The Art of Getting YOUR EX Back

It is really hard to end a relationship with someone you have known so well over the years, someone that you have shared your most intimate moments with, someone who have been with you all throughout, that you don't even know why it all went wrong and why it has to end. Part of you would want to be strong and move on with your life, but sometimes, you would feel as if someone is whispering in your ears that love is sweeter and better the second time around that you deserve to be given another chance to prove that it was a mistake to break up with you in the first place.

But then again, the challenging part is how to win your ex back. For others, it may sound somewhat distasteful to make a strategic move to rekindle the magic for you and your ex, but if you feel that it's worth the effort, if you feel that you can make it happen, I don't see any idea why you wouldn't go for it, right?


If you are brave enough to take the risk, which works most of the time, here are some of the things I can think about that will make you win your ex back.

  • BE CAREFUL ON HOW YOU TALK TO YOUR EX - Think first before saying it out loud. Choose your words carefully. It will all depend on how you will respond to whatever your ex will tell you.
  • DO NOT CRY - Do not ever break down and cry in front of your ex.  Please DO NOT beg for him to come back to you.  I assure you that if you make your ex partner feel that you are so into him, that you have been so devastated after the break up and you can't afford to loose him at all, that will just make him pity you and you just gave him the reason not to give your relationship another chance.  It will definitely not work.
  • DRESS UP - Just because you no longer have someone special that you will look like you have just gotten out of bed.  Your appearance will have a great impact on how you can get your ex back.  I bet your ex wouldn't date a person who doesn't know how to comb or iron own clothes.  Dress up like nothing really happened.  Dress to impress.  Looking better physically will boost your self esteem as well.  You can wing it. However bad you feel inside, if you look good outside, then it will not be that obvious that you you're emotionally distressed.

  • BE YOURSELF - Do not pretend to be someone that you're not. If you feel that the reason for the break up was the fact that you have changed, then, be the person he fell in love with. If you broke up because he wants you to change, DO NOT change because it will not be worth it in the long run if you will change what you really are just for the sake of reconciliation.
  • DO NOT BE TOO CLINGY AND PUSHY - According to many, being too pushy will just draw your former partner further away from you. Take it one step at a time. Rushing it will not give you good end results. As the hackneyed saying goes: "Slowly, but surely". But of course, if you have been trying to make amends with him forever, and still, to no avail, then you may wanna try to be somewhat assertive to see for yourself if you'll succeed in having him yours again. And if you're still clueless after, then you may really not meant to be together again.
  • BE STRONG WILLED - If your ex makes gestures like holding your hands, embracing you tightly, kissing or gives any sign of affection, DO NOT give in. Be as strong as you could ever be. Don't go around saying something like : " Oh, I missed you so badly...". Such might make your ex feels that you are weak and he can take advantage of the situation for he knows how desperate you are to get back with him.

Again, all will lie on how you will do it. If you feel that you are really destined for each other and your ex really cares for you that you should be given a second chance, then take the risk! But if it's just a one way relationship, then, you are just wasting your time.

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tcnixon profile image

tcnixon 6 years ago from California

And before all of this, perhaps it's a good idea to decide why you want an ex back. If it's only because you are lonely, that may not be the best idea.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


Great job of writing, presenting a piece about a touchy subject. Well-done. Voted UP and away. I love your style of writing. I cordially-invite you to check two of my hubs and then become one of my followers--I would love that.

I am serious.

Kenneth/ from northwest Alabama

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