Great Ideas for a Pirate Themed Wedding [Part I]

Arg! A Pirate Wedding be in ya' minds?

Themed weddings are becoming more popular these days. One particular theme that seems to be showing more & more interest is a Pirate themed wedding. In 2006 my husband & I had a pirate themed wedding and in this blog I'll tell you some great ideas on how you can have a wedding that no one will forget!

Message in Bottle Invitations
Message in Bottle Invitations
Message in Bottle Invitations
Message in Bottle Invitations
Message in Bottle Invitations
Message in Bottle Invitations


We used messages in bottles for our invitations. I ordered the plastic bottles & corks from a sand art company online. You can also find glass bottles, which are more authentic, but do cost more to ship and require a box to be shipped in. Plastic bottles do not need a box to be shipped in. You can place the address label and stamp right on the bottle and mail it that way. Just think how neat that must be for your guests to find in their mail when it arrives! It cost around 60 cents each to send them in 2006, but please check with USPS for current rates. Also, if you add sand or various other items, it will weigh more, therefore making it cost more.

This is what we did for ours: I found a pirate map online and the wording in the invitation as well. We printed the map invitation on 5x7 parchment paper and then burned the edges with a wood burning tool (can be purchased from a craft store for under $10). We then rolled them up tightly and tied them with gold ribbon. We placed them in the bottles and sealed them with gold wax (also can be purchased from a craft store). On top of each cork we stamped the letter S (our last name) in gold wax. They are certainly gorgeous when they are finished.

Captain With Lover (discontinued)
Captain With Lover (discontinued)
Love Never Dies figurine Example (this is one of many designs)
Love Never Dies figurine Example (this is one of many designs)
Example of crystal ship
Example of crystal ship

Wedding Cake Topper:

After spending many hours online searching for the right one, I found the Captain With His Lover figurine that I think fit our wedding perfectly. Sadly though, this figurine has been discontinued and is very hard to find now.

Here are some other suggestions for cake toppers:

The Love Never Dies skeleton figurine series, although not pirate like, still seems to fit the theme slightly.

A Pirate Ship. If you search nautical and pirate sites you can find small scale ships that would look nice on top of a wedding cake. You might have to get creative and add the pirate flag yourself though! There are also crystal ones that look classy but still match your theme.

Another option is having one customly created for you out of clay. Many sites promote this service and their portfolios are impressive. You could have them create small miniatures of you and your pirate to be in the attire you will be wearing at your wedding. Although this may be the most expensive route, it is certainly something you can cherish for a long time and very unique.

There are a ton of pirate figurines out on the web, do a search and see if anything you are looking for is out there!

Center Piece
Center Piece


You could use the norm of flowers in a vase and add some pirate like touches to it, or you could go with something a little less normal.

We created our centerpieces by glueing sand to a piece of wood (purchased at a craft store too!). Then small treasure boxes we found at the same store were painted, decorated and glued to the board next to a small metal pail. We filled the pail full of white confetti like beads to imitate ice and then placed three small bottles of liquor in them for our guests. We had to have Captain Morgan of course - and chose Jack Daniels since I am originally from Tennessee, and we chose Tequila to represent my husband's Mexican heritage.

Other ideas could be that you could use a larger treasure chest and fill it with chocolate gold coins.

Each table could be named a different pirate ship, and each have a different ship model as the centerpiece.

You really have a lot of options for the centerpieces! Have fun!

Coming up!

This is the end of part one. Please check back for part two where I'll give ideas for the wedding attire, food, and decorations - plus much more!


Rae you thinking about or have you had a Pirate Themed Wedding?

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Sandi 8 years ago

I would really like to find the Captain and his Lover cake topper, if you have any ideas where I could find one please let me know!


Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 8 years ago from Southern California Author

Sorry, but I've heard it was discontinued and is very very hard to find.

Renee 7 years ago

Any suggestions for the wording of the invitation?

mintcy 7 years ago

what online site did you purchase the bottles?

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 7 years ago from Southern California Author

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 7 years ago from Southern California Author

Hi Renee. I use this invitation's wording and changed it a little to fit our wedding more.

rach 7 years ago

do u have a word document of your wedding invitation?

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 7 years ago from Southern California Author

No sorry. I prob do on my old computer but it hasn't worked for a long time. I did a google image search for treasure maps when I designed it and I found this free coloring page:

I edited it some in adobe photoshop, by taking out some of the more kiddie stuff and I think I added a more decorative compass as well.

If you want I can try to help you design one like it for your wedding, just email me.

rach 7 years ago

that's awesome what kind of paper did you use? i really like that graphics on that treasure map! thanks!

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 7 years ago from Southern California Author

We just went to a store like Walmart and bought the brown cardstock type of paper I think its called parchment. But it's heavy weight. If you get too light of a paper the edges will burn too fast, if you plan on doing the edge burning.

I designed the template in adopephotoshop to be an 8x10 document with two 5x4 invites on it. So when I printed it all I had to do was cut it in half.

It made the printing super easy.

rach 7 years ago

that sounds great! do u have pics up anywhere of ur wedding? i would love to see!!

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 7 years ago from Southern California Author

I did an interview with Favor Ideas a while back and the article has some pictures. There are also a ton of comments with loads of info from other people.

I just noticed someone posted a really cool pirate map that can be used for invites as well in the comments section. Check it out!

Jim Lowman 6 years ago

I perform in an authentic pirate band, Pirish. We are both a stage and strolling act. We perform sea shanties and Irish songs. We would love to be a part of your services offered for any pirate event. Thanks! Jim Lowman

Pirish 6 years ago

Pirish is a high energy, interactive band of Pirates that is also a Pirate band. Come on board with Pasquale, Scurvy, Pickery, and Sully, an authentic Pirate crew. Their music includes sea shanties and Irish songs-all performed in a Piratical style. Audiences are soon laughing, clapping, and singing along with our stage or strolling sets. All performers are theme park veterans (Disney, Universal Studios) and have music and acting backgrounds. Always entertaining and always in character, Pirish is as close as it gets to being shanghai'd.

Gift Experts profile image

Gift Experts 6 years ago

Cute theme! Put in Bay , Ohio, had a pirate themed event this summer and there are some rally neat costumes you could use for this. neat!

Yadira 5 years ago

hey what store did you find the treasure chests?

Jessica 5 years ago

At Michaels. I think Joann's sells them too.

Cindy 5 years ago

I have been doing the pirate themed wedding and I found that if you shop in the halloween area's at Michaels and party stores that I came up with edible table decorations such as candy necklaces with skulls and things of that nature I also got the treasure chest from Michaels and I got gravel from outside and painted it gold to look like nuggets

Tina 2 years ago

Hi! I'm getting married in a week and have been looking for the kissing skeleton figurine and can't find it anywhere! Do you know where I can get it? The cake is ordered I'm just missing the topper. When I first saw this one I fell in love with it and now I'm just sick because I can't find anyone that has it!!!

Lorain 20 months ago

Can you tell us who the company that made the figurine is?

Miss_Kitty profile image

Miss_Kitty 20 months ago from Southern California Author

It says Pacific Giftware Edmond, OK on bottom.

Deanna 17 months ago

Where is part two with the costumes and food?

Ben 4 months ago

Since that sand art supplies link

Ben 4 months ago

Since that sand art supplies link seems to be broken, here is where I got my sand my ceremony:

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