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Wedding is a very special day, not just for you but also for all those involved especially your friends and family. And as with every special event, collecting memories is always one of the top priority. That is where wedding photos and videos are a must. These memories are the real treasures that will be with you all your life.

Wedding Videography, Knoxville TN
Wedding Videography, Knoxville TN

Wedding Videos or Wedding Photos?

What should you prefer? Well, both wedding videos and wedding pictures have their own benefits and credentials. The main similarity is the fact that they both document the event, but they do so in their own respective way. But that is where the similarities end.

First and the primary benefit, a wedding video captures the event real-time, complete with all sounds and movement. Weddings are one of those events that are so important and spectacular that it is always a challenge for you to capture emotions just by still pictures. Yes, smiles can be photographed, but the actual fun and emotion can't. But the real deal? Photos can't record the sweet words and commitments made in marriage. A wedding video does.

But still it is not always a good idea to go for all-video memories. Actually, wedding pictures also bring about a different kind of fun. Stolen pictures, well, in context to the way they were taken, are very fun to look at years after the event.

Another advantage of wedding pictures is that they can be framed and placed anywhere inside your home. They can become a constant reminder of the love the weds have for each other. Simply looking at the pictures of this wedding event can quickly bring about memories and realization. That's how powerful pictures are, and that's also why pictures should be taken during events like these.

Also, since pictures are much smaller than videos, wedding memories can be shared more easily whether online or offline. And professional videographers like EMMY productions, a wedding videographer Knoxville company offers that.

So in the end, a much better choice is that you get both wedding videos and photos. This way you'll maximize all the benefits of both medium.

Video and Photo Storage

After all the capturing, picking, editing, and converting them to HD digital copies, what should you do to preserve these memories? Well, there are many options, like special wedding DVDs, hard drives, or even online storage. The choice really is up to you. Normally, professional wedding videography productions and photographers for wedding will recommend what storage media you should use and why.

Professional Wedding Videography and Photography

Now should you ask one of your friends or family members to capture the videos and pictures or should you hire professional videography or photography services?

Well, unless one of your friends or family members is a professional photographer or videographer, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional video or photo service. Why? Simply because of quality. Professionals like EMMY productions, a wedding videography Knoxville service would deliver high qualіtу video using different tools and sevеrаl саmerаѕ to сaрture аll the dеtaіls and create the best memories for your wedding event.

See a sample wedding video here:

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