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Every rose color caries its own meaning. The meaning of rose colors is some times well known and easy to understand such as the meaning of the rose color red, a universal message of love, while the meaning of other rose colors are less know and not always as easy to understand. One example of this is the fact that the meaning of the rose color peach symbolises success or that a deal has been reached.

Did you know that roses first embalmed the Chinese gardens? However the beautiful blossoms of 101 colours enamoured the world and found a global home. Here goes the significance of some of their various hues in your Valentine's Day life. You can employ them appropriately in expressing your feelings.

Below is a list of the basic meaning of different rose colors.

Red Roses

Red roses or a single red rose adds more profundity to the words 'I love you'. It is a widely known fact that red roses are used while proposing and during reaffirming one's love.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize joy or thankfulness and are employed to express your gratitude towards your beloved for loving you. They are also expressions of gentility, happiness and appreciation

Pale pink roses suggest admiration, sweetness and gratitude. They can be used to express feelings strictly confining to friendship.

Light Pink Roses denotes liveliness and fun. Deep pink roses signify gratitude, admiration, appreciation and sympathy. They can be presented to a sick person suggesting 'Get well soon'. All pink roses can be used in friendship bouquets.

White Roses

White roses signify innocence and girlhood. They also symbolize impeccable love, silence, reverence and humility. A relationship can be commenced with a white rose, hinting your special feelings for your beloved. White roses can be used to express feelings like ' I am worthy of you,' or 'you are heavenly,' etc.

Coral Roses

Coral roses are an ideal choice for the more passionate as they reveal desire and passion.

Orange Roses

Orange roses speak of desire, fascination and enthusiasm. They are good choices to hint your interest in going ahead with a new relationship.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are not for romantic purposes. They signify 'congratulations,' joy, gladness and delight, caring, 'Welcome back,' and 'remember me'. They can also suggest jealousy.

Lilac or Lavender Roses

Roses with this colour reveal love at first sight.

Peach Roses

Peach roses portray feelings of gratitude, admiration, sociability,success and friendship.

Pale peach roses symbolize modesty.

Black Roses and Dead Roses

In truth there are no black roses. Florists dry roses and dye them black. In Gothic culture black roses mean tragic romance. Dead roses indicate the culmination of a relationship.

Rose Combinations

A combination of red and yellow roses symbolizes joy and celebration.

White and yellow roses signify harmony.

Combination of red and white roses communicates unity or an engagement.

On the whole a rose bud in any colour suggests gratitude, youth and beauty.

Rose Numbers

There are some hidden messages in the number of roses exchanged between your loved ones.

The single rose, whatever its color, depicts utmost devotion to a single person.

Two roses entwined together communicate the feeling 'Marry Me'.

Six Roses signify your need to be loved or cherished.

If you need to assure your love that he/she is truly and deeply loved, send eleven roses.

13 roses indicate a silent admirer.

365 roses denote that your love is constant throughout the year.

1001 roses speak of a faithful love that will live on forever.

So give emphasis to your feelings with the appropriate roses.

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