Make Sure You Have Enough Tent Space at Your Wedding for Your Mother-in-Law

Too close for comfort?

For whatever reason, you have decided to hold your wedding in a tent. This is actually a great decision. It allows a great deal of customization options for how you want to plan your wedding. Maybe you are having a very small ceremony with a couple of close friends in attendance. A 12x12 canopy would be perfect for such a wedding.  Even if you are planning a large wedding you can opt for tents that can more than handle your needs.

Don't forget leg skirts and special lighting for your wedding tent
Don't forget leg skirts and special lighting for your wedding tent

There are many reasons why you might have decided to use a tent rental for your wedding. They offer you a great deal of versatility. You can use the same tent for all phases of your wedding from the ceremony to the reception and dance. You can also have separate tents for each phase. Also, many people think of tents as being very utilitarian but the truth is that today tents are quite beautiful once you have them fully decorated.

Bundle it up and save!

Another great aspect to rental tents today is that you can find package deals which may include the lights, stage, flooring and more. Imagine having a gorgeous wedding by the lake without having to travel across town to get to the reception. Just have your reception tent complete with dance floor already in place. Also, if you want a more formal banquet approach then it not a problem either. Most rental companies that rent out tents for such occasions also carry chairs and tables for rent as well.

Just how much space will you need? While I am sure you are glad to become a part of the family something tells me that you don’t really care to be too close to your new mother-in-law. While you may love her to death you want it to stay that way. Being too confined in a small space can tend to bring out the worst in people. This is one thing you definitely don’t want to happen on your wedding day.

Side walls for your tent allow you to party in any weather!
Side walls for your tent allow you to party in any weather!

With this in mind there are a few dimensions think about when planning on what size tent you will need to rent. For a theater style seating arrangement you should figure roughly six square feet per guest if you are going to line the chairs into rows. For your reception you will have to decide whether you are going with cocktail-style or banquet-style seating. Cocktail style will require between six and eight square feet of space depending on whether your guests are seated or standing. Banquet style seating can require between eight to twelve square feet per guest depending on the size of tables you will be using.

Your other size requirements are a bit more set. One example is the buffet area which will require about one hundred square feet per table. No matter what all you intend to have at your wedding and reception you need to make sure you have just the right amount of space. Don’t mess about and forget this. You will quickly find yourself elbow to elbow with your new mother-in-law. You want to keep that good impression going don’t you?

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