Failed love story....the story of a grieved boy

the broken heart!
the broken heart! | Source

the boy who made a small mistake

dear friends now i'm going to tell a small story.this is a real one and very informative.

there was once a boy who was a bit introvert.He knew not the smallest thing about relationship dating and was a kind of geek........always to be found with a book or a gadget.But after his tenth grade his life took a turn a very strange turn indeed.

As usual he was studying carefully in his class.But suddenly his eye wandered and and his eye made contact with a girl.He looked just for a moment and then he dug his eyes deep into his book.But i swear that glance was imprinted in his memory forever.he didn't realize how divine that glance had been.He didn't mind that much and felt it was quite normal but no matter how well he tried to get rid of that sight he couldn't he couldn't by any means.

Once again another day his eyes fell upon her.But this time he had a tingling sensation throughout his body.............he shivered.Then he wondered why does his eye always fall upon that single girl inspite of the presence of everyone??Then he felt probably he was in love.he had earlier ridiculed all those who believed in love at first sight.but this time he realized that they were not so wrong after all.He wondered does that girl love me too???

This was the greatest mistake that he made.This sentence ..........DOES THAT GIRL LOVE ME TOO??? ALMOST RUINED HIS LIFE.

His interest in studies declined he was no longer a geek but a wanderer.He began forgetting things and only one question lurked..........DOES THAT GIRL LOVE ME TOO???

He didn't consult anyone nor the girl herself regarding this matter.he just wondered.then one day he told what was in his heart to a friend whom he felt was reliable.but to his utter dismay he came to know that the girl was already in a committed relationship.

He was shocked!He had wasted almost a year and a half after that girl who never loved him!He tried to study hard.....but that thought haunted could i waste so much time????now in a new question he was lost.

After a year he came into chat on facebook with that girl.He turned the talks slowly towards relationship and all that.When the girl asked...........did you have a crush on anyone?

His heart throbbed like a pump.Very reluctantly and very cautiously he said...........I HAD LOVED ONLY ONE GIRL AND THAT WAS YOU!

The girl replied...........What???

He said .........i'm sorry to have hurt you.

the girl that's not the matter.the matter is when we were in school together i had a crush on u.but i found that you are not taking interest in me so i withdrew.I was afraid to propose to u because i feared rejection.

The boy silly of me!!What about now??

The girl simply said..........Now its impossible.Just two days ago i went into a committed relationship.

The boy again was haunted by the question.........WHY DIDN'T I PROPOSE EARLIER.????

so all my dear friends reading this account please get this into your mind that world is not a place for introvert.You have to compete for everything...............Even for a girlfriend

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barsha 6 years ago

good one thank u!

red rose...white rose 5 years ago

so true!!

luckyridesagain 5 years ago

thank you for reading this story....

Brian 5 years ago

Ya when i was dating this beautiful girl blazie i started getting nearvous then not talkin 2 her then eventuly she broke up with me and started dating other guys an now im tryin 2 get her back now through textin her im so sad

kiran 5 years ago

Its erally true and don't hesitate to express. What ever the consequences, first of all clear with those people instead of sitting silently!

Sane 4 years ago

I love sane plz give me a ch

luckyridesagain 4 years ago

@ Kiran : You're right! Hesitating to accept the truth has always been disastrous. I urge everyone to just get over the fear of rejection. rejection is not the end... just a period in the sentence of your life. it gives a chance, a hope for something new and better.

Ashiq 3 years ago

I realy like this story

Deboshree Banerjee 3 years ago

20th Nov,2011 i met Ravi kant Srivastava (Baldwin Academy) on fb..kehte hai na kabhi bura waqt hum khud nai dhundhte balki bura waqt humein khud hi dhundh leta hai.That was Sunday i still remember the time was 4:30pm in the evening.We chatted for a while and after that we exchanged our numbers..As i was seperated coz i had an unsuccessful marriage i was noone to talk to and share my sorrows and pains.The moment i started talking to him i felt like i was getting back my life back..

After few months we fell in love with each other.Sapne dekhna khush rehna to hum bhul hi gaye the but slowly and steadily i started recovering from my pains with him.I fell madly in love wid him.Unfortunately,Love is not always those happy moments which can be cherished throughout life. Love sometimes (though very rarely) causes grief and pain.I was a fool and i had a strong beleive on his every word said to me.I trusted him more than one can trust God.I was very happy wid him.He promised me to marry me after a span of two years and i started counting my days of marrying him after he said that.Today its 21st Nov,2013.....

Yeaterday we completed two years of our relationship.happy na?

But poor me he betrayed me.But I wouldn't give up loving him. Not for anything.He can kick me out of his life but how can I?Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back . . . then that love had to be real. It hurts too much to be anything else.

My love was true and pure for him.I worshipped him and spent every second of my life thinking about him.He was just fooling around me for two long years but i was counting my days of getting married wid him.I begged his love but he treated me like a slut.But pyar me koi condition nai hota.I cant imagine my life wiout him and hence m committing suicide.Kyoki uske bina jeene se to marna bohot easy tha mere liye.But one question Ravi y did u cheat me?Hum to pehle se hi dhokha khaye hue the fir tum bhi humko kyo betray kiye?

His answer was - “How could you love us being together?" he asked me "We are nothing alike and we are not meant for each other and we drive each other crazy, you love that? How can you love that?" So I told him "I know that we're not meant for each other, that we drive each other crazy, and that we are so different. But that's us. That's what we have; a wild nonsense. We are not good together, but together we are bad for each other. I love us together this way just like this. Because even if it's no good, it's what we have! It's us.”He brought out the worst in me, and was the best thing that ever happened to me.I was happy with all his negatives but he was not.

Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?

Ravi i have always loved you and will always love you and m not afrai to say it to the entire worl like you were coz my love for you was true.I am giving my life to you as a token of love from my side.No matter what but i'll love you even after i die.My love for you was unconditional and i wont ask a return from You.Always be happy as your happiness is all i wanted in these two years.May be one day you will drop your tears for me but don't be afraid i'll still be there around you.You are my soul and a soul can never leave the body...Wish you luck in your life and i wish you don't have to repent one day for what you did to me.

My life is all yours till eternity...gudluck and love you forever

vijay bhaskar 3 years ago

just happened to me,upto meeting in facebook

dolly 3 years ago

Gud one

John 3 years ago

hi i don know y ended up here.I have been in love with a girl for few months.i know she also liked me ,she was around me and we kept chatting talking fighting fun etc.but recently she started to show interest in another guy,that really really hurt me so much.and her behavior completely changed .i donno anuone could really explain this but she started behaving in a way that no one who loves her wants to c.she doesn't know that guys name but to get his attention she keeps exposing herself in a very physical way.but the idiot also has a girl friend and even my friend knows about it but she doesnot stop and that bastard doesnot stop flirting back with my i sit behind her i go through lot of unexplained pain.i keep asking her pls tell me what u need,anything i can give u but don do anything that brings u into trouble she keeps saying u don worry m not interested in anyone else ,but her actions differ from what she says.the moment the guy comes to office she starts a very sluty behavior m sorry for using such words but u can imagine how much it hurts me.

don know what to do..

hope i win her heart..

fool 2 years ago

Hi, guys I am sharing my own life experience with you people because I don't want same thing to be happened to any other girl like me. If there is any mistake in my English please forgive me .I am shy type girl I have joined BE of my own interest. Till my 3rd year my life was good. In my colg in 6th sem placemnt have been conducted. I am 2nd topr in the class. So I got an oppurtunity to attend the intervw. That was the first day I have talked to this boy. He studied in the same class. For the first time I talked to him. He kidded me for attending the interview. He left frm colg so soon on that day. My Hod asks me to send the sample plcmnt pprs to him. I have got his no from my clsmts and asked my frd to call him and talk as in general I don't like to talk in phone even with my family. He gave his email id so I have sent him the ques. In plcmt we both got selected. One day in my gmail one chat request came from him. That was the first time am using cht. He chated with me . Days passed he talked to me as frd. He used to tease me always as panda as I am fat and fair. He used to say me gud girl and he passes some jokes and I don’t undertsnd it . He says am Innocent and don’t be like this so ppl might cheat you .In colg he shows as he dono me. We used to talk daily. Days passed I helped him in project ,symposium.. finaly we were in last sem. We where still frds but close. I used to travel 3hrs from clg to home. His house is near clg. For last sem exam after pjt exam I took xerox of my book and went to his bus stop and given book to him. He is lazy. I dono he is using me for his work tat day he said u look beautiful in white dress. Later on last day of colg he keep on staring at me in bus stop for n hour. tat day he msgd has he has never been close to anyone as like with me. He is an orphan and he don't like his family. Even if he din get msg frm me for an hour he feel restless. He used to say he miss me . Days passed and he msg me from mrn 10 to till nigh 1 or 2. one day he said tat I have started to love him and I am a gud girl and he s a bad boy and he said plz dnt change me. He said he lovd an girl in 1st yr in my cls and that girl has left him. So he dnt trust girls. He said but I am a gud girl and so leave me.. Later he again texted and talkd to me and said just leave and let's be frds. In my home they startd seeing alaince for me . I said him when he asked me to prepare for interview for that he fighted with me and scolded me in very bad wrds he said me as b**** I dono the meaning of those words at that time. Next week he talked to me and I said marg plan has been cancelled. He said it to me dnt call for your wedding what if I cant control my feelings more that friendhship for you than wrong will happen. Next day he said you be as dream wife, lover, gf and dnt express your feelings . I asked why did you scold me tat day.He said he dono how to avoid me and so he did like that and asked sorry. Days passed and he was searching for job as the company we got placed did not call us due to some prob between them and colg. One day he said I have came in his dream like having sex with him. He startd talking as miss u allow me to touch you them I will say whether you are fat r not. Tat day he fighted with me and left me bcz I said you wil get the rights after we get mard. Next week he said he was just testing me. I dnt have trust on him that's y I askd him to wait till marg and he said tan prove now come to my home n all. But I din go..I believed him he was just teasing me and he has tat feeling tat I would leave as his ex.. So I still talked to him , Later he went to counciling to join MBA on that day he talked to me as kissing n al for the first time in my life with all my courage I said I love him. He said I have guts to tel this. He also said I would become as timepass for him if in our home they din accept us. Again he startd to avoid me. But I believed him madly and started to love him so much. He dumps me always but I used to get back to him. He uses many bad words and I don’t know the meaning of it and I wont even scold him. I used to ask only one thing why you are doing like this. Latr time pasd and he startd comparing me with other girls and said u r not sportive u r not coming out with me. He used me for sex chat, I have talked to him as thinking as my husband. I believed him madly. I dono he is using me for purposes. One day he said u don’t come for intrv u have tech knowledge so u vil be competitor for me. I din atent any intrv for 6 months. I used to register for him in all sites and companys he gave a password should be tis in all regstrtn. Latr he got a job and selected. From tat day he completely avoided me and strtd saying am lazy I don’t have any work tats why keep on msgng him. He compared me with other girls and said me to take everyting as sportive as we just talked and we have not had any physical relation ship. But I deepley loved him. Finally he throwed me completely saying tat I wont suit for you. He blocked my number and he scolded me in many wrds. There is no other word in this world to scold. He unfrnd me in fb , blocked me in gmail. I have burnt my hand on seeing that he blocked me. Later in last new year I logged in to his id using his general password which he has given me for registing in companys. There my heart has completely broken . I can’t even realize what I was seeing. He has chatted with 2 grls from my same class. He was saying to them both that he loves them. He went out with them and using them for sex. He has touched one girl and even she does. He was cheating them. I used to msg him from my other sims and get scolding from him. I asked him he said he will sleep with anyone and it’s his wish and he said I din love you. I have just used you for purposes in clg and after clg I felt bored so used u. When I get sexual feel I used you. I dnt hve any felings on you. You are not beautiful , ur f***in red heat fat b****. I felt guilt bcoz of seeing this mail with out his permission. I tried to tell him . later he find on tat day and said he gona give a compliant on me. I said sure you can give. Then he said I wont come in ur life u to don’t come.

I cant forget him bcoz I loved him more that anyting in this world. Even I have tried for suicide but evryting failed. I have joined night shift bpo. Only to forget him. But one day he msgd before 2 days of convocation as sorry for hurting you. I am a real fool I believed him again. I dono that it’s drama bcz during convo I should not damage his image.. Later I used to msg him and he scold and abuses me in bad words. I had left evyting for him even my self respect. I believd him he will change one day. Whenever I msg he talks to me fine for a week and again throws me off. One day he said he talked to me only bcoz of physical appearance. He asked me to talk sexually bcoz he has fever and he wants to satisfy him .I have not agreed to if so he dumped me . After a year passed and he talked to me normal. He used to msg me but I dono he is using me again. I forgot everyting and still loved him. He again used me for his sexual feeling in name of chat..and throwed me. He gave my no to his frds and asked them to correct me. He went to delhi for his work and he stayed in room and he texted me and talked to me normal . I trusted him and talked to him so close as I dono tat he is making fun of me with my messages. He has shown my msgs to his frds. He allowed his frd to msg me like he does. I believed him madly and I have talked to him thinking as my husband but the fact is hid frd msgd like him. Later he avoided me after tat day and he himself said that only his frds have msgd me. Now am full of hurted.. my heart is completely broken.. I cry everyday. For past 2 years ter is not even single day left in my life without crying and thinking about him . I still love him that's the only mistake I done. I dono why I still cant forget him even after all this. Girls I have shared this bcz dnt be innocent plz dun believe when someone says anyting. First check whether they are true dnt fall for someone only by their words. Think what did they have done to as,

varsha krish 2 years ago

Unlucky boy

Jobee6729 2 years ago

Good day! Thanks for posting an article like this and all the comments. I love to read it all.

Be with us and follow us here

ssiva surya 2 years ago

HHe is wast felo

laxmi 2 years ago

its truve . love is life bt life is not love so take care your hearts

royal 2 years ago

Frnds na antha bad lucky person evvaru e world lo undaru story Loki vasthe na name royal name changed nenu ma atta kurhurni love chesanu she is name Laksmi name changed nenu thanu oke CLS btc chadvthunnam 2nd year lo thanki nenu propas chesanu thanu emi chepaledu but roju chat chesthundiatldthundi ma intki kuda vachhedi ...anni

power 23 months ago

Same as my life.....

sweetheart 22 months ago

Its worst wen u luv a person so blindly n unconditionally u wud do anything fo him and dn find out all dat was jus big lie jus an jus shatters u sooo much dat if u recover frm it ull end up nt bein d same old u.. feelin soo enpty and hollow frm inside and u dnt trust or luv anyone evr... its 10 yrs nw dat m alone but i still luv him n no one cn replace him...but god punishd him fo wat he did to me.. d gal he luvd betrayd him so much dat he attempted suicide... wen i did d same he didn't gv a damn... but i wish she didn't do it.. n luvd him back .. coz deep down behind dat darkness hes really lovable person.. miss u baby.. if nt dis life hopin to get u in ma nxt life.. hopefully u choose me den

SrinivAs 22 months ago

u r matter very dengerous .how to gain tiz pain bro .ur a gretest men bro .. Really ..fall in love one f da metter bt tiz cheatted love nt fr secondry ..allmost collaps ur life .. Life nd love must be crezy . Tiz iz da lesson fr every true espassally boyz plz be ware f glz

SrinivAs 22 months ago

u r matter very dengerous .how to gain tiz pain bro .ur a gretest men bro .. Really ..fall in love one f da metter bt tiz cheatted love nt fr secondry ..allmost collaps ur life .. Life nd love must be crezy . Tiz iz da lesson fr every true espassally boyz plz be ware f glz

sanny 21 months ago

Bhai log meri love story adhuri rah gye

subi 18 months ago


This is life nd it happens. The best answer to these type of mentality is stand still nd live ur dreams. The karma returns always if a person does evil to another he/she ll get it back.

I have also experienced worse in love but I forgive her Bcoz I m me nd if I can love a person that badly I can love myself too. Life is experiences nd sometimes its hard to deal with it but after all we know no one is there for eternity.

Ammu.pavan 14 months ago

hi me ammu .,I love my own way.......,i love u pavan so must u dont forget me forever..,.........ok now bujj.

Pooja 14 months ago


frds luv is not a bad thing to do, but fst select u r goal. So that after alone also u can able to face any problem wthout support of your parents.becoz i have also face this type of prblm not same bt little bit diff. With this

Pooja 14 months ago


frds luv is not a bad thing to do, but fst select u r goal. So that after alone also u can able to face any problem wthout support of your parents.becoz i have also face this type of prblm not same bt little bit diff. With this

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