Overcoming and Starting Over

Starting Over

Starting over, does it mean you never reached the end, or was it a passage of life complete? If not complete, will you journey the same road again, heedful of past lessons to lighten the load on a new path? Does a bridge get burned, or is a door just closed? If the bridge lay in ashes, is the door bolted shut?

Starting over is a time to focus on where you are going, not where you have been. Count your losses and assess the count. Dwelling in the past will cloud your vision, forgetting the past will hinder your judgment.

Starting over builds character, it's who you are. If true to who and what you are, character will not weaken, but increase the value of what you are made of. Character above and beyond ones years, is built on the quality and quantity of life’s situations that are experienced. Scenarios in life may appear similar, but consider the players, the wisdom from error, and the strength in your judgment. Based on your ability to deal with the ups and downs, to extract the negative day to day and turn it to positive, will determine the strength you retain as life continues.

"Starting over, are times in your life, where the present is at hand, the future is unknown and history is for certain"   Timely



Look Ahead
Look Ahead

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tkirsc1977 profile image

tkirsc1977 6 years ago

THANK YOU for this.

I found myself saying, "let it go"...learn from it but let it go.

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