Save My Marriage Today! Steps You Can Take Today to Save Your Marriage.


Almost everyone knows that half of all marriages end in divorce. Because of financial stress or just the stress of an always on the go lifestyle, finding time to commit to marriage is a stretch for some couples, especially after having a few children or if one of the spouses works a lot.

A marriage isn't something that just sits there passively. A marriage is an active, breathing entity that needs feeding. Okay, not really. A marriage is actually just a legal and/or religious promise or contract. But, a healthy husband-wife (or maybe someday wife-wife, husband-husband) relationship is so much more that that, as any married couple already knows.

If you've come here looking for information about how to save your marriage, your on the right track. You want to save your marriage. You want to put in the effort. And, that's a good start.

So, go ahead, ask the question. How do I save my marriage today? It's what's on your mind. Most of the time you can't completely save your marriage in one day. But, you can get started. Marriage is a relationship that takes work and effort every day. Get started today. Make the commitment to make a change.

Before you read on, go grab your spouse and ask for 10 minutes. This is a two person job. If your spouse isn't home, read on and ask them to read over this with you later. 

Save my marriage today!

You won't be able to do this with a straight face, and might feel cheesy, but just let go and go for it.

Turn to your spouse and repeat: "I want to save this marriage. I want to work on it. I love you."

Your spouse should then repeat the phrase to you. This is a new promise between the two of you. You both want to make your marriage work. You've both set down and made the time to talk about it and make the commitment to do so. You're on your way to saving your marriage today. It's a step.

Now go and repeat. No, you don't have to look at each other and repeat that each day, but work on your marriage every single day. Remember and renew that commitment every single day.

How do you do that? Read on...

Daily Work

So what does working on your marriage every day mean? It means talking and following up. Talking to your spouse about what they need out of the marriage. Maybe one spouse is carrying the house work duties. Talk about it and discuss how you both feel and then start making changes. You don't have to make radical changes over night, but just take small steps. The spouse that's been slacking around the house can make small steps like doing an extra chore or making sure their area is picked up after. The other spouse needs to notice the small changes and to start laying off the complaining if the other spouse is putting in these efforts. 

Make time for each other. Even if it's just a few minutes at night to ask how each other's day went. Time is important. 

Get More Help

It's okay to reach outside of your marriage for help. Consider seeking out a third party counselor or mediator to help you with issues in your marriage. Someone to help you talk without fighting. 

If you can't afford or don't want to try marriage counseling, look for books and read up about preventing divorce.

Just remember, it takes two to save your marriage. Both spouses must work on this together. 


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