the war and harmony of irony and chemistry

Optimist and pessimist

Always try to resist

The connection they emit

Like cold and heat that persist

Waging their war with each other

And yet their essence depends on one another

It's not easy to see beyond the irony

Of love and hate anatomy

But it is the beauty of chemistry

Of two opposites that deflect

And yet bound and connected with each other

And in the end of it all

It's just a complexity

Of two different things and personality

Like You and Me

Always in irony

But then if one would leave

The other would be empty

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Lee 7 years ago

Hahaha anlandi! Wla ko naintindhan the best pa dn ang una! Lol.. Belly gud pa dn for u..

rachel 7 years ago

improving.. =) just kidding... well i like this one better, at least di ka na mxadong sad. keep 'em coming...

A! 7 years ago

OK ka naman palang magsulat, Dude! May prose. Siyempre, kelangan pa ng polishing in some parts, pero pag ginawa mo nang paulit-ulit, mahahasa ka rin. Parang lyrics nga ng LP. Hehe!

chocolate_guy profile image

chocolate_guy 7 years ago from manila Author

thanks lang day...........hahaha

profile image

charmedhoney 6 years ago

good one! sooo you...always thinking of both sides though having trouble to the end lumalabas pa din ang pagiging hopeless romantic ;)

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