6 Romantic Messages For Her That She Will Love

Romantic Messages For Her

The first time I saw Jenny was at a friend’s party sometime last year. She was strikingly beautiful. The kind of woman I would love to be seen with. I have had no problems talking to ladies but Jenny gave me goose bumps. How was I to talk to her? She was in the company of her other two female friends so I knew for sure she wasn’t taken. Being the smooth operator I was I walked up to her, said hello and after a while we were chatting and laughing like we had known each other for ages.

It wasn’t long before I asked for her phone’s number which she gladly gave me. My sole intention was to draft romantic messages for her that she will love and hopefully make her mine after a while. As the night grew older, my attraction towards her increased too. Trust me when it comes to dealing with ladies. It wasn’t long before I asked her whether she had a boyfriend to which she replied with a no. As smooth as I was, I couldn’t tell her what my intention with her was but from the way she giggled I had a feeling she knew that I was after her.

6 Romantic Messages To Send Her

The party ended after midnight, after which I bid Jenny farewell in the company of her girls. I drove home and after I got into my bedroom, it was time to send romantic messages for her to let her know how I really felt about her. I wasn’t going to waste time; I couldn’t take the thought of another man doing what I ought to have done that night. The timing was right;

I went on to send her these 6 romantic messages;

1. I really like you… This was meant to get her talking about how she really felt about me. In the cover of darkness I waited and before long she replied “I like you too”. I decided to take things a notch higher

2. If you let me I promise to Love you Right… I sent this to make sure I stood a chance of making her my girlfriend. To my delight she replied, “I already like you, you look like a keeper” Yes! I was getting there. It was time to flirt with her.

3. I like Your Smile and your Personality… This was meant to flirt and complement her at the same time. I knew romantic messages for her had to complement her in a way to make her feel good about herself. Just like I had expected she replied “I am flattered, I like you more”. I went on to send her these three romantic messages. Use these for Texting the Romance Back too.

4. Meeting you was the best thing has ever happened to me

5. I promise to love you the best way I can, make you the happiest woman alive

6. You’re a queen and you deserve to treated as one

Her responses were positive all the time and I could tell she really liked me. Before she could sleep, I sent her a text asking if she could go out on a date with me to which she gladly accepted. It is needless to tell you that she later became my girlfriend and that we’re now in a happy relationship. These 6 romantic messages for her got me a girlfriend; they could get you one as well if you use them in the right manner and context. Good luck!

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