Everybody gets excited to be out on a date. We all want to have this good feeling after a very wonderful date, most specially if we are with someone we really care for. Generally, women, but not all, would say a perfect date is going to a classy restaurant with flowers, wines, chocolates and all the works. Men are not known to be the romantic types (I didn't say all men), so whatever they think will make their ladies happy is fine. A PERFECT DATE is not always having to spend a lot of money to make it memorable(It will really be memorable if you're paying your credit card forever for buying your girl an exquisite diamond ring). A PERFECT DATE doesn't mean that you have to start being intimate ro one another that you will start making out the whole night, and God knows whats next.  A PERFECT DATE is simply being together with that smile that is plastered on your face the whole time, with your eyes sparkling like diamonds even if you only have limited money in your wallet.


There's a lot of things that you can do on a date. Again, it is how you will spend time together that will make you do acrobats after because of too much happiness. So what really works best on dates?

  1. A WALK IN THE PARK - This is the most classic date I can think of that really looks sweet. Even old couples find it sweet. You get to talk to each other just about everything under the sun, you see good sceneries that you can take pictures of, you can breathe fresh air and best of all, you can make fun of people passing by.
  2. DINNER ON THE BEACH - Beach is one of the most romantic places that you can be with the person you care about. Just think of just cooking something not really tedious but delicious, like roasting a beef or barbecue, then create a bonfire, then spread a nice blanket bring candles or just flashlights(candles won't last a night) and just sit beside each other and stare at the waves.
  3. HAVE COFFEE TOGETHER - Go to the nearest(or even the farthest) coffee shop with your date, sip coffee while getting to know each other. Do not bring your lap top or you would just ruin the date. It's better than going to a bar with glaring music that you can barely hear aech other. Just make sure you dont drink TOO MUCH COFFEE or you'll have a nervous breakdown.
  4. DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY - Do something that neither of you have tried before and you both think is interesting like bungee jumping, sky diving or go water skiing , snorkeling or go boating. Experiencing something for the first time makes it more memorable.  
  5. STAR GAZING - What will be more romantic than gazing at the stars with your date! Just spread a small blanket(so you can snuggle together) then count the stars if you can and just enjoy the night in silence or taking about nothing in particular and being with each other. 


6. COOK DINNER TOGETHER - Rather than going to an elegant restaurant wherein you'll have to fish out big amount of money to eat just small portions of dishes, why not just cook it together with your date? It's way cheaper that way, plus the fact that you will exert extra effort to cook and be a trying hard chef. You have someone to help you prepare the ingredients, and you can play with one other while waiting for the dish to be done.

7. HAVE A MOVIE NIGHT IN OR OUT - One of the classic dates that still works, next to having dinner at a fancy restaurant. If you feel like doing a movie marathon, it's highly advisable that you kust do it at the comforts of your own living room or theater room. Make sure you choose flicks that both of you love. Match it with popcorn or call the pizza parlor and order one box. Then just snuggle on the couch. Or, dress up and go to the nereast movie house and watch the latest flick.

8. ROAD TRIP - Drive to places you have always wanted to go. I find long drives fun and adveturous, specially if you are with someoine you really want to be with. Although it will be quite eshausting for the person driving(it sjhould be the men driving and women just looking at the sceneries), it feels good to see something different, not the usual park that you see everyday. The only challenge I see ehre is having to splurge on gas. You wouldn't want to ran out of gas while in the middle of nowhere, right?

9. PLAY AND LEARN SPORTS TOGETHER - Play tennis or billiards together. Nothing is better than doing something that you both find interesting. Now, if you're not really the sporty type nor your date, then still try to play something, then make fun of each other and laugh together.

10. GO BOATING OR GO TO A CRUISE - If you have enough money, have resrvations to one of the cruises that goes just to local spots, or just go boatong together. Just observing the rapids with someone and listening to eerie sounds of the wild life will make your date unforgettable.

There are still a lot of ways to have a wondeful date.  Whether or not you have the money, an awesome date would still depend on how much you enjoyed each other's company.  Have a great date! 

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vshining 7 years ago from Ellenwood GA

This was really nice....Thanks for sharing this hub

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