It's A New Year... And A New Me!


Starting a new year is great! Doesn't it fill you with such hope?

I don't have anything new to report at the moment, except a little bit of drama with the ex. But that's expected, right?

I sent him an email asking him to take my stuff from his storage shed and to put it into the shed at the place I was renting before I arrived back home. It is where I will be staying again once I return... Instead of simply emailing me back saying whether he could or not, he thought it would be better to CALL me and harass me with 20 questions!

Oh, men... What ever do they think? Oh, right. They don't! 

Just kidding!

He was harassing me about when I was going to be there, where I'm going to stay, who I'm going to go travel around England with, etc... He said that we would just get my stuff out of the shed and that we could meet up for a coffee...

Yes, yes. I can see how aggravating me and making my life more difficult and inconvenient would make me want to have coffee with him!  How silly of me...

And here I was thinking it would be much more convenient if all of my belongings were in the same place when I arrived in England! He claims he's changed his ways yet somehow he still hasn't managed to grasp the concept of being thoughtful? Fascinating! Not really, but anyway...

He was frustrating me with all of his questions, especially since my life is none of his business anymore! Though I'm sure I was equally frustrating him with my answers since he eventually told me to just call him when I get there and ended the conversation!  Oh well...

And that's the drama with him!  I think he will be in for a rude awakening when he finds that I've disappeared off the face of the Earth once I get my belongings from him!

Don't fret! I will only disappear from the face of the Earth to him, not anyone else! I will block him on every communication possible and change my phone number.

He says that he's tired of hurting me and that he doesn't want to hurt me anymore. He says he wants me to move on and be happy but he's contacted me twice in a matter of weeks! If he wants me to be happy and move on WITHOUT him in my life then why is he contacting me?

I feel healthier and happier when I don't have contact with him. I've been feeling at peace lately and I don't need him to wreck that and make my life more difficult and complicated, since obviously that's what he wants!

So, goodbye to him!

It's a new year and a new me!

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