How To Use Rose Petals To Decorate Your Wedding Indoors and Outdoors!

Wedding Rose Petals
Wedding Rose Petals

Use Beautiful Rose Petals For Your Wedding!

Are you planning to use rose petals for your wedding? Do you want to use roses but are running out of ideas where to place them? Let me help you out!

Rose petals exude romance. The soft tone and the beautiful fragrance can make any ordinary wedding seem extraordinary and uber romantic! This is why many people use rose petals to add beauty to their special day. If you want to try out the same, you might be filled with questions and doubts how to use rose petals on your wedding. Where do I exactly place them? What should I do with them? Trust me, all your questions are justified -- since you don't want to ruin your beautiful wedding by making choices that will go horribly wrong.

Read on to know more about how you can use rose petals for your wedding.

How You Can Use Rose Petals As Part Of Your Wedding Decorations

Rose petals come in various colors, types, shapes and sizes which can enhance your wedding surroundings.

  1. You can spread rose petals on table tops.
  2. The most romantic idea would be to ask your cute little flower girl to spread rose petals on your path as she walks on the aisle.
  3. You can use rose petals as part of your wedding centerpieces.
  4. Decorate your wedding podium with rose petals.
  5. Use roses as part of your wedding bouquet.
  6. Shower "rose petal blessings" on the newlyweds. This will add a unique mushy touch to the whole ceremony!
  7. Purchase rose petals according to your theme wedding. Are you thinking of going for a Peacock themed wedding? Then you might want to opt for purple rose petals! Whatever the theme is, select a suitably colored rose petal accordingly.
  8. Some people opt for freeze-dried rose petals because they are safe to use and do not stain table cloths and clothing whilst handling them. This is perhaps the most preferred type of rose petals.

No matter where you decide to purchase rose petals from, you should plan on getting them well in advance so that you can get the desired ones before stock ends.

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mslizzee profile image

mslizzee 5 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

Yes, rose petals are pretty, fragrant and nice and very costly the way some brides want to use them. As a florist I peel off the guard petals and other petals as I work and save them and give them free to the bride.

Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 5 years ago from Atlanta Ga

Way to go!!!That is ogiginal.

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