up, I feel like I might tear in half, being pulled in two directions: one, wanting to hold out for what I want in a relationship, and two, just wanting so strongly to be with him in any way I can. Should I take a break from him and have faith he'll come to me when he's ready to be in a relationship? I'm 37 and I don't think I've ever experienced something so difficult!

Sally 2 years ago

I posted a few days ago, but today I'm having a really bad day, I Carn't get this guy out of my head, I feel so sad knowing I will never see him again, I been thinking of him all day, getting vibes he may be aware of this, and he's sending vibes back, because I feel all tingly , I feel we have a connection in someway, what do you think? Has any one else had these feelings, or do you think it's in my head, my heart is breaking I hate feeling like this I need to move on but i carnt shake these vibes off

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resh14 2 years ago


please help me out of this . i have also facing that connection with that person . he knows that i like him after that i tried to move on so many times . i tried to ignore him , disappear for some time , no contact rule nothing is working . i saw him each and every day . i think he likes me to but no one is making any move . and day time suddenly i am facing some kind of weird vibration in chest part i dont know what is that meaning either , some times when i purly think about him i got a causal message from his side and that makes me happy some time when we are not talking to each other ..... how can i explain that feeling ? but i am to much thinking or is it mean to be ? please help me what i suppose to do ..

Sally 2 years ago

Resh 14 , I really think you should let this guy know how you feel, and not let it slip you by, like I have done I would do anything to turn the clock back and do that, I know how you may feel scared, but please do it you never know what will happen, I know I will never see this guy again my heart is breaking I'm sure, I think about him every day, and for the last 4 nights I've been dreaming about him , I still have the vibes he's thinking about me too, maybe not as much as I think of him, I wish I could read his mind, please don't let this slip by and act on it soon or maybe it will be too late. Good luck x

2 years ago

Well it's good to find i'm not the only one who feels crazy...I as well have this overwhelming feeling was beginning to think its obsession, I came across this and felt a little better about my situation. I was 22 when I met this guy he was 15 at the time, but I felt the connection..I was in a relationship at the time and didnt think much on it at the time plus it would be against the law..We had been friends for many years, when he was 19 I was seeing someone it didnt work out of course, One day The guy had made a comment to me and we had fooled around a little but nothing ever came of it and we continued to be friends all this time..I have had these feelings deeply all this time Have tried and tried to forget but seems I can't no matter what i try. He is very aware of how I feel Not sure he feels the same way, but I go every day with this pain in my heart , I'm strong most days but there are some days when I just cant take it. This guy knows that I will do anything under the sun for him all he has to do is ask... Recently we havent spoken to each other he unfriended me on facebook and doesnt reply to any messages I have sent... Yet I still cant seem to shake the feeling that we are meant to be..This is a terrible pain to go through especially for those of us that have been experiencing it for many years. Does it ever end?

Sally 2 years ago

I've been posting on here for the last few weeks, since I last posted last week, I have been really strong and had a good week, I still been thinking about this guy, but not as much, then tonight when I finished work I got in my car and got this overwhelming thought of him which made me cry , it just came from nowhere , now I feel so down as I thought I could be moving on after two and a half years , does anyone have any ideas why this has happened to me today, would love to hear your thoughts

Sally 2 years ago

Well, 3 weeks on, my thoughts for this guy have been so intense, I seem to have taken a step back, I'm sure I can feel him , it's so strange I'm beginning to think, he could be my soulmate, even though I know we will never be together, I get shudders, shivers from no where, was wondering if this could be him thinking of me or is this my own emotions, I'm sure I'm going crazy.

Quest 2 years ago

Sally, is it like a wave? I can relate many things I read here. Lately, just silence matters. Also, I feel lost.

Sally 2 years ago

Quest, can you please explain what you mean by it's like a wave, and silence matters

Quest 2 years ago

It is energy. Nothing can change it.

Sally 2 years ago

Well it's been a few weeks since I posted, nothing's changed I've been out of the country for a while, and this guy has haunted me day and night, so I did something I've not done before and that's spoken to a physic, she said we have a connection maybe a past life connection , the has confused me as I don't know if I believe in this kind of thing, but I carnt stop thinking of the guy from morning till night does any one have any thoughts.

somagnetic 2 years ago

Hello! Sally in my case I can say it's been 7 years all ready for my own experience I can tell you It does not mean you two suppose to be together it's simply there is a stronger connection between you two, whether or not mentioned past life no one have any recollection of it that I am aware of, as long is deep connection with some one you look in the eyes for the fist time and you felt it and not some guy that look hot and work out that a different story that is infatuation, now about the psychic if you were gone to any member of your family or friends they would tell you the same thing as the "psychic" for free the only connection a psychic have ever had before is a deep connection with money I called deep pocket connection, you probably have the same confusion but with a little less buckaroos in your pocket. Sally I wish you all the best and remember your not alone in the middle of the ocean. God bless you and keep looking forward.

Sally 2 years ago

Somagnetic , thank-you for your kind words, I will take on board what you have said, wow 7 years , would you be able to share your experience with me

Sally 2 years ago

Well it some weeks since I posted, nothing's changed still living this nightmare, with christmas just a few days away, I'm feeling emotional just wondering how he's going to be spending his holiday, wishing I could be with him , or just hear from him to know he's ok, and wondering if he misses me or even still thinks of me

Quest 2 years ago

Miss _ so much.

Sally 2 years ago

Well I'm still here, still suffering, it's been 6 months since a last saw him, my heart is truly breaking, I'm feeling so bad at the moment, I thinking about him all the time, he's haunting me day and night, it's starting to get me down, but I carnt get him out of my head, I starting to feel I'm getting obsessed, but I carnt seem to move on, I wonder if he thinks about me, and if he will get in touch( he lives 400 miles away from me)sometimes I get the feeling he could be thinking of me, but not sure if this all in my head, how can I move on from this nightmare I'm living?

Sally 2 years ago

It's been 4 weeks since i last posted, I been feeling really good the last 2 weeks, very positive, not thinking off him 24/7

Sally 23 months ago

He's back in my life, after all this time, couldn't be happier .

Light 23 months ago


I am coming back after gaining some perspective on this. From writing my story, to sharing experiences & finally to inferring something from all this is how it takes place, I guess. I thought that this was about finding your love but this is a whole lot bigger than that. This is spirituality, enlightenment & science. It is philosophy & I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post this but since we are talking on sole levels, I thought it isn’t that bad an idea. This is about gaining freedom from the cycles of birth & death or should I say the cycles of making an illusion, authenticating it & then breaking it. In the end you know that everything was an illusion. The prime reason for a soul to incarnate in an existence is for experience. If you do not understand life then what use would your incarnation be? You will keep collecting karmic balances and the cycle of life & death continues endlessly.

Life’s deeper meaning had to be experienced & understood. Life’s lessons have to be learnt & that is the prime reason we (spirits in human existence) are here. Energies can neither be created nor destroyed. The sole purpose of energy to come to existence is learning & experiencing. Some might reason that energies already know everything. To which I answer that, to know that you know is equally important.

The current time is probably going to be the most momentous time in the history of this planet. One can sense that from whatever is happening around currently. Prophesies of the end of one & the beginning of another era seems to be coming true.

When we part from the source we become ‘I’ & before we can get back to the source we have to leave the ‘I’ behind. Understanding life will conclude the cycle of birth and death for you. When you learn to cope & deal with the past & dump your ego, harmony & equilibrium are restored.

So I have taken this fact that all this was for clearing impressions that we accumulated over a period of lifetime(s).

I fully accept that a Twin Flame relation is very divine & powerful as compared (actually it cannot be compared at all) to a soulmate connection. A twin is born with you & of you before the cycle of birth & death began while a soulmate comes with such cycles. Actually speaking there is just a Twin Flame connection while everybody else is a soulmate (as all souls are connected to each other through the creator). TFs are not in memories, they are in your system. You can’t get rid of then & you are never alone. But we are not God to know for sure as to who it is. The energy released with the union of these two parts of the same soul has a tremendous effect & power on everything around. So just imagine the impact that a negative effect can have. It is world consuming. You have to wait until both of you are in a position of providing the correct & positive effect.

But facing the facts is very important for moving forward. You can’t remain in any one state of mind for long & must get out of it. A list of how I tried to overcome all this emotional mess is as follows (all numbered 1 on purpose). I hope it brings help to someone.

If I may suggest, I would say the following,

1] Begin with writing down points on what you have learnt from the turmoil and experience. This solves almost 75% of the problems and begins the process of understanding, healing and spiritual progress.

1] Transform emotions (fear, anger, grief, etc) to understanding. Emotions take you to the place you were meant to be in at that time and knowledge brings you back on the tracks. To solve problems use intellect and not emotions.

1] You can’t read a book from very close; similarly you can’t understand a situation from very close. That is where distance helps. But when you want to solve a situation then you will have to approach it closely. I strongly suggest first understand & then try to solve or say, with understanding it gets solved on its own.

1] Time heals everything. To give something time can reward you better without compromising on self respect & dignity. So don’t be in a hurry to solve anything for anyone and always put your security first. You are the most important person in your life. Love yourself.

1] Face your fears. Past impressions get cleared that ways. Dump self pity. What happened in the past cannot be changed. Remember, if it leaves you then it doesn’t love you. Forgive and free yourself.

1] Accept reality and be practical but do not ignore intuition. Trust your own intuitive feelings. It’s a more precise guide. But understanding what it is actually telling you is a greater challenge.

1] Whatever is happening is going perfectly according to plans. We decide our destiny & course of action before we, in spirit form, enter existence. The spirit takes correct decisions. Accept that it was to happen exactly like this. But don’t forget that you do have free will.

1] Ask, don’t assume. Clear communication is very important. Sometimes you lose more by not communicating or not having confessed. When two people don’t communicate well then others do it on their behalf (& create rifts).

1] Do not confuse emotions (pain is pain; don’t try to put up an act of being comfortable when actually not). Do not suppress. Accepting can only bring healing.

1] Everything has a time to manifest. Things will happen at the right time. If they are not happening now then you have something to work on still. God opens the right door at the right time. If He has not yet answered your request, then it is for your own well being & benefit. Trust Him.

1] As much as an understanding is required a completion of a karmic balance is also required. As I understand, it is like; once you have completed paying up for whatever you did the understanding follows. It is simply amazing. And it is science.

1] There is this one thing with the mind that if you don’t control it then it starts controlling you. And the greater thing than that is that you always have the first choice.

1] You see the world as you are & not as it is because without you the world actually isn’t at all. You exist – the world exists & you don’t exist – the world doesn’t exist at all.

1] Some people understand at once; others have to be told a second (even a third) time. It’s ok to take time until it really goes inside your head & becomes a habit.

1] Observe repetitive cycles in your life. The universe is conveying something to you that requires your attention.

1] Respect each thought (even those of others) & express without fear of acceptance. Respect your own self & protect your own interests. Societal acceptances aren’t a necessary thing at all.

1] Sometimes truth comes disguised as illusion & sometimes untruth comes masked as the truth. Learn to discriminate. People & situations have facades. You are encouraged by the universe to see behind deceptive appearances. That is what is meant by seeing in 4D, 5D, 6D, etc.

1] Neither good nor bad luck is permanent. Happy faces are not always so (& it shows in their eyes). Don’t feel sorry for yourself. You can choose to be happy in every situation. Scientifically, being sorry for your position affects your root chakra. Try to correct it.

1] Illusions get shattered, dreams never get shattered. So if something got shattered be sure that it was an illusion. Illusions are the tests that life throws at us. To be able to look deep within yourself & others is the lesson learnt from it.

1] You are with the people around you due to some past karma. When that circle completes these people leave from your life. This could be a temporary attachment (probably only this birth or even less). But you do have a duty towards those who you are connected with or without karmic balances. Do not compromise on your dharma. Dharma is more important than karma.

1] We are shown the worst; so that when the not so bad comes, it gets accepted easily. Otherwise we keep looking out for perfections.

1] At times you inspire (or offend) others altering their perspective through your actions or words knowingly or unknowingly. If you created a mess in someone’s life you ought to clear it. However, sometimes you can better do it by not going back in their live

Light 23 months ago


1] At times you inspire (or offend) others altering their perspective through your actions or words knowingly or unknowingly. If you created a mess in someone’s life you ought to clear it. However, sometimes you can better do it by not going back in their lives or by just being there at the time of their need. The world is going the way it was meant to go. It is better to ‘Be’ than to ‘Do’.

1] The only permanent thing in this world is change. Sometimes these things happen to get you to do something or take you somewhere, you would otherwise have never done & gone but needed to. Other times it comes to check your stability. It can be both ways. There are always two sides of a coin.

1] Helping humanity in whichever way will open your heart and this is good for you.

1] Sometimes the wrong time gets you to the right place. And when the time is right, the right person will walk into your life.

1] Love yourself but love truth more than you love yourself even if it is against you. It has the power to change you. Having faced the truth all beliefs are shaken up & everything else seems too small & unimportant.

1] Once you lose your ego you have lost all & beyond this you don’t lose anything.

1] Everything happens in accordance to God’s will. Obey GOD’s will & trust universal intelligence and justice.

1] Learn from everything & everyone. Be your own teacher.

Small things; but they helped me. I know it is better said than done. Even I haven’t yet followed all. But I can try.

All of the above are my inferences from my experiences. So I run disclaimers that if any of this does not fit your own understanding kindly reject it. I wrote (not sure if it has been put up well) all this exhaustive stuff here because I thought that it is my way of repaying back (otherwise feeling burdened) whatever the universe provided me at the time of need with gratitude. If this makes the right difference to even one it can serve the purpose of my time & experience. The sole reason I am writing this on every site I visited earlier is to balance out the negativity I created then and replace it with positivity.

Thank you for reading! All the best!


Tranquil Light

Artist 23 months ago

I feel the same soul and heart connection with the one I loved deeply .

It's been a year and I can't seem to get him out of my mind. He lives in the same town and we have even passed each other on the road .

I am an artist and I paint and draw. I sell my work to a local store . This past Christmas I painted cypress knees into little Santa Clauses . Well I did not realize until the store owner said that they all resembled the guy I use to date but with a white beard. When I paint I don't realize he is coming threw into my art work.

A few months ago I had a series if events that happened that led me to him . I went to a fast good restaurant that I never go to late in the evening and never noticed his truck in the parking lot since I was aggravated that the drive threw was roped off. My kids insisted on getting food from there so when I walked in he was standing in front of me . He smiled and got his food and wished me well . He told me he knows how to shut down feelings when I was with him so I suppose he is shitting feelings down for me . When he has seem me he stares at me but doesn't say a word. It's like he sees into my heart and feels it but can walk away .

My heart hurts for him and I miss him but I know I have to move on.

I'm thinking of going to a hypnotist to help me get him out of my mind .

I practice the power of attraction and I know there is a reason for all this . I'm learning from that relationship and staying positive .

I've had other men approach me that want to date but I can't till I get my mind out of this fog of thoughts about him.

Love is very powerful and when you connect with their soul that bond is hard to break . He will always be in my heart but the hurt is so deep when you don't know how he feels nor offers to talk. So it's time after a year to move on . Life's lessons that help us grow and learn .

Artist 23 months ago

The old song "Diary" by the group Bread use to be my favorite when I was very young . I didn't understand it since I had never been in love when it came out but I loved the melody . Now I think about the lyrics since I don't want to finally let another man into my heart and still be writing about the love that I can't seem to forget . : (

lala 22 months ago

Things do get better, it's going 2yrs now and i still think about him everyday. However some days are better than others. it wasnt like the it was in the beginning which is non stop. Now i have a life and his stops comes to me randomly during the day, but i try not to dwell on those thoughts and divert my attention to something else, and it helps.

I know i will always miss and love him no doubt, but i have my life to live, and it looks like he his living his too. So why dwell on it.

Sally 22 months ago

Lala, what you say is so true, my twin came back into my life briefly, but has gone again, you do have to get on with your life , I also miss him and will always love him , I'm hoping one day he will come back again and stop running away from me .

Tamara Robbo profile image

Tamara Robbo 22 months ago from Yeppoon, Queensland

Hello - I truly hope I am not too late to get a response to this question as I have long been searching for an understanding. While I can draw from the comments above none seem accurate enough to my situation.

I met a bloke who at first I shut down due to an age gap and I had a daughter and was not wanting to bring anyone into our lives. This man was persistant and from the very beginning made me laugh and stop and look at him in sheer amazement, which in turn would make him stop and laugh. It was fun and extremely easy to be around him. This charade went on over a period of time and I had a deep list for him that I fought and quite often wish I hadnt. Nothing sexual ever came from this as I didn't allow it because I just felt that this was different and so I wanted to discover him without physical emotions clouding our connection a was feeling so strongly. Eventually we were agreed we needed to start something serious and call it something so we started to date exclusively. By this time I was, or felt so very in love with him and was sure I had been correct in my feelings of this from the beginning even though it made no sense to me at the time.

Where it gets messy, and another reason I remained guarded, is he had recently come out of a high school sweetheart relationship he was struggling to let go. She had little interest in him and I knew that I was challenging him with new paths and emotions he wanted to explore. Eventually it became very clear he was starting to develope strong feelings for me and the ex girlfriend picked up on this. She decided to show just enough interest that he struggled with a decision over myself who was easy to be around, fun, new and starting to become deep even without the physical intimacy or to return to the girl he had been with for many years that he had been so distraught over for so long which is what he had wanted for so long. I knew everything he was feeling and struggling with so I spoke with him and told him should see where it leads and if there is still anything between them and if it's still what he definitely wanted. I knew from experience how hard it is with past hurts too move forward if there is the remaining question of what if and I was deeply crushed inside however remained composed as if I couldn't be with this man, for the first time in my life, I wanted to remain friends with him in my life. I was more concerned with him healing then my own desires. This was all so new all new feelings and wants that I had never before experience for another person outside my family. I truely cared for him. He went back to her and they r still together many years later. They seem like they have worked through mass amounts together and e now very very close and great mates.

Shortly after this I saw I ran I to him at a soacial gathering and was extremely nervous. As soon as he saw me he came straight to me and spent the remainder of the evening by my side ever so interested in my life and me. I had his undecided attention which of course was natural however confusing as I had decided I may have imagined all the feelings I felt for him and the connection we shared. I often dreamt of him and these dreams were so real with such beautiful conversations that I remembered so vividly it messed with my mind as it had been a few years on and if I wanted to be cut and dry about what we had - nothing really happened except that we talked day and night and spent loads of time together hanging out dancing and we're friends that wanted more and I kept stopping with all my might - why I do not no now.

I told no one of these dreams as I felt a little silly about them and I also was with someone now who I was very in love with and he was very kind however very different to me.

The dreams kept coming over then next year and I was now pregnant. I ran I to him a second time in a soacial situation and the same thing happened only this time I was 6 mth pregnant. Well this just amazed him. He told me how he would love with all his heart to start a family but how the girlfriend wanted to travel the world and wasn't interested in children he asked to touch my belly and spoke to me, after 4 yrs and only seeing or speaking on the second occation now, with a pure love in his tone and mannerisms. He was never rude or disrespectful to me or my partner who was present but very compelled to sit quite close to me and my baby belly and stared at it with amazement and delight on his face. This reaction and coincidental meeting with him along with the very real dreams I had been having of him for over a year now was making me question everything. Why? So I saw a phycic who told me the dreams were symbolic of how I wanted my new partner to act towards me and I craved the feelings I felt for myself when around this other man only he was symbolic of my now fiancé and I need not worry about feeling disloyal to my fiancé or thinking I had unfinished business with this other man.

So I went home and tried my hardest to forget about it even though I felt like I was grieving because the strange and strong connection I was feeling in my dreams and in his presence was not something I could convince myself to be one sided any more. I was shocked at his actions on the two chance meetings I had with him and the feelings that I had suppressed coming in hard and strong. It saddened me greatly and was now pregnant and engaged to another man and I did love him but he did not make me feel these feelings.

Finally I had another dream of him close to my sons birth and if I never believed in Astro travel before I do now. A new shopping centre was being built in our town and was close to being opened however it hadn't been yet. In my dream I went up an escalator to be met face to face with him at the top. I could see clearly what shops were where and what they were and how they were build and layed out. He told me he loved me and made a terrible mistake and want me so badly. Told me we were connected and was quite openly affectionate. I was terrified of being seen by someone And told him I was with someone else starting a family. He lured me down a service hallway that I could smell the new fabrication and paint still. He tried to kiss me so many times acting and speaking to me in such a he tall and loving caring manner the way he was speaking to me on our meetings those few times. Only with greater depth this time. I didn't know what was happening and how this was so real but I finally couldn't resist him any longer and allowed him a perfect kiss just as I was woken. I was sweating and had a feeling I can't not describe even still when I woke. I stared researching Astro travel and what it may mean and couldn't find anything on it. That was the last time I saw him in the past 6 years, in my dream. The shopping centre finally opened a few weeks later and out of sheer curiosity I went to check it out and see if my dream was anything more then my imagination. As I drove into the underground car park and walked in the doors and approached the escalated my heart was pounding visibly through my skin as I reached the top and realised it was located amongst the shops in my dream. Everything was identical. How can I have a dream of a place that my mine does not know? How can I know the exact layout of somewhere I have never been and that is brand new? The service hallway was there and although the smells were not as prominent in real life they were there - I could smell them. I cried I was so over whelmed I put it down to pregnancy hormones but I was overwhelmed and confused.

Please help me understand this. He is still with the same girl and I still with my now husband and I am extremely blessed and fortunate in the husband department and I know it. He is a great father and amazing friend and partner. My soul man and his high school sweet heart have trVeled the world now and built a home together. He contacted me once since this dream and I had no other dreams after this one. I do think of him from time to time but I see his GF doesn't want kids and he says he doesn't ether now. Please help me put this in perspective. If it's nothing or something please.

Srq 20 months ago

So i met this girl a month or so ago,and immediately felt something. I was peaceful, felt safe, relaxed with her. I'm 38 y/o,had countless relationships before, but never had this feeling. Sometimes i have such a craving for her, it really blocks my mind and body. Unfortunately she's out of my life right now, and for some reason she stopped email me back. But i can feel,that she still reads my mails. I just know it in my heart. I c signs of her everywhere i go. I tried to forget her,but something keeps pulling me back. It's like running in circles. It really took my life over. I feel helpless hopeless, desperate.

Don't know what to do anymore. She might think I'm a weirdo or a stalker. But deep down i think, feel, hope,that's not the case

sunny 3rd 20 months ago

@Srq - life goes round and round... I grasp what you meant. Souls that connect never separate actually, they just change places, but come back as gifts.

Sally 20 months ago

@SRQ, I really know how your feeling, it's sometimes hard to get on with everyday routines , I've been going through this for 3 plus years , you've only met this special person a short time ago, maybe she's scared because she can feel some connection , I know it's hard but please sit back and wait , and see what happens, my special person has been away out of my life for 1 year now , but I can feel him all the time , it's very hard and I have some bad days , but I also feel very privlidged to have exsperensed something like this .

Sally 18 months ago

I'm still thinking about my soulmate on a daily basis , it's been 1 year now since any contact, but I still think of him all the time, some days are so intense and very draining , it's his birthday this week, so I know it's going to be hard , just wish I could spend that day with him

painful soul 17 months ago

It has been 3 weeks without my soulmate the pain nearly killing me and missing him so much thinking about 24/7 I am lost without him .

painful soul 17 months ago

I went to see him today I needed to I was at breaking point I am so glad I did his eyes still told me everything . The way he looked at me said it all I am in a better place now I know we will be with each other one day he is my soulmate my beloved I wish I was with him now but he is not ready to be with me yet I will wait for my beloved as long as it takes he is the only man I will ever love I do not want anybody else ever.

16 months ago

I still think of you.

painful soul 16 months ago

Is that you ?

hear455 15 months ago

It hurts.

painful soul 15 months ago

I cry everyday .

hear455 15 months ago

I feel everyday

painful soul 15 months ago

I am missing my soulmate so much my heart and soul hurt I love him so much the pain never goes away .

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