Get Married

Get Married

The word ‘marriage’ is something we all have heard of plenty of times in our lives, in fact a number of us have been a part of marriage ceremonies and have had enjoyed the festivities of this joyful occasion. Marriage is one of the oldest institutions and in fact the most followed one, which embarks the culmination of two people, two souls into one undying bond of love. Of course, this bond of love is sealed officially and legally in the presence of one’s loved ones and religious guides, thereby embarking the new beginning of the life of these two people. Marriage is certainly one of the biggest milestones is one’s life, after all the decision to spend your entire life with a person isn’t a routine affair. This decision surely requires a lot of pondering, care and cautiousness on one’s part in order to ensure that this new relationship initiates a wonderful journey for the two people who are ready to take each other in the days of joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health.

Unfortunately, in the present times people are losing their faith over this wonderful institution of marriage. A number of people choose to spend their lives with their loved ones, without actually committing themselves to a particular partner and have extremely downgraded thoughts about this entire concept. Getting married is a blessing that only few of us can experience and if you are one of those people who aren’t very sure about how wonderful the idea of getting married is, have a look at the benefits listed below that one can derive only after taking a plunge into the institution of marriage:

  • The wonders of being with someone 24X7

Marriage gives you the opportunity of being with your loved one 24X7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and that too for the next 50-60 years of your life, don’t you think this is amazing and bizarre at the same time! Marriage is one such institution that bestows on you great pleasures-both physical and emotional of being with someone that makes you happy in a certain way. Surely, no relationship in this world gives you so much power and rewards except for marriage.

  • You get a reason to live!

Imagine a life where you are on your own, earning millions of dollars, working 20 hours a day and coming back to your home where no one is waiting for you, sounds very depressing indeed. All the money in the world, the luxuries of life and hard work you put in your professional life would seem futile until and unless you’ve got that special someone to share your life’s joys and achievements with. Your spouse is someone who’d give you a reason to live, earn and grow in your life, a great reason to get married indeed!

  • Experience the joys of parenthood

Marriage embarks the beginning of a relationship that’ll soon bestow upon you the joys of parenthood. Bearing and rearing a child is definitely one of the most priceless experiences that one could get in his/her lifetime and this experience becomes all-the-more beautiful and fulfilling when you know that your life partner is there to support and care for you in thick and thin times.

Get Married at Sweet 17

Can? if we get married at sweet 17? Go to college together and take care of baby together? Wow, so romantic moment.




Take Care

Get Baby

Yeah, so nice and lovely experience.

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