the power of determination in making a marriage work.

One of the cardinal principles of making a marriage work is determination. Marriage could be compare to a bed of rose. Rose is a beautiful flower as we all know, but there is no rose without a thorn. Like rose marriage is not always sweet. There will surely be bad times which represent the thorns and there will be good times which stand for the rose, the beautiful flower.

If your sole aim is to make your marriage work, you will find a way of overcoming the rough and the bad times and it will strenghten your marriage. In every marriage there are different degree of distractions and problems but you just have to be determined enough to make your marriage successful. There is a saying that no force on earth could break the firm resolution of a determined soul. When one is determined to build a successful relationship, every difficulties, obstacles or stumbling blocks would rather be turned to a stepping stone.

I happened to be a product of a broken home. As a child ; I watched in helplessness as the marriage between my parents hit the rock and was dissolved by a court of law. The custody of the children was determined by allowing me and my elder sister stay with our dad while my two junior sisters were to stay with our mum. Since that day onward my upbringing and care was left at mercy of my step-mum. In fairness to her we were well treated and there was no difference between us and her own children. But something was missing in the equation of my life.

Marriage is like a jigsaw puzzle, and the two halves need to be slotted together in order to make a meaning.The father is one half while the mother is the other half. I discovered that a heavy chunk of me went with my mum while the remaining part was with me. I experienced privation, not in term of material things, but in in term of moral and spiritual values. I also suffer a great deal of loneliness and it was then that I actually realised that you can actually be lonely in the midst of a crowd.

Due to my childhood experience as regard a broken home and divorce, I resolved in my mind that I will not subject my own children to the secret pains and agony I went through while I was growing up. To god be the glory I have been married for over fifteen years now and I have been trying as much as possible not replicate the experience of my parents.This determination has help a great deal in sustaining my marriage.

In marriage and other endeavors in life determination has the power to steer the wheel on in the face of multitude of odds. It can act as propeller in steering the wheel of marriageĀ  to the pedestal of marital bliss. There is no impossibility in the dictionary of those who are determined to reach their goal . Be determined to make your marriage work. If you determine to do it , no matter what, You will do it

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

People do seem to chop and change too easily these days. It really does take some determined effort and a level of personal commitment that people aren't willing to do these days.

satice_j profile image

satice_j 5 years ago from via the Bronx, NY

Your hub was heartfelt and open in your sharing how life went for you as a child. Thank you for sharing your experiences and very much voicing what I feel about committment and being determined to stay with the one you love. Peace!

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    Thanks for reading and posting a comment on this hub. It is my belief that where there is a will there is always a way

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