I was out the other day and I was thinking about my girlfriend. We use to be high school sweethearts and we were each other's first true love. I ended up moving over twelve hundred miles away and we lost touch with each other until almost five years ago when we found each other on For four years we have talked about getting back together and all the changes in our life over the years. In May 2009 I took a trip up to see her for a weekend thanks to a good friend of mine who drove me up there and back. Our love for each other didn't die but it got hidden away for years. I am now living with her and her daughter and we are expecting our baby in February 2010. As I was walking and thinking about her ,it occurred to me that even though we have been apart for twenty-seven years, there's still a strong love that we are slowly rebuilding along with a new love for each other. We know we don't want to lose each other ever again. I knew in 1983 I found my true love and today I know for sure I was right back then she is my true love and I love her more than anything. When I left to be with her,I left a family,friends,and a loving church family behind. I know i hurt alot of people by just up and leaving and sometimes God did convict me for what I did but I have asked his forgiveness and I'm no longer being convicted by him. I have started with a new church and plan on working as a Sunday school teacher with my new church. I'm really glad I'm back with my true love. It's not an easy road but no relationship is but if you love them enough and they love you enough,it'll all work out for the best. Your heart will tell you when you have found your true love so don't ever stop looking!


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